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Blackberry KEY2 Hands-on: All About Speed

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Read the full article: http://andauth.co/bbkey2 | BlackBerry is back again with another keyboard-toting smartphone. Join us as we go hands-on with the all-new BlackBerry KEY2! Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (366)
Deb Morris (1 day ago)
So do you use it without a case, since the backing makes it easy to hold?
ganesh ram (2 days ago)
828 gb
FunnyGuy J (4 days ago)
i absolutely love this phone but i have to.wonder why the contracts in the uk for this phone is so bad? all 12 month contracts with £479 upfront cost
BB Key2 ❤️❤️
Martin marty (7 days ago)
Dhis praise?
matthew baker (8 days ago)
828gb? And 64gb ?
forkan zaki (9 days ago)
*I would prefer any smartphone over blackberry they suck as always in price and and in specs*
MrKnossos (10 days ago)
Bye bye Priv and welcome Key2! I'm so satisfied that i've waited for a better Blackberry to come out. Here it is. What are the Key1 buyer thinking now?
Ice 2 (10 days ago)
Absolutely love physical keyboards, I think if you grew up using touchscreen keyboards you won't appreciate this as much. I just wish Blackberry OS would have survived and became popular again.
Alex Soto Jr (11 days ago)
Dived into some features I haven't heard on any stream discussing 🔑 2 like the "locker." Great content, lighting is frivolous.
tskjesusfreak (11 days ago)
Good, it is official. I ran into way too many fake reviews of the Black Berry Key 2 back several months ago.
tskjesusfreak (11 days ago)
I will skip this version but I might get into the "Key 3." Very happy with the KeyOne!
vara fouroneone (11 days ago)
I absolutely love my BlackBerry KEYOne. I have no reason to replace it but just might in order to show my support for this form factor. The SPEED KEY and even better keyboard alone are enough to justify the purchase for me.
Anubhav Shukla (11 days ago)
In love wid the silver key2
Francis O Taban (11 days ago)
Im the only one who cant stand them circle square triangle android soft keys if i can find a way to remove it than its over with blackberry. Ill still get the black edition tho i jst hate them keys
vaibhav kothari (11 days ago)
Too expensive !!! A snapdragon 660 phone now costs like $250-300 like mi6x !!
Dil Miah (11 days ago)
I'm getting this so that I can be different. Plus I miss physical keyboards.
Faris Ariffin (11 days ago)
Why are you so far away ... ?
Davide Loi (12 days ago)
I think this phone looks very nice.
Kryzler D (12 days ago)
Waterproof !!?
khaiser shaik (12 days ago)
9k would be affordable price
Narendra Mnr (12 days ago)
It'd be a better video if the mobile has more onscreen video time than you do mate ..!
Atif Khan (12 days ago)
Should go with Amoled display means by name BLACK.. wait for key3
Mr GOO913 (12 days ago)
a physical keyboard pretty much smash a no on it in most non-english speaking countries. which is most of the countries.
kwl189 (12 days ago)
Lets see how it ages. Software support and updates were not great for the key1. It slowed down over time. Price is still high and yet there's ONLY a 660. Only 3.5k battery as well.
Alvin Rivaldi (12 days ago)
How about playing games in landscape with that keyboard ?
SharpElite1991 (13 days ago)
Can you use SwiftKey keyboard on blackberry physical keyboard
Revolt (13 days ago)
Still no on screen buttons, would have been amazing if they could let the display grow by 0.2 inches and ditch the onscreenbutton. attatch the ribbon cable under the kb its not hat hard guys!
Ze Max (13 days ago)
650$ for a blackberry phone..?? Yuck
Nikhil Vyas (13 days ago)
Where is the finger print sensors
Alberto Escobedo (13 days ago)
That keyboard looks like a pirate Chinese calculator 0:40
Roc Shock (13 days ago)
far too expensive for what it is
nasir akram (13 days ago)
where is the fingerprint scanner
aeo143 (13 days ago)
The shortcut key assignment works for me. Looking forward to camera comparisons though.
TheKishoreravi (13 days ago)
does it support native call recording in the phone like one plus 5t
Jovan Leon (13 days ago)
Six hundreds what!? O Blackberry.. Yòu never learn.. Why don't you just die already
RagingUtai (13 days ago)
I prefer the look of the keyone, looks more stylish with with chrome frets and glossy keyboard.
Antoine Chabas (13 days ago)
I getting a silver one for sure, no Facebook :)
kiran rathod (13 days ago)
Physical keyboard is dead Black berry won't survive
John N (13 days ago)
That navbar :S
Joe Walker (13 days ago)
I saw some articles about BB applying for a patent for what looks like the Priv 2. I'm still happy with my Priv 1...in fact so happy, I bought a mint, used backup Priv...just in case. To me, the Priv is pretty much the ultimate phone form...physical keyboard and full sized screen. It could use more ram, but killing background apps keeps the performance lively. Put the Key2 features and keyboard on the Priv format and that would absolutely be my next phone.
Mikey Lejan (13 days ago)
Great to see that BlackBerry is stil alive
Abdulrhman Abdulla (13 days ago)
You totally forget about the front camera
Shabbeer Ahamed (13 days ago)
$649 not worthy..
Vinko Stojanovic (13 days ago)
828gb of internal storrage?Hahahaha.
David Langston (13 days ago)
Nice video and apartment
Hemi Virat (13 days ago)
A too expensive
Nazif Morshed (13 days ago)
Getting sh$t done 2.0
realpranto (13 days ago)
Who else buying ?
JiTengful (13 days ago)
I'll buy one when prices drop to $300 used 👍
Jay K (13 days ago)
I'm all about that soft touch back!!
Cust0mBuilder (13 days ago)
Please hide the navigation buttons blackberry. The display is already smaller than the standard smartphone, being able to hide nav buttons would maximise screen space.
shemar dixon (13 days ago)
Should've came with a a faster processer like the qualcom snapdragon 845
DissTrackReaction (13 days ago)
I would buy the one plus 6
Save the Rhino (13 days ago)
Hmmm I see the problem with camera bumps. Generally I'm in the cased camp, since most phone now are super slippery and finger print magnet. With case, camera bump would be flushed by with the case. But this phone looks like it have a great back texture it wont need case. That'll left it wobbly in desk and prone to scratch
Ashen Gamge (13 days ago)
I am suprised how those keys actually feel like when pressing 😉
Samir Noor (14 days ago)
I wish blackberry made key2 with ios. Apple will buy blackberry first. Lol
M4TT EXE (14 days ago)
well i wonder if the priv will make a come back....
G Sai (14 days ago)
Hv been using PRIV and passport for yrs. This is my next phone.
MrEtahir (14 days ago)
Lisandro Reynoso (14 days ago)
BlackBerry Key2 comes, John leaves! T_T Johnnn we miss you. I'm sure Lanh would have let you do this hands-on
添yuan luo (14 days ago)
Mohammed Wasiq (14 days ago)
I miss #JoshuaVergera
regoat (14 days ago)
Next time use hand cream
Infidel Gastro (14 days ago)
I loved my BB's back in the day but I don't think I could ever go back to them. I just don't see any point in them anymore but I guess some people do otherwise...
Dian Dian (14 days ago)
I don't mind the design and physical keyboard in general, I don't even mind the smaller screen size, but I think I'm gonna miss swipe typing on the on screen keyboard.
Charles M (9 days ago)
You can swipe type on the hardware keyboard too, if you really want to. There's a setting you can flip. But Ikd rather have the other keyboard swipe gestures (swipe left to backspace, up to use predicted word).
Jonathan Martinez (14 days ago)
Will this be on Verizon?
KL Nguyen (14 days ago)
In the use of Speed key, what if I have 2 apps with the same F character? For example, Facebook and Fandango?
Mark Stephen Bombay (14 days ago)
A very interesting but very niche product.
AA BB (14 days ago)
I prefer the silver. All black reminds me of preproduction prototypes you see in leaks
dxb (14 days ago)
Not for sale 😂
Rajesh S (14 days ago)
Can anyone tell me is this keytwo waterproof and is this keyboard having touch like BlackBerry Passport and key1. Bcaz I love everything in this mobile but I'm disappointed with this features.
Minh Pham (14 days ago)
I like the design, but not the choice of CPU with respect to the $649 price tag.
400cc MIRUKU (14 days ago)
All About Speed (Snapdragon 660)
Renzkie 10 (14 days ago)
Much better if they remove the keyboard, its better when this phone is full touch screen,
Amar Giri (14 days ago)
Blackberry has gone
1111111111111111 views (14 days ago)
Hey bro give me that phone I only have a cracked Moto first gen that crashes very often
There is no way that will fit in a front pocket like a passport! :c
Alex Booyse (14 days ago)
Bad sound - too much room sound made it sound messy.
Hay Ko (14 days ago)
very nice)) but I dont buy it)
Alham Khan (14 days ago)
How to use emojis with the keypad??..
Rj (14 days ago)
i want this over my s8
eldho george (14 days ago)
Is it comfortable to play games in it
cygarette (14 days ago)
like BB i am waiting for 3 years
cygarette (14 days ago)
very expensive
Kevin Davis (14 days ago)
Phone looks nice, video looks terrible, move away from the light young one. Still gave it a thumbs up, but really.
Chandan Bhowal (14 days ago)
Is a real keyboard really that big of a deal? I honestly don't understand.
Miroslav Marinov (14 days ago)
Love it, great phone but I am still in love with my PH1 and no other phone can change my mind :)
Alexito Pro (14 days ago)
1% Indians: Blackberry is back ♥ 99% Indians: No. overpriced BOO
Wiradi Martin (14 days ago)
Alexito Pro that 1% make more money than the 99%
Nehemiah Brown (14 days ago)
Are the keys backlit?
Abhilash Pandey (14 days ago)
Why blackberry is giving stock Android?
shree ratan (14 days ago)
Waste of time
Kevin Portillo (14 days ago)
The speedkey is very appealing o_o but I don't want to upgrade.
Gotallofthem1 (14 days ago)
I was so excited about this phone and knew for sure that it would be my next phone..........fast forward to today and I find out that there isn't a CDMA version of this phone, which now means I can't get it since I have sprint. As badly as I wan'ted this phone, to move to any of the other carriers I would be paying more and getting less data. WTF BlackBerry/TCL, why would you not make it available.......so disappointed.
darkmanx2g (14 days ago)
Your pad is pretty sick.
Garrett Bean (14 days ago)
Don't think I could ever do physical buttons again. #Clickbait
Awesome video
Saqib Anees Qureshi (15 days ago)
Typing this on BB Keyone: Removal of Long Pressing keys for shortcut is horrible mistake. A separate key to activate 2nd shortcut of a key will require 2 hands. Now for the Key M on my keyone I have set Music for Short Press and Maps for Long Press. Now how do I turn on Maps while driving ? You see there was no issue with Long pressing. What we wanted more was the keys to be made softer and scrolling between texts to be more smoother.
Abdulrahman Ibrahim (15 days ago)
I would pay that money for prive but for key2 it’s too much
Asphalt (14 days ago)
Abdulrahman Ibrahim PRIV 2 coming soon
Abir Kazi (15 days ago)
A very handsome phone. However I prefer the curvier design of the last generation more. I just wish that this Key2 had thinner bezels. That's the trend nowadays, thin bezels, which this Key2 doesn't have :/.
pat cola (15 days ago)
Stop chasing trends then 🤩

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