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The Property Show 2017 - Laikipia County

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94110mission (2 months ago)
The Maiyan property was "OK." The sample villa was overstuffed with furniture giving it a claustrophobic look and feel. I don't like the modern design trend of having the kitchen and living room sharing the same space. In this case, it's all the more important that an extractor is over the stove, which I didn't see. That will be one smelly, smoky place once someone starts cooking.
Penny Stang (10 months ago)
Suzie Asia (1 year ago)
laikipia n nanyuki is the way to go...such beautiful places
Odinga Ndungu (1 year ago)
This is an investment worth its salt.
yoshiotamura (1 year ago)
maiyan is now my style...been spoiled by Dallas.
LEONARD MBAYA (1 year ago)
As always splendid show.a side of the country that has so much potential but has stayed hidden.such an eye opener.Nanyuki has alot going for it.Postcard stuff.kudos.
Biko Mwanthi (1 year ago)
those houses are pretty

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