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Pixel Buds Review - In one ear, out the other

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Full review: https://goo.gl/HGtXsV | Buy from Ebay: http://fave.co/2ANgeoo The Pixel Buds are Google's almost-wireless answer to Apple's AirPods, complete with Google Assistant built in. Our full Pixel Buds review covers their sound, style and functionality. Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1

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Text Comments (304)
Marcus B (1 month ago)
Really wanted to like these, and took a gamble despite all the negative reviews. In my opinion: 1. Sound is fine, even though it's not noise cancelling. 2. The string is not a deal breaker. You won't even notice it. 3. Fit my ear just fine, even though the loops are an antiquated design. 4. Had zero problems pairing. Now what they don't tell you in the reviews are the list of issues long time users have. I also experienced a few. 1. Loses connection to Spotify somewhat. So if I got a call then went back to listening to music, I could not get the music to play with a tap. Once I started it back up from my phone, I can stop it again... but could not tap to restart the music. Spent some time with support, and the solution.... reset your phone every time it happens. Believe this is a Spotify issue... probably. 2. Google assistant does not acknowledge SMS messages as pending notifications. Now this is just stupid. Call support, and they will tell you that it is a known issue that they are working on.. problem is they have been working on it for a while. Think I'm just going to send them back. Like I said, I really really wanted these to workout. At $99 I'd probably dealt with the issues... but for $160. Pffffffffffffft
sydjaguar (1 month ago)
Sorry guys, I have a pixel but these pixel buds are garbage. I prefer the AirPods any day
Unlocked Dreams (2 months ago)
can you change the functionality of the double tap?
phil magalhaes (4 months ago)
Watched this with my Pixel buds in me ear 😎
sheep deprived (4 months ago)
I listened to this with pixel buds
DJ HiNRG (4 months ago)
Stationary designs and sound quality should be high end coming from google's brand for the based price. Give us more features beside google translator. Seriously.
Seal Peel (3 months ago)
I meant it’s google translate it’s not good that’s at least airpods put sensors and a touch panel and the cord is weird when putting in the case
steve dental (4 months ago)
You sais the ear buds work best with the pixel 2 I have the pixel xl the first one . what is different with the pixel 1 and the pixel that makes the ear buds work better ? What doesn't work so good on the pixel 1
steve dental (4 months ago)
Can you say call home and it will call home so you don't have to pick up the phone .
Ash Wong (5 months ago)
This is the best honest review so far.
Rickyfyied (5 months ago)
I just want the language translator.
Kyle Sare (5 months ago)
Please tell me you can remap them, idc about adjusting the volume previous/skip track is crucial to me
Seal Peel (3 months ago)
I don’t think so but airpods do
CEO CAPSULE (5 months ago)
To big to ugly. I am out!
Simon Futo (5 months ago)
This is the best review I've seen of the Pixelbuds. Lots of reviews are negative, but I think they miss the point: these buds are for those wearing them for the Assistant feature and so wearing them even when not listening to music. With that usage, noise isolation is a negative. Josh nails this one.
Mark Liston (5 months ago)
The cord is wrap in fabric? Its going to stink if u use it for workout..and attract dirt
Christian Vega (5 months ago)
I'm listening and watching with my airpods:)
Seal Peel (3 months ago)
Me too 👌
Jan. Lotan (5 months ago)
a copy of airpods but looks cheap and inconvenient
Cak (5 months ago)
Kuya, Filipino is not a language.
Mark Liston (5 months ago)
Cak what is then the langauge of the Philippines? Tagalag? Not all speak that.
Ivan Borbon (5 months ago)
I'm planning to buy either airpods or pixel buds. I'm using Samsung S7 edge :P
Ivan Borbon (2 months ago)
@Seal Peel I got the Airpods, it's good if you have an iPhone, but with my S7 edge, there are a lot of instances that one or both airpods would drop the connection. I'm hoping to get a Pixel Bud by next month as it works better for Android phones.
Seal Peel (3 months ago)
I think airpods are better
Ivan Borbon (4 months ago)
Sebastian Sanchez unfortunately Pixels buds isn't available yet in my current location. I got airpods in the meantime. Hopefully the buds will be available in Dubai when I return this year.
Sebastian Sanchez (4 months ago)
Airpods won't do much for you on an andriod
Ivan Borbon (5 months ago)
Mark Liston Thanks.
Ivan Borbon (5 months ago)
Do you think it can read out Tagalog (Filipino) messages from facebook messenger or text?
brandon wallace (5 months ago)
Eh, I love you Google but... No, I can't use those. Yeah those just wouldn't do for me. I'm a basshead, so these just don't speak to me. But those gestures are really awesome!
Seal Peel (3 months ago)
You should see if airpods have a better base but idk
Tanuj Kumar (5 months ago)
Your battery is dying!!!
Matthew Ward (5 months ago)
Combat celebrate roughly him significant transformation rather good out worth while well.
Noah George (5 months ago)
Embrace laugh changing computer musician silent nothing descend portray.
Luke Embley (5 months ago)
Great review. You covered the assistant aspect much better than most.
Luke Embley (3 months ago)
Seal Peel I appreciate them. Sorry that you do not.
Seal Peel (3 months ago)
Yea but it’s an assistant these are headphones shouldn’t and the headphone part is not that good
Michael Roxas (5 months ago)
Great review. I might want to have one. Mabuhay!
Amir A7509 (5 months ago)
PlayStation playing
Carl Clinton Catulpos (5 months ago)
My question is...... whats the point using this earbud for translation when you can just use your phone directly?
Unlocked Dreams (2 months ago)
Noah R no it uses google translate. They use the "real time translation" for advertising purposes.
Noah R (4 months ago)
Carl Clinton Catulpos the earbuds are instant and tell you the translation in your ear
Barron Cedric Tan (5 months ago)
Filipinos will be fine. They have the English language. Haha.
Pcb all India tricks (5 months ago)
Chris G (5 months ago)
I found this review very helpful! As someone who was considering the pixel buds I may hold off for now, as I have other Bluetooth headphones that might be a bit better suited for my needs. Thanks!
Siddhesh Saraf (5 months ago)
Joshua vergara you look more handsome in this new haircut man...😎😎
Raunaq Gupta (5 months ago)
Language of Philippines is tagalog and that's supported on translate...
Leonardo da Silva Sousa (5 months ago)
I wan't sure if I would like them, but after your video I'm so convinced that I should buy one
Hansung Kim (5 months ago)
I'm hoping next and previous track is coming soon. But I love the idea of a earwig as a Google Assistant wearable. Josh is right this was made to do GA. Its just I'd feel rude having this in my ear in the office while talking to people. I wish it was a small ear piece that is small and all it does is GA. I'd pay money for that. Like you said: Android Wear for the ear.
Martti Guillermo (5 months ago)
i love your eyeglass, info please?
Eoin Mc Namara (5 months ago)
So long as Google Assistant is still non-existent on even English language settings, then these won't take off anywhere outside the US.
Anna Maes (5 months ago)
Grandfather service magic mechanism welfare strike murder town diplomatic patient departure creature.
K.J. Littlejohn (5 months ago)
Nice haircut, very sleek and aerodynamic
NTH THN (5 months ago)
$160 and sound is not ''GIVING ME ORGASMS''? No thanks.
Nathaniel Tugay (5 months ago)
Filipino is not supported booooooo
md atif (5 months ago)
hey can these earbuds read messages from an app which has kind of lock in it
Chava Lit (5 months ago)
more earphone and headphone review please!
Gian Francisco (5 months ago)
Joshua you give da best AA reviews!!!
Brian Nicholas Okubo (5 months ago)
I'm guessing you can't speak direct Filipino (Tagalog) language?
avinashck09 (5 months ago)
Like to know the battery on this
Zach Settewongse (5 months ago)
Excellent. The best Pixel Buds review I've watched by far.
justsomeguy (5 months ago)
Pretty sure that connecting cord will be why Bluetooth earbuds will fade into history. If only there was some way to connect your earbuds together and anchor them to your body?? I'm sure someone, one day, will solve this.
Joseph Been Defyiant (5 months ago)
Thumbs up because you saved me $160 I really liked that you touched on the fact that they're not somewhat noise canceling.
Bill Gates (5 months ago)
Best review of the pixel buds yet. You made me understand the product a hell of a lot better and I know get why google made them. I might pick them up if they ever go down in price or there is a better revision.
Clarke Griffin (5 months ago)
I have these buds they're great and the controls are awesome especially the Google assistant. Sound is surprisingly good and the fit is very comfortable, however, I find it annoying putting it on. I always leave it on so I don't have to readjust them. The translation is stupid and shouldn't be the selling point of these. Also it bothers me that it doesn't automatically connect, instead you have to hold the button and it takes at least 10 seconds for the pair notification to pop up on your phone (in my experience so far).
Torrey Ellison (5 months ago)
My LG Tone Infinims have all of these features except the translate
night striker (5 months ago)
Wonderful wallpaper 1:07 where can i download that
Zaki (5 months ago)
night striker I have it too,just type Oneplus 5 official wallpapers,btw don't type 5t cause that has diff ones
Edward Paniza (5 months ago)
I knew it! Andrew's Filipino! Lol
Marshmallo (5 months ago)
cant wait for bixby buds
Andre P (5 months ago)
wished you covered the battery life
Cuico Amar (5 months ago)
the buds itself can last i think 5 hours, and with the dock will gonna last you a full day of use
alexis tm (5 months ago)
android 7, when i unlock my phone it automatically asks me for the pin instead of showing the wallpaper or de song im listening, etc. Help please
SKZEY™ (5 months ago)
Comee on Google please be a real Apple competitor but sorry your products right now just kinda suck imo :\
MrFatcakes (5 months ago)
Awesome review
Zharif Shu (5 months ago)
Very Good Commercial Voice 👍
Lattrodon (5 months ago)
shorter cords are waaaaaaaaaaay better.
Joseph Kipte (5 months ago)
Filipinos do not need translation as we fit to speaking English language. Nice hair Josh!
RON MICHAEL (5 months ago)
Dang... Filipino not supported? Bummer 😑
Karan Saini (5 months ago)
pixel 2 xl
Fidelator (5 months ago)
They should include NFC for seamless pairing, actually ALL Bluetooth audio devices should include NFC
Unlocked Dreams (2 months ago)
Fidelator Some devices don't have NFC like my LG X Power 2
Riley Dumont (4 months ago)
I mean apple makes a lot of thing seamless, it's just that the things they make seamless are never good
Noah R (4 months ago)
Fidelator they really should. That's apparently what airpods use with iOS 10+. The one thing that Apple actually did right
Adrian Negreanu (5 months ago)
Can't change track? Yea no thanks, look at me in class changing tracks 20 times in a row to find a good song and say it verbally every time..
phil magalhaes (4 months ago)
You can tap it and say "skip" and it skips the track
Nintron (4 months ago)
(Yes these comments are old) But I heard a rumor of Google adding a gesture for track skipping but we will see
Samantha Fisher (5 months ago)
Adrian Negreanu it's distracting to a lot of people you're more of an outlier
Bri Can (5 months ago)
Good to hear that. Go for the CPA!
Adrian Negreanu (5 months ago)
Bri Can I'm finishing my CPA title, so thanks for your input, but after highschool, 4 years of college and 4 years of university, I think I know how to study.
Debra Dukes (5 months ago)
Joshua Awesome review. I agree have a feeling since they are starting to take the headphone jack away these are really good looking pair of earbuds that don't look that bad and definitely like that they include the case to charge.Which in my opinion is definitely key.Nice haircut by the way.Thanks for sharing Deb ✌️👍
blank (5 months ago)
the Ohdarlings (5 months ago)
Are they water/sweat resistant
Splat ninja64 (5 months ago)
the Ohdarlings yeah
Mason Peatross (5 months ago)
early adopter here, and I'll say I'm still working on getting used to wearing them. They don't sit comfortably in my ears, so I'm looking forward to options on how to improve that. I also look forward to some international travel to test out the translation function. Too bad it doesn't translate southern drawl into Boston Southie.
Shaun Mabote (5 months ago)
interesting but I feel like a smartwatch would but nicer in terms of notifications, I think it would take some time in order to have all the notifications read out to me other than just seeing them on my wrist. I'ts still a cool feature.
M McAllister (5 months ago)
Can I get what case that is? Thanks.
Bri Can (5 months ago)
M McAllister it is included when you buy the buds
nuyou21 (5 months ago)
😂 Oh Google, always ripping off other companies products as the Pixel Buds look like a cheap knock-off version of i.am+ BUTTONS Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. 😂💯 http://iamplus.com/buttons/
Sonic The Snailhog (5 months ago)
M McAllister The iPhone 4 had a glass back & that came out in 2010.
nuyou21 (5 months ago)
Diego Opazo 😂 You should take your own advice as if it doesn’t matter why comment? 🙄💯
nuyou21 (5 months ago)
Matthew Bitter 😂 Dude! Don’t you have anything else to do then troll me as I didn’t bring Samsung up? 🙄💯
nuyou21 (5 months ago)
M McAllister 😂😂😂🙄 Wow! I guess Google really do make disastrous phones for dummies. As the twice recalled Note 7 exploding issues came down to 2 things. 1, The batteries that Samsung just seemed to forget they made. And 2, It had been rushed to compete with Apple’s iPhone as we later found out. Oh, so much for your so-called research as anyone with common sense knows Palm introduced wireless charging even before the S6 was a twinkle in Samsung’s eye of products to rip-off. 😂💯 #FactsNotFiction
Diego Opazo (5 months ago)
nuyou21 it doesn't matter who does it first, history books are full with dead people. Everyday, it matters who does it better. All tech is going to be replaced someday btw, and this argument you having, it is most likely to be forgotten.
HunkleAndrew Youtube (5 months ago)
*His voice is like butter.*
Bri Can (5 months ago)
i like butter :)
Gibran Alexndr (5 months ago)
Nice shirt!
John Claiborne II (5 months ago)
fail for motorcycle
Karacsony Robert (5 months ago)
I actually like the design over the ones that you shove down your ear. I tried a lot of erphones but so far apples earpods fit my needs and ear better so for me this design is a winner. I can’t wait to get my hands on them.
224wwefan (5 months ago)
Nice haircut mate
Social Media Meham (5 months ago)
Having the pixel buds translate with casual language is a good thing as, speaking casually makes one sound more well versed in a language as; folks who take language classes tend to learn the vary formal language you would use to conduct business rather then the every day language used for interacting with people on a regular every day basis. It"s better and easier to learn the casual language first due to it being less complex in everyday usage.
Snipethemapples (5 months ago)
zip none (5 months ago)
I'm guessing they're not gym ready... my 3mo old jaybird's have a bad contact and the power just switches off, and the battery level is never accurate :(
Graham c (5 months ago)
zip none jaybirds were my worst purchase this year. Totally not worth it
adrianL9 (5 months ago)
Do these work well with the iphone?
Radical Edward (5 months ago)
The thing I don’t like about the way the pixel buds are designed is that since they’re on the cord, you can’t really use just one. For me at work I need one ear open for phones and to hear coworkers. This is the case for most people I know who use headphones at work. With the pixelbuds they would be hanging by just that one ear and since they’re not really in-ear headphones they would constantly be tugged on. With the AirPods I can use just one and leave the other in the case. Which also means when I go on break I can use the opposite ear and by the time I get back, the right ear has 3-4 hours worth of charge again. So I can listen non-stop all day. And I don’t have to charge the case more than about once or so a week.
Josh Francisco (5 months ago)
can the dongle can be removed?
Josh Francisco The Cord? No, they can't unless you wanna break the Buds
Some random guy (5 months ago)
Could you stop with the dark shadow vignette around the video?
Pinetrax (5 months ago)
6:52 since when is "incredible" the opposite of "great" and "decent"
Shravan Ravi (5 months ago)
Prem Shanker (5 months ago)
G logo is kinda turned clockwise. Kinda annoying
Siena (5 months ago)
Do you think the ear buds are worth the buy and price tag though?
John Shaw (5 months ago)
Forget the earbuds. I want that shirt
Logan Hinds (5 months ago)
Boy charge yo phone
Eugene Tayam (5 months ago)
The best review, mabuhay!
Timi Akinlonu (5 months ago)
Obviously better than airpods, but why did they remove the headphone jack when the roasted apple. Pointless. Though if the pixel buds could immediately translate other language phrases in your ear rather than showing my phone then it will make sense
Slick L (5 months ago)
I'd prefer a button for volume, but it isn't the worst, I think that they sound kinda cool, my $60 headphones will serve me well for now though. Sufficient sound quality and 6 hours of battery life.
Alakesh Baruah (5 months ago)
Google Home and Googlw earbuds are the one of the Great devices
Piyush Jain (5 months ago)
What's the point of google assistant on a headphone? Any headphone when connected to android can trigger google assistant on your phone.. Just long press the play button. I use it on my sony Bluetooth headphones all the time. How is this different?
Piyush Jain (5 months ago)
Rowwel Ponesto Oops... i should have put the play/pause button not the power button.
Mine just turn off when I hold the power button
Amithkumar BG (5 months ago)
beautiful piece
Raghuram Iyer (5 months ago)
And next video is "Why Google buds are better than shitpods - Gary explains" 😂😂🤣. We miss you Gary 😀
Bri Can (5 months ago)
Raghuram Iyer haha.. i can hear garry talking
Michael Gusevsky (5 months ago)
It would've been cool if the cable was a disconnectable battery with variable length
Bass Boy (5 months ago)
Eyyy I made top comment! :D
Michael Gusevsky (5 months ago)
Listening to notifications sounds slow af

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