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Mystery package from SAMSUNG

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Samsung sent me a surprise package with gifts to share with YOU guys! ► GIVEAWAY details 6 x Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (International). Follow the steps below to enter: ► 1. Follow SuperSaf YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf ► 2. Leave a COMMENT on this video about your favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ with your social media handles Giveaway closes on May 23 2018 (11.59PM GTM) and 6 winners will be selected and contacted individually and announced in the comments of this video. Please DO NOT message/email us asking to be selected, this will result in you being blocked from this and ALL future giveaways.

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Text Comments (46261)
SuperSaf TV (13 days ago)
BIG THANKS to Samsung for making this possible. Please READ all the instructions in the description FIRST and all the best 😊
Conrad Rajkumar (8 days ago)
My favorite feature is the headphone jack lol Iv'e never used a phone with a fingerprint sensor, and the slow motion I have so many stuff I can record that would be perfect in slow-mo and I love the display😍😍 I have no phone😭 Taking down notes in school when im feeling to lazy to write😊 Insta: mysterious_13_
Shaquib Neyaz (12 days ago)
SuperSaf TV i want sir please
Mohammed Shan (12 days ago)
Best quality
BOSS TECH (12 days ago)
Hi saf, You are really awesome
Opoku Asamoah (12 days ago)
The Samsung Galaxy s9 plus has a unique features compared to the iPhone X , it is a beast with high quality resolution and advanced technology. Samsung might not be able to provide the 3D face scan but the iris look cool and highly secured from what I have seen from your videos so far.. am your number one ☝🏽 follower since day one
My favorite feature is the phone itself because I use iPhone 5 SE, I do like and want this phone
ali naqvi (4 minutes ago)
The favourite features - That Infinity Display❤ I'm following you everywhere. Facebook- Ali Ñäqví Instagram- @_.naqvi._ Twitter- @alinaqvi966
Jerez Jesse (4 minutes ago)
My favorite feature is the screen 😍
Harsh Patel (5 minutes ago)
Favorite features are the largest ram in any smartphone, fastest android phone with fastest processor, oxygen os, custom features etc. Instagram: harshpatel881997
GP Sacramento (12 minutes ago)
Definitely the camera with its dual aperture and the display @gpogi
Adarshlal Keralapuram (12 minutes ago)
My favourite features is its display camera and dual apertures
Deepak Raghav (16 minutes ago)
Samsung galaxy s9 is great camera nd soc 845 speedy
Necolin Naidoo (17 minutes ago)
Amoled display is heat :) Twitter: @nnecolin
NdineZulu (20 minutes ago)
My favourite feature(s) of the galaxy S9 are the variable apertures of the camera and the stereo speakers, the s9 ticks all the boxes and it's the perfect device right now. Instagram @dr_chimwemwe
Dee SA_186 (21 minutes ago)
Oh noo I Know about it to late it’s already 23rd May 😭
Sabarish N (23 minutes ago)
🎊🎊🎆 *Hi SAF congrats on your partnership with SAMSUNG* 🎇🎉🎉. And my favourite feature in Galaxy S9+ is *New 18.5:9 Display, Bixby vision , Bixby voice* wch r all kind of exclusive to S Series . Bixby may not be as good as G Assistant or Siri . But it can do lot more thing that they can't do  and it also has G Assistant 😁😁 lol. Thank you ( hopefully I get one )😄😄😄.And i have literally created insta account to follow you.(And following you for like 6 months now)😙😙 Instagram@ sabarish_rider Twitter@ Sabarish_Rider Facebook@ Sabarish Rider ✴️ I already sent this comment ( just a remainder) 😙😙😙😙 (  *And if I get one could you send ur autograph with it* 🤗🤗🤗 ) Subscribe = ✔️ Facebook = ✔️ Instagram =✔️     Twitter =✔️ Luv U😘😘😘  *Thanks for your contents* *With ♥️ from India*
Khagram Kamlesh (23 minutes ago)
My favourite feature is super slow motion camera
CaRadu (24 minutes ago)
I like the dual-camera setup and the iris scanner option. I also like the speed and the gorgeous AMOLED screen with Always-On Display. Instagram: radu_caruntu Facebook: caruntu.radu
Awsome camera and design with slow motion
Jason Li (25 minutes ago)
My favorite feature is Dual Audio Twitter: Lijason831Li
Sonu Kumar Sinha (24 minutes ago)
I love Samsung display. My email id is sinhasonu576@gmail.com
dormant (26 minutes ago)
My favorite feature of the S9 is the chrisp display man that thing looks 🔥🔥🔥
Mister Classy (27 minutes ago)
Hey saf, you're the best tech youtuber out there. I see all your videos and posts. InshaAllah you'll touch millions of subscribers ahead. S9+ is awesome device with amazing cameras and best display on any smartphone. Only on instagram. Instagram - misterclassyyy
james botham (28 minutes ago)
My favourite features are the cameras thanks to the dual aperture, the infinity display as its basically all screen which is the future of smartphones and wireless and fast charging which im quite the fan of and my twitter is james_botham
Nishith Patel (29 minutes ago)
Mostly I have likes the Screen ratio and Amoled Display , 2nd most usual feature is Photo Translator and camera Camera is ther heart of s9 plus....
Nishith Patel (27 minutes ago)
Instagram -- nishith015 Email ---- nishithpatel402@gmail.com
Cindy V (33 minutes ago)
S9+ has the best features: best display, design, camera and ar emoji.
Sonu Kumar Sinha (34 minutes ago)
I love Samsung variable aparture feature in camera. My email id is sonukumarsinha1707@gmail.com
Shivam Patel (37 minutes ago)
Infinity display is so good, dual rear camera with variable aperture is the best features for me i hope that i will win one of 6 I'm not using any social site but i followed supersaf tv on youtube
DrHyder Mohammad (38 minutes ago)
fav feature, head fone jack subscribed on you tube following on Instagram @dr__hyder following on fb https://www.facebook.com/Dr.HyderMohammad i don't used twitter
Arshad Gharajally (38 minutes ago)
My favorite futures of S9/S9+ are it's CAMERA'S
asif ranjha (38 minutes ago)
Favourite feature is slow motion video
asif ranjha (40 minutes ago)
I wish i could won ....
Ram Diwakar (40 minutes ago)
Supersaf it's super slow motion the best feature for me
Netgager (42 minutes ago)
The phone is great. But what I love the most is the non 'NOTCHY' display & the fact that it keeps the headphone jack everything said contact me on @netgager on instagram or netgager06 on twitter if I win. Fingers crossed🤘🤘🤘🤘
Ghanashyam Khwairakpam (42 minutes ago)
My favourite features are the slo mo camera, the super amoled infinity display and dual rear camera.
Patel Shivam (44 minutes ago)
I like the super amoled display and the variable aperture of the s9+. Also i like the phone design I'm using only youtube i have no any social site account
Raúl Dominguez (45 minutes ago)
I love the speed of the phone and of course the beautiful camera, wich is the best smartphone camera at this time! Would love to win my first android ever
abdullah kamran (46 minutes ago)
Done! That new variable aperture is amazing. And the display is even more beautiful. And the new colours available are also excellent.Will be loved to have one. By the way #Supersaf amazing job.Well done.Your work is very good.Thumbs up👍 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006794474282
Farath Asrari (46 minutes ago)
Beautiful Amoled display, variable aperture, and blue colour
Abhijit Kamble (49 minutes ago)
Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.
Lakhani Yash (50 minutes ago)
Camera's all features n special is slow motion is my favorite......
Omer Merdan (50 minutes ago)
My favorite future is the screen 🤤
Levente Lukács (52 minutes ago)
Shivam Patel (52 minutes ago)
I love the infinity display and i want to use bixby assistant also i like dual camera so much I'm following you on youtube bcoz I'm not using any social site
Gokul P Chandran (52 minutes ago)
The best feature of the s9 plus is the same as that of the s8 plus, that beautiful amoled display that curves along the edges. Social media handles Instagram: gokul_pc
Anoop PV (54 minutes ago)
Infinity display is the best feature i like about s9 + twitter/insta : @anooppv68
Sukhpreet Bhogal (54 minutes ago)
Hey SuperSaf Thanks for the opportunity to be apart of your giveaway. I wish everyone the best of luck. My favourite features of the s9+ are the dual camera specifically the dual aperture, Samsung UI & super slow motion. I followed you on IG and I'm already subscribed to your channel. IG is @bhogal01 All the way from Canada (and yes I guess I fit the friendly stereotype), Sukh All the best SuperSaf
The Boss Baby (56 minutes ago)
1. Beautiful Display 2.No Ugly Notch 3.Camera 4.No Ugly Notch 5. Beautiful Body and Colour 6.No Ugly Notch Instagram : @thessfreestyle twitter : thessfreestyle No ugly notch no ugly notch..................................
Roberto Sunga (57 minutes ago)
My fav features are of course the new cameras, wireless charging and the bigger battery! @rsunga_akheth on instagram
Zahid Khan (1 hour ago)
Your channel is my favorite tech youtube channel, your videos are amazing and so addictive. InshahAllah wish you a lots of success in life. Love from India. My favourite feature in S9+ is the luxurious design and that gorgeous display. I only use instagram. Instagram - zk3786
Michael Magapan (1 hour ago)
My favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus are: 1.Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has High Rated Cameras, With its revolutionary camera technology (dual aperture) and Camera features like 960fps slow motion, Ar Emojis and Optical zoom also the excellent video recording capabilities. 2.Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus has the most Gorgeous display for a phone out there with its amoled technology and curved sides, protected by gorilla glass 5 and doesn't have that odd notch 3.Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has Stereo speakers for immersive audio experience. 5.Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has the Latest and Greatest Processor that is capable of any tasks you throw at it with 6Gb of ram and snapdragon 845. 6.Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus Have Exquisite and stunning design, The Build is superb, Has good ergonomics and great durabilty. 7.Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus have Reliable battery with fast and wireless charging 8.Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus has Bixby assistant That sums up my favorite features of samsung galaxy s9 Plus, Reach me at: Twitter:@rxgxmmxchxxl instagram:@rxgxmmxchxxl thank you and Godbless
Sahadat Ali (1 hour ago)
Everything is my favorite of this phone.
Rasmus Jensen (1 hour ago)
Midnight black and the camera to take on the moment picture
Rishi Toshniwal (1 hour ago)
The best thing about the beauty is the slow motion and also the body to screen aspect ratio
Weerapon Kararam (1 hour ago)
My favorite feature on Samsung galaxy s9+ is dual camera , AMOLED screen, curv screen
Un Known (1 hour ago)
My favorite feature is the stunning display of galaxy s9 and s9 plus❤️
D ABHISHEK (1 hour ago)
Hey! My favourite feature is the variable aperture in camera And display! Insta: /fan_of_maheshbabu
Jenis Jose (1 hour ago)
Camera is my favourite feature on samsung s9
Anthony Sloan (1 hour ago)
Fingerprint being moved, the display and curve, and the design
Fadhal Ismail (1 hour ago)
It is having one of the best industrial design....its display is outstanding....the best display on any smartphone....one of the best and most lovely feature is the changable apperture of camera...amazing
het shah (1 hour ago)
Camera and screen
Vinícius de Jesus (1 hour ago)
Dual-lens rear camera and Fingerprint Sensor in a different location! I really love and my dream is S9 Plus! <3 Instagram: vih8p facebook: fb.com/vih8p twitter: vih8p
I really like design and the cameras 👍🏻 Instagram: fosilija.raw and the Facebook: Kornelijus Kovalenkovas
Naseer Lover (1 hour ago)
The best feature of the Galaxy S9 Plus for me, is the Camera. One of the best Smartphone camera right now. .......
yousef gamal (1 hour ago)
Variable aperture camera “f/1.5 f/2.4” make photos sharper and clearer. AR emoji, stereo speakers and the fingerprint scanner in good location Instagram: @yousef.gamal Twitter: @yousefgamal94
Thanda Maal. Com (1 hour ago)
Aperture switch.
Jonvel Pamintuan (1 hour ago)
Hello SuperSaf! My favorite features of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 plus are it has a dual camera lens for a more sharp detailed photo, also the awesome slow mo feature and lastly, the dual speakers for a better and more soundly experience it gives to the user! Goodluck to all of us! Thanks SuperSaf! If I would be one of the winner of the S9s, please do put your autograph on the box!! 😃 My name on facebook is Jayce Pamintuan Email add: pamintuanjonvel@yahoo.com Location: Singapore
Hisham Hosein (1 hour ago)
The lowlight camera! Like wow. The technological advancements that went into these camera setups are beyond amazing. That has to be my favorite feature without a doubt. Twitter: @hish121 Instagram: @hish121
Sohail ki Gun (1 hour ago)
Stunning camera
Vasyl Memko (1 hour ago)
My favorite feature is the display
Anya Celedonio (1 hour ago)
Fahad Bin sawood (1 hour ago)
Best thing about s9+ Super-slow-motion video. Insallah i will win. Instagram : @fahadsawood. Gmail: fahadbinsawood@gmail.com
Ananta Basudeb Dixit (1 hour ago)
S9 design is very nice. I want this.
NAWAZISH (1 hour ago)
Thanks supersaf & samsung,,,,, my dream samsung s9+
victor runji (1 hour ago)
My best feature is the camera and the finger prints because I'm poor kid own tecno with no good camera
Ayoub Babakhouya (1 hour ago)
of course the camera everything about it is special : 960fps , dual aperture .... hats off for Samsung.
Arvinder Makkar (1 hour ago)
It's super slow mo camera is awesome
Manas Tarai (1 hour ago)
Hello! The galaxy s9+ is a beast and undoubtedly it is the best phone in the market right now. The salient features are ..its super Vibrant display which is a big win for me.  @Kaporosh on twitter !
Anya Celedonio (1 hour ago)
rnbose8 (1 hour ago)
my favourite features are the camera for sure the super amoled display and the changed position of the fp scanner from the s8 series. fb: soumya bose instagram: soumya101 i have followed you on fb instagram & youtube but i’m not on twitter so couldn’t follow you over there. i think i will not be disqualified from the contest for this reason 🙂 chaao 😎
Yusuf Saburi (1 hour ago)
The Reimagined camera😋
monu mo (1 hour ago)
Thanks for providing big giveaway......
Qasim Fayyaz (1 hour ago)
My favourite features about this phone is Camera design and performance ❤
kaushal pandya (1 hour ago)
I like the killer look of s9+, just see it mind blowing glass design 🔥🔥 insta: kaushal449, Twitter : kaushalrn_449 fb:kaushal.pandya.718
abu yousuf (1 hour ago)
I like the design and cam Instagram is mostly my social media handles Supersaf is a good internatinal technology channel
eLion (1 hour ago)
I like where the fingerprint is located I hope I will win Love from Palestine <3
us nabil (1 hour ago)
I like the slowmo its super cool
mafia Mos (1 hour ago)
Always best review on youtube👌 s9
Ahmed bdar (1 hour ago)
Sure amoled display and camera and finally super slow motion 💜💜https://www.facebook.com/tito.ahmedibrahem My F.B :
The fact that this phone has... 1) A camera good enough to compete with Apple and Google. 2) Glamorous Infinity Display!3) Blood Pressure Checker has blown my mind! To be honest I don't use Instagram but I follow you on twitter @SurendraSekha and subbed you way back! I'd love to have this Inshallah.. Ramadan Kareem All !
Rahul Kaji Mahat (1 hour ago)
Happensforgood.rkm@gmail.com is gmaile and rahul kaji mahat is my fb username and the same goes with twitter and insta huhu i hipe i win thanku
rajeesh kp (1 hour ago)
For me the variable aperture is the best feature of the galaxy s9 plus. That's why it stand out in the crowd. And the look also. Instagram; @Rajeesh_kolathuparambil Twitter; @Rajeeshunni Fb; https://www.facebook.com/rajeesh.kp.520
Sayyed Mohsin Ali (1 hour ago)
Super Slo-mo is one of my most fav feature. Facebook : itsmochin Twitter : its_mochin Instagram : sayyed._mohsin_.ali Youtube : Here
WiZ AymeN (1 hour ago)
My Favorite Feature Is The Color Of This Phone Because It Very Shiny and Stunning ___ I hope To Win The Galaxy S9 plus because it's my Dream
Rahul Kaji Mahat (1 hour ago)
I like the qualcomm snapdragon 845 aswell as the camera with adjustable aperture hope i winn hehe
arman shaikh (1 hour ago)
Come What May - Samsung's Best Feature Would Be the Display. Instagram - arman_n4wab
Mohit Chahal JAAT (1 hour ago)
Slow motion video recording is best
Quinton Dominic (1 hour ago)
Bro,..i just find out ur vid...i have watch 4 of ur vid... This month is my birthday too... Can i have some of that phone?? Hahaha
Balkar Khosa (1 hour ago)
I love s9+ and thanks for contesting the giveway SuperSaf TV
Akilesh Kota (1 hour ago)
Camera and screen ❤️
Manasdeep Saxena (1 hour ago)
The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has many great new features, but personally my favorite ones are: 1 - Dual-lens rear camera that supports 2x optical zoom and optical image stabilization and shoots video clips in super-slow-motion at 960 fps. 2 - Intelligent Scan that combines face and iris scanning to improve accuracy and security even in low light or very bright light. 3 - Fingerprint Sensor in a different location than it's predecessor, which makes it easier to access with a safe distance below the lens. Twitter - @balusinghbalu Not on instagram and deleted my facebook Id
Jack Boardman (1 hour ago)
The best feature is the screen and the face recognition feature. Good present for my dad if I win this
Nicolas Mascolo (1 hour ago)
My favorite feature is the new Camera Aperture, is incredible how this phone take nice pictures in WHY condition. Personally would be my treasure if i win one. My Twitter is @xXNicReyXx, my Facebook is Nicolas Mascolo and my Instagram is @nic9890.
Mayur Jadhav (1 hour ago)
Bruh give a one phone plz

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