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How OnePlus succeeded when they should have failed.

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How OnePlus Smartphones succeded when the odds where against Oneplus - the Story behind. 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa 🐦 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL 😊 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: https://goo.gl/3yS2aP Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/gvrsGZ My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp
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Text Comments (816)
Joshua Bennett (22 hours ago)
I love my OnePlus devices
Md Raja (1 day ago)
Love your vice
D' pageantbuff (1 day ago)
you are such a cutie! I have a crush on you...
You should make more videos like this, it's a departure form your usual style that I think is well executed and is healthy for your channel.
Azenix (2 days ago)
They've changed though. They don't just care about a small group of people, and now are doing stuff just to get more sales, which is fine but not at the cost of other users.
Applelover800 (2 days ago)
I’m a apple fanboy but i respect that company and think they are awesome but samsung is still horrible!
eskci0 (2 days ago)
OnePlus Two still is the best looking phone to date.
Jayan Kalarickal (3 days ago)
You're the only channel I subscribed without knowing your name. Even in this video it's not clear if it's Arun or Aaron. Anyways good videos, keep up the good work.
Aung Ko Min (3 days ago)
Ok I will told OnePlus to my mom.
Martijn Venhuizen (3 days ago)
Watching from my 5t :)
Dogepocalypse (3 days ago)
not gonna lie, this was posted on my birthday!!
Alexander Rdzen (3 days ago)
Just a quick sidenote: the OPO came with Cyanogen, not Cyanogenmod
Michael Paris (4 days ago)
Excellent video, I have bought the OPO, via an invite on the end of June a month or so after it came out, and actually wanted to get it at that time, and not be an early adopter, used the phone, it still works if I should want to use it. I do think the OP2 was a disappointment, my next purchase was the OP3t which I still use and found it to be excellent. I didn't see the need for OP5, and really didn't see a big improvement over the 3t. I did place an order for the 5t and canceled, and only reason is I got the Essential PH-1 for $US292 to the door, was supposed to get the 360' camera, but canceled it, saving me a few bucks. I do happen to like the Essential, and I do know it's polarizing with camera issues, and potential viability of the company. I do plan on getting the OP6, depending on what it offers, as well as what other devices are available and at what price. There is no perfect device, nor do I think they are perfect, but they do provide value . Since I got my OPO and till now, I have only seen two other people in the wild one person was where I formerly worked, and at my new job by a resident physician. Luckily I have not have to use their customer service, and never heard anything good about it. Not sure if the improved or not.
Samsung Shield (5 days ago)
Sorry your story is pretty off Oneplus is BBK electronics with oppo and vivo Combined they are the 3rd largest phone seller. Selling almost double Huawei
des (5 days ago)
Watching on my Oneplus 5T with 8GB RAM
Ella Hermans (5 days ago)
leader endless road couple intelligent workshop spouse handful.
MDS (5 days ago)
Amazing video ! Great job as always Arun 😊
Timothy Nyota (5 days ago)
Your hand gestures get annoying after some time
tamboyistheman (5 days ago)
Listens to the community? Because I really want a stock android phone that looks like an iPhone 7 plus from behind. Sure... Or no, i think I want a phone that looks like a vivo or an oppo phone. Yup they really did give what the community asked for.
303Purg (6 days ago)
Before 700K subs #RoadTo1MSubs
mohamd Luc (6 days ago)
Can i get 3 likes ?
timmy cheung (6 days ago)
RyanTBSG (6 days ago)
OnePlus, Chinese company that is the worst out of the parent company's other brand (Oppo, Vivo) but succeed because it's a community not a company
Pete Coventry (6 days ago)
If dropping support for their phones 6 months after release is knowing their customer - then that surprises me
Peejman Is a King (6 days ago)
*_Watching on my OnePlus 3T_*
Aadi Khurana (6 days ago)
Where did you get the widget in your note 8?
Shameer Ps (6 days ago)
great vid
This Is K.S.T.G!! (7 days ago)
*I'm the 900th comment on this video!😊😊* *BTW, Great video, Arun!😎😎* *Got to know so much about the "OnePlus" brand today....😁😁*
Angelo Massey (7 days ago)
Here goes a beer for ya..
M.S Salsaal (7 days ago)
Stop using your hand gesture it feels like you are desperate to look cool by doing that and it looks so unnatural.
Dony DeYamoah (7 days ago)
I looove my OnePlus 3.actually watching on it. Can't wait to get the 6th one this year.
Saleh Aljurbua (7 days ago)
Good Work!
Brandon R (7 days ago)
Wait, why was OnePlus supposed to fail?....Dumb Statement.
RubenSays (7 days ago)
2:58 that's my best-friend 😂
Kanaan Ngutu (8 days ago)
You have improved a lot since the last time I watch your video.
Ali Altinel (8 days ago)
Customers dont know what they want.they success depends on 1 single thing.they put good hardware on cheap phones.
Sujith Kumar (8 days ago)
Great video. As a one plus user, I felt really good hearing what makes our mobiles such good ones
Markec smotanec (8 days ago)
1+5=oppo and vivo.....and money support. Simple as that. They did big job(1+5) but they have bigger support from mother's company that we think.... Simple and easy
Saeed Khan (8 days ago)
Great video man. Very soon you will have 10M subs...💗💗💗💗
dominionn09 (8 days ago)
With all due respect, I think they are NOT "competitive" to Apple, Samsung..ect..yes, to tech nerds they are liked. The masses don't even know they exist which is understandable.
norviel chiu (8 days ago)
what would you prefer to use, huawei or one plus?
Bartosz Górski (8 days ago)
Oneplus is not a small company. It's Oppo. on of the biggest companies in china
milan karmakar (8 days ago)
I Love One+
Bala Vignesh (8 days ago)
I got the pcloud ad on your video ! its weird that your own voice-driven ad on your own video.
Chris Pacman (8 days ago)
I hope people buy from these small business more... I have had enough of these big, money hungry corporations who thinks they are above the law...
Abhinav Mansotra (8 days ago)
Great Video Boss ! #OnePlus_4_eva
macarari (8 days ago)
I just need two more things from oneplus for the phone to be waterproof, and expandable memory!! I would be sooo happy! Imagine a phone 128gb with a sd card of 64 GB my dream!!
Pravin Bhorge (8 days ago)
Seriously One plus is sister company of OPPO so it was never small. It just made it look that way to gain simpathy and good will and they will abandon their customers of mobile doesn't sell well like One plus two. It has financial and technological backup of OPPO, they dont innovate anything instead wait for oppo to launch a device and they just alter few things like One Plus 5 is direct copy of R11 etc.
Jon Andersen (8 days ago)
here would be my slogan: Root to your hearts content.
Nikec Lahajner (9 days ago)
Finaly got a Oneplus update with youtube bug fixed. I can now continue enjoying quality content👌
Conor p (9 days ago)
OnePlus deserve to be much more popular tbh 🙃
tim pedersen (9 days ago)
Thats just bullshit and you know it Oneplus is not a small company and has never bin a small company .. If you cant tell the truth about oneplus then better not make one even they probably payed you to do it This tell all about the company https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QP6pm1DM1Q&t=433s
Azeem Quadri (9 days ago)
Take notes Samsung
Brent V (9 days ago)
OnePlus...The original "Essential" Phone
Neel Goyal (9 days ago)
Micromax :)
Reeverbb Official (9 days ago)
Fahim Ridzwan (9 days ago)
tell us about oneplus 6 bro
ABUS FACTS (9 days ago)
bro pls i need eny phone your willing togive away being watch ur videos and particating in every tin neva won pls man hear me out am droke... big fan
tanish chandran (9 days ago)
Hi feeling sad u didn't hit a million in 2017
Let's pass Time (9 days ago)
I've already subscribed your channel. So,what will happen if i smash the subscribe button again????Don't u know? ???@AAron
Ian Wafula (9 days ago)
That is really mindblowing
Video Vibes (9 days ago)
very nice presentation........ from a oneplus fanboy 😊
Sri Rahayu (9 days ago)
Thank you for mentioning so many reasons that make me still believe with OnePlus capabilities to answer their customers need.
villavan kothai (9 days ago)
Hope one plus take down those dictators....
Leonardo Esquivel (9 days ago)
One plus looks like it copied samsung & apple designs.like if you agree
ImPikachu Gaming (9 days ago)
It’s really nice to hear how a brand of smartphone became successful! Great video Mrwhosetheboss Lots of love from Philippines 🇵🇭
Starboi Ryan (9 days ago)
pleaseeeee subbbb to my channel pleaseeee , I really need subbssss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f938CNLB2c
Xweet ßoy (9 days ago)
I just hate oppo vivo
Scott Pricker (9 days ago)
One plus 5 looks almost identical to oppo r? No. Speak it straight. They all copied iPhone 7 plus design.
Hans R (10 days ago)
not sure about the odds... why do you think they were against 1+ ?
Isaac G (10 days ago)
Your so near 1 mil, You can do it!
LowkeySpiritAnimal (10 days ago)
Can you review the huawei nova 2s and v10?
Ben Mitchell (10 days ago)
Oneplus listened to the customers like no other company did. But I think it's changed now, they seem to have forgotten what they stood for ever since the 3T's release. Listen to the community OnePlus, be that company.
Davil (10 days ago)
Because of your research and videos, the One plus 5 will be my next phone soon. Thanks!
Ashok Sunar sinchury (10 days ago)
Love the way one pluse device. I’ve been use since 1st one pluse one came out .
First Ladt (10 days ago)
Hey author, stop with your hand gestures, its gross
Ibraheem Productions (10 days ago)
Do a video about Xiaomi next.
Sahaj Sharma (10 days ago)
iPhone SE 2 Latest Updates- to get this feature of iPhone X https://youtu.be/79iCR2GoorM
X Meowless X (10 days ago)
Hey guys it’s me do you like me. Like me please I am lonely
Julie Fisher (10 days ago)
So the OnePlus is not new or ground breaking, it was rebadged OPPO.... That must be why I didn't buy it.... If it sounds too good to be true.... it probably is!!
pavan sai (10 days ago)
Watching on my oneplus 5
abhishek rana (10 days ago)
I thought one of the main reason why One plus succeeded was because of the CyanogenMod, which people really loved at that time.
Pay Pal (10 days ago)
oppo and vivo are pure shit
Abhinav Sarkar (10 days ago)
*NEVER SETTLE* #Mrwhosetheboss #OnePlus😎👍
Uday Marchattiwar (10 days ago)
Great video arun...this video makes me wanna be a OnePlus customer
Tekspert (9 days ago)
Uday Marchattiwar same here!! Good bye apple
Deepak Ajith (10 days ago)
But my OP5 feels outdated
Shamsul Arefin (10 days ago)
Why you all big YouTubers keep saying OnePlus is a small company while its a sister concern of a big company called BBK!!
blake whitlow (10 days ago)
man i cant wait for the oneplus 6 its gonna be my first oneplus phone hope i love it
iHackuriDevice ZaiKia (10 days ago)
Well, if every company were to be like one plus, we as consumers will suffer as nobody will dare to try improve their product. We as consumers assume what we want but it’s because of all these big companies that are willing to try out new items that allows us to enjoy what we have right now. If you don’t get what I mean. Here’s an example. Everybody claims they want a headphone jack. And one plus simply retains it and market it as a flagship. But without innovation, without new creation, do you think one plus can survive as a company? Without the creation of headphone jack, will there be a headphone jack to retain?
Abdul Baqi (10 days ago)
wrong.... CM was the reason for oneplus one success too
asd321123 (10 days ago)
oppo, opo, vivo are all under the same parent company BBK electronics
Gordon V (10 days ago)
kushal raj (10 days ago)
P cloud ??
Mr. Test (10 days ago)
That means that oneplus is a copy of oppo
Samuel Pandya (10 days ago)
The color grading/correction: don't you think it needs more saturation? (or rather a bit more orange and teal?)
Hawksby1 (10 days ago)
Maybe its because they are secretly owned by Chinese behemoth
Ayan Choudhury (10 days ago)
Cyanogen did the greatest mistake of siding with micromax over one plus for the one series. i remember this battle when i was going to buy the yu yureka phone which in all sense is garbage and nothing more
Aavik D (10 days ago)
Closing in on 1 mil. yeah!!
Vikas Kumar (10 days ago)
Settle Never ✌️
Peter Mulhall (10 days ago)
great video,loved it,really informative
Mrwhosetheboss (10 days ago)
+Peter Mulhall Thanks man! 👊

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