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Nagoya University: Automotive Engineering Program

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Nagoya University, Global 30 International Programs Automotive Engineering Program 名古屋大学 Global 30 国際プログラム 自動車工学プログラム http://admissions.g30.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/
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Text Comments (17)
GamerSenpai (10 months ago)
You guys have a master's in Automotive Engineering right? I want to apply for 2018
Kira Lelouch (10 months ago)
What about PhD in automotive engineering
hj hfj (8 months ago)
What's Mtech? Did you take this program in Nagoya University? Because if so I have a ton of questions.
Kira Lelouch (8 months ago)
Leslie H. I've already completed Mtech in automotive engineering but thought it might be different for PhD and would actually have a hands on experience
hj hfj (8 months ago)
tf? why would you want that? study for 6 to 8 years but not actually work on cars?
Levi DeGeneres (1 year ago)
hey i wanna study there!!
Jamie Budam Lanbert (1 year ago)
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Jamie Budam Lanbert (1 year ago)
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dankster (2 years ago)
Sign me the fuck up NOW!
Casfas Asdfasdfasf (3 years ago)
This would be an awesome school to attend. Now fly me out and teach me everything :p 
FReeZinG CoLD (4 years ago)
Do you have Motorcycle Engineering in your university?
jjmaia (5 years ago)
Hello, Is this University participating with the 2014 Portugal-Japan Program? Thank you.
NagoyaG30 (5 years ago)
Yes, it is! For more information please visit our website (please follow the link in the description).
hj hfj (8 months ago)
which science do i need? all three Chemistry, physics and biology ? or just physics?
hj hfj (8 months ago)
Do I need Chemistry in high school for this?
vangt858 (5 years ago)
wish I could take the auto engineering program here. :(
Katheri Ahmed (5 years ago)
Is this a bachelor's degree program ? I like it

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