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5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand New Car

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5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand New Vehicle 5 Things Never Do Playlist - https://goo.gl/x9RK72 Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! - https://goo.gl/VZstk7 Proper break-in is important for the reliability, performance, and longevity of your vehicle. Part of the way you make sure your engine lasts is through how you drive your new car for those first thousand miles (check your owner's manual for the exact mileage). There are several things which you should avoid doing, including giving your vehicle full throttle, taking your engine to redline, using cruise control, traveling short distances, and towing. We'll talk about various different engine break-in procedures, used in the Nissan GT-R, Acura NSX, Chevrolet Corvette, and even a land-speed record car built by an FCA engineer as a hobby. Don't forget to check out my other pages below! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/engineeringexplained Official Website: http://www.howdoesacarwork.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jasonfenske13 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/engineeringexplained Car Throttle: https://www.carthrottle.com/user/engineeringexplained EE Extra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsrY4q8xGPJQbQ8HPQZn6iA NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!
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Text Comments (4167)
Fake appellation (3 hours ago)
They made a mistake. A huge one.
potatochobit (1 day ago)
make a video 5 things you should never do in a high mileage car. my mom's nissan murano bought brand new had over 200,000 miles on it with barely any service done to it other than a few ruptured radiator hoses before I sold it off this spring. Cars are lasting longer and longer these days and sports cars with 150,000 miles seems to be an upcoming trend.
Momondz :D (1 day ago)
Does this apply to superbikes :v
Youngster joey (3 days ago)
my new car won't even have the rpm gauge
mikeyjock (4 days ago)
Cummins says load it up on dyno. if no dyno then get a fully loaded trailer and pull it until rings seat
Killroy (6 days ago)
Where is the data?
Killroy (6 days ago)
Some people speculate that "break in" procedures in the manual are NOT about breaking in the engine are are about breaking in the driver - preventing new drivers getting over excited about there new car and crashing it.
tripjet999 (7 days ago)
Nice to see a young man without any nasty TRAMP STAMPS or HOG RINGS.
node (7 days ago)
my grand cherokee 5.7 says give it brief full throttle on the highway for proper break in.
CyprexBCN (7 days ago)
What brand are the tires?
Just J (9 days ago)
What’s a fact is every engine is factory tested before it’s installed in a vehicle...
Glenn Redwine (10 days ago)
should you use premium gas during the break-in period?
Marvel F.J. (10 days ago)
Its not acura nsx its honda nsx
LEXUS-RX300 (11 days ago)
My 2014 golf service manual shows a oil change at 18k miles at the earliest service interval... can this be true ?
SlyMagpie (11 days ago)
Good video. Picking up a new car today.
Bullettube (13 days ago)
So now all you have to do is convince the auto manufacturers to stop over revving the engines at the factory when they test them! But they won't do this, because break-in is totally useless on modern cars! Why does it say so in the manual? Duh, to protect them from warranty claims of course! Oh, you broke a rod, it couldn't be their fault, did you follow the break-in procedure? No? Too bad, you'll have to pay for everything! Modern synthetic oils and super-duper metals have made breaking-in totally unnecessary.
Souflay Scott (15 days ago)
Dummies at the dealerships floor the cars anyway.
Mister Berzins (16 days ago)
Make it easy, buy a rental car.
zygi22 (16 days ago)
Do a diesel break in, please.
aretee3 (16 days ago)
What manufacturer is going to tell the litigious public to hammer down!
Bruce Carbon Lakeriver (17 days ago)
Hmm.. we got fixed seals .. after our 8,500rpm run with the Lancer ... *scratches head..
Degu1 (17 days ago)
What about with a tesla tho??
Bill Q (18 days ago)
6 things don't add A Supercharger. Unless you can fix it yourself! :)
Grahame .White (18 days ago)
When collecting my new Mercedes B Class B200 Diesel from Rastatt (Germany) I asked any 'running in recommendations' and was informed "do not exceed 3000 rpm" I soon found that this equated to 120 MPH (7th gear Auto Box) so easy to comply. The car has now covered over 60,000 miles ands still drives like new and returns easy 50 mpg + and max speed 130 mph (Legal German Autobahn I hastily add)
Dheeraj Duppalli (18 days ago)
man acura is dope
Daniel Gertis (19 days ago)
Change the oil the first thing you do after driving it off the lot.
MisterTwister55 (19 days ago)
Yeah but what if you have a CVT? I have a 2018 legacy and the first 2k miles were on the highway. Doesn't matter if I did CC or with my foot, I never go above 2k rpm
Stephen Mitchell (19 days ago)
Some people crank engine and pour beer in carb. at full RPMs! Vary engine speed and gentle for first 28 hrs, and change oil/filter. Warm engine and vary loads during break in! What you say is smart and will give a happy engine.
visualkeirockstar (21 days ago)
I broke some of those rules already. How do I undo them?
Perich29 (23 days ago)
The new Siemen charger locomotives, they break in their diesel cummins engine before delivering to customers such as amtrak and brightline.
Dwalk22 boss (23 days ago)
People forget these engineers are a lot smarter than the average guy that's about to buy this car so listen up if they write it down on a owners manual
OPELfreak238 (24 days ago)
Was ist das für ein Schrott. Deutscher Titel und dann kommt da ein Ami und labert Englisch!?
Adrina The Great (25 days ago)
Good advice about not flooring it in a new car. I might also add that recalls of brakes and other bits and pieces happen. You don't want to be the one whose floored it only to find there is a yet unknown issue when braking hard.. E.g. the calliper falling to bits. Just a thought
Charles Williams (26 days ago)
I know that you’re being flippant, but there is no excuse for abusing a rental car. It is someone else’s property.
Willubhave One (26 days ago)
Floor it when test driving, and tell the salesmen, "do you have another car like this," and test drive that other one like your age 85...very slow, and say "I'll take it!"
Orca James (27 days ago)
"... and you want to vary the engine speed so it gets used to all these varying conditions..." Are you listening to yourself? What does a combustion enginge "get used to?" The real truth is that there is no data that correlates the use of published break in procedures with engine longevity or any type of premature engine wear.
Robert Sossi (27 days ago)
sooooo......your recommendation is NOT to floor it??? lol
ANTSON ERODASH (28 days ago)
Rubbish! If there are any imperfections in the engine they will just damage the engine later. Done a "Break in" procedure for a Yamaha R6 and as soon as the engine as soon as it was "run in" I opened it up and it went BOOM. Big end bearing was starved for oil because a bit of gasket goo was stuck in the crank. It was ok when running slow but for full power it spun the bearing. When I got a replacement bike I was told it really could have gone straight to the track. With the new(replacement) bike I did and there was no "Boom" and it still make a truckload of power (just like all the other R6's which were converted to race bikes and never saw the "Break In period). And continued to do so until I threw it down the road. "Break in" period's are a thing of the past when machining was still mostly done manually. Today with CNC machines they can do all kinds of wonderful things to eliminate the need to "Break in" and engine. And that film of oil on the tires disappears in a few hundred meters not miles. You get the same thing on motorcycle tires and if one had to wait miles to wear it out you would never get the bike leaned over.
Everything Gasoline (30 days ago)
Almost every single manufacturer does a break In process ...
Brandon Orozco (1 month ago)
I bought a 2017 sentra with 13 miles from the dealer. First day I got it I put it in sport mode but just for a like 1 minute to test it out about 10 miles from my house. Would that cause any damage???
Ovidiu (19 days ago)
Brandon Orozco yes
S L (1 month ago)
Awesome Vid, always wanted good facts about how to break in a engine on a car. Snowmobile and motorcycles say the same about slow break in.
is it ok to drive about 300 or 400 km for sti
You Tube (1 month ago)
Break in period huh ?? Tell that to those Dyno queens that build the motor, drop it into the car and shoot straight to the dyno and pull 600+ whp .... And their trip was like 10 miles to the dyno ..
lessdeth69 (1 month ago)
Not applicable for EVs ;)
doctor jones (1 month ago)
Wow! I thought i had boney arms' i guess it's ok to start wearing t-shirts again!😀😁🤣😂👍
Gaucho Panocha (1 month ago)
Just here to let all know i dislike this video. And you. And your whole library. And your life.
The Amazing Satanist (1 month ago)
I never realized how small the stroke is on a gas engine. On semi engines the stroke is damm near the length of my arm
Black beast E550 (1 month ago)
worst video ever
xXZ31t6esTXx (1 month ago)
Can you talk about high revolutions engines (at the extreme like f1)?
kubanskiloewe (1 month ago)
with a TESLA all these points become laughable !
seth morton (1 month ago)
What about a fresh turbo build like a lm7 ? With forged internals
Karol klocolus (1 month ago)
I don't have this problem, I don't buy new cars
OrhanGaming0321 (1 month ago)
I know when you floor the gas pedal of your car when it’s brand new the turbo will break
Piotr Wilczewski (1 month ago)
"Ride like you stole it"
Gustave Viking (1 month ago)
I literally went 115mph (governed) in my Tacoma the 1st day I bought. 12 years later, truck is still going strong, but I agree with the video...
Josh Frank (1 month ago)
Hello there! I recently got me a 2018 Subaru WRX and I have 530 miles on it and have had it since 14 miles. And have accelerating and shifting at 5000-6000 RPM’s. Will my engine still be top notch as long as I stop driving aggressively with it until I break the 1,000 mile break-in?
GT: Walton (1 month ago)
500-1000 miles is like a week of driving not too bad but still
David Ellis (1 month ago)
Most manufactures test each engine on a test bed before fitting to the vehicle and run the engines up to full power to make sure everything is ok, running in as it is called is not as necessary as it used to be because the Cylinder Bores are honed after Boring to put a better surface finish on them making it easier for the Piston Rings to bed in,just a little consideration for the engine for the first 500miles is all that is needed then you can steadily increase your speed.
Marc Gallant (1 month ago)
very interesting, I was subscribed to a few superbike magazines for about a decade(in the past). Over those years i have read numerous articles on race team's "breaking in" their engines. literally every race team broke in their engines hard for the first 15 miles. A few of them wrote articles comparing two engines after a full seasons of racing. The results showed the hard break in was in perfect condition while the "manufactures suggested break-in" was not. could you look into this? could it be that the high revving/high tolerances engines in superbike's are different? thank you
Stoneforth (1 month ago)
With the fresh crosshatch on the cylinder walls it acts as a file on the rings. With a hard break-in all the metal particulates between the ring and the wall will act as a grit and they won't mate properly
pankaj basumatary (1 month ago)
Should we use engine brake?
Chris Oliveira (1 month ago)
Hogwash, drive it day one like you're gonna drive it years later. Race engines are dynoed at full power after being made. Many sportbikes dyno engines way before they break in. Sportbikes make way more power per displacement over most these fancy cars. Drive the damn thing day one like you plan to drive it every day. Don't baby it or drive it like it's stolen. If it scatters, it was made wrong. Only exception to this is a non roller camshaft, those require special break in for an hour. Then beat on it
Big Tom (1 month ago)
Does these 5 things hold true for girls too ? (slow and easy)
Felix Hinze (1 month ago)
I would have thought all car manufacturers break in all their engines these days, before mounting them into their cars. To be honest, I think it is to risky to leave the break in to the consumer. What normal human being is going to stick to all these things? Manufacturers should at least break in engines to between 80% and 90%.
Ian Rutherford (1 month ago)
Very Kermitty in this one.
Davin Peterson (1 month ago)
Good point. You can replace your car, but a life or person cannot be replaced. I am being gentle with my new car. This is a good reason to read your owner's manual
Sukki Blue (1 month ago)
So, for the first 1000 miles, do a cruise on a varied road to vary loads on your engine. So basically, spend it all on twisting hills and mountains...where’s the downside?
s7 Tayko (1 month ago)
Do not watch this video without sound!!!
ToodsWiger (1 month ago)
6th Thing: Don't buy a new car. Buy a used car for way cheaper!
Bob Goat (1 month ago)
Engines are abused before they are even put it your car, look it up on youtube, somethibg along the lines of factory engine testing, i found videos of honda, toyota, ktm, AMG, bugatti, and kia doing hard engine breakin/test in the factory. In fact in the one video kia admitted to putting their engines through *300 hours* of strenuous test including long periods of high load.
TeW33zy (1 month ago)
Dude drives like a geek. White people are so different. Not a bad thing I'm not saying it's bad I'm just saying overall white people are like geeks by default
PJ CARTER (1 month ago)
Is it okay to change the stock intake and exhaust system into Aftermarket intake and exhaust system?
双凉张 (1 month ago)
ive done all first 4 things on my 2017 VW Jetta RIPPPPP
Andras Libal (1 month ago)
Why except rental cars :( be nice to rental cars ... the way you treat them tells everything about what kind of a driver and a person you are.
GLInick (1 month ago)
I would move point #4 up to the top and not just for break-in but for the entire life of the vehicle. Ideally, lugging and redlining should be done only after the oil has reached its operating temperature, which often happens quite some time AFTER the engine (i.e., the coolant) has reached operating temperature. (The amount of time between those two fluids coming up to temp depends on engine design/component placement).. Lugging the engine, or generally running it hard before it gets to operating temp is only doing more harm. The most damage is done at engine start when there is no oil flowing through the machined surfaces, (and the weakest parts are usually the camshafts). Pressing the engine when the oil isn't flowing as well, and the blow-by condensing in the crankcase (*) and getting into the oil only makes those machined surfaces work that much harder on oil of suboptimal operating parameters. Most synths have additives to address some of that. --------------------------------- (*) that it partly why it is better to not drive for very short distances, especially at break-in.
Sonny Dbaby (1 month ago)
2017 ss1LE 4 miles on it bran new drove it hard day 1 50k on it now runs like day 1 and I beat every ss I race
Orion Riley (1 month ago)
that will be hard to not want to floor it once you get it i just wont buy a new car oh wait never mind my wallet cant afford one anyways so no worries
Voltaire Kwong (1 month ago)
I broke all the rules of this guy. My brand new car is totaled! Wawawawa
Budi Setiawan (1 month ago)
Should we change engine oil after first breakin 1000 miles? How about transmission break in point? Should we change transmission oil also?
Budi Setiawan (1 month ago)
Do u know how yo break in brand new city car toyota
marc whitsett (1 month ago)
I don't know who this guy is but it appears he has Arachnodactyly and should be screened for Marfans or other heritable disorders of connective tissue.
Mark L (1 month ago)
I don’t care what the so called data says. I’ve owned numerous new cars since the mid 80’s from various manufacturers are I’ve driven all of them hard right off the dealer lot. I’ve never experienced any issue such as oil consumption or engine failure etc. None. In fact, experience has shown me that with performance cars if you break it in slow it will always be slow. I’ve proven that over and over again. Break in periods for new cars are a thing of the distant past...like when cars came with carburetors. But to each their own...
Brandon Grant (1 month ago)
Lmao this guy is a joke, people just buy your car and drive it how you like. Dont let fools like this put fear in your mind.
Mark L (1 month ago)
Brandon Grant exactly
Frazzle Face (1 month ago)
Meh, old school advice for old school cars. Like changing the oil every 3k, so much wasted $$$ and perfectly good oil on that old marketing chestnut.
sr 71 (1 month ago)
*do big trucks like peterbilt have brakein period as well? and what about giant dump trucks like cat 797*
Luke Pirie (1 month ago)
....!?!??! WurD s4Lad Unleeshed.... The dirty E30 of purty scurty of the life of garfield the cat of a hat of the tri disk clutch of the slave and m4st3r cylinder of the truck of a f*** without a duck of the chuck of dawctur r0wbUtnik...........
Highball 734 (2 months ago)
I live near a truck plant. The knuckle heads making 8.00 an hour, to drive the trucks to an overflow lot, absolutely dog the trucks. I see it every day. I paced one at 95 mph on the interstate the other day. The truck had just pulled out of the factory. The plant uses a contracted company instead of actual employees.
Matt Schindig (2 months ago)
If you do a hard break in, make sure you let it cool down sooner then a factory break in run. Don't forget to change your oil and use a magnetic drain plug. Small things that count.
roel ende (2 months ago)
No first mile issues with fully electric! No problem floring..
Commando Master (2 months ago)
Always break in your new car. No full throttle, vary driving speeds, and longer trips to warm up engine.
Mark L (1 month ago)
Commando Master You do what you want but experience has shown me that break in periods for new cars are totally unnecessary
Jake Smith (2 months ago)
First tip is not to buy a brand new car.Ugh society
Hennessy * (2 months ago)
What about a Honda accord V6 2017
Saša Šijak (2 months ago)
dont do long trip, dont do short trip... is it a car or a princess?
Engineering Explained (2 months ago)
Just leave it in the garage and look at it and occasionally be sad as it accumulates dust.
RHOK (2 months ago)
Why does the factory put a new car on rollers and floor it to redline before the car leaves the factory - this goes against your advice - manufactures can not tell you to do a hard break in as it would not be seen in a good light by the authourities
Patrick Simpson (2 months ago)
I just bought a new GTI out of state and drove it 500 miles back home - I didn't realize using cruise control for extended periods of time was a bad idea. Is there anything I can/should do now to give the engine the best shot at a quality break-in?
Mark L (1 month ago)
Patrick Simpson You’ll be fine. Any new car built since the 80’s doesn’t need to be broken in. This is a myth that has carried on for decades.
tim _ (2 months ago)
engine break in..? its not 1970 anymore grandpa, just give her its ok now
Mark L (1 month ago)
tim _ exactly
xrayangiodoc (2 months ago)
Except for Tesla and other EVs!
blackanimatrix (2 months ago)
Feel like I only heard 1 thing being talked about
Gary Pollard (2 months ago)
Don't drive long distances and don't drive short distances, don't speed up hard, but don't use cruise control. What's the point of buying a new car if you can't drive the daggum thing?
Ben Hansen (2 months ago)
Keep up the great work, engineering may be dry but is necessary. What do you have to say about the people who love the sound of the rev limiter holding back the engine, especially while doing a burnout. Hard on parts.

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