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Mansion for sale: Swim in your living room

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This 25,000-sq.-ft. palace-like home in New Jersey features a salt-water swimming pool in its main living area.
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Shannon Wetterlund (10 hours ago)
I have watched this video so many times that last night I had dream that I lived in this house🤑😏😏
Ana Mae Pon (1 day ago)
This house sooo fine that it even calls for ghost with class..
Pro Everything (1 day ago)
I’m gonna ask my dad to buy it
MONK MONEY (1 day ago)
OJ top dat!😂😂😂😂😂😂
iiiCookie RBLX (3 days ago)
Dang! What about the bills
David Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Nah fuck that, I'll never live in a big house. You'll either get robbed or have some scary ass ghost trying to get on your dick and "boo" your ass
NicoleTers (3 days ago)
I can only imagine the amount of headaches in a day the home owner would get from the smell of chlorine.
Aparna Chakraborty (5 days ago)
Swither Gamez (5 days ago)
Imagine the mold
Sweetheart Okay (5 days ago)
I think I’m going to search for a job this has motivatied me
MyLifeasJessica (5 days ago)
It’s so funny how the one thing that was important they didn’t say I wanted to know Throughout the whole video I wanted to know the price how much is the house
David M (5 days ago)
The family visited Versailles for inspiration, then went home and built a tacky McMansion-style home with a pool in it.
Deborah Griffin (5 days ago)
I have $500.00 dollars down I can give you right now!
Lunar (5 days ago)
If I own that mansion* YAY SWIMMING POOL!!! *Trashes the whole living room with water :D
yagga bagga (6 days ago)
whoever buys this is extra af
Karsen Williams (7 days ago)
It's to fancy for me lol but it's pretty
Karsen Williams (7 days ago)
The pool😍
ToLovelyJesus (7 days ago)
Nah, not for me. I wouldn't feel comfortable having an indoor pool with small children.
Dan Rhone (7 days ago)
This is the first time I seen a pool inside of a living room
Sophal Touch (7 days ago)
This is a grand mansion right so why does the dining room table look so weird
Chris Gardner (8 days ago)
Stop looking at me (8 days ago)
My dumbass would accidently fall into the pool
Sharron C (8 days ago)
Awesome video
pinkfreud62 (8 days ago)
Even if I was rich, I wouldn't live in a house this big. I'm single & live alone. This would be way over the top for me. I would, though, enjoy a few acres of wooded land & use my millions to travel, more than spend on a huge mansion for just 1 person. A 1,000 sq ft home is enough for me.
TheWrestlingEmperor! (3 days ago)
pinkfreud62 imagine at night if you’re going to get somthing in the kitchen my goodness
Lola Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Hineana Koha (9 days ago)
How to clean hmmm
A B (9 days ago)
Sorry, but it's ugly and looks too empty. Typical American rip-off of old european architecture style. The elements don't fit, it looks cheap. No wonder it's empty. I would never buy this, even if I had the money.
Bea M (9 days ago)
Architecturally and aesthetically speaking.... not very attractive. Like an oversized typical McMansion
Nicky Nada (21 hours ago)
It looks completely out of place for NJ. This architecture doesn't compliment Northern NJ.
Julian Parker (1 day ago)
Nicky Nada this fits right into the look of Jersey... mansions everywhere. South and North jersey
Cute Slime ASMR (10 days ago)
What if the living room and couch get uhh wet lol
rale rale (11 days ago)
Only 2 bedrooms???
Blank's LINE PLAY (11 days ago)
I want it 😍
Szabolcs Szigligeti (11 days ago)
Swimmingroom ??
Ashley Marie (12 days ago)
I would need a GPS just to get around this place.
Gayle Cooper (12 days ago)
Poor children ....
Ashanti (13 days ago)
How much is this ?
Yoda Ydyxz (13 days ago)
That’s good for orgies
Yoda Ydyxz (13 days ago)
Enjoy the chlorine that will clog your nose everyday
Hugh Jafro (14 days ago)
This is what happens when someone designs their own home.
Jéssica Oliveira (14 days ago)
Quero ser rica
jungkook wife (14 days ago)
We have this kind of house but I think it's bigger than this
Santiago Flores (15 days ago)
Where are the references to Versailles ?
Judy A. (16 days ago)
I would sell my soul to live here
Black Thunder (16 days ago)
Salt-water fuck u man
tarun thomas (16 days ago)
Mm...im planning on buying it
Gavin Burnes (17 days ago)
How much does it cost ?
Angel Simone (17 days ago)
If I had the money I would buy that home! I love it the swimming pool! Maybe in heaven!
Fun Korean Person (17 days ago)
How much?
susie valiant (17 days ago)
It soooooo beautiful
LimeCinemas (18 days ago)
Rip floors
Tiffany Benson (19 days ago)
My dream house such beautiful room I would love swim in living room everyday!!
angelicia covers (20 days ago)
So classy
Shah Gamer (23 days ago)
A mansion in the woods yeh I feel completely safe especially in America were anyone can own a gun
Troller RBX (24 days ago)
I'm not gonna buy a mansion inside the woods.
Nitro Dubs (24 days ago)
Hdycty Gfjcghcg (24 days ago)
Tom (25 days ago)
This house looks like shit! The outside looks like a haunted house or some kind of abandoned building. This inside is okay.... But looks kinda boring dont you think? Washed out walls with no contrasting details or soul. Like they designed it in theory and it was good in theiry, but when they built it, it wasn't quite..... I can't think of the word. But its got no feeling....
Alien ._. (25 days ago)
Carolyn Howell (25 days ago)
I rather live in a house
K.A Chiu (25 days ago)
Can make it as hotel or motel...
엑소레래싱 (26 days ago)
This is how I design my Sims house
Emma the Giraffe (26 days ago)
I'm sorry but 4.5 acres is really small ._.
Shanese Ward (26 days ago)
Mark Wisch (27 days ago)
I don't like it at all. They have bad taste.
V (27 days ago)
Ok but imagine at night going to the toilet and its so far so u pee in ur bed
Weird like this house will be the home of harmful ghosts in insidious
max sanderson (1 month ago)
Up yours if you live like this x
RUN GIB (1 month ago)
I will.take it how much?
Memow Sam (1 month ago)
Who needs this much space???? 😑😑😑😑
ThelearningGK (1 month ago)
You know when you are home alone and you hear a sound. Well imagine your in the mansion alone at night and hear a sound. That shit is going to echo
Cassidy Lipscomb (19 days ago)
ThelearningGK lol ikr the house is more than just hug or gigantic 😂🙄😮
Jacob Mejia (1 month ago)
N it's in the woods 😂😂😂 I would legit crap myself
Gwion Glyn (1 month ago)
Mom: SON!! Son: WHAT?? <Silence> <Son Walks Downstairs> 15 minutes later <Son Enters The Kitchen>
Thatgurl Leia (1 month ago)
*During night* Yawns* I need to go get something in the kitchen... Falls inside the pool* Oh sh*t
TheWrestlingEmperor! (3 days ago)
David DaGamer (1 month ago)
A,Faye V,spina (1 month ago)
It's freaky when your the only one at nigt in that big mansion
TimeGallon (1 month ago)
Honestly... it’s too big and ugly. I prefer the warmth and coziness of my single-wide trailer and above ground pool with my next door neighbor who’s a practicing witch.
Robert J. Holtz (1 month ago)
What's with the bizarre choice of Mexican fiesta music that abruptly pops in at 1:11? Makes no sense at all for the scene or the setting.
Minc67 (1 month ago)
No money left for the yard...
Victoria Barrett (1 month ago)
omg it is all beautiful
Chesterkat (1 month ago)
Hey! That’s my old house.
Ariananana_IsHere (1 month ago)
I should try to buy this house *snaps back to reality* what was I thinking im stuck with this tiny house I live in
M O (1 month ago)
You don't own a house like that it owns you , maintenance when stuff breaks ,cleaning , security from robbers and just the general up keep alone would drive someone crazy .
Carol Walker (1 month ago)
The pools is everything
vee tour (1 month ago)
Such a weird designed home. It doesn't come together.
Renn Fallskie (1 month ago)
i would but this if i could afford it
Chicken and Ducky (1 month ago)
Nasexsav Kifs (1 month ago)
Imagine jumping into the pool and getting all of the beautiful furniture wet. That would just be a hassle.
This is so cool the pool in the living room .Ours is on the rooftop and the end of the waterslide is in thegarden
Jordan Lawson (1 month ago)
Talk about coming home drunk and falling in the pool 😂😂 “who tf put a pool in my house?!”
TheWrestlingEmperor! (3 days ago)
Bbustthemboys141 (1 month ago)
How much is that mansion that would be my dream house
Jeffrey Simmins (1 month ago)
I would be in that'd pool everyday!!!!
Jeffrey Simmins (1 month ago)
I wish it was freeeeee
Jeffrey Simmins (1 month ago)
Wooaahhh I wish I lived there but it was in my neighborhood ❤️
DIY Helen (1 month ago)
How much is this house cause I want it so like my friends will be amazed
star is a star (1 month ago)
if pablo was still alive he must have bought this mansion XD
YouCanCallMeReTro (1 month ago)
Honestly the only good part about that mansion was the living room/pool and the dope looking office. Other than that, the inside is too white and boring. I'd rather have an elegance that is more popping to the eye than simple white everywhere, its almost too spacious and doesn't look homely.
Martin Lanigan (1 month ago)
I think it's time for bed
*Barack Obama* (1 month ago)
That's bigger than my school wtf?
Unreasonable Reasons (1 month ago)
Great! Now, let me just pay for it with all of that money I don't have lying around!
Adia G. (1 month ago)

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