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9 Difference Between Mechanical And Automobile Engineering

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1. Mechanical Engineering is the Father branch of Automobile Engineering. 2. Mechanical engineering is a division of Engineering that deals with the mechanics of physics and science to analyze, manufacture and design mechanical systems. 3. Automotive Engineering specifically deals with the construction and design of automobiles. 4. Mech Engg is an open field where u can get jobs in a number of sectors whereas Automobile Engg will fetch u jobs only in that sector. 5. In mechamical engineering you will learn every mechanical object or machines out there in the world.  In Automobile engineering you will learn Automobile IC engines, Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle kinematics, etc. 6. Sub-branches: Mechanical Engineering: Power Plant Engineering Marine Engineering Aerospace Engineering Automobile Engineering: Construction and lightweight construction Automotive production Vehicle drives and acoustics 7. You can get your job more easily with degree of Mechanical engineer than Automobile engineer.  8. In mechanical engineering you can not specialise in one field but in automobile engineering, you specialise in the automobile sector.  9. Aims: Mechanical Engineering: Develop a project specification. To develop, test and evaluate theoretical designs. Automobile Engineering: To measure the fuel economy and emissions. To understand vehicle dynamics. New prototypes are designed by keeping these issues in mind.
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Rasheed Ashraf (19 days ago)
hello sir aap ye bataya ki mechanical engineering diploma karna ka bad automobile ka Area ma job mil sakta hai kaya
Hamza Jutt (1 month ago)
Hello sir is it possible admission in automobile engineering after 10th
Chiradeep Ghosh (3 days ago)
Hamza Jutt in diploma course u can Apply
Manmohan Singh (1 month ago)
Nice vedio
Tousif Ali (2 months ago)
Nice video man
Rohit Chandel (2 months ago)
Thank u for giving this information to us
Soklin Ff (5 months ago)
mechanic engineering study about what/

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