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Top 5 WWDC 2018 Announcements!

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Text Comments (4406)
Rogelio Amezquita (17 hours ago)
Did Apple say that Xcode will run faster?
Rogelio Amezquita (17 hours ago)
Apple is late with AR. Nintendo had done this 10 years ago
Rogelio Amezquita (17 hours ago)
Why don't Apple run Xcode from their servers? So code can be faster.
Roger Skagerström (18 hours ago)
"Custom fixie bike"... Apple knows their audience ;)
mkbhd exposed didn't even credit Jayden smith smh
RJ gomez (5 days ago)
Hell yes to a full video with all new features with the new IOS.
crewgadjy (6 days ago)
Great there upgrading Siri but why can’t they make it renameable? I want my own assistant not same one as ever you ever else, especially not one with such a dumb name.
TheWeakLink (6 days ago)
"fire hose of redundant garbage".... oh wow i laughed at how true that is! Thanks MKBHD!
Johan Channel (8 days ago)
They should have been put group notifications. We got to admit that lol.
Antonio Fonseca (8 days ago)
Unfortunately you will not be able to watch YouTube at 4K on Apple TV while Google insists on sabotaging industry standards by forcing its technically inferior version of H.265, just to hold the intellectual property control.
Eric Housen (8 days ago)
That AR is impressive
Eric Housen (8 days ago)
In watching this in 360p and it still looks reallygood
Car Crash Captain (9 days ago)
Thanks for this video
Noor Mertens (9 days ago)
Smile dealer ours marketing pop girlfriend introduction minority drag credit initial.
Sagnik Ambaly (9 days ago)
It's USDZ not USDX
Pratham Sarkar (9 days ago)
love the intro
Ayush Kumar (10 days ago)
i would love to have a vid on walkie talkie mode!!!
Bhavya Dedhia (10 days ago)
Bro ur explanation is the explanation the world needs
Bruce Wayne (11 days ago)
I like Memoji better than AR Emoji from Samsung😑 creepy as hell
Pablo Fabregat (11 days ago)
My iPad kept replying to your "Hey Siri" phrases.
ya boi (11 days ago)
From earth looking down? Wow
Ivor Šlibar (11 days ago)
When youtubers go to WWDC lol
Ole Jon Bjørkum (12 days ago)
For those who haven't discovered it on Google Assistant, in Settings it has Routines, which does exactly what Siri Shortcuts will do. It's already there, and there are presets, but you can type as text any command one can say to the Assistant, and make it do it, and change the order. Like I say "Ok, Google, bedtime" or "Ok Google, good night" (and one can add any custom command like "Ok Google, I'm in zombie mode") and it does a set of stuff I've customized, like at the end "Open {AppName}". Any app etc can be opened, like for me my favorite Podcast app for sleeping. Presets are fine but the ability to just type and save any command is great, like "Turn on Airplane Mode" or "Turn off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth". Only downside is it doesn't work offline so one can not set "Turn off Airplane Mode" as a command in the morning, if it's enabled, and hence no data connection. Even if the offline language package is installed. Also unfortunately turning on/off Do Not Disturb does not work, only the presets which are controls for "Silent mode" (turning volume all way down, or up again, with the level from 0-100 set and all), unfortunately only changes my notifications volume, not ringer, and Do Not Disturb is much more powerful. Well I have a schedule set for it, but that only works for people with a fixed sleep/awake cycle and not like nurses with different shifts every week. And Media Volume has its own preset so best to change the order to have it on top to actually hear what the Assistant tells you about today's calendar etc... AFAIK presets were set logically in order. There are morning, commute to work, leaving home, commute to home, I'm home and bedtime and other routines. Man you can even broadcast as a preset that you're on your way home to smart speakers at home or by text message and other ways. But hey you can use say the morning routine for a day event, doesn't matter, if has the most presets as well, and just use a custom voice command like "Ok Google, I need to relax" (well that probably works best customizing the bedtime routine). Easiest way to get to it, just say "Ok Google, change my morning routine", but for all routines available, open Assistant, tap on blue icon top right, top right 3 dots overflow menu and Settings > Routines. Or Android Settings > Google (Services) > Assistant Settings. In the morning I've customized it to first increase the Media Volume as it's lowered when going to bed since listening to Podcasts, then read calendar events and reminders of the day, then open my the app for my favorite news channel to Chromecast morning news (recorded at time xx:xx, so no ads). "I'm home" is nice for me to use to not actually WHEN I come home but want to be a coach potato and just "Watch Dexter" for instance, since one can link with Netflix, Spotify etc. Or "Play chill music" (Spotify starts playing). Of course I don't have to say "I'm home". Can add a custom command to "Chill time", maybe add a call to a pizza place, "Call Paradise Pizza". Tons of possibilities. I'm just getting into it. That last bit will be awesome when my phone can just order the pizza for me, as Google showed at I/O. Just type a custom command like "Call Paradise Pizza and order a pepperoni pizza to home".
Deaf Mac Boi (12 days ago)
I wondered Android OS will be able to chat up to 32 people? FaceTime with 32 groups is super awesome!
ZEUTRON XTREME (12 days ago)
I love iOS 12
Martin Amarilla (13 days ago)
I _just_ realized it’s memoji as in ME-moji not MEME-oji
Barry Savage (13 days ago)
Older phones will be faster...they're probably just getting rid of the software making then slow in the first place..
SquishyDino GD (13 days ago)
I wish I could get more on apple but I don’t have the money
SquishyDino GD (13 days ago)
I haven’t updated on my iPad pro
Dirk Diggler (13 days ago)
Apple died when Steve Jobs died
lesterknome (13 days ago)
Anyone know what hoodie hes wearing or wtc?
Hum Hum (13 days ago)
That addiction feature is what we need ASAP !!
amit nagpal (13 days ago)
I forgot this channel’s name so I googled “Black guy tech” and boom MKBHD!
gval (13 days ago)
Google IO: We've created almost sentient machines who can make calls on your behalf without other's noticing any difference. Crowd: Eeeww, we don't want that, we scared. Apple: Now you can stick tongue out from you virtual lego elicopter!!!! ROTFLCOPTER GIVE US MONEY!!!!111!!!11one!! Crowd: *GOES WILD*
Kirk Marty (14 days ago)
I would have added the data privacy stuff to this video. It was relatively important announcement too
og229 (14 days ago)
That walkie talkie feature for the ⌚️ is taking us back to the days of Nextel 🙄
Why the heck do I need a Memoji? Seriously.
Mark Roberts (14 days ago)
When are they going to add unread feature to imessages???
zermello franck (14 days ago)
The most disappointing WWDC i seen nothing interesting
chen cai (14 days ago)
But gotta say Samsung was the first one trying to make that Siri shortcuts thingy happen. It is good that Siri has that now, but they really should do what Bisby do, which is to make the assistant smarter by integrating our feedbacks to the commands and phrases we use. For example, (I am from China) in Bisby you can ask it to open Wechat and send a message to certain someone with weird/random Chinese name, it will type chinese pinyin in search bar and either ask for your confirmation, or it will pick the correct content and send the message, this is incredible, and it works in other apps too, like Maps, Uber, etc,. In Siri, as far as I know, even if you are sending a message to someone, that person has to be in your contact list with a very accurate name. In English speaking countries, that might be okay, but for like in China, there is no way I can use Siri in a daily basis to do stuff like sending the message to someone, direct me to a specific location in Map, and so on. Bisby really gets too little of credit than it should.
Teavis Nichol (15 days ago)
The notifications on iOS was my biggest complaint for iPhones. Now that they are putting it in nice, less cluttered fashion I may go back to iOS in the future. But I'll enjoy my s9 until then
The5thwave (15 days ago)
Waiting for google to respond to this
Faisal Malik (15 days ago)
Hi..i am faisal i just noticed that twitter app is not working on ios 12 beta..on iphone x..🤔
Drama Channel (15 days ago)
group notifications and group calling Thanks WWDC sorry APPLE
Khazain Incorporated (15 days ago)
Apple probably worked together with Snapchat to get the tongue-recognition engine.
RandomVideoProduction (15 days ago)
it's called smart invert
RandomVideoProduction (15 days ago)
there is actually a dark mode in ios just not named dark mode
Siddesh Gannu (15 days ago)
What is that sling shot game? And does will my iphone 8 be able to use the measurements app? I recall that the it would need 2 cameras
vikas murkute (15 days ago)
I like mobil
peterpandetimmerman (15 days ago)
So one of the wealthyest and most popular brands of the world only has this to show for? pathetic, dark mode and auto fitness tracking. at least the ar is cool
monkeytown (15 days ago)
im always wondering how much of a delay there is when using animoji. does it instantly recognize the action u do? now that it will be featured more and more, apple, samsung, now asus etc.
Yuvraj Harod (15 days ago)
apple is getting dark moode in ios13
Arushi Jain (15 days ago)
Will measure coome to 6s 7 8 ?
natejames11 (15 days ago)
The ar games totally copies Nintendo 3DS
Funny videos For you (15 days ago)
No one help me why because i am so poor no one feel the feelings of poor no one subscribe me
Andrew L. (15 days ago)
No mention of IFTTT. And of course, when Samsung did, the name was ridiculous and the emojis were ugly. Then Apple does the same: Memoji. And everything is awesome.
Nirav Patel (15 days ago)
Apple’s Innovation has been plateau. Need to come up with something no one has thought off. And I am user of iPhone for past 10yrs with , I watch , iPad ect
Nasal Chain (15 days ago)
Apple has reached its "most boring" saturation and looking for someone else to copy
Shik (15 days ago)
Great video! Pls do a iOS 12 features video as well
محمد الأحمد (15 days ago)
Why until now we can’t turn tow programs with iPhone in the same screen ?!!!!!!
Harrysound (15 days ago)
Who wants to hold an iPad like that and play AR games?
Micheal Walters (16 days ago)
Marques brown I thankful for all it videos I even subscribe to ur station can u r someone help me with a s8 r note 8 il b grateful
Viraj Sakariya (16 days ago)
0.18 does anyone know song name??
Ultrasahand (16 days ago)
it's an update for teenagers
Andre Moraes (16 days ago)
I love how they put all youtubers together. It's like they finally realized that you guys are the ones unboxing, reviewing and influencing consumers. I watch all of you guys DAILY!
Ismael Rosales (16 days ago)
YES, thank you for mentioning the 4K issue in the Youtube app!
philly624 (16 days ago)
Earth isn’t flat...
Clinton Whoo (16 days ago)
Hi Marques can you review the new Blackberry K2? We need your input!
Faith Esther Alex (16 days ago)
Damn Apple 👏👏 accolades
vanita anand (16 days ago)
Copied Samsung for Memoji
Kishan Motiramani (16 days ago)
Great video Mkbhd. The wallpaper tagged for iPhone does not seem to be for iPhone. It appears to be stretched when set. Could you share for iPhone. Thanks!
warmcolour (16 days ago)
Apple is fantastic at taking credit for things that are already a thing.
Sudeep Reddy Gaddam (16 days ago)
Last one is rip off of bitmoji by snap chat. Nevertheless, caught up like rest of the things Apple does
Shovelware (16 days ago)
I'm gonna use that measure app to measure how long my dick is. Cause my hardware measurement tools are saying it's 2 inches. I don't believe that.
Merry Gill (16 days ago)
Mac Mac Mac........Bla Bla Bla
ChrisbeFoSerious (16 days ago)
Intro song?
jonish prajapati (16 days ago)
I think Android also got stack notification.
ThomasHaberkorn (16 days ago)
gimme new Mac Mini
Nick LaBar (16 days ago)
Why can’t I change camera quality in the app🙄
Robert Hagans (16 days ago)
As soon as you said you can already turn the menus dark I had to stop the video lol
Gerald (16 days ago)
HTC U12+ still waiting for that !!!!!!
Julian Dunston (16 days ago)
I'm impressed
Shivendra TechSter (16 days ago)
can someone please tell me about intro track?
Abit Shrestha (16 days ago)
MKBHD has been more of Apple products.. need some new thing.. This is getting boring.
TubeSurferGeek (16 days ago)
Typical Apple... take queues from app developers and incorporate it into your IOS... not that I blame them.... go with what works and what's popular. Siri Shortcuts... They've blatantly incorporated IFTTT and it's nice to be fully integrated into IOS but I always feel sorry for the "little guy".
TechFit360 (16 days ago)
Wish I had 2 iPhone Xs don't want to put it on my only iPhone. I'll wait, Pretty Cool Memojis is it?
MadNad (16 days ago)
wow man awesome video its easy to understand by watching your video. Great Stuff dude!!!
Stinky Whizzletooth (16 days ago)
A 32 person video chat sounds like a fucking nightmare.Who would want to partake in that??
Inam-ur-Rehman Junejo (16 days ago)
I dont even have 15 friends who use iphone... and here there is a feature where 32 people can have group video call 😂
M Rinaz (16 days ago)
My mind was too busy trying to figure out why the Two white boxes above your head kept moving around like
Arun Raman (16 days ago)
More like Miimoji. Nintendo ripoff
Perry Ell (16 days ago)
He said “no, of course not” but for some reason “no, hell no” stays in my head haha.
XxKarlosxX (16 days ago)
I didn't know u guys in iOS didn't have group notifications... I don't even have Oreo update and still have all notifications in a group... the new animoji looks cool though and I'm sure Samsung and Apple will continue to copy each other... but I think make your own live emoji looks cool because u can never find the right animoji... and they say pictures are worth a thousand words... so animoji is 10,000? 😂🤣
Aylon Cohen (16 days ago)
The dark mode caught my attention because Microsoft are currently working on a dark mode for the Windows explorer (currently out for Windows insiders).. Wonder if this is what made them do it (or the other way around, like who thought of it first)?
Anthony Didden (16 days ago)
Ur the man bro. Love ur videos. Keep it up. Fav ios12 feature u mentioned is definitely the notifications being grouped together. Finally!!!!
Jerry Berglund (16 days ago)
Sony also has something that is working a little like shortcuts. The only difference is that you dont have to ask it to activate. It just activates automatically.
Joyce mulligan (16 days ago)
When will we be able to do the group chat?
GoGee (16 days ago)
Siri shortcuts sounds like Bixby.
Ross Bt (16 days ago)
That's amazing stuff, completely shifted my opinion of Apple in general
Hamzus Zayanus (16 days ago)
the intro music please!

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