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The Property Show 10th June 2018 Episode 264 - Royal Finesse

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Christine Nzisa (3 days ago)
I am gig to buy this house
Kevin Odhiambo (5 days ago)
Excellent job Leah!!
austin okomol (6 days ago)
Sasa muna ongelea kwa mlango, instead of showing us the house
Peris Kabui (6 days ago)
Beautiful n elegant.Excellent work Leah Wambui.
Matheline oketch (7 days ago)
Imma buy one house there in day i hope it wont be too late.Please God deliver❤️🙏
Maureen Wahu (2 days ago)
Matheline oketch Amen
HELLEN WANYONYI (7 days ago)
ok have watched optiven and royal developers; perfect where can i get the pricing?for an 8th -quarter may be?
peter karimi (8 days ago)
Royal Finesse Show house should borrow a lot from Ms Odero, her house looks splendid.
Caroline Wambui (8 days ago)
Waoh ..wambui is just something else ..I love how confident and God fearing she is ..#inspiration
peter karimi (8 days ago)
The furniture for the show House and the presentation by that lady for Royal Finesses is not fine and totally lousy respectively. The Image outside is not the Image inside very disappointing.
Lovely Day (8 days ago)
Elegant and the prices aren't so crazy unlike some other houses being sold
Ray ray (8 days ago)
This is my fav Kenyan show

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