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How To Port Forward

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Default Router Login Info: http://www.routerpasswords.com/ http://portforward.com/default_username_password/ http://www.answersthatwork.com/Download_Area/ATW_Library/Networking/Network__4-List_of_default_Router_Admin_Passwords_and_IP_addresses.pdf PortForward: http://portforward.com Download PortChecker: http://portforward.com/software/download-instructions/network-utilities/ Is anyone looking to start a website? You need web hosting and domain registration. Each cost money. I'm with DreamHost and I honestly love them as a hosting company. If you start a website, go to DreamHost (http://dreamhost.com) and use my promo code "MIKEYAWORSKI1" to get free domain registration! That's one fee off the list, now all you need to do is pay for the web hosting. At DreamHost, it's cheap for what you get ($8.95/month). It's one of the best deals out there. My website: http://mikeyaworski.com http://code.mikeyaworski.com http://math.mikeyaworski.com My contact information and social media: http://mikeyaworski.com/contact
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Vbossbla (5 days ago)
Very good tutorial thank you
mikeyaworski (4 days ago)
Glad to help :)
Fa1L (8 months ago)
Lmao my router doesnt have a port forwarding option
mikeyaworski (2 years ago)
Another note: Your local IP addresses may change frequently (daily, weekly, etc.), unless you intentionally make your IP address static. I have made my computer's IP address static, so that I don't have to constantly update my port forwarding address. If you're on a laptop and you bring it to other places than your home, a static IP address is bad because it may not work correctly on other routers. So if your local IP address is constantly changing, which is common, you will constantly have to update your port forwarding settings and change the "" (for example) to whatever it changed to.
mikeyaworski (2 years ago)
Note: If you're port forwarding to a device OTHER than your local computer (gaming console, tablet, etc.), you will need to get the local IP address of that specific device. So instead of using "" like I did in the video (when adding the port at the end), you would use whatever the IP address of that device is. You can Google how to lookup the local IP address of those devices (such as an Xbox) and just use that instead. But you still need to use your router's IP address via the command prompt like I did in the video.
Satan (2 years ago)
T Money (2 years ago)
Hi Mike! I'm having issues with Gears of war Ultimate Edition it just came out for pc. When I try to play with other people online I get a NAT strict. I wanted to know if there was a way to fix this issue? Here is the website where they showed me numerous ports. My question is how do I use ports and why are there so many?https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/forums/a35773093fe74d3d9970e0a896b16d6d/threads/win10-networking-ports---ultimate-edition-for-windows-10/c78031ea-196e-4d9b-b1a5-742e7cecf68c/posts
mikeyaworski (2 years ago)
+T Money Do exactly what I do in this video. You find your computer's ip, go to the router, and then enter those ports into the router settings for port forwarding. Except just use the ports in that link to the Gears forums. Do it for every port in that list. Note that you can do RANGES of ports. For example: a port in that list shows that you need 30000-30099, so you put 30000 at the start of the range, and 30099 at the end of the range. Also, you could do a range of 5000-9000 which would cover all of 5000, 7777, 8700, 8701 and 9000. As for why there are so many: because Gears UE screwed up so badly. There should not be that many. It's pathetic that there are so many. I tried to make my NAT open as well. But these ports aren't the full list. I still have a moderate connection even after forwarding these ports. Don't get your hopes up. They really screwed this one up. You may not be able to get open NAT. But follow the this video's instructions and try it out!
S. Stinyard (3 years ago)
Thanks Mike!  I LOVE your tuts!
mikeyaworski (3 years ago)
+S. Stinyard You're welcome and thank you for the nice comment.

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