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Honor 9i Review with Pros & Cons The Mid-Range Camera Smartphone?

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Honor 9i review with it's pros & cons the Honor 9i is a mid-range camera centric smartphone which has 4 cameras and I share my experience I divide the review between pros & cons so that you can decide if this smartphone is good for you or not. My other videos that I had posted on Honor 9i https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKPfNLWYvgEbER-lkboBI12p Honor 9i is sold in India via flipkart https://goo.gl/BXAHfR
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Geekyranjit (8 months ago)
Here is the playlist that contains all the other videos that I had posted on the Honor 9i like it's camera review, FAQ video etc https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKPfNLWYvgEbER-lkboBI12p
GO (5 days ago)
Geekyranjit I really like the way you do your reviews you go threw everything is amazing keep it up am big fan
Muthu Ram (27 days ago)
does it has slow motion capture option????
rohit rohit (3 months ago)
Geekyranjit did we get gyro sensor with an update ?
Nayan'S Keot (4 months ago)
Geekyranjit Hello sir..My budget is 20000 and I want to buy an all round performance phone..I dnt play too mch games also I m not a fan of too much photography stil does a bit..the things i want in my phone is good battery back up fluid performance..so is honor 9i good for me or i can go for other phones under 20000..please do reply..will appreciate ur suggestion..
Sandeep Layek (6 months ago)
Geekyranjit giveway kr do...muje de do..kch v phone...guruji to deta nhi..aap he de do
Nafisa Tatiwla (14 days ago)
Does it support VoLte?
Himanshu Patgiri (14 days ago)
Redmi note5 pro ya honor 9i which one should i buy?
anish jhalani (15 days ago)
Type C???
naveen hegde (20 days ago)
Hi , got this phone for 14.5K with offer. is it worth for this money?. my priority is camera.
Hindi nhi aati kya english bk rhe ho
Sir could you compare this with redmi note 5 pro
Sir how can I record any call on my honour 9i handset ?? Pls suggest me sir !
Abrar Ahmad (29 days ago)
Sir 15000 se 20000 ke range me koi accha sa phone btayeye
basu mathapati (29 days ago)
I wanted to buy this one ..... Shuld I buy this or not.???
anand kumar (1 month ago)
I am getting this phone for about 15.5K in paytm which has cash back which is almost same as redmi note 5 pro. can you please compare it with Redmi Note 5 pro. ?
Shourya Nautiyal (1 month ago)
camera is the best part ... chutiye shakal dekhi hai apni, "honth raseele mere honth raseele"
Karan Nautiyal (1 month ago)
Shourya Nautiyal appu
Deepika Mahur (1 month ago)
aap ke teeth yellow ha
Mohiuddin Ansari (1 month ago)
thank you for your honest review
Bindhu R (1 month ago)
Vivo v9 unboxing please
Kamal Hasan Babu (1 month ago)
Please cover your face can't able to see the phone properly
Berlneil Heyrosa (1 month ago)
Thank you Ranjiiitttt <3 I've been watching your videos since highschool and now Im a 3rd year college student, your content and reviews are still my go-to videos whenever I need help about gadgets and stuff. Thank you and God bless!
Chrono Voltage (1 month ago)
If you're a hardcore gamer, go and buy a frickin pc or a console
Ashwani Kumar (1 month ago)
Then what is the best phone for gaming under 20000rs
Sohil Batra (1 month ago)
I have the honor 9i and the charging speed is way better than ur description 😠
Ani Ani (2 months ago)
hai sir Iam a bit confused about purchasing a mbl . I am have looked into Honor 9i and infinix zero 5 both now iam unable to make a decision abt the one to buy . Iam not a heavy gamer too and normal MBL user. so can u suggest me which mbl to be purchased .
Hatim Mohammed (2 months ago)
Can u please do a review on the Huawei y9 2018
Manju Agrawal (2 months ago)
Sir I wanted to know which is better honor 9i or redmi note 5pro regarding processor , camera and processor
Makshik Malyan (2 months ago)
Hey there sir! Can you please help me with the best phone under 20k ive herd about the arrival of Asus Zenfone 5. Should I wait for the Asus or other phone? please sugest me! hank You
sumit0908 (2 months ago)
sd card lock is awsome feature.
Vivek Kumar (2 months ago)
is it better den note 5 pro???and is it break proof
Shubham Dwivedi (2 months ago)
sir aapne bharosa thoda hai mera mai apke upr believe krta tha sir.. apke review ke upr believe krta tha koi setting h kya apka honor ke sth aisa lg raha hai.. apka video dekh kr achha hai achha hai sun maine le liya but honor 9i me bs camera achha hai wo bhi day me bki sb average hai..😒
Saufiuddin Haniz (3 months ago)
honor 9i (mate 10 lite/nova 2i) and redmi 5 plus, which do u prefer and why? kirin 659 and snapdragon 625, which better
Dearrj sahilSheharray (3 months ago)
chinmay pattanaik (3 months ago)
Any honor user???
Ashish N (3 months ago)
hello sir , i wanted to ask you that Mi Note 5 Pro have 1.8ghz octa core processor and honor 9i have 2.36 ghz processor so why in this 9i phone get lags while gaming? please give me advice bcos tomorrow i going to buy any from it..
Bisman Deep (2 months ago)
Ashish N gaming is not based upon cpu its based upon gpu,,,games are well conditioned to run on adreno gpu's than mali
Keyur Panchal (3 months ago)
Sir I just purched this device I would like to know that my multi task is not working properly
nosterbebot (3 months ago)
Your accent sucks. Truly, only Filipinos speak English in Asia in an audible way for us from the West..
kunal kaundal (3 months ago)
it has branding of huawei or honor on front ?
Rockstar Rohit (3 months ago)
Hy Ranjeet i am bit confused among moto g5s plus, Redmi 5 pro and honor 9i..! help me out..
abdul gafoor (3 months ago)
Sir which is the best phone between oppo f3 vs honour 9i comparing all aspect
swati agrawal (3 months ago)
Mi note 5pro or honor 9i
febin jacob (3 months ago)
which phone is good price below 20000 ₹
Sajid Ahmed (3 months ago)
Bkwas km kr k direct video ki subject pe drct baat knre se teri maa nahi chud jaegi
Shri Ram (3 months ago)
Hi sir, What about the Android 8 update for this device? And also will it get the face unlock feature? as they have promised to do for honor 7x via OTA update
THE GENTLEMAN (3 months ago)
compare it with moto g5 s
Milind Yadav (3 months ago)
1080 p 60 hai
Jenzil Karmacharya (3 months ago)
Which camera is good nova 2i or galaxy s7 edge
Dhaval-Nilkanth Bhatt (3 months ago)
Hii ranjit Does this phone has a fm radio
Dilshan Madhushanka (3 months ago)
Hi I'm from Sri Lanka and I am a fan of your videos. Can you tell me please which is the best phone in terms of durability and low-light camera quality in between J7 Pro vs Honor 9i (Huawei Nova 2i in my country) ? Thanks !
Ashif E.V (4 months ago)
Honor 9i or xiomi note 5 pro .which one is better
Chandan Debnath (4 months ago)
Sir when honor 9i will get gyroscope update like honor 7x.
webster lyte (4 months ago)
gaming performance improve update??????????????????
Dead Trigger (4 months ago)
Any nova 2i users??? I would like to have suggestions from you..... comment down
sathish shankar (4 months ago)
The mobiles which are absence of gyroscope then the electronic image stabilization will not working properly
Deepika Kunche (4 months ago)
Does it support video call?
Pradeep Chandra (4 months ago)
Is it value buying? Is it water resistant and hard screen?
How to work now (4 months ago)
Then Honor 6x is better than 9lite .... N 7x
Pratik Gupta (4 months ago)
Please give me one phone if you have any extra..I need one but dont have budget to buy..I am in Hyderabad only.
ali rizwan (4 months ago)
first of all the video was great can u plz tell me that which phone is good in portrait honor 9i or lite??? (rear+front)
Suraj Shinde (4 months ago)
Sir. Does honor 9i has front flash
Nandan Neo (4 months ago)
Mi A1 is best
TNOOR Gaming (4 months ago)
hardcore Gamer n playing in mobile LOL
Sudhir Kumar (4 months ago)
Please say this phone sensor gerosansor yes or no
Aishwarya Bhargava (4 months ago)
If you review phones in Winter they won't exhibit heating Issues. Summers in India reach 50 degrees. Get yourselves some brain dumbfuck.
Mohd Haziq (4 months ago)
Sir , Vivo V7+ or Honor 9i is better ?
Fardin Islam (4 months ago)
Need 7x vs 9i
paban borah (4 months ago)
one of my friend finds problems after oreo update im MIA1 model.whats the reason/please reply
Yash Sharma (4 months ago)
one phone which you will prefer under 20k.I want a good camera,good look,good storage.please tell me
praveen reddy (5 months ago)
can you provide honor 9 lite review ASAP
MANomAYSTAN (5 months ago)
Oppo f3 plus or 9i .... 🙏
Avadhoot Shahasane (5 months ago)
LG Q6 plus or Honor 9i? Which one to buy? Really confused!
S B Dhanashetti (5 months ago)
Very useful video. Sir, I have a question. 9i vs 7x vs LG Q6 Which should I buy?
Hari Gorinta (5 months ago)
could please provide comparison between honor 9i vs honor plite
Shubham Jha (5 months ago)
Should i take honor 9i lite or Moto g5 plus from Flipkart or wait for mi note 5
Varthesh Poojari (5 months ago)
Which one to buy honor 9i or g5s plus?? I am confused so can you get tell me plzz
mdabid786 abid (5 months ago)
Hindi mein bolo
Susanta Mondal (5 months ago)
hi ranjit sir...plz honor 9 lite ka ek video banaye app..
Ashish Pareek (5 months ago)
pls make detailed review of Honor 9 lite
rajendra singh ranawat (5 months ago)
Paul M Murray (5 months ago)
Hi Ranjit can you tell me if SIM2 slot supports 4GLTE as 2G has been shut down in Australia. Can you use 4G and 3G SIMs in both slots?
Ritabrata Chakraborty (5 months ago)
Sir make a video of infinix zero 5 pro..
Eshwar 360 (5 months ago)
Is there any updates in future for honor 9i
Jai Kishore (5 months ago)
Do the unboxing & camera & indepth video for honor 9lite
shad bud (5 months ago)
Hardcore gamer Gaming on mobile phones Pick one.
Rajiv (5 months ago)
How eis is possible without gyroscope?
Homes Tech (5 months ago)
YouTube video shoot karne kiliya honor 9i achi hay kya??
85sebin (5 months ago)
Hi Ranjit, Kindly help me with a better phone within 25k or within 20k. Looking for a better camera, battery, email and videos. Thanks,Sebin
sangeeth San (5 months ago)
Shaik Abdulla (5 months ago)
Which is best phone under Rs25000 plezz reply me
Shaik Abdulla (5 months ago)
Which is best among moto x4 and honor 9i
Clash of Clan GURU (5 months ago)
1 question is YouTube is support playing on full screen mode honor9 lite
Sagnik Chatterjee (5 months ago)
How do u afford all these phones?? Sponsored or from ur own money?
pidugu kwaissh (5 months ago)
Can u plz do a video about doogee S60
Aromal C L (5 months ago)
Sir, please suggest a better smartphone around 20k rupees
ren akiyama (5 months ago)
Is this nova 2i?
Md. Gias Uddin Chowdhury (5 months ago)
I bought this phone but screen share or mirroring option didn't find, if possible please help regarding this issue.
Izaackiel Nongrum (5 months ago)
u have ur self a new subscriber✌✌✌
Time Loop (5 months ago)
Should I upgrade to Honor 9i from Redmi note 4 (64gb) ? I mostly use my phone for internet and media. Rarely use Camera.
Time Loop (4 months ago)
Suboohi Shaikh ty 4 the info ☺️
Suboohi Shaikh (4 months ago)
Time Loop no..this phone is trash do not waste your hard earned money on this device..
Param Jani (5 months ago)
they didn't mention type of protection on the screen... just put manforce on the screen
nehal arzu (5 months ago)
Sir samsung j7 prime ko oreo update milega ki ni .....plz tell me
Rj Vargas (5 months ago)
Can you compare the honor 9i and the j7 pro
Nevin Mathew (5 months ago)
can u compare honor 7x and honor 9i
MarchMonster13th (5 months ago)
this is what we call as review. unlike some channel, they just inform the same thing over n over..
Nandhu Priya (5 months ago)
u did a fantastic review 🙏🙏

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