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Mansion for sale: Swim in your living room

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This 25,000-sq.-ft. palace-like home in New Jersey features a salt-water swimming pool in its main living area.
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Respect Seasoning (6 hours ago)
It's too big 25,000 square feet I'd rather get one that's 24,000 sq feet
This mansion screams "I dont pay with paper, I pay with gold and diamonds"
Sandra Freeman (23 hours ago)
Brad Suarez (1 day ago)
Not my style.
Everything 101 (1 day ago)
I’d totally love to live in this house.
_Abigail Flatt (1 day ago)
This is good.... How much money??? *man tells me*... Never mind I think that I will just buy a normal house.
joelshack85 (2 days ago)
Proof trickle down economics doesn’t work! There is a difference between profits and profiteering!
HavocHero (2 days ago)
This mansion is wayyyyyyy to old school
Wildwinged Wolfpride (2 days ago)
Imagine your sleeping on the couch and fall into the pool like "the fuq"
coasteys coasteys (2 days ago)
swimming pools become boring after about 3 times of using it
VJ (3 days ago)
Omg I live in nj!
VJ (3 days ago)
Gregory Raymer Jr (3 days ago)
Party crib
1D Forever (3 days ago)
I want to buy 💰1K lol
Mekai Bernido (3 days ago)
Looks haunted
I love it. it's fancy if i grow up i would live there
She'Myia Malone (4 days ago)
I love the ground on the outside
cupcake love (4 days ago)
This house is betters then Trumps!😂😃😄😊☺
Michael (4 days ago)
Hideous. No, I'm not joking. Honestly, I don't think that I have ever seen anything so ostentatious or garish as this home.
Silverback Edgar (4 days ago)
My habboon house has that already **combs moustache**
Summer Smith hollon (4 days ago)
Absolutely AMAZING wow that's a mind blowing home
Olivia Hendrickson (4 days ago)
Can I have it for 30 bucks?
Brandon Lee Sanders (5 days ago)
Totally unlivable space.
Guliana's Life (5 days ago)
I'll buy it
Alexis Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Looks like the house minus the pool from the first resident evil game the mansion
stephen holmes (6 days ago)
Amanda Peoples (6 days ago)
What about the kids? Or in the middle of the night?
sarah fulk fulk (7 days ago)
i really want a fancy house so bad
mimi lili (8 days ago)
C'est d'un mauvais goût, très vulgaire.
Stella Resairo (8 days ago)
Only positive things about this house: It's solar system functionnality and the indoor pool!
Richard van Tricht (8 days ago)
Looks like a museum
Handyblock887 DWHHJ (8 days ago)
Charm S. (8 days ago)
We are ok to live in a bungalo house or apartment as long as we have neighbors we see walking down the street that house is so creepy outside and so lonely
Matthew Riley (8 days ago)
First of all I live in New Jersey And I’ve been to Versailles one thing to know is that get ready for one hell of a walk Also all the statues like to have their things out
AG Marshmallowz (9 days ago)
That’s my grandpas house he bought it 4 years ago
Emrah Ünal (9 days ago)
i own a big house ...trust me guys ...i will never want one again....
screen ipod (9 days ago)
Trade Honus Wagner Baseball card for that Mansion. No way.... I would never do that. I'll pass....
nmc398 (10 days ago)
Not even if I win lotto would I build something so big
Charbel Agopian (10 days ago)
Hwo muchnis the house i want it
timexironman100m (10 days ago)
I dont think there are any kids in that house.it looks more like a show house..than a familyhome...i jjst love that public relations shit they chat about.
leroux xuabisha (12 days ago)
Y wud u wanna swim in e lounge wat for
Michaeltube (12 days ago)
I'll start with 1 cent!!
Tostada Jones (13 days ago)
Boring ass beige
yoopyright 6334 (13 days ago)
I know 5mins i be lost.
Dave H (13 days ago)
I'll take it , do you accept visa ?
Ariel PlaysGamesss (14 days ago)
Guys let’s all take out loans out and live all together valid people only must have medical records
Im lost for words <~>
Lisa Baltzer (14 days ago)
How would you like to scrub those floors every week?
Excuse me e e e (15 days ago)
17.5 mill. WTF
Nereknu Vamnic (15 days ago)
yea of course solar panels dont leave a carbon foot print !!! THEY GROW ON TREES!!!!
Justin J Juustin (15 days ago)
whats the price of that house can say me
Hex 974 (15 days ago)
I live in a modern Big ass house almost a mansion and it’s fucking horrible my house well my parents house but that has a pool we fucking don’t but a gym for fucking storage can’t use it sucks living in a big house lost 2 phones never recovered but at least we’re not pheasants maybe u guys are we eat crab and rich shit for me it kinda sucks
ronnyb1968 (15 days ago)
should have spent some of the money on furniture.  plus outside is ugly as hell, doesn't look anything like Versailles
Miss Mia (16 days ago)
Oml imagine keeping it clean. You’ll need like 20 maids for that
dilruba jannat (17 days ago)
Mahari Davis (17 days ago)
Amazing! I'd buy this without second thought! #anythingspossible
susuilu (18 days ago)
as f i would be swimming all the time
susuilu (18 days ago)
big space but bad design to feel cosy
MrRafterPL (18 days ago)
Perfect for making porn movies
MrRafterPL (18 days ago)
Owner became jobless
Juancarlos Martin (18 days ago)
for Donald Trump hes a millioner 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Gary Hudson (19 days ago)
Far too much empty wasted space, solar energy or not.  Looks like a 'top end' Hotel that's still waiting to be furnished. As for the pool in the lounge, what a nonsense.!!
Bambii (19 days ago)
All you peeps with a fist up their arse saying you’d rather have a smaller house or some other bullshit think about the lit ass Hide and seek game?
Sunny Jain (19 days ago)
What's the price
Geeta Papani (20 days ago)
Love this place can't afford
Victoria Ashley (20 days ago)
Obsessed holy cow
Victoria Ashley (20 days ago)
Ok whatttt
Truth Shall You Know (21 days ago)
TBH this ain’t even a mansion it’s a palace, a small palace💯
MayVhh (21 days ago)
I'm going to cry
Dustin Baltis (21 days ago)
Greedy as hell
Asra Sultan (21 days ago)
Will they take dis palace in to their graves ...? ? ? ? ? ?
Saige Sinclair (21 days ago)
I swear to god ima get lost in that house. Also imagine the process of cleaning!! I could barely clean my room!
SoutherBelleIn TheCity (21 days ago)
I e been looking at this home since I was in 11th grade it's in the beautiful community of saddle rivers nj
Loren Delonge (22 days ago)
That's a nice house
Tristan Jacobson (22 days ago)
That house is trash and so ugly.
Honami Cox (23 days ago)
y do I like the smell of chlorine
Sophia Swidler (23 days ago)
I want to live here
It accually gets crickets
Tammy May (24 days ago)
Hlengiwe Zungu (24 days ago)
too fancy
Nancy Lofaso (24 days ago)
When I read the thumbnail I be like Me:I buy dis
Joseph Sherwood (24 days ago)
Mansion on 4 acres.. cmon
Larena Abdon (25 days ago)
Ian H. (25 days ago)
You’re still in New Jersey.
Mr Rooibos TV (25 days ago)
Ok. I should stop salivitating on my phone.
SilverGate AT (26 days ago)
And how much it costs? 1 billion dollars?
Mary Jack (26 days ago)
SilverGate AT I have the of one of $10,000 which is similar to that ..just contact me via my gmail
Christine Gatehouse (26 days ago)
I'm interested in purchasing the home is it for sale
Mary Jack (26 days ago)
Christine Gatehouse which country ...contact me via my gmail or hangout and let talk better
Azhley Margarette Cruz (26 days ago)
I like the inside it just needs a bit more paint on the outside and a gate just in case a burgled comes
Kevin Kent (26 days ago)
Ironically, it takes someone of incredibly low class to build a 25,000 sf house in the manner of Versailles. You can't buy class.
YO TENGO (26 days ago)
this house is bigger than my future
YO TENGO (26 days ago)
anfisa might beg George to get this for her.. anyone, "90 day fiancé" ??
WAKEUP!!! (26 days ago)
Seems kind of tacky IMHO
nicole couture (27 days ago)
That is lovely
Heitor Tavares (28 days ago)
The climax of bad taste!
Frederick Noon (28 days ago)
Fake news
Rohan AR ÀNAND (28 days ago)
get rekt (28 days ago)
I could never stand living there. Fuck nooo it doesn't even look like a home
Gal Nevo (29 days ago)
90% of the houses in america have ghosts & demons . U christ' worship a Corpse. So Nothing watch u . When God is not there - satan enter... u have more demons than trees 🌳🌳
clorox lemon scent (30 days ago)
Ill be able to aford that in about... hmm... 999,999,999 years

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