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FNN: Southwest Plane Attempts to Land at Oakland Airport after Mechanical Issues Reported

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Southwest Flight 2547 departed Oakland for Chicago Midway with 139 passengers onboard on Wednesday December 23, 2015. After takeoff, the Captain in Command made the decision to return to Oakland to check a maintenance item on the aircraft. The plane circled above the Central Valley and above the Oakland International Airport for hours before landing safely. The mechanical problem reportedly had to do with the landing gear.
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Barry Williams (1 month ago)
Great Thunder Kay (1 month ago)
I’m not going to fly with this airline again.
screw YouTube (1 month ago)
Circled for four hours ? Is it illegal dump fuel in Calif ?
Jay P. (2 months ago)
How fake! It was a normal landing and you got this footage elsewhere!
DailyDrivenS85 V10 (3 months ago)
I don't get it circling around for 4 hours to burn off the fuel why don't they ever just head over to their destination since its the same thing. Your still in the air waiting
Stand Alone (4 months ago)
The pilots liquor cabinet was empty..
Jammell Sheppard (6 months ago)
He should of just went to Chicago
Rocket 65 (6 months ago)
This has got to be the biggest load of complete shite I've ever seen... after 33 years in the airline industry, this would appear routine... aeroplanes return all the time... it could have been something as simple as an inoperative de-icing system and an updated forecast for Chicago that suggested icing conditions. The news presenter is a complete imbecile "I'm clapping him for the great job of landing the plane". Firstly MORON, it's an AEROPLANE or an AIRPLANE. a 'plane' is something you fashion wood with and the fact they would even waste 10 mins of footage on this complete drivel and piffle is beyond belief... although it is yet another reason why Fox News is consider a bloody joke... wouldn't know news if it took a dump in their breakfast bowl. Seriously, this channel is not 'just' full of moronic, uneducated, right wing bubble dwellers - no wonder it's called the 'alternative history channel'.
lol Oh yes (7 months ago)
747-pilot (8 months ago)
While I truly appreciate this video by the poster (thanks for posting this), I am getting a bit sick of the over dramatization of these events, when this is not warranted!! I am specifically referring to whoever it is, that is clapping after the touchdown * rollseyes * . Simply because an aircraft has "mechanical issues", does not mean that the pilot did something "heroic" by simply landing the aircraft. This was apparently a very normal landing requiring no extraordinary feats of skill, bravery or whatever. This kind of hyperbole detracts and diminishes feats that actually deserve the recognition! For example, what Captain Sully Sullenberger did was truly extraordinary, demonstrating a stunning level of skill, judgment and calmness. Another incident that comes to mind (but to a much lesser extent), is the JetBlue A320, where the nosewheel was turned crooked and the pilot had to "ease it down on the runway" requiring a lot of finesse and skill. The 737 has no fuel dumping capability. So, indeed, the aircraft needed to circle for hours to burn off enough of it, in order to land safely within the landing weight limits! Other than that, it was a fairly normal landing. The weather seemed pretty good, and even if it was fairly nasty, it's still a "normal landing". Pilots are trained for it and do it all the time! I understand that to someone who is not a pilot, the difference between these various events may not be fully apparent. But it is important to distinguish the relative "non-events' from the ones that actually are extraordinary demonstrations of skill and heroism!
Anthony Quigley (8 months ago)
i dont understand, we just saw a plane landing.
DailyDrivenS85 V10 (9 months ago)
Damn circling for 4 hours? Might as well just travel to Chicago which takes about 4 hours from Oakland anyways.
Joshua Holts (10 months ago)
737 were built for emergency landings
Samuel Iles (11 months ago)
There is a difference between attempt and landed. he landed it
Duck Tape (1 year ago)
that's a hell of a zoom anyway
Duck Tape (11 months ago)
Wow, a high-end equipment, thanks for noting that.
wcolby (11 months ago)
That was a Cineflex V14
Bobby Paluga (1 year ago)
Nice job Cap't
America Best (1 year ago)
this video should not be on YouTube.
Elieser specified (1 month ago)
lol Oh yes thats southwest for your information
Wizzle (3 months ago)
lol Oh yes (7 months ago)
Yes you Tube.
lol Oh yes (7 months ago)
America Best 😂🤪
abarronboy (1 year ago)
Wow this is a video of a plane landing
melciveng (1 year ago)
Riveting stuff
Jeff D. (1 year ago)
We've been seeing a lot of this from Southwest, perhaps they need to stop outsourcing their maintenance to save a few $$$$.
Brian Wilson (1 year ago)
The toilet paper was out.
n (1 year ago)
whos slapping thier meat
Willem Heitlager (1 year ago)
Ian Schaefer o that's the flapping sound with a big hole in between
Ian Schaefer (1 year ago)
buixrule (1 year ago)
All the "experts" are like why didn't he go to O'Hare and then if he did you know the same people would be like why the hell did he go all the way to O'Hare? Really the comments are way more entertaining than the video.
Pamela Schramke (1 year ago)
Why in the world did they circle for 4 hours before landing?! They should have just gone on to Chicago at that point! They had to burn off fuel?! They usually just dump the fuel. They were obviously OK to fly so it made no sense to go back. The landing gear OBVIOUSLY works! LOL
Rob Ainscough (9 months ago)
If the landing gear didn't retract fully after takeoff they would not have enough fuel to make it to Chicago as they would have to fly below a specific speed or else damage the aircraft. Landing gear induces significant aero drag which will consume considerably more fuel ... all commercial aircraft are required to have 1 hour reserve fuel. Also, any failure in an aircraft system could mean other potential failures and the landing gear just happened to be the "identified" failure ... for example if their was a hydraulics problem with the gear that could potential impact all other hydraulic systems like flaps, rudder, elevators, etc. etc.
Daniel Pearson (1 year ago)
Pamala, 1st dumping fuel is just permitted in certain areas and being CA they would restrict any fuel dumping. 2nd the land gear was stuck in the down position and flying to Chicago with gear just is not going to happen.
ItsBish (1 year ago)
Then I would recommend that they not land. If they are going to land anyway they might as well land in Chicago.
Visvesh Narayan (1 year ago)
Pamela Schramke The 737 can't dunk fuel he has to burn it off and he landed back at Oakland because the issue was on the landing gear
Pamela Schramke (1 year ago)
+Susan Haroutounian​ Uhhh... I never claimed to be an aviation expert. I even had Willem explain to me why they circled for hours and was grateful to now understand. What a stupid comment. I'm used to flying in very small, private aircrafts, not commercial. Big difference. Evidently, you feel you are superior to all the "Monday morning quarterbacks"
MGTOW Academy (1 year ago)
4:11 ultimate fap
Dj 1/2 oz Bowflex (2 months ago)
If it sounds like that then you're doing wrong...
ShockBlitzer (1 year ago)
Surprise! Lol!!!!!!! XD
Tanner Ashik (1 year ago)
Carrington Woods (1 year ago)
what was wrong with the gear
lol Oh yes (7 months ago)
Willem Heitlager (1 year ago)
maybe the gear down and locked sensor
Pamela Schramke (1 year ago)
Carrington Woods Nothing! Obviously it worked just fine. LMAO
ConMan 02 (1 year ago)
N7709A was the registration. poor plane...
It takes 4 hours to get from California to Chicago. The plane was in the sky for 4 hours. It would be faster to land at Midway or even O'hare. I Know Southwest doesn't land in O'hare.
Bobby Paluga (1 year ago)
AviatorCyan That's not how it works although I can think of a few exceptions. You think detouring back to the airport you left first
Joey Paglia (1 year ago)
no because they might not be able to rectract landing gear so they cant fly at 30000 feet all that time with gear down
Ziggmanster (1 year ago)
A yeah true. They could have gone all the way to Midway and then landed.
drttrus (2 years ago)
Hell, he was already in the air when he discovered the gear issue. 4 hours of circling, he could have made it to Chicago in that time. He would have landed the jet the same way either in Cali or Chicago.
Rocket 65 (6 months ago)
No, no, no... only the BIMBO presenting this complete drivel said it was 'circling' - she's a moron, it was CLEARLY descending the whole time... it was likely 2 hours out of OAK and returned, wouldn't have been a gear problem, likely would have been something to do with de-icing or something - a de-icing system going unserviceable and revised forecast shows icing conditions potentially or a warning light that the Captain decided, probably in conjunction with other factors to return and have fixed. If it did hold at altitude for a while it could have simply been dumping fuel... maximum take-off weight is much higher than maximum landing weight and maximum landing weight is a structural limitation so the airplane must always be below it for landing. If aircraft weight, plus current fuel on board exceeds maximum landing weight, the aircraft must dump fuel and that can take time. But seriously, this is like reporting on a car on a freeway and following it with a helicopter because the driver has gone back home to get something he or she left behind... or stopped to get his ignition checked or top up his or her washer water FFS... totally irrelevant and indicative of how the Fox Network is completely devoid of any ability to report news.
747-pilot (8 months ago)
The pilot circled because when there is an emergency, the aircraft needs to be in the vicinity of a fully capable airport if the plane needs to be put down on the ground in a hurry or if the emergency escalates in any way! it would not be wise to continue on the journey and be "in the middle of nowhere" if the problem should get worse!
Daniel Pearson (1 year ago)
He could make Chicago but not Cali Colombia. And the gear was in down position and unable to retract so need to lighten fuel load to land and unable to dump fuel in CA at least in the Bay area.
John Frakes (1 year ago)
drttrus A 737 cannot fly at over 200 knots with the gear extended without a great risk of structural damage. That trip to Chicago would have been a lot longer than 4 hours.
ZNYSpotter (2 years ago)
+drttrus could've been a problem where the gear did not retract, so they couldn't have made it to Chicago at 30000+ feet with the landing gear down. Just a thought
ian neil (2 years ago)
He didn't attempt a landing he landed
Alexis Biolley (11 months ago)
That's Fox "News" for you. Reporting at its best.
ShockBlitzer (1 year ago)
ian neil yeah
Ziggmanster (1 year ago)
Go Bogies Go (2 years ago)
Apparently the Captains personal coffee machine had stopped working...

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