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Apple AirPods - Does It Suck?

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Apple AirPods... Are they any good or DO THEY SUCK? Don't lose your Apple AirPods - http://amzn.to/2j8xDkU The Apple AirPods are a fully wireless set of earbuds designed for the iPhone 7 and others but they will work as a standard set of wireless bluetooth headphones on Android devices and more. Some of the music I listened to - https://soundcloud.com/rickojames/a-samurais-death FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Unbox Therapy (1 year ago)
Don't lose your Apple AirPods - http://amzn.to/2j8xDkU
Gleaming Walker (12 days ago)
You will never lose them if you value how much they cost.
KINGIN- CX (3 months ago)
Unbox Therapy o
the tech byte (3 months ago)
Unbox Therapy rr
Zarif Bin Samad (5 months ago)
I don't use Airpods😐😐
Xavier Roberts (8 months ago)
Would have been nice if the review mentioned that the music stops when you remove one of the airpods from your ear, and if you listen to music with just one, it automatically switches from stereo to mono.
Anthony Crawford (2 days ago)
Please do a video on vmoda headphones.they will make say wow.
User Name (4 days ago)
Answer: kinda
Jennifer Chaston (4 days ago)
You might loose them and never really discover it until you listen to something. That won't happen to the ordinary ones. They would just hang from the wires.
It's just Abdullah (5 days ago)
Spencer Johnson (5 days ago)
you should do a review of the Bose QC35 vol 2 head phones.
sippe (6 days ago)
I am using the apple airpods and I am on android
Innocent Gray (6 days ago)
I use an android device but apple is not my thing
EZ (8 days ago)
I have AppleCare+ so if I lost them I could replace it 👍
Lucky Aznlars (10 days ago)
I thought it says does it suck as in stick on the iphone
Ali Alassdi (14 days ago)
now everyone has em xD
GeniusGamerShow (18 days ago)
The real question is whether this works on Microsoft phones...
GeniusGamerShow (18 days ago)
Steven _TH (18 days ago)
the suggestion video i got was linus tech tips video about the airpods "-Do they suck??"
Jack Meloche (19 days ago)
It’s really not that convenient. It’s just another thing you have to charge. I love apple and I’d rather just use the wired ones. What if you forget to charge them. Then you just straight up can’t listen to music in public. That blows. Major con.
Chacha 213 (21 days ago)
Does Airpods work with iphone 6s!???can anyone answer me....
Chacha 213 (19 days ago)
Frédéric Chopin okay thank u :-);
Frédéric Chopin (19 days ago)
Chacha 213 yes they do
Mitchell Huse (22 days ago)
I’ll admit that I never bought a Bluetooth headset until Apple revealed their AirPods
Frédéric Chopin (19 days ago)
Mitchell Huse same here and I don‘t regret it! Love the airpods
gametops on (22 days ago)
Can the air pod be use by all android phones
Keiren 235 (23 days ago)
Do fire HD8 does it suck?
Daniel Naveda (23 days ago)
For a second it said the channel was the eight bit guy
DaLucky Lakshay (23 days ago)
Just 41 seconds in to the video and,I have apple headphone not air pods the wired ones and they fall out so imagion with no cord.(smashed the ground and broken)so buy over ear
Frédéric Chopin (19 days ago)
DaLucky Lakshay the airpods actually fit MUCH better than the wired one‘s. I had the earpods for a while and they kept falling out sometimtes. Just got my airpods and they fit reaaallly well, trust me. I absolutely love them
Agastya Shah (24 days ago)
I usually use headphones. Bose qc35ii are the best
Michael Milone (24 days ago)
I love them
BENDY THE INK DEMON (26 days ago)
You should make video about 4 finnish props
Jack Manning (26 days ago)
Music paired with these things makes for a great experience on my iPhone X
StrikerCertified (26 days ago)
How dam loud do you like things
Josh Piper (27 days ago)
Really want airpods now oof
Devin (28 days ago)
apple headphones are so stupidly designed. they do NOT fit in my ears they actually hurt to wear. who the hell thought these would be a good design your ear isn't even shaped like that
IronLover 64 (6 days ago)
Devin They are my favorite pairs
Russell Schmidt (28 days ago)
Why am i flossing while watching this
HA The Magician (1 month ago)
Instead of buying the air pods i would have bought a pair of wireless headphones. Cheaper than air pods
Doggo (1 month ago)
*Z U C C*
RedApple (1 month ago)
tq for prevent me from buying 😂
theo wilis (1 month ago)
They r ear pods just wireless and a little more stuff
Kingsley Mwale (1 month ago)
Normal ear👂 sets are just definitely better for me though apple's improvement is good but I just don't feel the groom for it
SpongeBob SquarePants (1 month ago)
Quote of the week: “Look at the moon and howl.” - Unbox Therapy
The Reaper (1 month ago)
I have a very small frame and very small ears to match that frame and the airpods do not fit they are too big, they sit wrong and keep falling out because it. Also I have very long hair, apple did not think about people who have long hair when inventing these, when the wind blows even slightly my long hair wraps around them and pulls them out. I hate the airpods.
Fulano De Tal (1 month ago)
Their only worth is novelty. Literally just wireless earbuds. At such a ridiculous price, you could get yourself two pairs of over-the-shoulder bluetooth headphones with way better sound quality. They would be decent, if they were ten to fifteen bucks. They suck.
Aimscoes (1 month ago)
Rather Roll with ma Beats that's wireless not some shity AirPods, can't stop laugh for myself when i see people with those outside becuase the sound gotta suck compared to headphones and it won't isolate sound from outside.
Major Lee (1 month ago)
Aimscoes sounds better than both my beats tbh
segoiii (1 month ago)
they suck, because they offer less value. One more device that will constantly be out of juice when you want them the most and you will definitely lose them. And batterylife can t be great on such a small device. It s not the next level.
Rink de Jong (1 month ago)
160 bucks... no
Jacob Carrasco (1 month ago)
People: "THIS MAKES YOU LOOK WEIRD O.M.G!" People in mid 2018- "Oh... AirPods, I have one too!"
ronaldo blanco (1 month ago)
Volume hack: listening to music through safari on iPhone is louder than through its own app. Don’t believe me? Try it out (idk if it also works for Android, lmk if it does)
Trap God Gohan (1 month ago)
suck does it?
Hamad Alsayed (1 month ago)
avaneesh nagre (1 month ago)
“Look at the moon and howl” what kind of Bluetooth headphones tell you to do that? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Edd Chew (1 month ago)
How about Ticpods? :D
Abdalrahman Awad (2 months ago)
where are the batteries
Max Gorriceta (2 months ago)
Used to love this channel but lou is just... too much talking.
Keane Mangaya (2 months ago)
what android phone did he use ?
Joel Casas (2 months ago)
You suck
A Legit Duck (2 months ago)
Dude, how loud do you need it? It hurts my ears on 85 percent volume.
Major Lee (2 months ago)
Such a lazy review. Review them after using them for a few days
TheCat1sOut I (2 months ago)
how do you connect to the airpods
Hexed Hero (2 months ago)
Or you could just get beats products and the seamless connection is the same but you have better quality, better fit, better battery life, better sound, and more sound.
Guts Puck (2 months ago)
I HATE the design, why is it not simply...round! that stick look is horrible
IronLover 64 (6 days ago)
Guts Puck I think the round design is even uglier than the airpods
OverTheDwaynBowe (2 months ago)
"Apple also owns beats audio" The worlds worst audio company
Imran Khan (2 months ago)
Which is the best iPhone 8 or iPhone 6s?
BlazinAsianInvasion (3 months ago)
Should I get these?
iHelp DESK (3 months ago)
It really sucks
Mashmarriner69 (3 months ago)
You say the wireless headphones are about convenience. But I don't see having to charge them or then running out of charge every day as nothing but an inconvenience.
Bowrawie (3 months ago)
do they *S U C C*
AMOD mudgal (3 months ago)
I will put Chyawanprash into your mouth
Suprem Hatchet (3 months ago)
I dont want your wireless shit, give me my headphone jack back apple
Kevin Pineda (3 months ago)
People who haven’t tried AirPods say that they suck why don’t you use them then talk shit afterwards
Harpreet Thind (3 months ago)
Hi luwhowaeryou
vinni v (3 months ago)
I don’t know if there’s a newer version but my AirPods have better much better way better sound then the normal earphones from apple and they are even better then my skull candy hesh in my opinion that been said I did not go out and buy them I got them as a add on when I got a 7 plus and case n shit
Paul Anderson (3 months ago)
I just thought of another benefit to having these. When you stuff your headphones in your pocket, you won't have to deal with the tangled cable struggles. :)
Ousmane Cisse (3 months ago)
hello i think it would be nice when you review blutooth headphones or earpods to tell also how long do their battery last when we listen to music continuously
Stanley Kinzinger (3 months ago)
basically said they arent great, but then goes on to say theyre better than pixel buds. come on man.
John Harrid (3 months ago)
Does Samsung make a pair like those pods bro
vishesh kamdar (3 months ago)
"Turn on the bud - wait 14 seconds and look at the moon" Hahahahahah
like and lave
Ida Larsson (3 months ago)
I love my AirPods. I recommend them if you have your headphones in all the time, however if u rarely use headphones I'd stick with the regular EarPods. I actually think it's better sound quality and there is more bass, and there it's really amazing how much sound that can actually come out of those small things. It exists much better headphones out there but they're probably headsets so if your more comfortable with smaller things these are really good.
CSR 2 Jr (3 months ago)
They looks ex
Jim AmericanMan (4 months ago)
Watching on my airpods
Periphery Lover (4 months ago)
Those earbuds hurt my ears. It never stays in or fits. Sadly.
Subzero Arctics (4 months ago)
This is a fair review. I have these and not a fan. Sounds quality isn't good, no noise isolation, and people around you can easily hear what you're listening to even at a mid-range volume level, and that's annoying. I've also had them glitch twice in public where the sound instead blasted through my phone's speaker instead of the AirPods, that's embarrassing. The only good things about them is the flexibility that comes with having no wires and how the music stops when you take an AirPod out.I normally find myself choosing $5 earbuds over AirPods for a superior music experience.
Andrew Wadsworth (4 months ago)
I don’t understand why people think they look weird. Having wires dangling out of your ears is more of a strange look. These are literally EarPods with no cables.
Stryder (4 months ago)
I ordered them because I think they look and are good by your review. (Kinda lol) Yeah I’m essentially wasting money on wireless headphones. Only reason I’ll buy them is because I use headphones a lot and I’ve had occasions where they wire gets on the a door handle or on something and just pulls them out of my ear and hit the floor or pull them out of my phone and I get scared they’ll get damaged and such but ye. Also because since I have the X and it doesn’t have the jack and when it has low battery I can charge it on the car and listen to music with them. 😉 Same thing but at home. I can also listen to music while on class with no one noticing. Liitttt
Anonymous (4 months ago)
It’s actually “do THEY suck”
Lil N.E.M.S (4 months ago)
Lol, I literally just ordered them....
James Cardenas (4 months ago)
Dental floss👌🏼
Damon Hyatt (4 months ago)
Somewhat unrelated what's the next big step for Android
Damon Hyatt (4 months ago)
evilme thx
*xNkox* (4 months ago)
Damon Hyatt The s9 is coming out in a bit.
CR7 YAY (4 months ago)
Google Pixel Buds are trash
WaveyGames (4 months ago)
You can get swiped easily
Cringe Network (4 months ago)
That title has a dangling participle
Rahul Macwan (4 months ago)
Try a Sony phone with ur wireless I definitely got a volume boost an I use a Xperia Xz at the moment
Manny3 (4 months ago)
You have to charge them... me no like that
Nytellem (4 months ago)
I got a iPhone but...your a moron if you wast money on this.
mr anil kumar (4 months ago)
Should appreciate the initiative took by apple coming up with wireless earphones even if they are not head thaturners and expensive. Thumps up 👍
HaasGrotesk (4 months ago)
They are actually different in sound. The wireless ones have a much deeper bass. it's a big difference!
NZXEagle (4 months ago)
Other from the removal of the headphone jack just to push you towards buying the airpods, Apple also made it that if you lose one of them you have to buy another one
mizuiro6711 (4 months ago)
I can't justify the cost of buying these
Pablo Australia (4 months ago)
My favourite is the parrot zik
Canadian Snake (4 months ago)
I have a pair and I’m only a teenager so they fit in my ear a lot better than they may fit on you, I really like them because, as you said, they are very convenient
Mohan s (4 months ago)
Apple paid HIM...
Damith Pathirana (4 months ago)
A Samurai's Death
Andrew Wilson (4 months ago)
Game changers if you go to the gym a lot! Decent sound quality and they stay in your ear surprisingly well. Really good product depending on your lifestyle for sure.
Ricardo Flores (4 months ago)
Thanks for using an Android too
brandon black (4 months ago)
Bro you didnt cover the best features for these bad boys like they pause when you take one out etc, i own them and they dope i love how they just turn on and sync or you can call upon siri and tell it to do anything you ipnone can, if you use these right you truly feel wireless

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