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Sony PlayStation E3 2018 press conference in 10 minutes

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The 2018 Sony PlayStation press conference was almost entirely dedicated to four upcoming games that we already know about: The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, and Insomniac’s Spider-Man. But while it wasn’t as packed as in year’s past, it did offer some deep looks at some excellent games. It was also pretty damn gruesome, and Sony managed to sneak in a couple of surprises as well. If you missed the show, you can check it all out right here. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs Like The Verge on Facebook: https://goo.gl/2P1aGc Follow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/XTWX61 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com Community guidelines: http://bit.ly/2D0hlAv Subscribe to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science: http://bit.ly/2FqJZMl
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Text Comments (302)
AFKjäger (2 days ago)
Why does Xbox get all the cool stuff like we get some off brand stuff , a resident evil 2 and a Spider-Man game
Real Talk (6 days ago)
Can we get Gta San Andreas Remastered already
Steven Zhou (7 days ago)
Where is Bethesda?
Azzain96 (8 days ago)
Pretty underwhelming to be honest.
Nicholas Nolan (8 days ago)
I thought the original was 10 minutes
Samuel Lamayo (9 days ago)
What the heck just happened to Ellie
Battle Droid (9 days ago)
Microsoft Definitely Won This Year For E3
Battle Droid (9 days ago)
That’s It From Sony?!....wow that’s disappointing
snipewa4 (9 days ago)
Death Stranding because I'll be dead and alone before the game is ever released? Cool c-c-cool c-cool
Edwin Raphael (9 days ago)
PHD FLOPPER (9 days ago)
Edwin Raphael UNCLE BEN?
Sonu Khan (9 days ago)
It's not your year sony. Microsoft killed it with killer sequels
Ini Ony (9 days ago)
So wich one is better in terms of games and services. PS or XBOX?
WesTG (9 days ago)
Thank you very much👍
shemar dixon (9 days ago)
REALLY!?!? You cut the kiss!!!
cwestpha (9 days ago)
Did Sony literally just put on TrailersTV and then turn off the lights when they thought it went on for long enough?
Glanced (9 days ago)
3:34 love everything about Japan their music and especially their anime
Glanced (9 days ago)
3:10 So fucking beautiful
Glanced (9 days ago)
Is this the highlights of when it was Sony's turn to showcase?
Glanced (9 days ago)
So this is the thing they live streamed?
Ahmet Tarik Yildirim (9 days ago)
Uç tanesini bekliyorum destiny 2,second son and spiderman
LA Rodes (10 days ago)
You people who claim xbox won act like most of what they showed wasn't multi plat
funny meme (10 days ago)
Xbox won. Sorry.
Charles Kuhn (10 days ago)
Lol 6 boat games in one year
Zainur (10 days ago)
I came for this 0:08
srivardhan karnic (10 days ago)
Glorious gorgeous games from Sony. Owned E3!
Swapnil Chaudhari (10 days ago)
7:58 was that really necessary?
The 72u7H (10 days ago)
TLOU2 and Death Stranding are the only things on that list I am interested in. Death Stranding they are showing so so very little, makes me think they have practically nothing built yet outside of some tech demos.
Light House (10 days ago)
Great games. But the conference is pretty weak imo
Tank (10 days ago)
Can PS4 play with PC?
Tank (9 days ago)
PHD FLOPPER why the hell not, they have the resources to do it
PHD FLOPPER (9 days ago)
Tank I’m afraid not
Omar Mohamed (10 days ago)
No more The Last of Us for me! :/
Chase Hunter (8 days ago)
Omar Mohamed Why? Everyone keeps saying this
isdad (10 days ago)
The lesbs us: part 2
Ricardo Espinoza (10 days ago)
What's the name of that flute instrument ?
Musical Planet (10 days ago)
Verge You r the best!!! Thanks
Eduardo Matiz (10 days ago)
Man, great video! But why putting the man playing the flute instead of Gustavo Santaolalla playing TLOU theme in banjo?
Amaan Ali (10 days ago)
Well I guess Sony won it this year
Albert Paul Fetalino (10 days ago)
Amaan Ali LOL. Watch The Xbox Conference
yassin sherif (10 days ago)
Any new consoles or handhelds?
ze a (10 days ago)
Sony is popping off
Gregg Perez (10 days ago)
Jeez Sony you couldn't get Matt Damon to play the flute!?
Darth Vader (10 days ago)
I can't tell if it's just me getting older but were any of these E3 conferences really that good?
Alex Clark (10 days ago)
check out bethesda's :)
Katka Tran (10 days ago)
I think its time to buy the PS4
Fahad S (10 days ago)
No mortal kombat 11
Isaac Campos (10 days ago)
I always knew that spiderman game was going to flop, looks terrible.
Chidiogo Onoh (10 days ago)
You forgot the many technical difficulties.
Fahad S (10 days ago)
WTF 1:04
Giancarlo Buonamici (10 days ago)
Where's knack 3
Gsauce 420 (10 days ago)
Ghost of Tsushima looks really cool
LonyXX (10 days ago)
damn, great games
Steven Mancera (10 days ago)
Xbox got the better E3 conference games Bonanza but let's admit Sony got disappointing conference but most of them have real release date
MarquisDeSang (10 days ago)
Not much VR, not interested.
Dill (10 days ago)
Thank god I don’t have a PS4 lol
Adrian Macias (10 days ago)
Destiny forsaken was pretty much the only thing I cared about
Jan-petter Havna (10 days ago)
What is the name of the song when they show Last of Us trailer 2?
Claudio Segala Filho (10 days ago)
Running by Nicolas Boscovic & Tom Hillock
Cjgoku Homes (10 days ago)
Who said that there will be no new game announcement on Sony conference !!
Hephaistos The Smith (10 days ago)
there was 1 new game out of 6 all the others got shown couple of years before
marcot (10 days ago)
3 zombies games, are we in 2012?
Steph Occultist (9 days ago)
marcot 1. A remake of Zombies who eat people. 2. Infected people who rip people apart and are rabid. Not zombie. 3. People zombies, animal zombies and literally earth trying to kill you. So 1 remake and 1 new zombie game. I say it’s a pretty healthy bunch of undead.
Mark Prince (10 days ago)
I really would like to see a update to the PlayStation vita
time485 (10 days ago)
Microsoft did this in 3 minutes and showed kingdom of hearts first
Santarpan Roy (10 days ago)
Not interesting
The Gaming Snake (10 days ago)
It’s trash
Sarthak Panda (10 days ago)
Why are sony exclusives always linear movies. Ghost of tsushima looks the most promising of this lot
NvTwist (10 days ago)
SpiderMan did not look good at all, The mouth movement s did not come close to looking realistic.
Paolo Ferrer (10 days ago)
These summaries are the best. Keep them coming, Verge peeps. Thanks.
Setsuka 09 (10 days ago)
Sold my xbox one now... Wait a minute...gosh lucky i don’t have one..
francesco pham (10 days ago)
I don't even have a PlayStation or a Xbox, why am I even watching this?
dpcdpc11 (9 days ago)
The old gamer in me is asking the some question! Since I almost never play games anymore, I guess this is just a way to remember that I wasted a lot of time playing games instead of learning something actually useful in real life. But nowadays you can instead play games all day and earn more money than someone that's actually working something. Go figure!
Technology Around (9 days ago)
Same story 😂
Miguel Cisneros (10 days ago)
Switch Master Race
Mohd Helmy (10 days ago)
francesco pham same lol
Eminent Skillz (10 days ago)
Completely boring.. same thing as last year and some of the same titles mentioned weak asf... my ps4 might take a permanent sideline because the exclusives are old news along with other title announcements! At least Xbox has a lot more to offer and not just games.. sad
Steph Occultist (9 days ago)
This post gave me Aids. Xbox has more to offer lol Oh look a cable box and hat holder.
Jesse Bean (10 days ago)
Name one game that Xbox announced that has the chance of being better than one of the main 4 games Sony presented. Xbox legit had mediocre games being announced that will also be playable on the ps4
Prizzy (10 days ago)
Boriiiiing. Games the showed us 3 years earlier
Lars Hoeijmans (8 days ago)
Games everyone is waiting for. 4 GOTY's
Chris Grant (10 days ago)
I was really hoping to see resistance return save it for ps5 🤷🏾‍♂️
Shivansh Sharma (10 days ago)
The whole E3 was disappointing to be honest except maybe sony exclusives and one or two 3rd party games.. that's all
Kyle Moreno (10 days ago)
Some good games but the show was kinda awkward.
RB (10 days ago)
Zombie games. Just zombie games.
Pashalis Pashalidis (9 days ago)
And Spider-Man
Dilana Karatas (10 days ago)
RB Resident Evil made zombie games first before it was cool
00null00null00 (10 days ago)
I wanted to play at 2x speed but I'd need to rewind too many clips...
Alec Houston (10 days ago)
The negative PR of destiny 2 unfairly catches Sony in the wash.
Blindedinchains1 (10 days ago)
You missed the free black ops 3 on PS plus announcement and you missed the announcement of new game plus for God of war
Omkar Kulkarni (10 days ago)
7:30 Was it Daryl from Walking Dead?
Alex (10 days ago)
Omkar Kulkarni yes...
Putin my mouth (10 days ago)
Xbox is back on track
Rutendo paguwa (10 days ago)
Sony has good quality games
Wilburgur (10 days ago)
2:35 ohh noooo
Arvin Medina (10 days ago)
RIP FFVII. See you in 10 years...
Jovin Jacob (10 days ago)
Jay Polo (10 days ago)
Last of us part 2 and days gone only Two games worth playing
sony is best in every field
Battle Droid (9 days ago)
ALL PA SYSTEMS & GADGETS Not This Years E3 way worse than last years
Joseph Freisinger (10 days ago)
ALL PA SYSTEMS & GADGETS lol no Nintendo is buddy they got the top of the line first party games XD
Gsauce 420 (10 days ago)
ALL PA SYSTEMS & GADGETS except movies and phones
Da howlahs (10 days ago)
Alex i'd rather have a good game with a bad e3 presentation than a bad game with a good presentation
Alex (10 days ago)
ALL PA SYSTEMS & GADGETS Not in the presenting field 😎
hekickedmydog (10 days ago)
We didn't get any information about Final Fantasy VII =(
Tianchang Li (10 days ago)
Spyder man is the only game that interests me, hope it'll come up PC later
Dallas C (10 days ago)
It will never come to pc
David Nabinger (10 days ago)
SpiderMan is a ps exclusive, thus the reason I have a ps4 and PC. PC usually gets Xbox exclusives but, PS4 exclusives are strictly PS4
SEIKO no YUME (10 days ago)
Holding a post show during your own press conference: priceless!
DarkCloud360 (10 days ago)
Microsoft won this year
Jordan Terry (7 days ago)
dsdsdsds dsdsdsds so what if they look slightly better on Xbox, if graphics are a big deal just get a PC all of Xbox’s exclusives are on PC anyway lol no reason in buying an Xbox
Pebblitah (7 days ago)
DarkCloud360 agreed
VGMStudios33 (7 days ago)
Tell that to all the smash bros fanatics. Lol
dsdsdsds dsdsdsds (10 days ago)
so what if they are multi platform? They all look better and play better on xbox
Jordan Terry (10 days ago)
Manu Suryan they are all coming to PC lol
AvengerSpidey (10 days ago)
Spider verse
That Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer got me 😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍
Elo Fuentes (10 days ago)
Wow! Sony presentation looked noticeably blurrier than Microsoft's
Illest Visionz (10 days ago)
....what ever happened to little big planet?
GonzalezJio (10 days ago)
Illest Visionz their doing dreams.
Can't wait for Death Stranding!
Didge (10 days ago)
Damn, Destiny 2 showed half the story in that cinematic.
Quiet Giant (10 days ago)
Great games, bad presentation.
Jordan Terry (10 days ago)
Quiet Giant the presentation doesn’t matter though even if they put on the best show ever people would forget about it the next day anyway lol
Sameer Khan (10 days ago)
I expected more sony.
Dallas C (9 days ago)
Eventus Vantos actually they showed them because they bought the ad rights. Also you say Microsoft exclusive like that's a good thing. That's a bad thing. They should only be available on xbox. You don't see Sony putting god of war on pc. It makes it to where there's 0 reason to buy an xbox and that's just stupid business when the only reason to buy a console is exclusives. And xbox doesn't have any
Eventus Vantos (9 days ago)
Dallas C well they showed those multiplatform games because the appeal is that you will be able to enjoy these games at higher performance graphics and quality levels. In addition to showing multiplatform games they also shoed their own exclusives such as fh4, halo infinity, crackdown 3 etc. And yes they are exclusive. They are exclusive to Microsoft which have both PC and xbox. So it is actually exclusive.
Dallas C (9 days ago)
Eventus Vantos No he's talking about the huge amount of multiplats MS showed. Those are all coming to every platform. And everything Microsoft put that annoying "exclusive" voice in front of is actually not an exclusive and coming on pc as well as xbox
Eventus Vantos (10 days ago)
Jordan Terry I think to PC not ps4
Dallas C (10 days ago)
Hephaistos The Smith windows is a software that pretty much everyone already uses its not a pc. Nobody owns pcs little guy
Colin (10 days ago)
This was awesome!!!!!
Lord Cekrom (10 days ago)
I love our summaries of big events =D
Edwin Aaron (10 days ago)
No Bloodborne 2?
Zooks sFX (10 days ago)
No Bloodborne 2 sadly, just some sketchy Samurai stuff instead
Niels Poldervaart (10 days ago)
Edwin Aaron FromSoftware just announced Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Robert McNamara (10 days ago)
Microsoft conference was way better than sony! But sony still has those well... decent exclusive titles
Lars Hoeijmans (8 days ago)
ohthethings This just in, The Last of Us is the best game ever made, and much better than overrated games like The Witcher 3 and Zelda BOTW.
Ekk.0 (10 days ago)
ohthethings last of us is overrated but sony has some good exclusives
LonyXX (10 days ago)
presentation yes microsoft was more organized, games sony won, damn they showed some great games
Charlie Lainez (10 days ago)
*Disappointing* Saved you 10mins.
Mauricio Garcia (10 days ago)
Pronob Sarker they acquired these studios a while ago.
Pronob Sarker (10 days ago)
Mauricio Garcia you mean studios that made exclusives for Microsoft anyway?
Manu Suryan (10 days ago)
Charlie Lainez you are the only *disappointment* here.
Evan Flatequal (10 days ago)
Someone is salty that he bought an Xbox.
Eloy R (10 days ago)
No you didn't. I still watched it.
CRa Z Ay (10 days ago)
Seeing that they covered Microsoft's E3 highlights in 16 mins just shows how much more Xbox has to offer
Steph Occultist (9 days ago)
Nathan5791 Maybe because they wanted it to be just 10 mins. Anyone could make it longer but whoever edited this wanted 10 mins. Some people don’t see the value is 15 vs 10. I wouldn’t even finish 15 mins. I barely wanted to finish the 10.
reyian451 (10 days ago)
Felix McCulloch I understand your point but if this Xbox I'm sure your tongue would say a different tone. Of course that's just an assumption
Felix McCulloch (10 days ago)
reyian451 haha xbox do exclusives too, so they're guilty as well! Sony is just a but more guilty
reyian451 (10 days ago)
Felix McCulloch shut up disguised Xbox bot

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