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The Property Show 8th April 2018 Episode 255 - Kenya Women Investment Company & The Grand Eben Park

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Marvin Mala (2 months ago)
Hoe many women were they?
realtimcali (2 months ago)
Came here to look for a house, nut all im seeing are pictures and videos of cartoon houses
94110mission (2 months ago)
Why didn't you feature any "real" video of The Grand Eben Park residences, instead of those computer generated images probably provided by the developer? Also, once again I noticed from the drawings there's no extractor in the kitchen. This development is asking several millions of KSH for a home, but are too cheap to include the duct work for something as basic as an extractor over the stove?
Humphrey Mutembei (1 month ago)
Possibly because Grand Eben is selling as an OFF PLAN property. In that case, the imagery shown to the buyer is the developer/architectural designs.
Patrick Mwangi (2 months ago)
That's Beautfull . I love it. Kenya is beautiful.
Angie Nimo (2 months ago)
hello Nancy, absolutely love your show.......what do you have for average income families given the ever rising rental prices?
Metalbass79 (2 months ago)
We absolutely love this show but for the past few weeks, the camera keeps rapidly changing angles every few seconds while Nancy is talking and makes it very hard to focus. Please, we beg you to go back to the old camera style.

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