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Layman Tech Talk Ep10: Why Diesel Engines Create So Much Torque?

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So I was asked this question the other day. Now as a caveat, I'm a shit student, so I do not know of any proper terminology or scientific calculations or charts or whatever, I am just attempting to answer it like your typical blow water uncle in the coffee shop. www.facebook.com/aurizn www.aurizn.com www.evomalaysia.com www.caratmalaysia.com www.idmalaysia.com www.estatemalaysia.com
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Felix William (5 days ago)
been following this channel for some time. Been compared Bobby's videos with the others (random vids), Bobby's explanation is the best I would say. Very Easy to understand. should make more video with the "Layman" title
Bobby.. Just a quick question.. Why Audi in Carlist are way much cheaper than those other Germans..?? Because I would like to buy an Audi A4, but im curious about the parts.. Some said the parts are expensive. What do you think bout this bobby?
Bobby Ang (6 days ago)
Parts are similar in prices. If buying 1.8 or 2.0, make sure they have already fix the oil consumption issue
Ganesh c (6 days ago)
picanto ex launched in january. this month they launch GT LINE and kx
Philip Sta Maria (6 days ago)
Ahhhhhh! Brilliant explanation in Layman’s terms dude. From your explanation it seems Diesel engines not only have more Torque but are more efficient?
Bobby Ang (6 days ago)
yes they are wayyy more efficient.
pikachu mouse (7 days ago)
diesel got more energy than petrol...more energy + high compression, high fuel pressure..more BOOM, for more fuel saving , all torque is fully come out at low rpm.. the downside is.. the gas from exhaust, need more advance treatment to neutral the NOx CO2.... many country bann diesel please save diesel....
Clive Ngu (7 days ago)
Great explanation ! Even without any visual aids , you are able to explain in the easiest layman term ! Maybe next one you can talk about why Petrol still seem to be the preferable modern car even though it should b more torquey and fuel efficient ? Or why is diesel car not as popular in Malaysia as in Europe countries?
Jonsar Shabbir (7 days ago)
ι love dιeѕelѕ engιneѕ тнey r ғaѕт and ѕaғe. can υ pleaѕe do a revιew on a тeѕla? тнanĸ υ!
Jason Lee (7 days ago)
Ip Man (petrol engine) & Mike Tyson (diesel engine).. 😊
Ivano Yasin (7 days ago)
You are the smartest car layman I know 👍
KW Tay (7 days ago)
very good attempt Bobby. yes, the higher compression in diesel engine gives more torque, but that is only 1/2 the story. don't forget about the longer crank radius on the crank shaft. remember torque is force multiply by the radius.
xavierlert (7 days ago)
How i explain ; diesel have higher presure compared to petrol engine thats why its more powerfull. And people just quickly looks like understand the logic. I try to add the spark plug mechanism..but yae it became too complex for some..😅
Bobby Ang (7 days ago)
Most people dont understand "higher pressure = more power" hence i have to 'punch' lol
Farhan Zafuan (7 days ago)
Pyh Shin (7 days ago)
Nice explanation, Bobby. Looking forward to more videos like these in future. Maybe something about the difference in terms of maintenance between petrol n diesel powered car given same model. Just my 2cent, cheers.
Wen Ren Loh (7 days ago)
1990 diesel cars(for example: Pajero) are not as torquey as Toyota Prado if I'm not wrong.

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