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Your Future In Automotive - Rebecca Lees, Jaguar Land Rover

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http://www.yourfutureinautomotive.com speaks with Rebecca Lees, a Body Structures Engineer from Jaguar Land Rover. Rebecca has worked on high-profile projects including the new Jaguar F-Type and talks about how she came to pursue a career in automotive, her education background and how an international work placement played a key role in setting her on a path to automotive engineering success! Watch the interview to find out how she became an automotive engineer and what opportunities there are for you! Visit http://www.yourfutureinautomotive.com to find out more!
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Kazi Sharfaraz Afridi (1 year ago)
which programme did you joined in the university? automotive engineering / designing / mechanical
alii lingo (3 months ago)
She mentioned in the beginning 'Mechanical'
Cars Simplified (2 years ago)
Pretty cool to see a company using recycled aluminum! Seems like only the cost of getting bulk amounts of it would be a hurdle, since a soft metal like that is fairly easy to recycle.

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