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Galaxy X's RIVAL

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A foldable phone from Samsung named the Galaxy X will launch in the near future but it's going to be released in limited quantities to test the market. Now, Huawei is also working on a foldable smartphone and will launch it next year. The Galaxy S9 is also going to launch in a few months and there are chances that the Galaxy X could affect the sales of the Galaxy S9 if both of them come at the same time. The Galaxy S9 rumors indicate that the handset could arrive sooner than usual. Thanks for watching and have a blessed day. Be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe! Subscribe to TechTalkTV: https://goo.gl/9j4P1c IMPORTANT: Don't forget to click the "bell" next to the subscribe button and select "Send me all notifications for this channel". Otherwise, you may not receive notification when I upload.
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Text Comments (1785)
Phoenix Girl (3 days ago)
Poor IPhone users
김성윤 (13 days ago)
Chimchim's Wife (26 days ago)
Hala ka bes grabe na 😂
Krishna Nagpure (27 days ago)
Nice naaa
Aman Raj (29 days ago)
김영광 (29 days ago)
Vo Chinh (1 month ago)
Thanks to modern technology
YAAR DOSTI (1 month ago)
lick m Pakistani D
Sana Khan (1 month ago)
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le tran (1 month ago)
Malik Aleihsas (1 month ago)
Not real
Drake Wanltalk (1 month ago)
Aditya gurung (1 month ago)
Payaso Bom Bom (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/mHmS-jFTENA 👍👍👍👍
Lubega Sula (1 month ago)
So Nice
Anupam kumar Das (1 month ago)
BÙI TẤN NHỰT (1 month ago)
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Abidan Vula (1 month ago)
Top trending movies (1 month ago)
All mobile companies will take this idea
미니워터 (1 month ago)
Deivid Ribeiro (1 month ago)
Manda pro brasil
Aleks Rasp (1 month ago)
) Бесполезные детские понты лентяев!
Jimmy Joebob (1 month ago)
SORRY BUT THE GALAXY IS A STANDARD!! You'll never come close to it!! Millions and millions of people either have the GALAXY or the I PHONE !! You're not going to best either one!!
yusuf yakub (2 months ago)
للب لات ناب نيبلب هههه💋❤❤❤❤❤💙
Dimas Putra (2 months ago)
yang penting opes
꿍꿍나라 (2 months ago)
Kiwa Khong (2 months ago)
Samsung ok.! 👍
Kiwa Khong (2 months ago)
Rodofika Edeltrudis (2 months ago)
Gurvinder Nalvi (2 months ago)
I like it so much
빠염 (2 months ago)
작살 나네..
Julio Sica (2 months ago)
Why does everyone copy samsung😂
Diên Bùi (2 months ago)
giá nhiêu ad
Diên Bùi (2 months ago)
giá con điện thoại be cong được nhiêu tiền ad ơi
Diên Bùi (2 months ago)
giá con điện thoại be cong được nhiêu tiền ad ơi
Diên Bùi (2 months ago)
giá con điện thoại be cong được nhiêu tiền ad ơi
バルボンTV (2 months ago)
Hamidunwinardie Nardie (2 months ago)
Samsung termewah bagi gaya semakin moderen semakin maju suatu negara teknologi semakin cangih dan terdepan duclasnya
CRAZY HACKSBD (2 months ago)
nc bro..
Thamrin Lamatta (2 months ago)
Mattias Mihelich (2 months ago)
1:25 *Human.exe has stopped working
SM Monirul Islam (2 months ago)
ميمونه محمد (2 months ago)
Beautiful 🖒🖒🖒🖒
Vesna Aleksic (2 months ago)
Vishal Gosai (2 months ago)
Exlecticution (2 months ago)
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inshaallox diydor yaqin (2 months ago)
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Soton Howlader (2 months ago)
Ange Nanan (2 months ago)
you're great i'm the first to use this new galaxy in my country
Palwinder Singh (2 months ago)
l knew it that one day samsung will be on the top
Palwinder Singh (2 months ago)
l knew it that one day samsung will be on the top
soledad salvador (2 months ago)
Me sorprendió lo mucho q se mamaron con la parte de "clon" en el Owwo X … haha ! Personalmente me importan los specs un poco más así que como mencioné por allí consideré mejor el ila X … aunque ahora esto considerando el ila Silk a ver qué tal corren las cámaras duales chinas reales xD Buen vid! gracias!
Suci Daniartie (2 months ago)
IPL NEWS (2 months ago)
Anis Aliouane (2 months ago)
Nik mok
Bob (2 months ago)
Is this official?
공주영 (2 months ago)
나같으면 안산다
Пётр Алешков (2 months ago)
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SirBetuh (2 months ago)
포돌이 (2 months ago)
[인형계,BTS]주흥님 (2 months ago)
I like it!!! @_@
Extreme Dragon (2 months ago)
Japan the best
herlina ikhsan (3 months ago)
YoungHyun Kim (3 months ago)
Cristi Cris (3 months ago)
Falya Aliza Dasuna (3 months ago)
Asep Saepudin (3 months ago)
Yg penting mantap kacang cahya
king nishan (3 months ago)
Waseem Ansari (3 months ago)
Supar bro I new it 😎😎
vikash enjoy life (3 months ago)
김창노 (3 months ago)
해석은 못하지만 실화냐
강원준 (3 months ago)
ghada amara (3 months ago)
كتير حلو.very beauty
Rajesh Raju (3 months ago)
tom lis (3 months ago)
en el minuto 0:38 es un nokia el sistema operativo like si es verdad
Chandra Mohan (3 months ago)
라스트언 (3 months ago)
찢어질거같아ㅠㅠ 한국인 손
Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana (3 months ago)
8.5 Million Views!!!!!! WOW!!!!! YOUR LUCKY TIME IS STARTED!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!
Abhishek Singh (3 months ago)
Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana o
TechTalkTV (3 months ago)
Yes, this video got crazy number of views
Gourab Bauri (3 months ago)
Nice video
minji shim (3 months ago)
Franklin Diaz (3 months ago)
Rahul Taviya (3 months ago)
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MelMolen Alit (3 months ago)
wow asome
Cassella Boy (3 months ago)
regane sepira lek hp kya sandal kna di tekukk
Chris Kiths (3 months ago)
Huawei still the best📲📲📲
riad lclass (3 months ago)
يودي نشاء الله نفهمك برك
사랑턱형 (3 months ago)
양현수 (3 months ago)
Shivam Panwar (3 months ago)
FlipOut ROBLOX (3 months ago)
Not really a good idea tbh. Another way to break your phone. Could accidently sit on it and bang it's snapped
Naik govindian's (3 months ago)
Diego Stoianof (3 months ago)
not to believe
wizzi theodore (3 months ago)
wooooow!!!!!!!!  it's soooo amezing
Vipin kumar (3 months ago)
:: Amir :: pathan (3 months ago)
Butifuul 👌👌👌

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