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Huawei Nova 2 Lite vs OPPO A83 Comparison: A Php 9,990 smartphone showdown

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It’s just the 3rd month of the year but tons of great smartphones have been launched already. From flagship spec smartphones down to midrange yet powerful handsets. What we have today are two of the newest budget smartphones in the market that you can get your hands on. Both the OPPO A83 and Nova 2 Lite carry the same price tag of Php 9,990. Now the question is, which Php 9,990 smartphone is the best for you? Read here: https://www.manilashaker.com/huawei-nova-2-lite-vs-oppo-a83-comparison-a-php-9990-smartphone-showdown/ Follow us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManilaShaker Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/manilashaker IG: https://www.instagram.com/manilashaker Website: https://www.manilashaker.com
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Text Comments (223)
Renz Galiza (2 days ago)
The voice is a wreck!
fernan the man (5 days ago)
What is gaming on that two phone pls reply
Shorty Short Videos (10 days ago)
If you are to choose between vivo y71 and huawei nova 2 lite, which has better camera?
Haril Alif (12 days ago)
oppo a83 front cmera is 8mp not 13mp, the 13mp come with rear camera lol
Oppo a83
Hindi pa lag sa mobile legends saka ros at dn
AndroidZzz Hue (25 days ago)
Huawei is premium looking than OPPO specs wise I would go for Huawei
montez Legazpi (28 days ago)
Lunukin mo muna bes bago ka mag preach baka mabulunan ka
jaypee castillo (12 hours ago)
grrrr... nakaka bwisit pakinggan.. buset! haha 😜
montez Legazpi (16 hours ago)
jaypee castillo (20 hours ago)
montez Legazpi bulol yung reviewer,kainis! 😆
Michael Clete (28 days ago)
Ano po bang mas pang gaming oppo a83 o oppo f3
Michael Clete (27 days ago)
Salamat po!
i go for oppo a83 because it has a better cpu and latest gpu for video and gaming purposes. Thanks for watching!
Huh? Diba 8mp yung front ng Oppo and Huawei?
Yes 8 MP, f/2.2 for front of Oppo a83.
Ayie Montealegre (30 days ago)
Ano po ba mas maganda nalilito nako!
Oppo pang gaming
Ayie Montealegre (25 days ago)
Okay po ty po
I go for Nova 2 lite for a better security features.
Lizzie Escalante (1 month ago)
Ano po mas ok na pang gaming "Huawei Nova 2 Lite" or "Oppo A83"? Pls Respond Po.
Liemo Reffilob (1 month ago)
Mas sulit ang build at design ng nova 2 lite tska android 8 oreo my face unlock at fingerprint scanner ang a83 wala
Liemo Reffilob (1 month ago)
Albert Quebic hindi nova 2i ang sabi ko nova 2 lite bobo
Liemo Reffilob (1 month ago)
Albert Quebic my faceunlock ang nova 2 lite ulol mo gago
Albert Quebic (1 month ago)
Liemo Reffilob ang huawei nove 2i po may fingerprint scanner samantalang ang oppo a83 ay may face unlock... mali mali ka po eh
Danica Castro (1 month ago)
Anong game yung 6:14?
Jhun Coral (22 days ago)
Danica Castro -- Rules of survival (ROS) or pubg mobile
King Arthur (1 month ago)
daming bakla nag pagalingan pa sa kung anu mahusay mga bakla kung anu gamit mo shut up kana jusko e binili mo yan gagamitin kung anu gusto mo feel mo binili tapos echoserang mga palaka e mahal na nga load problema pa pagalingan mga bakla kung ako shut up ako kc binili ko Oppo A83 kc type ko isa pa yun ang madami sa dealer ko so simple bongga ganda,, pero mas feel ko samsung S 5 my first binili then iphone 4 5 and 6+ kc bigay ng kapatid ko from the USA then SKK yuck kauska at Vivo Y53 dalawa pa ha so chuchu
Tomoki Sakurai (1 month ago)
Naka brace cguro toh nag rereview... prang naiipon laway... hindi clear ..
Rose Dazo (1 month ago)
the oppo one
Ron Castro (1 month ago)
Asus Zenfone 5q/lite vs Oppo f7 camera/battery/speed test
Joshua Caderao (1 month ago)
Guys anung laro ung may naglalaban na batman /spider man sa 6:58? Salamat sa sasagot :)
PSYCHO (1 month ago)
Joshua Caderao Injustice
Gion Allen Oliva (1 month ago)
Mag huawei nlng kayo may fingerprint na dualcam pa...di pa mabilis mag init dahil sa chipset niya na snapdragon..
Jessica Concepcion (1 month ago)
Gion Allen Oliva idiot HAHAH oo snapdragon siya pero mababang series snapdragon 450 lang siya kakain lang yan ng buhay sa performance ng a83 pero sa cam mas angat talaga huawei gaming oppo a83
MessyNinja (2 months ago)
kung gusto nyo gaming phoneunder 10k try nyo po Leeco Le Max 2 Snapdragon dragon 820, 4GB ram, 21 mp rear camera, 8 mp sa harap di kayo mag sisi promise
nhaz freeman (2 months ago)
Sana same angle yung pag take nyo ng photo para mas maganda.
Justin Bayot (2 months ago)
Oppo has 3180 mAh
MNL is the Oppo A83 good for gaming, camera. Please let me know. :D
XxChesterCharlesxX Kue (1 month ago)
Prince - ROBLOX, ImVu and more! Camera:huawei gaming: oppo
Hasrul Aziz (2 months ago)
I bought huawei nova 2 lite yesterday..
UNKNOWN are you ok? My oppo a83 overheat in pubg and ros. Unplayable after 1 match in pubg. Maybe weak chipset.
Hasrul Aziz (1 month ago)
Hantam Syak hi.. Sorry for late rply.. Yes, i'm agree with UNKNOWN..if you a gamer, oppo a83 suitable for you.. Nova 2 lite getting hot so fast when i'm playing games & their batery also going down so fast..
Hantam Syak (1 month ago)
UNKNOWN thanks for answer my question..... But huawei nova 2 lite is good or not?
UNKNOWN (1 month ago)
Hantam Syak I know you're not asking me but oppo a83 (in my oppinion) is good for people who plays game for a long time (1 hour?). It doesn't heat up so fast (i play rov, hearthstone, pubg mobile, etc.)
Hantam Syak (1 month ago)
Hasrul Aziz is the phone is okey? Is the phone good for a gaming..... Please answer, i am cofuse now😅 i want to buy that phone to... But many people said the phone is not good because the snapdragon is low.... Please answer this
Aryen Jim Bejagan (2 months ago)
Anybody here who has a problem with OPPO A83 heating up when charging? Any ideas what's causing this and maybe suggest a fix?
Aryen Jim Bejagan (27 days ago)
Well sometimes I do use it while it's charging and yes it does heat up. But there are times when I just leave my phone to charge but still it heats up. Is it normal or is it a bad thing?
Graham Mbehero (27 days ago)
Aryen Jim Bejagan mAybe you use it while it charges. Thats why it heats. But if you let it charge it wont heat
Filipino Auste (2 months ago)
may 4G dyan? alin ung malakas dyan mag init?
Darwin Hernandez (2 months ago)
Filipino Auste 3g lng... Pero mas pang gming ung oppo ..pero sa pabilisan uminit ng bat eh mas mabilis ung s oppo kc mediatek sya..
Filipino Auste (2 months ago)
may 4G dyan? alin ung malakas dyan mag init?
Filipino Auste (2 months ago)
may 4G dyan? alin ung malakas dyan mag init?
Filipino Auste (2 months ago)
may 4G dyan? alin ung malakas dyan mag init?
Filipino Auste (2 months ago)
alin phone ung 4G dyan? tsaka hindi ba sila ung malakas uminit?
roblox player (1 month ago)
Jessica Concepcion mas mganda ang nova 2 lite.. kahit bagong chip pa mediatek parin mbilis mag drain ng battery at mabilis uminit.. f5 nga pangit yan pa kaya
Jessica Concepcion (1 month ago)
mas mabilis ang uminit yung nova 2 lite oo mediatek siya pero helio p23 siya newer chip siya at naexperience ko na rin maglaro sa nova 2i lite mabilis siya uminit unlike sa oppo a83 hindi siya ganun kabilis at umiinit siya pero hindi ganun ka grabe kay nova 2 lite kung camera hanap mo sa huawei ka pero sa gaming oppo
roblox player (1 month ago)
Filipino Auste mas malakas uminit yang oppo.. ksi mediatek hndi pwede pang matagalan gamitin.. mas the best ug huawei nova2 lite kasi snapdragon.. smooth and matagal uminit pero kapag uminit hndi masyadong mainit.. madaling lumamig.. sa lahat ng brand phone snapdragon ang chipset ang pinakamaganda
Filipino Auste (2 months ago)
alin phone ung 4G dyan? tsaka hindi ba sila ung malakas uminit?
kasyfi on youtube (2 months ago)
which is better?
evan Martinez (2 months ago)
ano pong pang gaming plsss yung maganda huawei 2 lite or oppo a83?pang ros at ml yung walang lag kahit naka high graphics ano po jan sa dalawa maganda?
James Ethan (2 months ago)
evan Martinez oppo or redmi 5 plus
ASDFG1 (2 months ago)
kasyfi on youtube (2 months ago)
oppo or huawei should i buy for gaming?
Proxt (2 months ago)
Wala kayo sa huawei may boki aahahahah de jk maganda both phones fav ko oppo at huawei pero mas premium talaga huawi pero mas futuristic ang oppo
ʇɐןıq boɥɐq TM (2 months ago)
Mi a1> Huawei nova 2i/Oppo a83 Bakit? "STOCK ANDROID"( saka nag promise sila Na bibigyan nila ito ng android P sa 3rd quarter ng taon)
Rey Jhon Baquirin (2 months ago)
Kushie Gang pangit lng camera ng xiaomi
Rapper Merckz (2 months ago)
Baka mas dumami pa viewers mo pag tinagalog mo
Rapper Merckz (2 months ago)
Alchemic Chaos alam ko nmn yon, pero kakasimula pa lng nya, chaka na sya mag english pag madami na subs
Alchemic Chaos (2 months ago)
Rapper Merckz She considers international viewers, that's why. 😊
Loren Jay (2 months ago)
jim juguilon (2 months ago)
I heard the nova 2 lite doesn't hava a pro mode. how about the A83? does it have a pro mode?
Risty Cordova Jr. (2 months ago)
jim juguilon expert mode ang tawag sa oppo.
Carl Mateo (2 months ago)
What is the title of the game that u have used? Tnx
its Mercury (2 months ago)
Oppo a83 or Oppo a71 2018? Gaming?
Luffy Uzumaki (2 months ago)
A83 can all high nba 2k18
Luffy Uzumaki (2 months ago)
its Mercury (2 months ago)
Based on gaming!?
Luffy Uzumaki (2 months ago)
A83 ofcourse
Karljoshua Ramos (2 months ago)
its Mercury Oppo A83 is much Better
Breaker Morge (3 months ago)
Gawa ka nga ng gaming comparison plzz sa. ROS
Ian Ycot (3 months ago)
Para may something .. may nginunguya sya habang nagsasalita
jaypee castillo (20 hours ago)
walang brace yan, labas nga ngipin nyan at pakat ang dila para c coco martin magsalita. kaka bwisit pakinggan! 😖
Danica Castro (1 month ago)
Ian Ycot oo nga tapos parang nagrerecite ng poem hahaha
roy reyes (2 months ago)
Ian Ycot she has braces I think
Breaker Morge (3 months ago)
May lag ba ang huawe nova 2 lite ??? Bibili kasi ako
LavaGrenade (2 months ago)
Breaker Morge Oppo A83 nalang, masmaganda pang gaming snapdragon 430 kasi mababa lang eh. Meron ako Huawei Nova 2 Lite, malag siya sa pubg mobile at ros tapos sa nba2k18 medium lang kaya kasi malag sa high pero may konting lag sa medium, pero sa Oppo A83 high kaya niya walang lag. Masmaganda lang ang Huawei Nova 2 Lite sa camera tapos the rest (performance, battery life, etc.) sa Oppo A83
For gaming, we didn't encouter any lags while using the A83 and the 2 Lite. Both are very equal sa mga tests namin. :)
LavaGrenade (3 months ago)
Pero mababang version lang ng snapdragon ito eh
Breaker Morge (3 months ago)
Sabi daw kasi nila mas maganda daw pang gaming ang snapdragon
LavaGrenade (3 months ago)
Oppo A83 mas maganda sa gaming kung gaming hanap mo
Notherhim (3 months ago)
I found Oppo A83 UI's much prettier than the Huawei although it was a copy of iOS UI
Amiel Gibs (3 months ago)
I Fucking hate your voice...!
Amiel Gibs (3 months ago)
I Fucking hate your voice...!
Hack ._. (3 months ago)
Sa mga nagtatanong lalo na yung mga gamer.. Mas pang gaming yung a83.. Both maganda naman in its own ways
Michael Clete (28 days ago)
Ano ok sa pang gaming f3 or a83?
Angelo (1 month ago)
James Ethan kaya pero malag
Hack ._. (2 months ago)
sa tingin ko hindi ata kaya ng j7 pro
James Ethan (2 months ago)
Hack ._. Idol sa tingin mo mganda sa samsung j7 pro ang pubm?
James Ethan (2 months ago)
Hack ._. ok thank you idol👍👍👍
Hack ._. (3 months ago)
Mas lamang po sa battery ang a83.. 3180mah..
Michael Clete (27 days ago)
Hack Salamat
Hack ._. (28 days ago)
Michael Clete a83
Michael Clete (28 days ago)
Hack ._. Ano po yung mas maganda pang gaming a83 or f3?
Thank you for the correction! Yes, 3180mAh ang battery ng A83. We apologize for the mistake.
Cynic (3 months ago)
Go for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus it's priced the same as these phones and it is rocking a fullhd panel and the snapdragon 625
Cynic (27 days ago)
M Duzt Lakas mag malaki ng phone home credit lang naman hahaha tng ina mo pre puro ka satsat wala ka tlgang pinag aralan di mo kayang makipag argue ng maayos ugok manahimik ka nlng at pag tanggol mo ang putang inang oppo mo im just here stating facts at ulol upakan tayo? gago takbuhin ka ata tanga hahaha sayang oras ko sa mga taong kagaya mo ugok
Cebu Vlogs (27 days ago)
Cynic gagong bakla dami mong satsat sa INTERNET KA LNG MATAPANG skwater na gago add moko fb sampal ko sayo samsung s9 plus at xiaomi mi a1 ko gagong bakla to ah nangigil nko sau ah!
Cynic (27 days ago)
M Duzt Sa mga pananalita mo lalo mong pinapakitang wala kang pinag aralan skwater amputa
Cynic (27 days ago)
M Duzt typical pinoy dinadala sa pisikal ampt sus kay simpleng bagay lakas na makapag panalita ni gago pta skwater at ako pa hinahamon mo timang
Cebu Vlogs (27 days ago)
Cynic dami mong satsat wla ka nmng alam sa soc bulok utak bakla kpa tago ka muna sa palda ng nanay mo bata
Justin (3 months ago)
Mas sulit ka sa specs at brand ng huawei nova 2i lite .. mas premium pa tignan ang huawei ..
Justin (22 days ago)
john daniel k😂😂
john daniel (22 days ago)
Justin Rae iPhone 1gb ata ram nyan hahaha
john daniel (22 days ago)
Justin Rae idol hack
john daniel (22 days ago)
Justin Rae hahaha gago brand lang binabase
Pang gaming oppo a83
Gamer Robbss (3 months ago)
I m asking da mganda girl not u cynic lol... I think ur also a girl hahaha
Cynic (3 months ago)
Gamer Robbss lol
Kriscia Roces (3 months ago)
hey mnl try the new vivo v9 and the v9 plus the new smartphone of vivo and for the march 26th the upcoming oppo f7 and f7 plus and f7 youth
Sure! We'll do comparisons of both phones paglabas ng OPPO F7. :)
Ton Norcos (3 months ago)
baliktad po A83 has 13mp rear and 8mp front camera 😊
LavaGrenade (3 months ago)
Pwede po gawa ka po ng speed test sa dalawa sa gaming. Thank you po.
kushi (2 months ago)
huawei ka mas optimized gpu nila
Sure, we'll do that!
LavaGrenade (3 months ago)
Eivan Barnes thank you po
Gamer Robbss (3 months ago)
Hey mganda😍😍 ... One phone is missing in ur channel dats RAZER PHONE.... U show dat one also on ur channel...
jigee boy (1 month ago)
Gamer Robbss (3 months ago)
Manila Shaker Philippines. Gaming and speed test..
Hi! We recently bought a Razer Phone. Maybe you have request kung ano gusto niyo ilabas namin about it. (eg, gaming comparison, speed test, etc)
Cynic (3 months ago)
And it's pretty much unecessary for them to make a review of it since you can see loads of tech channels reviewed it in the first place
Cynic (3 months ago)
Gamer Robbss *Razer
Don Syril Gutierrez (3 months ago)
Which is Beautiful?
Gilagmesh Gaustauve (3 days ago)
The voice
jhonny senoir (3 months ago)
Ano po masmaganda?
Night Slark (3 months ago)
Cynic (3 months ago)
Mas sulit pa rin ang mi a1 kumpara sa mga phones na to
Paulo David (30 days ago)
bro wala naman signal ang mi sa pilipinas
Christian Alpino (1 month ago)
Mas mahal nga lang
Hack ._. (2 months ago)
Rolan Antalan tried it.. Mas mabilis yung a83 kesa mi a1
Cynic (2 months ago)
Rolan Antalan Already tried it
Rolan Antalan (2 months ago)
try mo muna.

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