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iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 - Which One to Get?

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iPhone X VS Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ In-Depth Comparison covering the Design, Display, Specs, Camera, Storage, Features, Price & so much more! Subscribe (It's FREE) ➽ https://goo.gl/yMWV8c Follow me on: ▶ Twitter: http://twitter.com/ZONEofTECH ▶ Instagram: http://instagram.com/ZONEofTECH ▶ Facebook: http://facebook.com/ZONEofTECH All In-Depth Comparisons: https://goo.gl/2wZv8P Help support the channel by using these links when shopping through Amazon (easier if you bookmark them): UK http://amzn.to/2qg9Y5x US http://amzn.to/2pg77Z4 Business Enquiries: business@zoneoftech.com ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ MORE EPIC videos: ▶ iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Which One to Get? https://youtu.be/m_uWt2TF8HQ ▶ iPhone X vs iPhone 8 - Which One to Get?! https://youtu.be/GPa7fhHxVgo ▶iPhone X - 35 Things You Didn't Know: https://youtu.be/4GZxSJ9Cew0 ▶iPhone 8 & 8 Plus - 35 Things You Didn't Know! https://youtu.be/hwO69E5NBvs ▶ iPhone X Home Button - How Would it Work? https://youtu.be/jB40H7GS-zg ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ❤ Your support is always appreciated! Every contribution no matter how little helps me improve my content and also helps me feature even more premium tech! https://goo.gl/8tcjz9 ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ ▂ Huge "Thank You!" to NCS for the EPIC music! ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░█░░█░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░█░░█░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░█░░░█░░░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░█░░░░█░░░░░░░░░ ██████▄▄█░░░░░██████▄░░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░ ▓▓▓▓▓▓█████░░░░░░░░░██░░ █████▀░░░░▀▀████████░░░░
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Text Comments (2183)
xStrikerVisionx (3 days ago)
Still have an iPhone 7 but the only time I think I’d buy a Samsung phone is if I’m on a suicide mission, since you know they blow up 😂
j4h Family (6 days ago)
I use ipad5
j4h Family (6 days ago)
Apple win
king of Wakanda (6 days ago)
Watching this on my s8
Brian May (6 days ago)
It be good to see this test with new iPhone Plus vs new Samsung S9 + I am hoping Apple has something good for the new iPhone as Samsung S9 is going to be really good if Steve Jobs was still at Apple there would not be any of this OK stiff at Apple like MacBooks coming out not quit right having to change it later Steve would get it right the first time & make it blow are minds
Tram Nguyen (9 days ago)
Master Tee Tee (12 days ago)
iPhone 10? 😂😂😂
Beatrice Arreola (13 days ago)
I got a Samsung galaxy s8
Jamar Mobley (15 days ago)
do not listen to these peolps pick what iphone you like
adibee88 (15 days ago)
Watching this on my week-old S8. 😁
Ulises Caislean (16 days ago)
Stop It (17 days ago)
Actually, the S8 appears to be more powerful based on the specs (aka one gb more ram)
Zarina Begum (18 days ago)
iPhones were better
Joe Kickass (19 days ago)
Took two generations for iPhone to catch up to the S8. Grabbing an S8 once my iPhone 6 craps out
the batman2311 (20 days ago)
You are wrong s8 is better
Reeshal Rittoo (21 days ago)
I prefer s8!
tpar69 (23 days ago)
Liar the iPhone 10 is trash like this channel
DzaExpress (25 days ago)
S8 is better but the back side is ugly
Ku Den (27 days ago)
Apple starting to put number of employees off due to slow sale of X model.
Tyler Moore (27 days ago)
Kirtan Dusi (30 days ago)
Damn I didn’t know the iPhone was a better phone 😳
Takis vega (1 month ago)
glenn alberto (1 month ago)
if you want america great again buy american product but if you want s.korea then buy korean product
Phileo Hammond (1 month ago)
I love the soft way you talk. It's better than all those loud reviewers
DABOSS69 67 (1 month ago)
Samsung for life
CyberDasherXD (1 month ago)
Get the 10 or wait for the s9 and s9plus
Short RBLX (1 month ago)
iPhone X because it’s more HyTech loads stuff quicker Quality look outstanding I just love it
Space Beat (1 month ago)
iPhone all the way. Offers the better package at least pour moi (for me). Samsung respect too. My brother likes his S8 works steady anyways.
Amir Lekovic (1 month ago)
I mean if the IphoneX wins,remember it isnt fair...bcz the Iphone costs about 200$ more than the S8 and the iphone x is newer......so not being biast i think the s8 is a better option
Lukas04N (1 month ago)
Just so U know the S8 also have Face Id, nobody seems to know that haha, I use my face Id on my S8 and It exactly like the IPhone X face id. You just have to look fast into the front camera lins and then your in the phone
Suman Kansal (1 month ago)
IPhone lost by it's price . S8 is much better in terms of the price . Btw I'm from India So it's price is 1lakh Rupees which equals to 1500 $ . So u can get 2 S8's , Plus and note 8. So ,S8 Totally won😉😎
ABC ONE (1 month ago)
I gave away the iPhone 8 for the galaxy s8.. Its awesome!!!!
Anambra Progressive (1 month ago)
IPHONE X it have much better things
Riley Sucharski (1 month ago)
The S8 has an AMO-led display, not an O-led like the X
eli dennison (1 month ago)
Apple reminds me a lot of Glock... Extremely revolutionary and innovative early on... And now just riding the wave.
Toysaresoboss (1 month ago)
Galaxy S8+ easy
Joseph Batty (1 month ago)
So in other words s8 looks so much better than the iPhone x but if you are looking for a higher performing phone get an iPhone x
mOhAmEdD hAaSaN (1 month ago)
In the end..Apple always win... Iphone X is the best
Felix Davidsson (1 month ago)
Sounds like hes promoting apple
karai mohan (1 month ago)
I don’t want use iPhone anymore coz my phone 6s is slowdown also bat prob ...?? So after 10 years use iPhone I am going to beautiful s8 plus
MCskittleTV (1 month ago)
Awesome review very fair. But if there was a hot chick in front of two people one with the iPhone X and another guy with the s8. The guy with the iPhone X is gonna get the pussy 😂😂 (god damn I feel a war starting)
Cj Stenning (1 month ago)
Apple team👊
Nikola Bosanac (1 month ago)
I find this review iphone-biased
Ipaid too_much 1 (1 month ago)
tainle (1 month ago)
and the winnnnneeerrrrr isssss apple investorsssss.
Duckity Ducky (1 month ago)
Android is trash. It’s a fact not an a opinion.
Ethan Smart (1 month ago)
Just went back to Samsung over the iPhone.
Doggo (1 month ago)
Woah woah WOAH did he just say thay... an IPHONE yeah an IPHONE had more features than a samsung? Nope the iphone x has much much less features thatn s8+ i have one and he also said that the s8+ didnt have face id which i litterally use on my s8+ everyday and the s8+ has less bezel and a better camera just look at picture comparisons
Iulian Chiru (1 month ago)
S8 rules
Elijah (1 month ago)
looking at that iphone makes me wanna vomit, the s8 is just better and prettier looking
Muhd Afiq (1 month ago)
Did you all anti iphone or apple products ? Actually xperia model is a always fucking good smartphone compared than other smartphone
Harvey Johnson (1 month ago)
S8, it's much cheaper, it's a lovely phone and it hasn't got a chunk of screen missing at the top.
Reggie Corey (1 month ago)
Raveena Roopnarine (1 month ago)
Only watching cause you're cute💕
Alexandria Anderson (1 month ago)
I’m an apple user. Always have been. But I’m tempted by the samsung for 2 reasons: headphone jack and micro SD. iPhone has kinda pissed me off by taking away the headphone jack. And I am tired of seeing the “Your iPhone is Almost Out of Storage” message.
Ignacio Nemarich (1 month ago)
Aaaand the winner is.. *DRUM ROLL* P10+.
DANE KILTY (1 month ago)
S8 because the screen is bigger
kevin mejia (1 month ago)
Man I got iPhone and now I regret having one, s8 is so much better.
Diego Plays (1 month ago)
Samsung galaxy S8 is Better
L.J. (1 month ago)
Watching this on my S8+!
Lexa Wolf7 (1 month ago)
Definitely the Samsung galaxy s8.I got the s8 for Christmas and I ain't paying 1.000 for a phone that bad.Iphone really changed.
jkgkhgjlljhfwji (1 month ago)
Lexa Wolf7 lucky
blue gummie (1 month ago)
Samsung squad✌✌✌
Tallah Zahoor (1 month ago)
S8 PLUS Is S8 plus.
Mauricio Flores (1 month ago)
Solo escogen el S8 porque son pobres. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA
marshallmarthes (1 month ago)
went to buy an Iphone X and ended up buying an S8+ by just looking at the display, this is the first time ever that I'm buying an android so you can imagine how dedicated I was towards Apple but I'm disappointed
matt Mac (1 month ago)
the galaxy s8 is by faaaaaaaaaaar the better out of the two. valiant effort iPhone but S8 PREVAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
terrance harden (1 month ago)
I went with apple years ago and now got the iPhone X. I got tired of spending top money on Samsung phones or just Android period and then the software is out of date. Then you never get the latest no more when it first comes out. Not saying the s8 is a bad phone but spend 700-800 for something that’s out of date in a few months is not good. So I am sticking with apple
VenDeep (1 month ago)
You can tell this video is biased when the thumbnail of the '=' sign is a Apple logo
I like Coffee (1 month ago)
*CONFIRMED*= Samsung won!!!
Elizabeth Bordette (1 month ago)
Team Samsung hehe!
Maddox Palmer (1 month ago)
Team Apple like if you agree
thecynicalgirl (1 month ago)
Already got an iPhone X 😅
AlexCo (1 month ago)
Watching on my brand new S8 from Christmas and btw the face id is not a difference that's how I unlock my S8... get your facts right
joe rustidge (1 month ago)
I have an iPad Air 2 and a Samsung s8 so I like both apple and Samsung
L.A. Garza (1 month ago)
gonna wait for the s9
Danish Muhammad (1 month ago)
Why don't anyone told that you can drag n drop any file from PC in any samsung
cute_boy (1 month ago)
none anonimm (1 month ago)
I love *Samsung*
Alycat Siam8 (2 months ago)
Hi. Can you pleas help me? I would like to know s8 or s8+ is better?
Marilein Martinez (2 months ago)
iphone 10 is better than galaxy s8
Losefa Penese (2 months ago)
Iphone X because amazing phone with amazing features
HTMaster 1 (2 months ago)
wich is better?
zty (2 months ago)
That's a lot of fucking 8s.
Chad Carroll (2 months ago)
All I can say is that my S8 didn't last long enough for me to learn if I liked it or not!
Peter Qi (2 months ago)
life saving monitoring features on the s8 or animojis hmm...
Steve Chong (2 months ago)
iPhone X 82.9% screen to body ratio. While S8 has 83.6% and S8 plus 84%. iPhone X does not have more Bezel-less design than the S8 and S8 plus according to gsmarena.
Herobrine, the boss (2 months ago)
S8+ is better than all, and everyone in the world knows that
Awesome video
llamu dos (2 months ago)
Got s8 & s8+ both are class!
James Kearns (2 months ago)
s8 plus has a 128gb internal facial recognition iris recognition 6668 hk$
Perla Esquivel (2 months ago)
Lol nah I'm okay I'll stick to my iPod 4th gen it's pretty decent
Mido Cr (2 months ago)
S8 has finger in finger
Soovan Woodhoo (2 months ago)
Portrait mode in iphone x front facing camera... ?
TheNamelessComposer (2 months ago)
Apple products get more and more absurdly overpriced each gen.
embiid (2 months ago)
Where i am the Samsung s8+ is just over $900 whereas the Iphone X is almost $1900
Samsung is always 2 generations ahead of apple. Display is always better. Always more powerful. Faster processing
Nido Carlos (2 months ago)
The Glass back is a deal breaker for me
Shia Hen (2 months ago)
I am team apple but a thousand bucks for a phone is out of bounds for me. I don’t see myself paying that much for an iPhone. So just maybe I will try s8, not sure yet but very tempting for the price and what u get vs what u dont.

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