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With Movies on Google Play choose from an incredible selection of thousands of movies including HD titles, new releases, award-winning films or your favorite classics. Whether you are in the mood for comedy, drama, animation, action or a documentary, there's a movie that's right for you. Learn more at http://play.google.com/store/movies. And start watching Drive here http://goo.gl/FCy9C.
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Text Comments (384)
Alex P (2 months ago)
Si tan solo tuvieses una app para windows 10 (que no sea la web).... Seguiré con Microsoft Movies & Tv.
bat prime (3 months ago)
If google play have same stuff when you buy movies from iTunes google play would make me want to switch to Android phone but google play doesn’t offer hd movies that I saw no subtitles language deleted scenes extra content you get when you buy movies from iTunes
GamingDude800 (1 month ago)
bat prime Except iTunes is one of the most bloated programs ever (unless you are using it on a Mac that is), and downloaded iTunes movies require the use of the shitty iTunes program in order watch them witch is completely retarded but then if your laptop has a completely working built-in DVD drive then why the fuck would you digitally download movies on it is beyond me.
bat prime (3 months ago)
I rather use iTunes, iTunes lets me download movies on my laptop with having to use WiFi crap means I can watch movies on my laptop in stormy weather without streaming WiFi
dan laesu (5 months ago)
not on multiple devices )))))
Big Kak (5 months ago)
Your service is a rip off
Chuks Chibueze (7 months ago)
everything is fucking dam
Anurag Butola (8 months ago)
It doesn't have bonus features included...
Little Pecker (10 months ago)
Yesterday I bought movie on Google play, tried to watch on my tablet and it says;we can,t play on this screen premium content, it's not secure, however I can play on my phone. WTF? It's my movie now,and will play whenever I want. And this corporation so concerned about property rights,but I guess those rights exist only for corporations. If I will be not able to fix that, it's gonna be last movie I ever bought on Google play. I think best solution is to buy discs,if it's somewhere in cloud it's not yours.
stuvidvitch (11 months ago)
The lowest gift card they offer at 7-eleven is 150 dollars wtf, I ain't paying that much to rent a movie for 18 dollars
Samantha Ramjohn (20 days ago)
PizzaProGaming (7 months ago)
apple_ well that's just bad luck for you, I live in Canada and we still have $15 Google Play gift cards
Absconditus (11 months ago)
I'd be more interested if content were actually provided with multiple languages instead of being forced to watch inferior dubbed versions outside of the US. I'll stick to Netflix, HBO and Prime Video; at least they serve me the option to change language/subtitles and will provide me the content as it were originally.
keke kidis alves (1 year ago)
mariia ab224 (1 year ago)
this is Titanic? the guy with poppy?
Mathass_de_cafe u.u (1 year ago)
so if you have a shitty connection, ur movie will freeze a lot ?
Danny lbt (1 year ago)
beijinhos 💘💚💙💛💓💜💑😻😍😛😉
lea santos (1 year ago)
u suck
ツVaske (1 year ago)
it isnt working in my country ,pls fix it ,im from Montenegro
Bernardo Ramirez (2 years ago)
Mr.Nobody (2 years ago)
fuckkkkkk you google i just rent a movie and its not giving it to me i hate google
Bobs Hats (9 months ago)
Mr.Nobody i
Korawich Kavee (2 years ago)
there are so expensive
j. (2 years ago)
are my google play movies able to download to my computer???
LIQUID SNAKE (10 months ago)
Karriem Santana you mean you can screen record? Dont wanna pay for a crappy movie but pay HD for goood movie.
Cast ur computer screen when in full screen in a movie,then save it.
goodguy853_RBLX (1 year ago)
u have to stream the movie to the PC
AzzaYCF (2 years ago)
No they're not downloadable sadly.
young & r3ckless (2 years ago)
its a rip off cuz i rented a movie and only had 2 days instead of a month wtf
Isaac Cachia (2 years ago)
please make Google Play Books available in Malta! I love Android and will stay Android but why are all these limits in my beautiful country and America benefits from all Google, Samsung... services!
MobileDecay (2 years ago)
Buy movies at full price and still don't own them! Yay! Fuck off and die!
Delogros (2 years ago)
Yeah, doesn't work... Downloaded 4 seperate internet programmes on my new computer as well as various other software and my movies say they can't be played, his is shit youtube mastered years ago and their stuff is free... help is as always also not helpful, tells you to press a menu option to download the movie but no such menu option exists on the TV and Movies app... Exceptionally poor from google from whom I would normally have expected better... Waster 4 hours trying to watch the movies I paid for over the last year but I certainly won't be buying anymore either way.
Samra Al HARBE (2 years ago)
azure rainbow (2 years ago)
The post about movies on Google Play is interesting because Google Play has a lot of movies to see,including box office hits.
توفو عليكم
Tony R (2 years ago)
After the long wait (over 3 fucking years), today it's officially available in Indonesia! Thanks, Google.
jojo Relley (2 years ago)
Sujatha Reddy (3 months ago)
jojo Relley
chayo Garcia (3 years ago)
Carrie Tinsley (3 years ago)
Carrie Tinsley (3 years ago)
Herfandi Dimas (3 years ago)
When indonesia can get it? Its already 3 years
Muhammad Akram (1 year ago)
Herfandi Dimas s
HIvanH91 (3 years ago)
Google play is so crap on laptops. Can't even watch it on laptop, have to watch it on phone. Everytime I try and play the movies I've downloaded, it pops up with a player that just says "An error has occurred" Really? Sorry I didn't notice that... idiots. WHERE'S THE HELPFUL ERROR CODE? Does anyone know how to fix this?
How to up programer for Google Play
rémi Rivard (3 years ago)
Bqqnqq Il qqchose uq
naser Hsn (3 years ago)
Pankaj Soni (3 years ago)
Okyere Atta (3 years ago)
yegye yefunu
הולם מאוד!
haron komoni (3 years ago)
Steve Pringle (3 years ago)
Need more free movies like what is done for the songs. Thanks to Opinion, I do get to rent for free from every 10 surveys.
how to add my film in google movies ?
Iara Acevedo (3 years ago)
J aime les vidéos
rifal muhammad (3 years ago)
Belum ada di indonesia
allan bajuyo (3 years ago)
Anu yan
The Realest (3 years ago)
Jim Grim (3 years ago)
VERY lacking as to if the contend is already on your pc, can it be streamed or is this another shit service to buy movies from Google? Knowing Google, its sad shit!
Sidy Lamine Ndiaye (3 years ago)
Sri Latumani Sarma (3 years ago)
وحيد محمد (3 years ago)
علي ذهبان
Judy Brookins (3 years ago)
jose felipe lugohuicab (3 years ago)
Ke vuenos momentos
Dr.Sandeep Bagri (3 years ago)
khorshed bd (3 years ago)
Tais Silva (3 years ago)
Mt ruim kkk
rohan mulik (3 years ago)
KĀRLlS Balodis (4 years ago)
Why the f**k all movies is paid
Kara Sylla (4 years ago)
xxprono 100%
Mercedez Bassett (4 years ago)
You tub movies freezes a lot from my phone
master in gamers (4 years ago)
Meu.pal no meu cuu hehe
ful miah ful miah (4 years ago)
Ful miah
Manuja A G (4 years ago)
It is nice.
blola24 (4 years ago)
'Uurorikiiufhiiiipjjiiionhhi b oiuuhmghu8ooitiibbyhui "hbuooppppœlkjjhukklllllkkklollollllolloooooooooooooolllllll9 rrrrithtinkkjjoifnjikklpjmjlkk gio
graedom (4 years ago)
lbsljeeekkl El jdlhehwh
graedom (4 years ago)
graedom (4 years ago)
hp$ s t!][_|
Michelle Legette (4 years ago)
I l0ve t
Michelle Legette (4 years ago)
I l0ve t
Jacob Marston (4 years ago)
Sherline Charles (4 years ago)
Gloria Deere (4 years ago)
This is not good it keeps buffering
Gloria Deere (4 years ago)
This is not good it keeps buffering
K. M. Sethia (4 years ago)
Abhilash Singh (4 years ago)
Drange 2
vishal sukhwal (4 years ago)
kamipteswag (4 years ago)
No esta disponnible en mi pais D: y lo queria descargar!
woozyfoozy (4 years ago)
Not available in SINGAPORE!! :( :(
mizu daridaha (4 years ago)
Thu Huong (4 years ago)
That vo duyen.k Co gi de xem
Enrique Álvarez (4 years ago)
Why doesn't this work on Puerto Rico! Its a part of the US so I don't get it why its not available here :/
Sem Lupas (4 years ago)
Discola um gratis ae
Dhieu Deng (4 years ago)
I like the movie aand i feel like having one copy.
NARENDRA KARNA (4 years ago)
Sectwo Shah Inpura (4 years ago)
Hot blonde with brother fuck the home
meneerkenny (4 years ago)
Bring it to the netherlands please. We waiting so long for the music and movie section.
NARENDRA KARNA (4 years ago)
blue movel
webbemntt (4 years ago)
when will you activate the service in Italy ?
Cross #125 (4 years ago)
Rukia Kuchiki (4 years ago)
Ojala kiero ver bleach y naruto la peliculA ojala lo traiga esta aplicacion
iosgamer642 (4 years ago)
Ola F
damian baez (4 years ago)
عادل الحربي (4 years ago)
Thomas Clausen (4 years ago)
Google Play movies &TV is know good it's got defects won't play my movies
Cesar Benavidez (4 years ago)
I new you weter

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