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Apple AirPods - Does It Suck?

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Apple AirPods... Are they any good or DO THEY SUCK? Don't lose your Apple AirPods - http://amzn.to/2j8xDkU The Apple AirPods are a fully wireless set of earbuds designed for the iPhone 7 and others but they will work as a standard set of wireless bluetooth headphones on Android devices and more. Some of the music I listened to - https://soundcloud.com/rickojames/a-samurais-death FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Unbox Therapy (1 year ago)
Don't lose your Apple AirPods - http://amzn.to/2j8xDkU
Zarif Bin Samad (2 hours ago)
I don't use Airpods😐😐
Xavier Roberts (3 months ago)
Would have been nice if the review mentioned that the music stops when you remove one of the airpods from your ear, and if you listen to music with just one, it automatically switches from stereo to mono.
B Jamin (3 months ago)
Considering the price Apple command for them, ( i would say they suck!)
blue light (4 months ago)
The Apple AirPods are hot
Thanatos (5 months ago)
When u buy wires for ur wireless airpods
march11stoneytony (1 day ago)
Yes, I have an abundance of broken lightning connectors
michael majewski (1 day ago)
Those things are the worst kind of garbage.. u want headphones you can go get custom mold acrylic ones for 200$ and will shit all over them pieces of plastic
TheMasterDj131 (4 days ago)
Do google pixel buds
Niconation (4 days ago)
please try the sol republic amps air ;)
Ariz Kamal (7 days ago)
As usual apple’s first and newly designed products aren’t there best thing.
Spaz Struck (8 days ago)
Do Powerbeats 3 I have some and they are great
Skye Blob (8 days ago)
I have AirPods (I’m literally wearing them right now) and I really like them! But the only problem is when I double tap, it’s supposed to activate Siri but it won’t work... like are you supposed to hear the Siri noise in the AirPods when you tap them? I’m so confused 🤷‍♀️
Hello2106 (10 days ago)
Who buys garbage like these airpods? I can't believe that there are serious unbox videos about that airpods. In Germany they are 175€ (about 209 US$). That's ridiculous. In a serious unbox video, everybody would say, it's garbage for that kind of money.
Greg Dundee (10 days ago)
Not interested in wireless headphones, so unnecessary and just another thing to charge. Nothing wrong with a simple cable.
Adriaan Doelman (10 days ago)
Sheep! All of you! Beeeeeeh..!!
J.Gomez (11 days ago)
Try walking uptown the bronx with those on 😨😨
Vinicius Pessanha (11 days ago)
It’s kinda clear that he is not into Apple as a whole... none of his videos about Apple’s products are enthusiastic... Come on man, Apple is cool...
Harry Mathew (13 days ago)
C'mon man. They sound way better and have much bigger base than the wired. They arent even in the same league. This from an android user..
thedriver (14 days ago)
For the price... They absolutely suck
Mike Oxlong (14 days ago)
The gear icons are way better
Eth Nick (17 days ago)
Surprised you didn't notice an improvement in sound from the Earpods to the Airpods. It was obvious for me as soon as I brought them home over a year ago. More detail/bass than the Earpods.
Crypt1tic_ ChAoz (18 days ago)
SRP _ (19 days ago)
Want these so I can listen to music during class...
The Analytical Menace (20 days ago)
I love my LG 912 headset! 😎
Michael Mancuso (20 days ago)
I use Apple air pods and they amazing
Mems Are lif (21 days ago)
I'm wearing AirPods watching this
Rabbit Colony (21 days ago)
What if there are multiple iPhones in close proximity when you are trying to connect the Air Pods?
shaan kassam (22 days ago)
I watched this video with AirPods and they are fucking awesome but double tab doesn’t always work and if you don’t have a IOS device then you’re fucked and the ones that come with your iPhone sound like shit and don’t stay in your ears unlike the AirPods
Lightmare X (22 days ago)
You should review a vacuum and say whether or not it sucks
James Bond (22 days ago)
Haha he said they look weird
Anton Rahbek (24 days ago)
But you forgot the double-tab shortcuts, the sensor that senses if they’re in your ear, the new chip that easily switches between your devices, and the built-in microphones in both pods
Thomas Allbee (25 days ago)
I’m watching this with AirPods on 😂😂😂
Sneak Family (25 days ago)
I’ve got some and I love the range of listening and they fit me perfectly. The way it pairs is so convenient.
legit gaming (25 days ago)
i found mine at my sisters job score!! i have a 6s cotplating if i should sell in upgtade to 7
Steiner Bobi (25 days ago)
I thought the "yes" at the start of the video answers the "Does it sucks?" question XDD
Bulgarian Killer (26 days ago)
I watched this video with my Airpods and the sound is AMAZING 😉
Anakin Skywalker (27 days ago)
Jesus Salazar (28 days ago)
Can you make a video of the best Bluetooth earbuds out there already?
Blaze Chaka (29 days ago)
Hello I’m Blaze and my family is poor and I cannot afford any headphones do you think you could send me any as a gift if not that is fine Thank You
RTR HD (1 month ago)
Mr Clean (1 month ago)
heres the thing......they look stupid.... next thing ..... what a lazy design lets just take out the cord bam wireless .... i dont doubt that they actually sound good but the design is a total L ..... they didnt even try.... i guess apple thinks in america you can wear any dumb looking crap i guess .... or they can put it out and people will buy it .... not
Oleg Oleg (1 month ago)
Compare these with earpods into iphone 6 - you’ll hear a ton of difference. They made iphone 7 wired sound worse just to justify the wireless loss of quality. That is a pretty low move
Sasha Klim (1 month ago)
Yo, listen. I'm not an Apple fan boy, I've actually been hating on Apple recently, but these headphones are my favorite. I have had powerbeats, i've had solo wirless beats, lg tones, etc...nothing has lasted as long and felt more comfortable after 5+ hours of being in my ear. Now I'll admit for music quality is MEEHHHHH, but for phone calls, it's the way to go!
Mike Borgardijn (1 month ago)
Show jack with 10 milion subs
Keshav Sharma (1 month ago)
If i lost one Airpod,will it be the wireless version of "one earpiece stopped working after sometime" ?
Garbage Gang (1 month ago)
Lol apple is so shit $150 for shit earphones that you can get for less than half the price And the idiot will still buy it
Aidan McCaffrey (1 month ago)
Should be $99
Tech Savvy (1 month ago)
Did you notice better audio quality with these vs the digital corded ones that come with the iPhone?
Rez (1 month ago)
My ears don't hold earbuds well so these are a solid no.
Minato03 (1 month ago)
“Look at the moon and howl”🤣😂
Mytheroo (1 month ago)
You have to say yes to connect them each time? Or just the first time? My BT receiver connects without asking
Doggyfugegamer TV (1 month ago)
Also known as the sound toothbrushes cuz they look like toothbrushes stickin outta your ears
Doggyfugegamer TV (1 month ago)
Well wats da use you’ll lose them anyway
Hetzerogeneous (1 month ago)
As an average consumer who only listens to max 320kbps and nothing more, I find it difficult to find a reason to buy expensive earphones, but AirPods, oh my....... gives me a good reason to buy em
Jay Cix (1 month ago)
So what toothpaste should i use with these?
Vincent Pham (1 month ago)
boface187 (1 month ago)
You want good sound? Go with the jabra elite sport. They sound amazing!
Andrew Mitchell (1 month ago)
MPOW “Amazon #1 Best Seller” Bluetooth headsets are the best value imo. 24.95 and the ear fit is fantastic, the sound is loud, bass is smooth, and they connect well. Battery life is 14 hours as well. Blow me Apple
CAVAM (1 month ago)
WeAreTheGamers (2 months ago)
Lew y r u unboxing an dental floss 😂😁
Zack Helgerson (2 months ago)
Do you have any of these AirPods kicking around you don’t want anymore and want to send to me? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ajtronic (2 months ago)
After using the AirPods, I fully agree with this assessment.
random youtuber (2 months ago)
I've enjoyed jaybuds for years. Had to buy the X2 because after 4 years the next button wore out haha. Love the sound for the money. Best imho for under 200$
ɘƚɒloɔoʜƆ yqqɒH (2 months ago)
You guys should get the alcatroz airwave
ɘƚɒloɔoʜƆ yqqɒH (2 months ago)
axel Karlsson (2 months ago)
Whats the name of the knife that he uses in the video?
The Phoenix (2 months ago)
I think ima' stick with good 'ol wired QC15 headphones... Ohhh booiii sound quality like i've neva' heard b4
Nakadu (2 months ago)
Who cares how easily they pair? I mean, once they're paired they're paired
Und3rGrounDGr (2 months ago)
Hey there !!! I really enjoy your videos and more because of the music you are using for the tests ! Is there any Spotify / Soundcloud/ tube list or what or you go randomly ? Keep up the good work !!!
polarweis (2 months ago)
I bought a pair the other day. Listend to it a full 25 min but then one flew out of my ear and landed between the station and the train. Took me 30 min to recover them but still a nice product and possible a nice way to died.
N English (2 months ago)
That price is ridiculous for any earbuds.
Brad Hall (2 months ago)
So, if the regular ear pods don’t stay in my ears when I run very well, I should probably by pass these? If the the AirPods fit better? I do have problems with the EarPods staying in my ears while I run. Let me know!
Browning Bros (2 months ago)
They sound clearer to me, not by much but they’re definitely better. I swear down.
Baraa Makkawy (2 months ago)
Does it suck?
Jeremy Gullatt (2 months ago)
I got my airpods 2 weeks after release and have used them extensively everyday on my android phone since. (yes I said ANDROID. I can't justify spending 200+ more on a iphone with less specs than an android phone. Deal with it) With android it lacks features cuz no Siri support obviously. What does work is double tap an earbud to answer/hang-up calls which works pretty well. Otherwise, they're just wireless earbuds with a mic and an even sound stage that are NOT IEMs(huge plus for me, I fkin HATE in ear monitors). So yea, great buy imho. BUT there's something most, like myself, don't consider when buying these, the battery life. From here on I'm talking about the battery INSIDE the earbuds, not the charging dock. Out of the box you're looking at 4 hours with just music. 2-3 hours if on a long phone call. I don't talk long on the phone so idk what the exact numbers are but I DO know the battery tanks when I'm on a call vs just listening to music. When that mic kicks in it just drains the battery. Since these are lithium-ion batteries, the same concept goes for keeping those batteries healthy which is to keep them charged up. Rule of thumb, when the battery gets to around 70% you should charge it up to keep the battery healthy. Since these only last 4 hours, I'm constantly running them dead. So, like any lithium battery, they now only hold a 3 hour charge for music and about an hour for phone calls. So now I'm looking into alternatives, preferably ones with an 8 hour battery life. The Anker Soundbuds seem like a good alternative but I'm stuck with IEM. Honestly the airpods are the ONLY earbuds built now that aren't IEMs :'(
Present forever (2 months ago)
Clearly you are anti apple guy! How can you put these amazing AirPods to this stupid question. I have tried these pods and they were amazing and absolutely more convenient. It’s obvious that you either anti apple oriented or paid by Samsung. You don’t speak the truth when it comes to apple and that’s why they ignored ur request
Captain Spiers (2 months ago)
I saw a guy in the subway with these and they looked so easy to snatch from his ears and run. They were hanging and about to fall off and I got so scared it was going to get trampled.
Ethan Broadbent (2 months ago)
Listening to this with AirPods 😂
jb (2 months ago)
It is really really very convenient. The sound ain’t the the best but it’s good enough for a ear phones.
Jackson7776 (2 months ago)
he forgot that as soon as u take out the ear buds out of your ears it automatically pauses the sound
Siri is know as the bitch service 😂
Just call them them the shit and giggle pods
#BORA TrapBeats (2 months ago)
No sht dude im watching your videos 10 hours straight sine morning :D Why i never heard about ur channel before ?? By watching u testing things im addicted to buy this stuff ! :x
Emo At The Phandom (2 months ago)
The air pods are overrated and overpriced.
Apple AirPods - Does it suck? *The video starts* YES!
damon kain (2 months ago)
i use these everyday and they are surprisingly really good. i have bought more expensive wireless headphones that weren’t as good. i mean another thing is that these headphones fit really well in my ears
Irineu (2 months ago)
Answer: first word of this video
MyGuyWiFi (2 months ago)
I think earpods sound good and I never want to use buds again. Therefore, airpods!
QMR Studio (2 months ago)
" Wether they are bluetooth or these ones " These are bluetooth XD
Dhruv Joshi (2 months ago)
I have wireless JBL headphone
TexasBulldog74 (2 months ago)
I hate the looks and feel of the AirPods but I like the convenance. What would you recommend as a better choice for a wireless earbuds that you can talk with? I always only have 1 bud in my ear since I won’t be the idiot almost hit by a car lost in their own world and I just listen to podcasts. I’ve just wasted a good bit of money on a few different lightning plugged wired earbuds. They all suck so far and just tinney sound and I’m tired of the cable getting in the way.
Jatin Karwasara (2 months ago)
My phone price is 150 $
Peter Lastnamehere (2 months ago)
Ear buds fit me terribly. So I guess this answers my question. Got the iPhone X. guess going different direction.
The Hushed Casket (2 months ago)
Double tap for siri. Immediate media pausing when one is removed and resuming when it’s put back in. Double tap to answer.
Harshad Joshi (2 months ago)
SAME sound quality at additional 150$?? Definitely it sucks dude!
Miss G'elle (2 months ago)
I watch this channel even for stuff I can’t afford
enzudesign (2 months ago)
.. Yes
Apathetic Millennial (2 months ago)
I don’t know I was really skeptical about AirPods but I’m enjoying mine so far so don’t judge until you try.
vtkin (2 months ago)
wired is way better than wireless i’d rather risk tangled wires than buying a bunch of batteries
vtkin (2 months ago)
airpods: iPhone 7 hint
Angus Parker (3 months ago)
anyone else find that the apple earbuds (the new ones but also the old ones) are really painful to have in your ears for more than like literally 10 minutes??
Marjan393 (3 months ago)
the price is ridiculous
Bruno Souza (3 months ago)
AirPods are the Best truly wireless earbuds !!
The11thDoctor1X Gaming (3 months ago)
I got the iPhone 7 and I have to use the the headphones that go in the charger port.
Edward C (3 months ago)
I have this

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