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Top 5 Upcoming Stunning flagship smartphones in 2018! Samsung S9, Mi 7

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Hello friend's here is the top 5 best Upcoming Stunning Flagship smartphones in 2018.The world of smartphones changes from a rapid pace, and devices get outdated pretty quickly. Therefore, it becomes imperative to plan our smartphone purchases well in advance if we want a smartphone that doesn’t become outdated within a few years. So here we’re going to take a look on 5 Upcoming smartphones launching in 2018 that you may want to consider seriously before purchasing your next flagship smartphone.Here is new smartphones like Samsung galaxy S9, Huawei P11,Mi 7,One plus 6 and Nokia 9. All smartphone have good build quality and unique design and better Camera and performance and good battery backup.All smartphone work very well. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe my channel For Amazing Concepts Go Here :- Concept Creator :-https://goo.gl/PCQatq Upcoming Phones:-https://goo.gl/9hiRdM Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe :- http://bit.ly/2e1ZOkE Facebook:- http://bit.ly/2dXOzoV google plus:-https://plus.google.com/u/1/111669875983746769268
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Text Comments (38)
AK Vishu (13 days ago)
Fake Samsung S9
Maniraj Joshi (26 days ago)
Yousif Sharif (26 days ago)
Hey the galaxy s9 already exists
Sojib Das (27 days ago)
mi A1
V V (1 month ago)
battery power is etc
Nandish Kumar (1 month ago)
Pooja Vaja (2 months ago)
No:3 👍
Tech World (3 months ago)
Top 5 phones to buy in 2018 https://youtu.be/QDJMaGT-Cj4
Sabir Sulaiman (4 months ago)
One plus😍❤️
Srikar B (4 months ago)
Hi what u r showing the lettering r not visible.plz change it
adil sha (4 months ago)
Xoamai is the v.v best technology.
M Aminul Islam Sujon (4 months ago)
UC Tech (4 months ago)
Awesome video!! Thanks for building up the good work https://youtu.be/pMwF4L6fdcQ
omma ghadi (4 months ago)
Hey what will be the price new samsung galaxy s9 😱🙏😱
ahmed hamed (3 months ago)
omma ghadi same as the old s8
vishal neymar (4 months ago)
Wills Tree (4 months ago)
Watch this top 5 upcoming smartphone in 2018 under ₹15000 in India. https://youtu.be/ZORhNV5qfmE
Dilsha Rizu (4 months ago)
its al fake news bcz I hve askd to 1+shwrm six wil cme too late not in janvry yutubr vil gve the fke news idiots
Rajiv Oudhani (4 months ago)
Amazing mobiles🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Woetie B (5 months ago)
why music twice?
Tech Mobiles (5 months ago)
Sir as we know you have crossed 100k ...now do you can claim for play button?? waiting for your play button unboxing videos
MARCUZZ (5 months ago)
25 megapixel!????
Raad Ahmad (5 months ago)
lyrics by Diija (6 months ago)
vishal patil (3 months ago)
Jadav Das (6 months ago)
just romour
Richard Landicho (6 months ago)
Top5Category (6 months ago)
Can we talk. Admin i'm talking to you ?
Rahul Deundi (3 months ago)
Love Status by Jaspreet (6 months ago)
I'm first
Top5Category (6 months ago)
Yeah Dude you r first !
All About Solution (6 months ago)
Thanx for your Support bro :)
MEGA store (6 months ago)
mayappatulasigeri ankit (4 months ago)
mayappatulasigeri ankit (4 months ago)
monalisha Roy (5 months ago)
what a....
Top5Category (6 months ago)
hmm 2+

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