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The property

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I went to follow up on the lead that Jeff found hoping to find something. Now I almost wish I hadn't. All I have is this letter to show for it: http://tinyurl.com/cjkgjqy [V]
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i am a cactus (1 month ago)
That was fucking sick. Kill it Dr Corenthal
Random Shipper of Ships (3 months ago)
This video has as much teleportation in it, it could pass as Tim's nightmare from Entry #86
This is slenderman
Omar Juarez (5 months ago)
Ooo que Daron con vida
weleman sekoy (6 months ago)
weleman sekoy (6 months ago)
barely_sentient (7 months ago)
It's funny to me how people think Dr. C was inHABITed in this video. Like did people ever consider that he acts like Evan because *the guy who plays him is literally Evan's dad?*
barely_sentient (2 months ago)
Starry (4 months ago)
barely_sentient is he really omg
screaming on the inside (9 months ago)
I have never been more nervous after reading comments in my life
screaming on the inside (9 months ago)
MC TURISTA (9 months ago)
faroshscale (10 months ago)
Oh shit the bathroom part... omg no thank you
Jess Mann (11 months ago)
i a m s o c o n f u s e d .
Taven TheBest (11 months ago)
WWE FootieMates07 (11 months ago)
Uhh I think cam needs fixing XD
Ben Bellew (11 months ago)
this is fake
Diana Gaming (11 months ago)
Who was at the door there are sounds of babies and mans crying im so scared. ...
SmittyBangBangjr 30 (11 months ago)
Dis is fake
Chandler Preston (11 months ago)
Is this fake or real?
Lunar Emotional (11 months ago)
Nah that thing might teleport but it cannot teleport here because his power is limited HAHAHA that means that slender man was never Real 😂
namelessUser (1 year ago)
This is some fucking Silent Hill "Nowhere" shit. Properly terrifying.
Debbie Ronca (1 year ago)
That was really weird. So all their houses are connected somehow. And, that guy Dr.Corenthal, who we saw in the storage facility can teleport between the "real world" and the monsters sanctuary. How were there houses connected? And why do the monsters want Vinny? How is Corenthal able to teleport? So many questions, and we never get answers.
devious Abattoir (1 year ago)
the audio doesnt match the video
Sable Barnes (6 months ago)
devious Abattoir if that's all you're concerned about, do I have news for you.
Alstanbery (1 year ago)
Corenthal is a badass the doctor is fuckin' in.
chance2413 (1 year ago)
@3:50...We just found out at least one of these guys is a spoiled rich kid living in his parents basement. Legit. Guessing his friends are rich too, since they likely all live in the same area.
FandomTrashStalker666 (1 year ago)
12:09 when u run out of ideas for ur pink aesthetic page
FandomTrashStalker666 (1 year ago)
Slender man sounded like those kids who play ROBLOX
ARG! the pirate (1 year ago)
Just noticed the "Hot Fuzz" poster. Loved that movie. XD
Morpheus Anderson (1 year ago)
Let's play name that lyric! So you can throw, me, to, the wolves! Tommorow I will come back, leader of the whole pack. Beat, me, black and blue! Every scar will shape me. Every scar will build my What song was it from?
Tootie Clown (4 months ago)
Get the fuck out of here lmao
Zapcic Z (1 year ago)
Syreth Gracelin gO AwAy
Anxious Gamer (1 year ago)
Vinny's Bathroom looks like Brians Bathroom from Marble Hornets. Shoulda done a crossover.
EMPTY STARS (1 year ago)
Morpheus Anderson That and Marble Hornets ended to years ago and THAC has unfortunately disbanded since then.
Morpheus Anderson (1 year ago)
Triforce Mario EMH and MH are different universes which is dissapointing ;(
DarkenedArk (1 year ago)
Triforce Mario I thought so too
Flip Nuggets (1 year ago)
So.... Noah shoots Slender Man 4 times, an it's like getting by a butterfly. But the Doctor shoots him SlenderMan: "HOLY SHIIIIIIII"
Jules King (1 year ago)
Flip Nuggets It would make sense it he was THE Doctor...
Anxious Gamer (1 year ago)
Slenderverse logic.
Tiffanii Lombardo (1 year ago)
Dr. C, you cheeky fella. So, I forget, are these his biological children? Or adopted?
TheWillsterPro (20 hours ago)
Tiffanii Lombardo adopted, watch the night mind explained videos for more info
duckgirlet (1 year ago)
🎶feeling my way threw the darkness 🎶
Blue Anon (1 year ago)
*casually walks into an abandoned house* HELLO!?
Sigmund Fruit (1 year ago)
3 minutes in, this looks like it's gonna be the resolution of the Rake subplot before we move into the finale.
SoulReaper (1 year ago)
how did they do the room thing like his bathroom and jeffs pantry
SoulReaper (1 year ago)
+CubemanAnimations did it always look like that then?
sodanmilk (1 year ago)
Cause it's all their house
ceejay1992 (1 year ago)
Really? Jump scares? My heart hates you.
john coner (2 years ago)
where is this property has i wish to become an paranormal investigator and i wish to document these events
neptune (1 year ago)
john coner smh
MJinAK (1 year ago)
Sadly, EverymanHYBRID is a work of fiction. Well made, though.
Dillon Hansel (2 years ago)
"Do i really wanna...?" no of course you fucking don't.
Queen Of Thieves (2 years ago)
Slendy was bored XD
Solar Kitten (2 years ago)
I gotta say I'm amazed at how this episode turned out. I don't know how they made this possible but wow.
Solar Kitten (2 years ago)
+viki2133 Another reason to vote for me, I like Everyman Hybrid
viki2133 (2 years ago)
Guys, look, Trump said something nice!
VioletPhantom (2 years ago)
i am so confused and .. what.. how..why and how..brain hurt..XD almost typed brian(lol Marble hornets...sudennly gets sad..ehhhh briaaannn) XD dont me me
FandomTrashStalker666 (1 year ago)
InSaNiTy_Girl00 Brian was good lookin tbh
EJwolfyXD (2 years ago)
Can someone please explain life to me again. Please? I'm fine with the out-of-place rooms, after all i've watched Marble Hornets. But... WHAT.
EJwolfyXD (2 years ago)
+Yuuko Aya XD
Noroi Chan (2 years ago)
i forgot about life after marble hornets... but what is life?? sounds like something trees would say idk
Chandler helt (2 years ago)
that thing that attacked everymanhybrid was the rake, a demon with no origin but with the same powers as slenderman(the operator).
Mixxed (1 year ago)
+PegaFlop ohhhh what are you going to do caps lock me to death. Ha lol Pepe ouuuuuut
SynthWeave Studios (1 year ago)
Get out of here, memelord. This conversation is long dead, go find another place to do your holy business.
Mixxed (1 year ago)
+PegaFlop fight fight fight fight
SynthWeave Studios (2 years ago)
+Chandler Helt What are you gonna do? Capslock me to death?
Chandler helt (2 years ago)
And buy the way do not say anything about my brain, you understand?
LaPeppercorn (2 years ago)
...dammit, I JUST realized that the video title doubles as a pun on the building's Alien Geometries.
Jackson Borre (2 years ago)
I feel like theres still one person who thinks this is a health show what with all this running from Gorr'laehotep and all
Mixxed (1 year ago)
Think about it they are working out with all the killing and running. It's probably one big spooooooky health progect
Dan McClurg (2 years ago)
"do I really wanna?" no. no you don't.
Grizzlydipper Forlife (2 years ago)
Nope nope nope nope
Random Bread (2 years ago)
Corenthal seems like such a cool dude.
culwin (2 years ago)
+TheRandomPerson 02 The doctor... is IN
Sammyrabbit (2 years ago)
W o a h t h e r e Not gonna lie Slenderman at the bottom of the stairs gave me a freaking heart attack i though i'd stopped being scared by him... Evidently not 10/10 there
N8th9n (2 years ago)
+Hannah Bellamy fat, grown up neo
Sammyrabbit (2 years ago)
Also was that guy at the end Corenthal?
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger (2 years ago)
Mother Fucking Corenthal.
Mixxed (1 year ago)
Who's corenthal
MrGaming Taming (2 years ago)
So, does the distortion noise in the video the noise that people in the video hear?
Mixxed (1 year ago)
Only the camera can get the distortion not the people the just coaf and pass ut
MrGaming Taming (2 years ago)
Loudest video yet.
kaycie92 (2 years ago)
So the guy at the end was James corenthal, the doctor. Is that vinnies dad? Why did he keep saying "son" and saying his mother and brother will hold down the fort? Could someone clear this up I'm a little confused with the names ^^'
Mixxed (1 year ago)
How can corenthal do that. Teleport him
BusinessGirlYT (2 years ago)
The guy who sells it doesn't need it.  The guy who buys it doesn't want it.  The guy who uses it will never know he has it. What am I? Most of you would answer 'coffin', right? Well, in the world of EverymanHybrid, the answer is 'a lightswitch'.
Mr. E. Nygma (10 months ago)
A coffin.
Jules King (1 year ago)
BusinessGirlYT Hey nice, is Jacksfilms around?
JTVenom (1 year ago)
good one👍👍👍👍
Its Not Tylor (2 years ago)
Cyber Hack (2 years ago)
Timey wimey shit confuses me
Haley Coleman (2 years ago)
I have a web series I want to do. Kind of a spin-off to all of this. I would really appreciate if you guys would be in my videos for more authenticity.
Erick Mosby (2 years ago)
This used to be a workout show...
Mixxed (1 year ago)
This was never a work out show all of this was planned from the beginning. Maybe
GayTrash (2 years ago)
First thing I thought when I finished this: What… the fuck… just happened? P.S. +everymanHYBRID you can't just shoot Slenderman with a gun and hope he'll die. I don't even think you can kill Slenderman! Which is pretty terrifying. But Slender is watching me! I just keep feeling like I'm being watched! I dunno, maybe it's just paranoia…
Aaron Cherry (1 year ago)
+Gabija Matuzaite kys
Gabija Matuzaitė (1 year ago)
+Mixxed Hisreal Yourenotreal
Mixxed (1 year ago)
+Gabija Matuzaite no he's not
Gabija Matuzaitė (2 years ago)
+FeastPlays his real
Stephen Mckeighen (2 years ago)
Wait, What About Noah's "SEVERENCE?"
03-269 (3 years ago)
On the Slender wiki, I think somewhere it told you that only in MLAndersen that Slendy is seen with a red tie, but now in this Slendy is seen 2 times with a red tie. As far as I can see.
Guys watch the skinwalker creepypasta
Mixxed (1 year ago)
egyheadow (3 years ago)
that is worse than the rake.......... its Slender-man............
egyheadow (3 years ago)
hey everymanHybrid, would u be interested in helping me and two of my closest friends with something? and investigation in a sense....
03-269 (2 years ago)
Well who knows what he wanted.
Stephen Grant (2 years ago)
+Fatcat49011640 I know its not about this. I wasnt saying its about this. I KNOW hes talking about something else. I was JUST saying it sounded AS IF he was implying THIS is real in asking them for help with "an investigation".
03-269 (2 years ago)
But how do you know it's about this?
Stephen Grant (2 years ago)
+Fatcat49011640 I get that hes asking for help, but it seems as if hes being serious in thinking that this is real, just the way he said it, seems to imply that he believes this is real.
03-269 (2 years ago)
+Stephen Grant He's asking about help with something. How do you know it's about Slender man?
That One LonerⓍ (3 years ago)
Now just imagine is Alex's name was Liu...
Sarah (1 year ago)
I've been thinking about that this entire time XDD
Kenshin Way (3 years ago)
He appeared to enter the candle verse or maybe the past...corenthal apparently knows them by different names this is some mgs patriots type shit lol
HannahNancyWolf (3 years ago)
this is by far the scariest EMH yet. seriously. WTF.
BEN DROWNED (3 years ago)
" that was my head that so graciously found a door " XDDD I'm dying of laugher
Hot damn, James Corenthal is the fucking MAN!
chandler does youtube (3 years ago)
There should be a warning for us headphone users! WARNING: DO NOT TURN UP VOLUME
jj johnson (3 years ago)
i pressed play and immediately gave up trying to understand this episode new record
Krash Kharma (2 years ago)
It's really not that complicated. Rooms/places connecting to disparate rooms/places is pretty standard in Slenderman lore, and in this series in particular since they're living multiple "iterations" of lifetimes at once.
jj johnson (2 years ago)
+HannahNancyWolf thank god finally new episodes
HannahNancyWolf (3 years ago)
Matthew Brendley (3 years ago)
from what I could tell corenthal was teleporting vinny away every time slendy or the rake got close in an effort to throw them off his trail. correct me if I'm wrong
Derp Nottus (1 year ago)
+Mixxed I have no clue how to explain that mess, so I'd recommend Night Mind's videos about EMH.
Mixxed (1 year ago)
Who's corenthal
Derp Nottus (2 years ago)
Josh JeanJacket Jaeger (2 years ago)
+Matthew Brendley No, no that sounds about right.
Joural0401 (3 years ago)
they appear to have left the cap on the camera.
ShellyTheSeal (3 years ago)
So it seems like every time they get close to the rake or slenderman he teleports them to a place where bad things will or have happened. 
9chan (1 year ago)
Mixxed (1 year ago)
+Krash Kharma who's corenthal
Krash Kharma (2 years ago)
Nah, Corenthal was teleporting him *away* from them whenever they got close. The same way he brought him to his "eden", he brought him to various other rooms beforehand.
ThatOddYoutuber (3 years ago)
*curtain poll drops* pick that up omg
zach (3 years ago)
to narniaa
GayTrash (2 years ago)
Omg yes! 😂😂
Nilika (3 years ago)
filming in the bath room and getting ready to leave *weird noises* "NOPE"
Kaleb Cranor (3 years ago)
So the Rake? Is this a follow up to "Cops Checked, No Body"?
Wandering Child (3 years ago)
Me at the end: 0_o what the fuck just happened!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? If I was randomly teleporting places like that I would have just sat down and not moved.
k (3 years ago)
Seriously Dr.Corenthal is fucking boss
Kris montgomery (3 years ago)
Majestical Jeff (3 years ago)
This was extremely well done, especially the jumping from room to room like portals.
FrightToujours (3 years ago)
Woah..... I am in awe of how well this is done
Charlie Lynn (3 years ago)
marius schoenmaker (3 years ago)
this video really freaked me out
ShadowPasta (4 years ago)
OOOOOOK yeah....why not just shoot slenderman...that ALWAYS WORKS.... (glares and facepalms)
Mountain sound (2 years ago)
And I think he did that knowing it would transport them away from the house
Mountain sound (2 years ago)
How does one glare and face palm at the same time?
ShadowPasta (2 years ago)
Learn from Noah Maxwell and others people
GayTrash (2 years ago)
Ikr!! You can't just shoot Slenderman!!
Morgan Lemoine (4 years ago)
How do these guys have such nice houses? I get that Jeff and Alex have their parent's house but how do Evan and Vincent have such big houses? Especially Vince. His basement alone is really nice and has all kinds of entertainment devices (video games, projector, bar, etc.). They are college students, right?
Monday Ryer (4 years ago)
John (4 years ago)
Dr Corenthal is the biggest badass in the entire Slenderverse
Mark Pery (4 months ago)
Interesting issue https://jet.net.ua/category/real-estate/
Bobi Peavy (4 years ago)
thank you for traveling with slender transportation services
GlitchIsTotallyAwkward (3 years ago)
Yeah XD
Welcome to Aperture Vinne
firelizard4000 (4 years ago)
nice shot
firelizard4000 (4 years ago)
red and yellow = firebrand
Jaime Dee (4 years ago)
ImReallyTired100 (4 years ago)
The baby-crying bathroom scene scared the poop out of me the first time I watched it. Gad.
ChickenNuggets (4 years ago)
Omg, this tape was really scary. /.\
Vincent Wright (4 years ago)
The House was real.
TheAZOsChannel (4 years ago)
Stale Bagelz (4 years ago)
11:00 Who the fuck is that?
TY Greene (4 years ago)
'+Evan Summerville oh i thought it was his dad since the Dr. said hello son" or something equivalent to that. thx for correcting me! :D
Ev333 (4 years ago)
Dr. Corenthal.
Stale Bagelz (4 years ago)
+TY Greene o rly now?
TY Greene (4 years ago)
his dad
Stale Bagelz (4 years ago)
10:20 did slender man get a tan? he doesn't seem that pale. P.S. It is confirmed, his tie is red.

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