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The Razer Phone Transforms Into a Laptop

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With Razer Project Linda, the Razer Phone turns into a proper laptop. Sort of. More CES 2018 coverage! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N_tNfBxCxE Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (1519)
Blaze The Wolf (45 minutes ago)
It’s f***ing amazing!
MEDiAgamer (5 hours ago)
Lol. If you’re going to be carrying both device anyway, why not just get an actual laptop?
gameflux (14 hours ago)
Interesting !
Rytis89 (1 day ago)
No ****ing way
ma403 (1 day ago)
man razer has lost it's fucking mind.
TeddyBearisms (1 day ago)
This make more sense with a tablet instead of a laptop.
Austin Childs (2 days ago)
this would be nice to use with an unlimited data plan when you are traveling!
JohANnes :D (2 days ago)
Razer is reading my mind!
Anonymous Zl (2 days ago)
Pyro Guy Animations (2 days ago)
So... The Razer switch?
PlayerStart _ (2 days ago)
its been 7 days. I was punished
lascha 2nd (2 days ago)
Good Project. Now My Girlfriend Can Cook ×2 Diffirent Food!
AjgoR TV (2 days ago)
Guys Austin, this is Hey!
sebell C (3 days ago)
phone and probably the laptop is overpriced ............ ubuntu played with this concept some 5 years ago (the ph that never was 8(
Sanu (3 days ago)
Take for granted
Error inscript (3 days ago)
But can it run crysis?
CrazyChargedGamer (4 days ago)
A Nintendo switch for your computer.
teknowafel sam (4 days ago)
It also kind reminds me of Read more
teknowafel sam (4 days ago)
*This kinda reminds me of* *NINTENDO DS 2018?* ._.
Mark Dean (5 days ago)
Looks great. I would love to see this finished and released. Would especially love it if it was enabled to run Microsoft's new ARM version of Windows 10 that allow X86 applications to be executed. Now that would really use the Razer phone's hardware and make it a very interesting Smartphone. I love my Razer phone by the way..
Edward Graganta (5 days ago)
Darth Raider (5 days ago)
Does something like this exist for iphone?
Darth Raider (5 days ago)
Cool, but I need windows. Wouldve been cool if it had specs of the razer blade, just powered by the phone
SUPΞRSUNMΛN (5 days ago)
this is cool
Chaser ZX (5 days ago)
Lol cool innovation but why would you carry a laptop that's not a laptop when you could carry a laptop?
Manu Anthony (5 days ago)
And you lose your phone...
The Triforce Eagle (5 days ago)
I have seen league an that laptop and it even uses the screen of the phone!
Thesuperv12 (5 days ago)
why not just use the phone as a phone
Wayne Wood (6 days ago)
How can I support this prototype to be a real product?
Maxi (6 days ago)
Samsung dex but it is a laptop
Taylor English (6 days ago)
I really like your hairtcut Austin! it looks good. Also, Project Linda looks AWESOME.
Marios DoesGaming (6 days ago)
Its so good if it cost more than 350 its waste of money razer phone costs 100€ And the dock has only a screen and a fake laptop No motheboard or any kind shit inside And just a keyboard with *lights* I hope they dont fuck the price I want it :(
BDR (6 days ago)
This is the kinda future stuff i've wanted since I was a kid.
Karlo Oršić (6 days ago)
did you tried to run EXAGEAR strategies on the razer phone and on projekt linda (exagear is an program that emulates wine(wine is an windows app translator for linux,android and mac(you suld try to run some apps like windows fiefox ,office and more and remembr this commend)))
mihovecz jozsef (7 days ago)
Awesome, really I really can have a use of something like this, but for much more than 300.
tigerfanman (7 days ago)
this is the future, obviously phones are computers and just gonna get more and more powerful
Dylan Coulbeck (7 days ago)
I would honestly buy this, right nowI have a tablet that sits in front of my monitor with a kvm switch (I bought that instead of a usb switch for future proofing other concepts) while I can still type on a keyboard etc it will be nice not to take my tablet out with me on the go. And all my spotify downloads etc don't need to download to another device very well done
ItsThePug (7 days ago)
300 dollars? are you joking? knowing razer, this is going to be at least 800-1000 dollars.
ZenoSama Tv (7 days ago)
If you have anything laying around the house why not try and sell it?
Ever García (7 days ago)
Against the idea.
Truedog10 (7 days ago)
I think this is a really cool concept that could add a great selling point to the razer phone itself. I think with a little more upgrading, like the screen resolution, refresh rate, and maybe even improvements to the track pad, this could be a solid product if the price is reasonable
Kreidian (7 days ago)
If Razer does release this, I will totally buy it!
Dwayne Campbell (7 days ago)
They should make it a 360° laptop
Elvin Loh Yenyu (7 days ago)
You said pops in when the USB C popped out
i feel like they should make a bundle: Razer Phone with Project Linda. it would make the $300 price tag more acceptable.
DevBasa (8 days ago)
Austin! 1v1 on Arena of...I Mean Vainglory!
HΞLLBΞNT (8 days ago)
Look. Even at 300$, it's still a massive bullshit. Why should you pay 300$ for a dock that works ONLY with your phone instead of a proper, real laptop you can use as a stand-alone device with storage space, processing power, and BLOODY WINDOWS? Cool concept, useless add-on.
Cosmic Gam3r (8 days ago)
Can you kill it with USB Killer?
yeet machine (8 days ago)
The price has to be below 100$. It can't be that expensive for a laptop without the laptop guts.
Oracle (8 days ago)
The future is now
Player Jo (8 days ago)
That's a good place to hide your money
Pika2346 (8 days ago)
But does it have an adblocker?
Davian The Prince (8 days ago)
But Is It Worth It?
LegendaryVegeta (8 days ago)
ADD AN SSD SLOT AD A CPU AND GPU COMBO (those new and and intel combo ones) the 8gb from the phonw is wnough they coould add 8gb and make the price go from this exact prototype ebing £400 u to £1300 (3200x1800 and 120hz) and that is the best product of this year XD and make it like a 100£ offer if you buy the phone with it
DeadShadow (8 days ago)
Wo you got the Razor Switch but i got the Nintendo Switch
Noah Thomas (8 days ago)
Can you review the g story monitor
LiyingX (8 days ago)
alex yin (8 days ago)
but can it run crysis?
Wolfgang Smeader (8 days ago)
love it
MrLeviNielsen (8 days ago)
Brayden Lau (8 days ago)
Can you have a giveaway for this
Drivergamer3115 (8 days ago)
Who's excited for MWC 2018?We are waiting for unveil of Samsung S9!😍
xGqki (8 days ago)
can u play gta v on it? xD
LANDON MARTIN (8 days ago)
Cool just cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Laverage Gamer (8 days ago)
Its like a Nintendo Switch, but with a laptop attachment.
Midhun Harindran (8 days ago)
Master Thing (9 days ago)
Can you play computer games on it?
Lobo (9 days ago)
Wtf Razer
GenericUser (9 days ago)
Hey guys this is Boston
Force Delux (9 days ago)
Patrick Sakr (9 days ago)
i hope it is not just an accessory i really would like them to make it soo it turns into a fully functional laptop with windows and everything
GyroCannon (9 days ago)
I wouldn't spend more than $150 on this. If I wanted a laptop that runs a weak OS, I'd get a Chromebook, which is ~150
Lukmanul Hakim (9 days ago)
the only thing that missing is the 360 screen rotation so you can turn it into a tablet. Although, if razer took the Asus Transformer V design, that would be awesome!
Amriesh Ramkoeber (9 days ago)
I want one!😱😊
Bazsax 1337 (9 days ago)
Do u know da whey?
Bazsax 1337 (9 days ago)
But can it run crysis?
Thelacator (9 days ago)
Stole it.
ss4yaasir (9 days ago)
But can u use the laptop without the phone?
arebut69 (9 days ago)
Razer Ds
Kaanyurtkap (9 days ago)
it would be relevant if it was with windows
UJ VEVO (10 days ago)
UJ VEVO (10 days ago)
UJ VEVO (10 days ago)
YoussefGamer 197 (10 days ago)
Jeng Cabasag (10 days ago)
Definitely add an HDMI port. Touchscreen and 1440p res for a 'higher end' dock, but keep non-touch and 1080p for default dock to keep price lower. This is something I can definitely get on board with, so in case I am out and about and get called for work, no need to lug around my work laptop to get stuff done on the fly.
ReelSteelRacer 134 (10 days ago)
Why haven't this been done get???its a great idea!!!
sarath mohan (10 days ago)
Hey guys this is exhausting
sacredlie123 (10 days ago)
This fucking guy looks like Malcom. From Malcom in the middle
Alpha Crash X (10 days ago)
Great concept, but it needs windows. Keep Android OS on phones
FlyingCarrot (10 days ago)
I have the razer phone and i REALLY want that when it comes out (if it does).
Ben Smith (10 days ago)
The game being shown is Vainglory btw
BlaqKnite (10 days ago)
members only?
TheGreekGuyNL (10 days ago)
Slowly I see more tech coming, and things that can transform into something else als well comming into this world. (Nintendo switch, moto mods, laptop/tabled combo, Samsung dex etc.) Also a more wireless world. (Wi-Fi, speakers, headphones, ear buds, wireless charging, powerbank). 4k, hdr, oled, dolby atmos, 4d, VR-headset, smart light (Philips hue, Ikea etc., midi music instruments, make music on a mobile device, Drones, Ipad Pro, great smartphones with awesome cameras and performance, digital skateboards or in that category. Car with Wi-Fi. You can do a lot in this world. Tell me if I missed something.
Weixing Tang (10 days ago)
There are windows running on 835. It should be possible to run full windows with the CPU inside the phone and the rest hardwares inside the "laptop". That would be amazing
Breezy (10 days ago)
Price tho?
lewis evans (10 days ago)
That’s sick
ABXY Gaming (10 days ago)
2018.... the year of the docks
Lack Hape Luis (10 days ago)
razor rip you off....
onur kulekci (10 days ago)
super verygoud perfeck

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