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Top 5 Best New Dual Rear Cameras Smartphones 2018

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The latest addition to LG’s V series of phones adds to your video bag of tricks with Cine Video effects. These 16 filters give your videos a stylish look, emulating everything from Thriller to Romantic Comedy to help set the proper mood. Videographers will like being able save their shoots in the Cine Log format, while a Point Zoom feature gives you the power to zoom in on any area of the frame instead of just the center. Like its fellow LG phone the G6, the V30 also excels at taking wide-angle shots with its dual rear cameras. LG G6 Best Camera Phone For Landscapes 8/10 TOTALLY WORTH IT REVIEW SEE PLANS AND PRICING WhistleOut With a dual camera setup that features two 13-MP sensors, the LG G6 is equally adept at capturing super sharp photos from either its standard lens or its expansive wide-angle lens. Landscapes look particularly impressive, as we used the wide-angle lens on the G6 to capture some gorgeous expansive cityscapes and hillsides. LG has thoughtfully included a fantastic pro mode too, so you can manually adjust settings like shutter, speed, ISO and white balance. And with the G6's new Square mode, you can shoot pictures while simultaneously looking at another, letting you easily recreate scenes or compositions without hassle.

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