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Son Of Abish feat. Zakir Khan & Taapsee Pannu

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Son Of Abish is a variety comedy show with host Abish Mathew interviewing Zakir Khan & Taapsee Pannu. Do SUBSCRIBE to the channel ►http://goo.gl/IPNrQx To Subscribe, click here ►http://goo.gl/IPNrQx ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/abishmathew ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abishmathewlive ► SnapChat: @AbishMathew ► Instagram: @AbishMathew
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Text Comments (2165)
Ali Hassan (3 days ago)
Gareebon ka CONAN
Tamim (3 days ago)
Slam book/ Facebook 🤣🤣🤣👍 Sakht launda
SOURAV DAS (3 days ago)
Quendesenshiels .. if any one gets it then hit like.
Manish Ranjan (3 days ago)
Zakir is awesome
priyanka upadhyay (3 days ago)
I love zakir's voice
Murrari Vikranth (5 days ago)
Wannabe Jimmy Fallon. You're barely funny.
arsalan abbas (5 days ago)
when she said "don't spoil it '' kash idhr bhae bol deta ''kia krun londa pighal gya '' date guaranteed thi
Abhay Raj Singh (6 days ago)
that's a cute gesture at 25:15 :)
Kamakshi Bhat (7 days ago)
Who is this woman who's constantly laughing even when the joke is over I mean? Don't mean to offend anyone but it was just really annoying.
Suhail Dar (7 days ago)
Best show i ever watched.. it was so entertaning 😍
Ruturaj Dharav (7 days ago)
This show is Copy of "The Daily show"
davinder sidhu (7 days ago)
Zakir bhai zyada e bhakchodi kr gya. Not funny bro
anukriti chandel (7 days ago)
zakir bhaai👌👌👌👌👌😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pooja Lamba (7 days ago)
Lionel Messi (7 days ago)
best ever episode...
Anurag Nanda (8 days ago)
Most amazing video abish i loved it bro
Chirag Mohan Sharma (10 days ago)
zakir at 9:00 is like kahan phas gaya bc
Robin hood (11 days ago)
Balloon fail hair😂😂😂😂😂😂
Arif Bhamani (11 days ago)
i watching this because of Sakht lond😂😂😂😂😂
Himanshu Agrawal (12 days ago)
28:42 Look at zakir's face
Unicorn Girl (13 days ago)
can someone explain me abt that third base emoji??
John Paul (13 days ago)
its like one question the interviewer idiot got it right....one question you got it right dumbo...
Prakhar Sharma (14 days ago)
21.47 vaise to me bada sakth hu .....😂
x d (14 days ago)
Indian version of Jimmy Fallon show
Firdous Ahangar (14 days ago)
Bhai tumhara hai warrior........cool
Arif Bhamani (14 days ago)
Zakir u r my all time favourite no one beat u in this talent👌👏👍
Grandiose Goodyere (14 days ago)
*Indian copy of Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon!* 😂 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
World's Top 10 (15 days ago)
Nice one zakir And Tapsi
A stand-up comedian and an actor is a great pair to bring on this show
Ayush shrivastav (18 days ago)
Night show with jimmy falon
Mandii Singh (18 days ago)
Tonight show ka copy mara full.
Roni Aditya (19 days ago)
Sasta Jimmy Kimmel
Nutan Bhoyar (19 days ago)
l love taapsee
Raja Ali (20 days ago)
Nic brooo
https://youtu.be/mImlc9APQf8 watch now do like n share the video and also subscribe the channel... for more updates
shaique ali (21 days ago)
Baloon one was funny 😂:))))))))))
narendra chouhan (22 days ago)
I watched Abish first time. He is too good.
Sandeep Naagar (22 days ago)
Taapsee Pannu is wearing Curtains
world tv (23 days ago)
bhai tumara hai warrior
SIKANDAR SHAH (25 days ago)
its ser not sher.. if u weigh a kg i weigh a quarter more
Arnab Anwar (26 days ago)
never saw a more fluent and funny talk show before
Me Maazaa (27 days ago)
The host is average. Need to up his game.
support in Hindi (28 days ago)
Proud to be a #skhtlounda
Renuka Gohar (1 month ago)
both of enjoy Dis show awsome both of love and
I am thankfull (1 month ago)
9:05 ...
Kislay Kumar (1 month ago)
:) :-)
Allstar Media (1 month ago)
Taapsee got very disrespectful
Bhogpati Baboo (1 month ago)
Clothes are very crushed already T
Sheharyar Malik (1 month ago)
Bus isi ki kammi rehgai thi.....or karo america ko copy
Shubham THE LEGEND (1 month ago)
#Humanity First (1 month ago)
One of the only few epis I liked
Debayan Bhattacharya (1 month ago)
Not to sound disrespectful, but .... Son of Abish sounds a lot like Son of a bitch..
Meera Jasmine (1 month ago)
Zakhir is so cute.. He is telling the stories to the audience unlike other guests who never make eye contacts with the crowd
Studd Sean (1 month ago)
Tapsee might be attractive...but she is seriously boring
manoj gangwar (1 month ago)
Chutiya show hai sala chat raha hai ye
pushpendra singh (1 month ago)
Abish overacting kyon kr rhe Ho
Muhammad Haris (1 month ago)
21:52 yahan hanara sakht launda pighla
Aryashreshta Banerjee (1 month ago)
we have a great show tonight, is classic stephen colbert, get another line, but excellent so as to say, funnier then him in my opinion
MOHD Junaid (1 month ago)
Bohot bhadya zakir bhai
curious kiran (1 month ago)
Zakir makes his stage😊amazing man😊😊
Khuba Tuba (1 month ago)
Verry nice
Sachin Seth941 Seth (1 month ago)
Onley for zakhir
bipin shukla (1 month ago)
ravi kansana (1 month ago)
maza aa gya
Abhinay Kurapati (1 month ago)
tapiss baigan diva of telugu no boday cared you properly
AJAY CRAFFY (1 month ago)
Shahre Alam (1 month ago)
29 : 00 ched na hota to awaj kahan se aati
Amanpreet Suman (1 month ago)
" Bhai tera warrior " 👌👌👌👌👌👌😂😂
kanika verma (1 month ago)
Hahaha supb ....👍👍👍👍
Kashif Bilal (1 month ago)
Zakhir is amazing 😀😀😀😝😝😝
Mr. Singh (1 month ago)
kaur ashmeet (1 month ago)
Both of them.... my favorites...
Vegeta and Boruto (1 month ago)
Tapsse Pannu is best
SOORAJ VERMA (1 month ago)
Like Only for zakir
kavi chishi (1 month ago)
I was here for zakir khan 🙌 who is interested in Tapsee anyways! 😁
Tamoshi Mondal (1 month ago)
zakir zakir ,😘😘😘😘
Aazam Saifi (1 month ago)
Very nice bro
Bennito Mussollini (1 month ago)
Came here for tapsee pannu
Saurabh (1 month ago)
Bahi 5.30 min tak bahi bahut pakaya Skip 😂😂😂
O_d_d One (1 month ago)
This is the most real show in India.. No fake personalities .. Everyone is enjoying !!
Preetha N (1 month ago)
Accidently discovered this loved it..keep it up Abish Mathew!
Preetha N (1 month ago)
Great host Abish
Everything 4 u (1 month ago)
Iske poore videos me sabse zada views is video pr he bcz only for zakir bhai😍
Vatsal Bhatanagar (1 month ago)
that balloon part was hilarious
Atul ss (1 month ago)
Abish is wearing jockey underwear !!!!!!!!!! Party time
Hasan Sandalpuri (1 month ago)
Jakir Bhai.. yrr aap Kamal ho
SHIKHA TIWARI (1 month ago)
Zakir u r always mind-blowing.... So simplicity nurtured and left impact when he speaks .....
Shivendra Yadav (1 month ago)
Hamara Sakht launda nahi hara uska balloon kharab tha ...
Kiffayat Ali (1 month ago)
9:10 kitne kaminay thay tum. 😀😀 awesome
aman agarwal (2 months ago)
bhai taapsee ki tareef se pighal gaya
Abhishek Pathak (2 months ago)
well tapsee is more intelligent...can c it during d game
Kalik Gamoh (2 months ago)
Chacha vidayak hain
musa kazmi (2 months ago)
Copy of English show... hahaha
Yash Agarwal (2 months ago)
Bhai Kuch alag dekhna hai to ye dekho
VR Kumawat (2 months ago)
hindi aati he kya bhai aati he to hindi bolo
Manishankar Singh (2 months ago)
Why is Tappsee being snooty ? Bollywood se hai toh kya hua... Zakir bhai sakht launda hai.
Safal Bharati (2 months ago)
how it os inhuman to to watch our national game i.e., hockey ..?
B L A C K S H E E P (2 months ago)
Indians always duplicate behenchod nothing new Jimmy Kimmel wannabee
Binay Jayswal (2 months ago)
Zakhir is too funny, sakht launda
Manjunath Manja (2 months ago)
14:51 abhish 😂😂😂

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