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Technology is replacing jobs. Are you ready?

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WorkingNation highlights the trend of technology and globalization replacing jobs in diverse industries across the United States.
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wierdgamerTV (10 days ago)
Brising Conan (10 days ago)
I'm trying to be ready nigga ! But life ain't easy !!!!
Immortan Joe (14 days ago)
Not to mention overpopulation.
John Doe (18 days ago)
Dumb as fuck presentation
tysswe1 (19 days ago)
The problem is that i doubt they have the rest of us in mind when doing this. They are only doing this to make more money, by not having to pay people to work.
ra bababa (20 days ago)
automation will make America a producing giant again. china and other countries beats us because we dont have a big enough workforce to compete. but with robotics and automation becoming cheaper it means we can all get in on being industrial producers of food goods and so on. this is a good thing..
Thomas S (26 days ago)
3:00 they may be able to understand language, recognize faces, and compose music, but they don't understand what it means. To a machine a language is just words that don't convey a meaning, faces are gust images that don't do anything, and music is just sound.
Robot HandLove (27 days ago)
The average person will be impoverished. The owners of the automation will not hand out their products and services for free.
Ricky Orduno (28 days ago)
This vid gave me a slight panic attack XD but it opened my eyes to see whats actually happening in the world .
Dronzee Fpv (1 month ago)
Become an engineer then
yap Chin Paw (1 month ago)
Only a politician can change the world technology by mean of a useful philosophy in factor.
Wilfried Dehne (1 month ago)
How about questioning Income Tax? I think that we need Government for all kinds of services. Why are we penalizing those who wish to work with an income tax? There are many ways to pay for Government other than taxing people who work. We can tax wealth. Consumption. RE holdings. Inheriting tax. Pollution tax. User tax. Etc, etc.
Pushka (2 months ago)
basic income for everyone.
Chirayu Mittal (2 months ago)
Friar Jean (2 months ago)
if it gets me faster internet..
Turbo Trickster (2 months ago)
An idle brain is the devil's workshop if people loose their jobs they would remain free all the time..and it will bring destruction for sure..man is made for work it can't sit idlely..
Jackson Fell (3 days ago)
Danyl Bekhoucha (2 months ago)
What about being invested in our passion, that's what most unemployed do currently.
Dr. Snowman (2 months ago)
If I got money I got a life.
Ramzi Hammoud (2 months ago)
Humans created technology, why are we acting as if its a destiny coming from beyond
Aamad faraz khan (2 months ago)
Not to worry fellas..the more technology develops the more prospects of jobs comes into market..only the situations have changed...
Mind It (2 months ago)
One day Robots will enslave Humans.
laffytaffy (2 months ago)
I'll hack all of them! Skynet will be my bitch!
Gilberste Koulakov (2 months ago)
Hmm in the medical area they need an update with human touch and this will never be challenged by A.I or tech
Seeker (2 months ago)
Isn’t it a good thing AI will do things for us ? Doesn’t that mean humans can move over to higher possibility , rather than do menial jobs ?
Name (2 months ago)
just let it happen dammit
Chillaxin Fool (2 months ago)
Ooooh my goodness this was 2 years ago
Chillaxin Fool (2 months ago)
Even do sports
jurio setiawan (3 months ago)
When he said Machine can compose music...I disagree, in my opinion Music is art, art is build by Imagination, Imagination comes from the soul, Machine is a computer, not a soul.
Goldpenny1 (3 months ago)
Don't be too worried, all these robots can break down or not notice changes to say how dark the toast comes out of the toaster...lol what a joke. I'll believe it when I see it. Will some jobs hit the road - yep - but I have worked with totally automated systems and know how much this stuff breaks and/or has errors and guess who has to fix the errors or replace the parts - humans! I for one would never get on a jet plane that is totally automated.
MrEatmy (3 months ago)
Hum let’s go and break some robots
Slim (2 months ago)
We'll be modern day Luddites!
christoffer Gustavsson (3 months ago)
Black mirror coming in a future near you be aware! is not bright what will become is darkness. It be going on for a while people stop caring about each other etc isn't become more obviously before now.
Sagar Popat (3 months ago)
RIP Humans.. By Robots! sad :(
BOOM BAY (3 months ago)
engineers and technician will not be obsolete....who can repair defective robots ?
Brett laughing at u (3 months ago)
There is already a shift in employment. Money cash payment is getting less more electronic payments r coming about. I am all for this as a new world is being born and that is great. More time with family more tax for the corporations that pay for the down side of this. More training for the new kids around and more efficacy is born. People have too adjust and work together more as we have and should of been. This will stop greed too a point. I am a taxi driver a veteran as well. Driverless cars and more time with the family..
BenjaminIsrael (3 months ago)
Welcome to Huxleys Brave New World folks. It's a no brainer, game over for workers when corporations optimize efficiency through outsourcing and total automation of services. Corporations are mandated to maximise profits for their shareholders. Profit before people is simply what corporations do. The fact this has spread to the culture accelerating adapt or die social darwinist trends like gentrification, selective schools, identity politics (far right, hipsterism, brexit, trumpism,) should surprise no one. It is going to get much worse. This is simply the internal logic of capitalism expressed writ large. And don't kid yourself that market forces or governments will curb the mass unemployment this reality will create. Yes workers are also consumers but in a global market place corporations can easily replace both. You have a choice to make. Either shake up the model, shape up or ship out!
vinayak joshi (3 months ago)
It looks more of sinistic video, made to frighten people by showing darker side of technology, by relating to history. I would've appreciated, if this power of digital media was put to use for betterment of progressive society.
christoffer Gustavsson (3 months ago)
vinayak joshi Blind ones will keep their eyes closed.
Geum Ji-min (3 months ago)
automate food production first, so jobs will not be necessary since it's free foods. then we can focus on innovation without the stress. the order should be: energy resources robots foods+environment establishments, urban planning like atlantis
Austin Ramirez (3 months ago)
Darren Swift (3 months ago)
There is One who provides without machines or labor. That's the way things started out and that's how they'll resolve themselves. Technology will become obsolete, and good riddance to those who stand for it.
Riseof Herobrine (4 months ago)
Destroy the technology of robotics easy pussy we have jobs right know
Carson Chan (4 months ago)
back to monarchy
Carson Chan (4 months ago)
Carson Chan (4 months ago)
Kidnap the rich for ransom!
ibnus salam (4 months ago)
everyone will be rich if they have personal robot to replace their jobs. example we ask to robot go to sea and get it fish after that cooking etc.
Kristian Nygaard (4 months ago)
Love this. Less work for all. Less stress, less attrition, less annoying co-workers and less angry and unfair bosses = higher quality of living. Not talking about not working. Just working less time.
Jason (4 months ago)
early retirement \o/
Clashing Spiral (4 months ago)
We are already at the edge of processing power because its already shrinking to the atom size architecture. From the past few years intel and amd had stuck on that, the only changes by far is just tweaking around finding better design. Another thing is the lack of reliable power source from phones battery to city generators. If these were to overcome then im afraid jobs will be reduced drastically. Since i came to job as computer automation engineer, the company got 12 people just for software testing purpose. Now its only 3 of us continue to automate the same job when automated testing that i developed done more accurate than human, somewhat make me uncomfortable for taking people's meal. But human do adapt to changes, struggle to survive. As a job is demolished, theres always another job created. Its just more and more skilled and complicated
Danyl Bekhoucha (4 months ago)
You think that 50 % of the jobs that will disappear in 2030 are done by 50 % of the active population ? More like 90 % of the workers are in the 50 % jobs that will disappear, the rest being more qualified and creative works. Maybe the 10 % jobs that will disappear in 2020 are done by 40 % of the population.
Yojiv Iriak (4 months ago)
shoo shoo fear-mongerer
All Wave (4 months ago)
Watch my videos!!! I made a videos about this topic but with more truths
master smith (4 months ago)
Ramprasad Apparaju (4 months ago)
It will cause social unrest and cause civil revolutions
Ramprasad Apparaju (4 months ago)
That the worst thing technology replacing people
Ramprasad Apparaju (4 months ago)
Ultimately people will replace the mnc`s in near future
640abdalla (4 months ago)
The freemasons fingerprint is everywhere...out of all the bullshit imaginary big number they could've choosen...they had to choose 3.3 (aka 33)
حقائق رائعة (4 months ago)
It will create new jobs building these machines and programming computers. Technology is good. It will create abundance and wealth
rocksteady56 (5 months ago)
Thousands of "robots" are paid to confuse everyone by saying Automation/ Immigrants/ Robots/ China/ Whatever/ etc caused the loss of 40 million Primary jobs with thick benefits and comfortable pensions. But where are the 70,000 big manufacturing plants that closed? ..... There are no factories to automate..(Duh!) When Trump puts back those 70K factories, then we will need to import 39,999,999 more workers to fill those Secondary jobs that arise from the 40M big spenders!
John Orozco (5 months ago)
How horrible is our economic system that robots taking everyone’s jobs is a bad thing?
Hindu Goat (2 months ago)
robot maintenance can be automated by building maintenance robots to service the rest... new robot design is done by artificial intelligence... not humans no human is needed at any point... they can never compete with the machine
MostEnigmatic (4 months ago)
John Orozco everyone will have to be robotic engineers and technicians
Soel Joeles (5 months ago)
There will always be jobs for people. It is backward thinking to stop the advancement of technology due to people being replaced.
MX-files (5 months ago)
With no jobs you will get a majority of people without money, or on wellfare. So the very very few jobs that are left will be the new middleclass. I guess this would result in a revolution, people against the Machines (terminators).
Heartbreak Robinson (5 months ago)
let them do the work so we can live free and have fun everywhere for free..great idea computer..yours truly
Саян Ильяс (5 months ago)
Also, think about it, if you don't have employees, and people in general don't have jobs, then we don't have money, and well, no customers. What's the point in production if you have no customer? People will always have some kind of jobs. Even those who make bronze tools today have their customers. Some people are interested in bronze knives and kitchen utensils. It seems like a lot of people don't know what automatization and AI is capable of, because people are usually afraid of what they don't understand
Hindu Goat (5 months ago)
there will be the wealthy elite class who own the AI and robots, and they will be each others customers buying each others robots and services and power... but the average person will have nothing to spend on products and no work
Саян Ильяс (5 months ago)
When bronze came, those who made stone tools switched to making bronze ones. People can, well, ADAPT, you know 😂
Sourav Sen (5 months ago)
Too much obsession with Technology..................
Omar Jama (5 months ago)
I have already seen the impacts of AI and technology. I havent stop any banking for last 6 months(just online banking). That means I allowed atleast 1 employee to lose his/her job. In retail I like self check out, it means managers to reduce labour cost and increase automation. 15% of shopping I do it online. I think if you are like me, we are helping few people to be rich(minimzing through auto) and millions people(including mom,dad..) are losing their jobs. From tommorow I will take actions and I have to change my online behaviour. Did i mention, I am losing many friends because I use internet alot? Yes, I cant remember when I had a good time with my best friends. It sad.
Hindu Goat (5 months ago)
Omar you can't hold back progress, the future is coming no matter what... human jobs will start to dry up. if you ran a store that had humans working there, your prices would have to be much higher to pay them all... but the store down the street is all automatic, self service and the prices are far cheaper... you can just decide to stick with the old system
Tom (5 months ago)
This can only be a GOOD thing. When the process is complete and ALL jobs are replaces but robots and AI, nobody will have to work.
333jas (1 month ago)
Tom Then the mass culling begins.
southlondon86 (5 months ago)
Look we will all learn to adapt. We always do. The Industrial Revolution for instance may have made jobs obselete but people moved on and learned to adapt as the years went by. It may take some adjusting but we will get there.
Agapios Agapiou (5 months ago)
Lil Biggie cheese (5 months ago)
NOPE. not ready
qpae123 (5 months ago)
New War will be Humans against the Machines. I can see the '' The DDoS Freedom Fighters '' :))
Chrisma Manalu (5 months ago)
Technology for better future? Whose future? Lol The main motivation is not to create better future, it is eternal thirst.
qpae123 (5 months ago)
Better is you work with technology, terible if you don't . In some years if not already, people that don't know to use a computer will be like a pharia in the society.
Apt215 Melissa Brown (5 months ago)
Of course you can replace porn stars - animation. Prostitutes, no. Most men want warm, human flesh, but most women won't do that for a living. That's why millions are kidnapped and forced into it. Labor shortages. Plus, many are murdered, so attrition is high.
MostEnigmatic (4 months ago)
Apt215 Melissa Brown they now have sex robots
intx123 (5 months ago)
sex robot cyborgs.
Apt215 Melissa Brown (5 months ago)
Add eye glass lens grinder and cutter. Currently, this requires minimal vocational training and certification, not university work. So, bye skilled workers.
Andy An (5 months ago)
XD I like machines
Andy An (5 months ago)
Román Cordera (5 months ago)
Great judge dredd warned us about this
Ralph W (5 months ago)
No jobs for people no economy who's gonna buy there products if people don't have money whats the point having robots or automated system taking over people jobs if people don't work. Ain't that how economy's work people buy stuff. End of the day machines aren't gonna buy the products from there employers.
Ameerul Afnan (5 months ago)
Is that Anthony Anderson voice?
Barry Hughes (5 months ago)
Is anyone ready for technology taking their job?........what an absolutely idiotic question. Yeah...I am really looking forward to being unemployed....duh.
mr nobody (5 months ago)
Be a teacher or scientist, no one gonna hear a robot.
Abdul Qadeer (2 months ago)
We got online animated videos that teaches better than arrogant lectures who takes a lots of money ..
no name (4 months ago)
It's likely to replace these jobs last but with deep learning and ai in general its possible to even replace those kind of jobs
Michael Taylor (5 months ago)
That depends upon the sophistication of the robot.
michael anderson (5 months ago)
Work as a mechanic plumber electrician hvac robots will not be taking these jobs
intx123 (5 months ago)
I can see mechanics going away. Future cars are simpler with electric motors, and automation will make it too easy to just make a new car instead of fixing a heap of junk that crashed.
Michael Taylor (5 months ago)
Not yet, anyway. Fully functioning androids are probably only a few decades away.
Black Panther (5 months ago)
It’s gonna happen no matter what. Let it be.
Dustin Houk (5 months ago)
it will happen Watson is a doctor.
Fabio Massimo Zanzotto (5 months ago)
The rise of Artificial Intelligence, which is poisoning the job market, is based on the largest, scariest knowledge theft of the modern era. We need to prepare an antidote. Let's work for a fairer Artificial Intelligence https://lnkd.in/g2sQATV
gunsofaugust1971 (5 months ago)
Good video, but the one-off at the beginning about each jump in technology making humans' lives easier is incorrect. The opposite is true. Hunter-gatherers worked about 17 hours a week. Each major jump in technology makes us work that much longer. With cell-phones, if you want a big-time job prepare to have to work 24/7.
vaibhav chaturvedy (5 months ago)
American American everywhere. Wake up.
Frodo Falk (5 months ago)
Let them have all the jobs, let technology replace the human work force and take away the people who try to make money by others suffering and BAM suddenly we can ALL live in a world where everything is free for everyone alive and we will still have access to same things as today + more. idk why everyone is so scared of NOT being forced to work for some asshole just to be able to survive.
Frodo Falk (5 months ago)
Jeremiah Peterson yeah, hopefully enough people will loose their patience with this shitty system we live in. Otherwise im pretty sure that these bankers/elites in charge will be taken down by AI, because i believe the only people who need to fear AI turning on them are the people who make money by harming others.
Jeremiah Peterson (5 months ago)
Frodo Falk, yes, you are right. We as a whole have the power to create a more just and equal society. One in which that we are not controlled by our banker overlords.
Frodo Falk (5 months ago)
Jeremiah Peterson yes i know how the world works right now, my comment was what i personally think people should work for. Which also be easy as fuck to accomplish if people for example realized that 100.000 argy organized people cannot be ruled by 1 person. But if everyone keeps accepting and living in this shit and only once in a while make a personal complaint, the world wont get anywhere
Jeremiah Peterson (5 months ago)
Frodo Falk, because many people benefit from the current predatory system. The confederacy didn't want to give up its slaves. They even dehumanized black people in an effort to convince people their system was just. We see the same thing happening in today's Capitalist system. People make justifications by calling people lazy and deadbeats. The reality is that today's Capitalist system is not much different than the one we saw in the confederacy.
Ben Still (5 months ago)
I think at that point a universal income would be ideal. We would be paid to do whatever we want.
AndresOMEGA21 (2 months ago)
yeah that's why economy will have to be changed, human labor to grow the nations will be unnecessary so citizen responsibilities and rights will be affected.
Ben Still (5 months ago)
Hindu Goat Yeah exactly. That will be the challenge. However human labour and ingenuinity may never be fully replaced. New industries could always crop up. Guess we will see.
Hindu Goat (5 months ago)
ben that universal income would have to come from the government, who get their money from taxing us if we dont have work to generate that money, where is it coming from?
Starlin Peña (6 months ago)
dre from blackish
david klebs (6 months ago)
After reading thru most of the comments, not a single one of you mentioned the fact that automated equipment breaks down constantly, and requires an entire workforce to maintain and repair all of those robots you are all so afraid of..i work in the semiconductor industry repairing just one single tool set (along with 11 others just in my dept). I am paid extremely well, and i work full time. THIS is what the author is talking about when he says "to adapt"....my worry is the fact that Americans in general care more about watching sports or the cardashians than educating themselves in the sciences and technologies that are REQUIRED to do this type of work...better stop being stupid, people. your livelihood may depend on it..
Enkazee (2 months ago)
Ghana Mafia didn't work out for the luddites during the industrial revolution, what makes you think that would work now?
Greg D (2 months ago)
Robots fix robots
Chris Teal (4 months ago)
david klebs right...and when it is cheaper and faster to just get a new machine...why pay you?
Jeremiah Peterson (5 months ago)
Ghana Mafia, why sabotage something good. Why do people feel like we need to live in a predatory extortion base system called capitalism? We can break free of that and move towards a science society that uses people to create new ideas and invent new things. Robots can do the hard work, us humans can learn and create. We can spend more time with our families. Do what we want with our lives. Why do people want to stay in a system that benefits a minority at the expense of the majority? I am tired of the Capitalist system, it is outdated. Look to the future and let go of the slave economy.
Ghana Mafia (5 months ago)
Jeremiah Peterson No..lol....we just have to sabotage the machines....if a machine is brought to your job and you feel like it's competing with your job security, just put some water or cooking oil in one of the compartment inside the machine.....it's very simple to do.....Find a way to sabotage that machine without leaving a trace...you either sabotage it's job or it will sabotage yours....YOU CHOOSE.
James Gravil (6 months ago)
In a nutshell: we're all f**ked.
christopher békési (5 months ago)
No, only the dummies. Looks like you've decided where you stand tho.
Barry Hughes (6 months ago)
Why would " intelligent"the robots do all the work when there would be an abundance of idle humans to do it for them? Rise of the machines........
Michael Taylor (5 months ago)
Not all mechanical systems will have full autonomy. A burger flipping robot will just be a machine built for flipping burgers. It would make no sense for it to have self awareness or a broad scope of intelligence.
Windex (7 months ago)
Im ready, but by when all robots have taken our jobs, i expect everything to be free.
General Lee (7 months ago)
Yeah and you won't control any of the resources so therefore you get to have everything but with a special contract.
SgtMistery (7 months ago)
Jenny White (7 months ago)
No jobs in future
Realist Thought (7 months ago)
what do you suggest? lol
khjyuen0606 (7 months ago)
I don't think technology will cause unemployment at all. Only the skills required for jobs are changing. Some may refuse to use self checkout in supermarkets because they think cashiers will lose their jobs. Assuming the supermarket has only 1 manual checkout lanes with 1 cashier. By replacing the manual checkout counter to few self checkout counters, and ask the cashier to become the customer service specialist, the checkout process will be more efficient. No job will be lost in this case. Some may think professional like accountant, actuary, etc will lose their jobs as the technology will replaced them. If you are working in the financial industry, you are required to do lots of programming, especially when you are in the junior position. You will never doing millions of calculation by hand. New technology will only improve their efficiency. Will government gain less due to less payroll income? I don't think it is caused by improved technology and it will not cause government problem. On the other hand, tax regimes, laws and regulations should change according as well. So no one should be suffer financial difficulty by changing tax regimes. More strict laws to set, for example, hackers should be consider as terrorists.
Agha Mujtaba (5 months ago)
khjyuen0606 I agree with you. I believe technology creates more jobs. Take the example of car mechanics. When there were no cars there were no mechanics. With technology improving.. Companies started developing car parts and employee engineers.
Atlas Tobin (7 months ago)
We need a basic income.
Travis D (2 months ago)
Universal Basic Income
Greg D (2 months ago)
comrade savege lol (3 months ago)
Michael Taylor (5 months ago)
Jeremiah, half the world's population are morons. Why would you expect a society of intellects?
Nelson Neilson (7 months ago)
LARNEll DOWNES (8 months ago)
Anthony Anderson narrating is 👌🏾

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