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ASUS ZenBook Pro 2018 with ScreenPad- The Laptop with TWO Screens

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ASUS ZenBook Pro UX580 2018 with SCREENPAD First Look & Impressions ►►►SUBSCRIBE for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 The ASUS ZenBook Pro 2018 features ScreenPad, the World’s 1st intelligent touchpad, a 4K UHD NanoEdge 15.6” Display with a 83% screen to body ratio (132% sRGB) an Intel Core i9 Processor; Geforce GTX 1050Ti Graphics; and 1TB PCIe x4SSD. Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (288)
Wie Simon (10 days ago)
that's a genius idea
Julia Barcelona (10 days ago)
this is beautiful
:-p :-D (11 days ago)
What a pointless gimmick.
Martin marty (11 days ago)
technical guruji (11 days ago)
plz suscribe my channel for electronic video
technical guruji (11 days ago)
best laptop
Phoenix-2063 (12 days ago)
will there be a version without the screenpad?
Sheikh Sahil (12 days ago)
Nice laptop varry good looking and display varry good and high performance
Dr Faisal Iqbal (12 days ago)
how can i buy this one?
Walid Noori (14 days ago)
The future is in ASUS's hands
ALL AMS (14 days ago)
its just like RAZOR LINDA
akhil rai (14 days ago)
hello sir I am new.. Nice video.
Definitely Not Alex (14 days ago)
Never knew Bunty King did tech reviews
davidwillno (15 days ago)
I've had my eyes on the new XPS15, however this looks like it has great potential. I type in Korean occasionally, so I can see this screenpad being used for that (fingers crossed). I'd love to see some benchmarks comparing the XPS15.
Rae Haralson (15 days ago)
That is beautiful ❤️
Darmendra Agrahari (15 days ago)
Saf I want you to do a #SuperSaf Style camera comparision between OnePlus 6 and the Huwawei P20 pro. And please do something new this time. Expecting out of the box from you. Peace✌
LoRenXo Lra (15 days ago)
Cool touchpad but laptop is not my type😎
Ishitva Srivastava (15 days ago)
Screenpad is really cool
Matt Stiles (15 days ago)
Kinda pointless lol i just want an affordable gaming ultrabook
Skyline (16 days ago)
Funny to see a hindi face with a British accent. Nice videos though :)
Cash Bonanza (16 days ago)
Holy shit!!! It only got a 480p webcam, according to Asus's website.
Usama Naseem (16 days ago)
Hey There Can you plz make a coparision video for sandisk 400gb microsd card and integral 512gb sd card
Abdelfattah KHATTACH (16 days ago)
i think this laptop will be a good choice for a giveaway
Hussain Moatsim (16 days ago)
If l could afford it, i'd by it jus for the mouse pad. I prefer that area having more functionality and they have delivered that. Something for Apple to catch up on. Glad to learn know that the innovative spirit is not dead in some developers
Archana Archu super (16 days ago)
JAVED TAMBOLI (16 days ago)
The screen pad is just dope man
Minhajul Abedin (16 days ago)
it's good
TheSerbianBoy (16 days ago)
what happend with s9 giveawey?
Arnel Mercado (16 days ago)
I'm honestly not digging the ScreenPad. The TouchBar did it better
Ted H (16 days ago)
The integration of second screen is way....better than MacBook.
Sheldon and Jess TV (16 days ago)
would love to see a comparison video in terms of performance for video editing between the new 2018 Zenbook pro vs the new 2018 Dell XPS 15 9570. Which one would be better for video content creators and for high-performance 4k video editing.
Arob Ahmed (16 days ago)
Really gonna buy it when lauched
Connor Haik (16 days ago)
Supersaf TV, do you know which HDMI version (1.3, 1.4, 2.0b, or 2.1) does this device have?
shemar dixon (17 days ago)
Supersaf it looks pretty good but me I font think ama use the touch pad for anything else that much
Arafah Shah (17 days ago)
ASUS is really stepping up their game!🔥🔥🔥
Mohammed Shamal (17 days ago)
I really want one
Ghulam Nabi (17 days ago)
supersaf awesome
Android GMR (17 days ago)
hey please show us vivobook line up also , iv been asking many youtubers
MTG (17 days ago)
Amazing video as always!! Soooo close to 1 million!!! You got this SuperSaf!!
gene sochia jr (17 days ago)
Grunf ! (17 days ago)
Gimmick screenpad! Dont see much use from it except draining battery even faster! If I need more screen I use external monitor
Mohammed Ullah Rasel (17 days ago)
I'm excited to see about how others gonna response with this kind of track pad gesture.
Gareth Matthews (17 days ago)
About as useful as the Macbook touch bar - which is to say USELESS GIMMICK - don't people use laptops for work anymore in between posing in coffee bars?
Ansari Mesbah (17 days ago)
Good one
Jamaluddin (17 days ago)
Nice and quick view about an real innovative laptop...#supersaf
That wallpaper looks just like the ones on the Samsung Tab S3. Amazing laptop though, that ScreenPad looks so cool and useful and some incredible specs.
sunny eclectech (17 days ago)
It's time for folks to pay attention to Asus. They really are making great products.
Paopao Peñamante (17 days ago)
NadzTV (17 days ago)
I hope i make it to level like SuperSaf and other BIG YouTubers!! The inspiration is real!!
Leo G (17 days ago)
Timi Akinlonu (17 days ago)
That's awesome. I am jealous
Ataur Dewan (17 days ago)
It reeks of gimmick
Athul Joseph (14 days ago)
That's awesome ....saf style
Michael Griffiths (17 days ago)
Probably the best innovation I've seen over the last 5 years. Time to upgrade from my Dell XPS 13..
Really loved touchpad. Unboxing in Super Saf Style
Mazmurel (17 days ago)
This is the MacBook pro touchbar should've been
Popsicle P (17 days ago)
Ghazi (17 days ago)
This feature could be amazing for photo and video editing softwares...
Bhaskar Walia (17 days ago)
Honestly, its crisp, its hot, its spicy!
ZAP GaMeR (17 days ago)
Very Good.
Muhammad Hassan (17 days ago)
So i can game on it?
Aviral Omar (17 days ago)
Speak loudly
Ann C. T. (17 days ago)
a very unique laptop indeed
Karthik Shenoy BM (17 days ago)
Wow impressive ...but what I think is it has to be looked like a baby. I mean should be maintained very smoothly. Thought the concept is great 💓
Pranab Kumar Karan (17 days ago)
Wow nice tech...
Minhaj Shafin (17 days ago)
Definitely better than touchbar on the mac
Naser Bin (17 days ago)
Great video man and zenbook is awesome 😎
Hugo Núñez (17 days ago)
El futuro es ahora, viejo :v
Hubert Jadczak (17 days ago)
Asus is amazing, ROG phone, now this, incredible, this is exactly what I'd expect from Samsung :D intersted in purchasing Asus' hardware now :)
TMX86 (17 days ago)
Omg I want it!!!!!
Makanahei (17 days ago)
Look like a big ass Nintendo DS
Iftekhar Hussain (17 days ago)
This looks sick fam 🔥
Dhaval Parmar (17 days ago)
Why Samsung use two processors? Snapdragon for US and China and Exynos for India and other countries? Why Samsung not use Same processor globally?
Impressive! Asus is going a step further in their productivity and saf is getting old like if u agree
Rittik Basak (17 days ago)
Never expected u will make laptop video!I should say ur laptop videos are also great and i should also say that ur contents are improving!expect more from u!
S CHAMBER (17 days ago)
Luv you supersaf
Raed Ashfaq (17 days ago)
Wow i just felt in love with it the first i saw it 😍😍😍😍. Thanks Supersaf for reviewing it
Pranay Pathole (17 days ago)
Nice one Saf! This is probably the best coverage of Computex haha
Sanchit Jain (17 days ago)
In-Touchpad Display....😜😜❤❤❤😍😍👌
TheYoungOne0001 (17 days ago)
Alright alright alright, I thought I wanted a Dell XPS 15. I'm an ASUS user but current high end ASUS laptops don't compare to that XPS. Imma need that Dell XPS 15 (9570) vs ASUS ZenBook Pro 2018 comparison video ASAP.... you can throw in the MacBook Pro if you like... meh
Technical Slog (16 days ago)
TheYoungOne0001 i am also ASUS user love its quality and product
zxcwjrf34r3eijwererf (17 days ago)
Wow really unique idea about video+TouchPad = videopad by Asus in SuperSaf style!!! 😎
KT Super 31 (17 days ago)
I guess i wud prefer mac or matebook x pro.But thanku saf.Ols give me a shoutout
K1NGKRUED (17 days ago)
Now that is awesome innovation. especially the extension display option. that is nice.
Muta - موتا (17 days ago)
Nice but i will forget it . After a week i will not use it.
Andrew Riley (17 days ago)
That is really navigation
Shubh Agarwal (17 days ago)
The future comes🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dndn Ndhd (17 days ago)
That is a pretty awesome idea, but i have the fear, that the Software will suck and make it pretty unuseable. It remains to bee seen. I would love it, If this would work well!
Vladimir (17 days ago)
wow finally something useful.. bravo asus! bravo SuperSaf! unlike Apple some guys can make useful stuff..
Gamingdragon (17 days ago)
they should know that the touchpad was a gimmick to hide the fact that they didn't put a touchscreen in macbook . It was super useless.
mukul taneja (17 days ago)
Split screen taken to another level
Marion Dela Cruz (17 days ago)
nice pad asus
s anand anand (17 days ago)
wow its damn awesome :) thanks for this video SuperSaf.
Ubaid Baloch (17 days ago)
Superb sir
Brendan Stubbs (17 days ago)
I wonder how broken this will be for Linux
Hanfadhe As Ali (17 days ago)
This laptop looks stunning
TheFonoGuy (17 days ago)
Where are giveaway results
Dipansu kar (17 days ago)
Nice laptop 😍😍😍💞
Gurvinder singh Khalsa (17 days ago)
Screenpad is really innovative, so handful in day today work
TMX86 (17 days ago)
Gurvinder singh Khalsa my thoughts exactly
Matthew (17 days ago)
So this is the comeback to the apple touch bar. Cool.

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