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Namibia under pressure to seize land for redistribution

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Namibia under pressure to seize land for redistribution Namibia's government is considering seizing land from foreign and white owners to speed up its redistribution programme. Since independence 27 years ago, territory taken by colonial rulers has been bought back by the government and given to its farmers. But its now struggling to cover the costs. Farmers are complaining that the resettlement is taking too long and is not being carried out fairly. Al Jazeera's Fahmida Miller reports from Keetmanshop, Namibia. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/
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Text Comments (242)
Raw Money (19 hours ago)
Namibia wake up and start killing them.. take back the land without compensation
Funny ... Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, there is practically no white farmers or a minority minority and they are not in this situation, and yet they are turbinating agribusiness and local economy, why the heck the countries of the extreme south of Africa do not follow the same logic, South Africa is currently losing ground for social terms if they compare with Ethiopia in the area of life expectancy, population below the poverty line and GDP growth, all Communist countries are going down water was not to be expected
Gods Klanof (15 days ago)
We don't have to buy out nobody, they never bought in at the first place. 1 way tickets for all to Berlin.
Leon Springs Boys TV (18 days ago)
Typical Blacks blaming white people for their problems... Nuke em all...no sympathy for Bums
Jan Sobieski (18 days ago)
Sure. Take the land and when they starve don't send them a grain of rice.
Sauvage Ascension (21 days ago)
Run Those Germans Out Of Namibia.
neil hellens (21 days ago)
Goats...So they want to speed up the desertification process and get more in western handouts when they starve.
et ramses (22 days ago)
White europeans pillaged land from China to the Aztecs... from Africa to South America to north America. from Egypt to South Africa... the most despicable race of people...
Nick Sheats (23 days ago)
They need their own currency. With their own currency they can print their own money and pay for the development.
I LOVE SOUTH AFRICA (30 days ago)
black south afrikans are slaves to afrikaans,,must wake up
briantravelman (1 month ago)
I guess they want to become like South Africa and Zimbabwe. Shame they are even considering this. And I was applauding Namibia earlier today for it's safety and stability. I hope at least Botswana is smart.
yes they do, they sure love being poor and eating rocks would you leave them alone.
AT (1 month ago)
This is what the Germans did to take the land 65 years before I was born, Iam now 49...Namibians please take your land back and kick the remaining krauts out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhhOOPVdRQk&app=desktop
AT (1 month ago)
Take your land back Namibians it was stolen from you and those krauts spilt Your blood to take it...it time to take it back!
Black Wallstreet (1 month ago)
The Africans should just kick the whites out of Namibia by force and start by launching a coup of the gov. and physically kick the white minority out with no compensation. They can be homeless in Europe.
Black Wallstreet (16 days ago)
Ok just leave Africa first and the flow of raw resources will be cut off.
Francesco B. (16 days ago)
The europeans should just kick negro scroungers out of whole Europe and start launching a coup against the EU and kick all the coloured minorities out with no compensation. They can be homeless in Africa.
Gonzo Volante (1 month ago)
1:38 shes so fine.
ettekamba6969 (1 month ago)
God bless this guy.redistribute the land without compensation.stop purchasing.stolen lands those that owes the land did they bought it or they committed genocide and took the land.seize the land.change the constitution and take away lands from criminals and redistribute them equally among all africans .as a leader u can only be as strong as ur own followers.simple
Leonard Orji Offor (1 month ago)
African please take your lands back, let the criminal Germans go back to where they comes from. Namibia is not theirs, African can't share their Germany with them.
Samrat B (1 month ago)
ironic how germans and german institutes allover the world aid and assist groups and individuals engaged in political, social and cultural work/reform .. yet they remain totally silent and even not willing to help in Namibia .. After all Germanys biggest private water cartel based in berlin sells water to 15 million Namibians everyday ..Close to 50% land in Namibia is privately owned by White Germans who count for 1% of the total population ..
Rude Boy 77 (1 month ago)
Samrat B the leaders are pay for by Germany The the peoples have to rise up
James Thomas (1 month ago)
1:10 doesn't sound like meritocracy to me!
Kevin from Hamilton (1 month ago)
Make me understand ..... So if I steal your car,do you buy it back from me ?
Kevin from Hamilton (1 month ago)
You see the dynamics of land ownership in Africa are very different from how the Europeans did it....you see noone has an issue with foreigners....Indians are here,Arabs,Chinese,Latinas , you dont see us telling them to leave....out of an entire planet,we have a problem with just one race....Just one ! And the issue we have with the whites is how they got to own the land they are on...with the indians and other races,they paid for it......but with most whites they killed and pillaged for it.....so history must correct this injustice....
Sainte Jeanne d'Arc (1 month ago)
You want to understand, it goes like this. The Namibians great great grandfather sold some land to white colonists. Now the great great grandsons want to come along and say, you stole our land we want it all back. Oh, and in most cases it's not even family as Africans will migrate from distant parts of Africa and say, well we are black so it's all ours, gimme gimme because of my skin colour.
4ABLACKAFRICA (1 month ago)
White man, the Africans are being generous! The only compensation I would give you is a .45 to the temple!
American Reaper (5 hours ago)
mat man they can't answer the last part of your comment!
American Reaper (5 hours ago)
4ABLACKAFRICA afro centric BS. Delusional much?
mat man (9 days ago)
4ABLACKAFRICA I can concede to China, India and Persia, and probably north Africa but I won't say Africa as whole, that contributed to math and science ..I understood where you got the personal hygiene and all that, but that did not originate from Africa, it came mostly from Persia, some African kingdoms did thrive, but mostly due to trading, and through trading they gained all these knowledge,..but answer this, if Africa was such a power house during the dark ages of Europe, why didn't they develop any further, what stopped them, you can't blame Europe because they were in the dark ages..
4ABLACKAFRICA (9 days ago)
mat man If you read a book you'd know Africa gave europe its civilization, arts, mathematics, religions, medicine, personal hygiene and so on! Then later came europes dark age when europe fell into barbarism and chaos and all the above was hidden in monasteries by christians until the 15th century when europe started trading with Africa and exploring (looking for lands to steal!) So yes, europe was thriving before the "rush for Africa", but only because of Africa, India and China! Europe accomplished nothing on own!
mat man (10 days ago)
4ABLACKAFRICA If you read a book you would know that was false, Europe was already established and thriving before the "rush for africa"..
Ferreira Linus (1 month ago)
To do what with land sit in it and drink beer
Kevin from Hamilton (1 month ago)
you see this is irrelevant........when you buy a car ,you can choose to never drive it....noone can take it from you and say you will not drive it......same case as land....you own obscene amounts of land in my continent where my brothers do not even have a place to keep their toothbrush.,...at some point,we will have to take it back...by hook or by crook...and on this matter we are ready to die for that land......
Alex Wanga (2 months ago)
Tanzanian and Uganda next.
Alex Wanga (2 months ago)
Kenyan is next.
Kevin from Hamilton (1 month ago)
I am ready to die for this
natnael iyasu (2 months ago)
Namibia should not pay to get their land back!
MikeeB28 (2 months ago)
Why are you paying people who stole land? Does this make logical sense? By allowing them to leave with their heads attached - is payment enough. If they can prove they legally purchased the land -they can get compensation.
Paul Ebai (2 months ago)
of couese this is our lands all of it. european diesnt own any lands in africa
Wilhelm Winter either the joke went over you, or I'm bad at expressing my self. But 3 am I want to sleep.
Friedhelm Winter (19 days ago)
Somalian pirate's tsundere girlfriend B-baka. Last I remembered most of Africa was given back, after WW2. South Africa was handed over to the ANC. Genocide =/= war.
well now now they got it back, Europe fought hard to keep their control, but it was conquered and the law of nature and war (Vae Victus) states: Latin for "Woe to the vanquished", or "woe to the conquered". It means that those defeated in battle are entirely at the mercy of their conquerors and should not expect—or request—leniency.
Friedhelm Winter (20 days ago)
PanQuakes, Humans don't belong on planet earth.
PanQuakes (20 days ago)
Wilhelm Winter whites don't belong in africq
Paul Ebai (2 months ago)
What they call? hahaha. what do you european call african land? your own?
Kat Yu (2 months ago)
There are white ranchers that have ranches that are 15,000 hectors and bigger. Nobody needs a ranch that big. Try to meet in the middle. That said, I am AGAINST farm seizures like in Zim and SA. This will only create another Zimbabwe-like failure.
Rude Boy 77 (1 month ago)
Kat Yu no one knows the future It might build a powerful black state Land is power
Rude Boy 77 (3 months ago)
Africa for Africans The Chinese and the Europeans are using up their resources The Africans knows this Get your land back the world will come to them
Mental Exploration (1 month ago)
Rude Boy 77 You never responded to my previous comments btw
Mental Exploration (1 month ago)
China is basically colonizing Africa
ilistor 2298 (1 month ago)
Rude Boy 77 China funds a lot of projects in Africa. https://youtu.be/wj79k-CUZhU
Rude Boy 77 (1 month ago)
ilistor 2298 China helping it’s self It about making money
ilistor 2298 (1 month ago)
Rude Boy 77 idiot China helping the African people.
michael barnett (3 months ago)
Yes, I agree that the land should return, but it should only return under certain intelligent condition. To merely take the land and give in the hands of ignorant Black African will only create more poverty because the Black African lack wisdoms to develop a productive society. The land is good, but not in the hands of ignorant African alone, hence it might lead to the same error in Zimbabwe. A mixed society allows private participation in production while ensuring that society is protected from the full swings to poverty. A mixed society Creates a greater understanding of other cultures, more variation in food, entertainment, and it teaches people to be more tolerant. I think that 40% of the Land should return to the Black African through a 30 years Mortgage and low-cost property purchase agreement. The other 30% of the land should be sold to White people through a 30 years Mortgage and low-cost property purchase because they know how to develop the land and create jobs for the massive, while the Government should hold the other 30% of the land.
Cory (3 months ago)
Nice, haven't learned from the rest of Africa
Essie Brown (3 months ago)
astuurmann (5 months ago)
Clinton Swartbooi foremost Revolutionary of our time.
Rude Boy 77 (3 months ago)
astuurmann they did a hundred years ago they fought to stay alive Know we want the stolen land Understand
NoOne NoOneAtAll (6 months ago)
create a "land bracket" where you can't own "too much land" and tax non-productive land (except natural reserves)... That way you avoid another Zimbabwe repeat and morons who just want land so they can speculate on land prices
The West is the Best (6 months ago)
Bunch of African thieves.
Michael Davis (7 days ago)
The West is the Best African thieves?...impossible!...Africans cannot be thieves of African land...since Africa belongs to Africans... whites are not Africans and hence cannot have African land stolen from them since no land in Africa belongs to whites
Kevin from Hamilton (1 month ago)
well,we learn from the best init ?
Aaron Colusso (1 year ago)
Make sure those filling their place are educated and proficient in agriculture, maybe some training is afoot. Don't down the same road Zimbabwe did. No tribalism, no corruption, Namibians for Namibia, that's it.
Dick Cheney (1 year ago)
The next Zimbabwe!
yoyo toto (6 days ago)
You just saying that because they soon kicking you out
ilistor 2298 (1 month ago)
nah south Africa is the next Zimbabwe.
Santiago Bron (1 year ago)
don't do it Namibia this will open the door for massive corruption and the recession will only get worse.
Unconforming Truther (1 month ago)
Santiago Bron atleast we will be farming
Cicero (1 year ago)
But where will I go on a german speaking safari if Namibia turns into Zimbabwe? =(
Rude Boy 77 (1 month ago)
Cicero your mother hole
Felix A (1 year ago)
they should have never bought their own land in the first place it should have seized you are rewarding criminall behavior when you choose to buy it back
Felix A (1 year ago)
lol there are no white farmers in cameroon,ghana,cape verde ,seychelless etc and theres no food problems i any of these countries. Half the population in south africa is food insecure under white farmers
Raw Money (19 hours ago)
Felix A even Nigeria no white farmer and no there is no white man who have a land in Nigeria because you will kill them all
ItsZachTV (6 days ago)
Ok, but is this a reason to kick them out? Whether they are good farmers or not, white people shouldn't be forced out. If they are forced out, you are no better than the colonizers that violently forced Africans out of their lands. An eye for an eye is not a good policy.
Bernie AJ (1 month ago)
ilistor 2298 yo I am from Ghana and I despise the weak namibians those whites were nazis they never change
tye tyes (1 month ago)
ilistor 2298 Umm...the point of Felix a here was to expose ALL the racist dum lies made by dum people about how Black People are not able to farm as well as whites. This also exposes the fact that since it’s so clearly obvious that Black People can farm just well as whites then why do they say that Mugabe’s land reform failed? They don’t want us to know that things went bad in Zimbabwe mostly because of white country sanctions. Also Mugabe was not a true revolutionary towards the end. It’s a simple matter for a true revolutionary to simply train and educate anyone he is going to give the land to before just giving it to them. He can even send them to Tanzania🇹🇿 , Seychelles 🇸🇨, or any other Black African agricultural country for training and experience before bringing them back into Zimbabwe to work the land. It’s so laughably simple. But because Mugabe stopped being a revolutionary a long time ago, he was just playing reactionary opportunistic politics to stay in power. Everything was done at the last minute and rushed through as soon as he realised that this was his only ticket to more time in power! Still, there were many Black Zimbabweans who were experienced or flexible enough to improve their skill sets to successfully work many of those farms. But alas whenever you rush anything it all becomes dependent on the luck of the draw. Too many got the land who weren’t suited to work it also. Good news is that Malema is a true revolutionary. He has a plan from the get go. He is going to make it work and in so doing he is going to re awaken the long sleeping spirit of revolution throughout the younger generation in ALL of Black Africa!! 👊🏿👊🏿!
Felix A (1 year ago)
this should have been done years ago.white people claim theresno racism in namibia because the blk people over there arent like south africans and dont mind having white guests.the name of namibian city still have german names and the land is sill controlled by whites eventhough they havent contributed to the country
ItsZachTV (6 days ago)
Seizing land from people based on race is just as bad as what the colonizers did. You cannot judge a person as a racist just because of their race. And as for the city names, practically every major African city is a European name sadly.
George EX (1 year ago)
1:11 - There's the problem. Why is the government paying white farmers?
American Reaper (5 hours ago)
Ullan Caidenhead you're in America? That the white man built? Would you like me to buy you a one way ticket back to your Africa?
russrjn (1 month ago)
Ullan Caidenhead oh yeah....like Mugabe....long live starvation!
Ullan Caidenhead (3 months ago)
George EX ....exactly. They need to seize the darn land. How can they pay for land that was stolen from them. I am in America, do these African knows what the white race have done against blacks. Just take it like Zimbabwe. LoNg live ROBERT MUGABE
zonnekat1 (1 year ago)
Kevin from Hamilton (1 month ago)
call it what you want......id rather see my son prosper as a commie than die as a capitalist
Michael VR (1 year ago)
White people built Southern Africa. Every tall building, every law in the books, every preserve and park is white created. If you look at the skyline of Pretoria and joburg, you won't see a single building that was designed by a black person. No one is native to Southern Africa contrary to popular belief. Afrikaners we're here first and it's our land and always will be.
Francesco B. Giving someone their liberty is like giving them a Ferrari?? Wow do you have their freedom In first place
Francesco B. (16 days ago)
Decolonization was like giving a Ferrari to someone who can't drive. They crashed with communism, tribalism and islamism but blame whites all day.
cool thank you for your service, should have thought of this before building it for them.
ilistor 2298 (20 days ago)
PanQuakes you argument is full of ignorance. you still didn't understand what I said, people who are a decent of other areas will not make them European or African. to be an African is you have to be born and raised Africa. their ancestors came from Europe , but these guys were born in Africa. they just have a European decent but that still won't make them any European because they were not born, or raised in Europe. so that replay is not an argument.
PanQuakes (20 days ago)
ilistor 2298 the Dutch in South Africa who call themselves "afrikanners" are a bunch of scum dutchmen and women overstaying in africa.
LucVNO (1 year ago)
The thing about Africa is that there is an entire continent of people that after 12 000 years of agriculture still don't know if you dig a deep enough hole, you get water.
VirtuousGlean (19 days ago)
samuel subba HIV virus came from Africa via handling raw bushmeat of primate species with open cuts, hangnails, or anything else on the hands exposing an opening in the skin. Hunters in the bushmeat trade are prone to having cuts, bites, and scratches on their hands due to their line of work, and they handle that raw meat, as well as people buying it raw and cleaning it themselves, exposing them to the virus. It is then transmitted unknowingly through any bodily fluid contact and takes quite a long while to develop into full blown AIDS.
VirtuousGlean (19 days ago)
Unconforming Truther No one invented cancer, as it has always been around. There are human remains as old as 120,000 years old with evidence of bone cancer.
russrjn (1 month ago)
TheBrother Wakanda easy to answer....the higher intellect and higher brain capacity
russrjn (1 month ago)
natnael iyasu yeah and the Chinese will enslave you and erradicate you all as the vermin you truly are
LucVNO (1 year ago)
I say let them have it. If they didn't learn, they will when they get hungry & it'll be too late then. No white farmers are returning to Zimbabwe. Bye Felicia.
yoyo toto (6 days ago)
Ben Nartey yeah I live in germany and I buy Ghanaian mangos that's right.
yoyo toto (6 days ago)
LucVNO it will kicking out you first they are many programmes how to farm if government gives things like scholarships for agricultural of if some good whites volunteers, not guys like you guys like you belong out of africa.
Ben Nartey (7 days ago)
Felix A Ghana produces way more food than we can consume. We actually feed Europe with vegetables flown in by airplane every morning.
Ben Nartey (7 days ago)
Am from Ghana, and we export tons of fresh vegetables and fruits by airplane to Europe every single morning. And we have almost zero white farmers. Same in Nigeria and Ivory Coast. So does Burkina Faso with its arid lands. You CHOOSE to see only the failures of Africa while ignoring same in Europe (over 5 million slaves in bondage today) and America.
Kelleydon Patterson (1 year ago)
Africa for black Africans. just as the West for the West. neither should be in each other's way. Africa sends back whites to the West and the West sends back Africans to Africa.
Marcus F (4 months ago)
asrafoo (1 year ago)
notice he didn't say europe hey ? lol what about giving back the land to native americans and aboriginals ?
E K (1 year ago)
Never, I live in a multi-cultural city and I identify strongly with my community. Race is nothing, the future is unity.
you can't even read? he said the West for the West
GoldenCheese (1 year ago)
What about millions of black lazy migrants bringig violence and drugs to white europe?
Judith majesty (1 year ago)
wtf are they buying back their own land
Mental Exploration (1 month ago)
Moe Williams They don't need to give up any land or pay for anything, the white farmers already own the land.
Moe Williams (1 month ago)
They have a right to live there; they just have to give up the land. And, if they like, they can legally buy land instead of stealing.
Mental Exploration (1 month ago)
Moe Williams Dude what are you trying to say?, either they have a right to live there or they don't. Also we never stole the land.
Peter Tapia (1 year ago)
Great as if they didnt learn from zimbabwe thats the road to failure plus if you dont respect land rights and tittles economies always sink
black hippie (16 days ago)
its ironic how south Africans look at Zimbabweans when they come down south looking for employment. little do they know that those Zimbabweans have houses and farms in their home country. Zimbabwe is a country of landlords my bro. we might not have jobs but at least we not tenants and squatters like the south Africans and Namibians.
black hippie (16 days ago)
what do you mean "if it was actually taken from them" why do these whites own so much land in africa whilst no blacks own that much in Europe.
James Thomas (17 days ago)
et ramses Sanctions? More like mugabes years of bad rule over the country and the people keeping it going.
James Thomas (17 days ago)
black hippie As far as I'm concerned they should get land given back if it was actually taken off them to begin with, if you could show me some evidence for this I would make things a whole lot clearer.
galino (1 year ago)
great idea, kudos to Namibia, kick out white colonists and give land to the black namibians. Foreigners out to their own countries.
PAUL FISHMAN (2 months ago)
They will by boycotting them for the next 1000 years until 3020. If that is NOT good enough then they will be left alone for the next 10,000 years without contact until the year 12020.
Ullan Caidenhead (2 months ago)
PAUL FISHMAN ...actually not.. They work well with China, India and Russia. Don't need western alliance to survive. Don't be mad. Leave black people alone.
PAUL FISHMAN (2 months ago)
The Great African Marxist Hitler Julius Malema of the EFF is your hero. He has the ANC to impose Eminent Domain WITHOUT Compensation. Therefore the Americas, Europe and Australia will impose a total boycott on South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe for the next 1000 years until 3020.
Ullan Caidenhead (3 months ago)
Michael VR ... stop threatening black people over their land. Get the he'll out back to Europe. I am sick of you people. I wish I could reach out and slap the dann president of the country. Just send the people in and take the frigging land.
Puglous (3 months ago)
Most blacks are "foreigners" where they reside, you hypocritical coward. Blacks in the Western hemisphere are living on stolen Native American land, and blacks in Southern Africa are living on land stolen through Bantu Expansionism.

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