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iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Full Comparison

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In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs the iPhone 7 . We will do a deep dive into every aspect of the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7, and review all their specs one by one, and then give a final and clear conclusion. --------------- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ----------------- Follow me on twitter : http://twitter.com/sakitechonline Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/sakitechonline Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sakitechonline Follow me on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+sakitech My Website: http://sakitechonline.com
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Text Comments (1092)
sakitech (1 year ago)
Which one will you get, the Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7?
Kajal Shirke (21 days ago)
iphone 7 is the dad.... when the phone rings everyone looks at u🙄😯... [samsungs 10,000 rs phone and 60,000 rs phones back also look the same......while apple models are also little bit same but now a days apples cheapest model iphone 6 also costs 25,000 rs which is also that costly] 😉
pixel m (1 month ago)
Daria State (2 months ago)
Galaxy S8 for sure! Nice video tho!!!
Speed HUNTER (2 months ago)
the iPhone 7
Gido Oosterveld (3 months ago)
MUSTFAIZ Hayat (9 hours ago)
Which one should i buy i7 or s8 ? Sakitech tell plz
adam Michalec (7 days ago)
S8 simply the best❤
Nae Catalin (8 days ago)
Iphone 7 have 2 gb of ram
Beatrice Molena (10 days ago)
Samsung wins.... AGAIN
Sol Em (12 days ago)
Iphone 7 has only 2GB RAM.. the 7plus has the 3GB RAM
Cristiano Sabian (14 days ago)
Why not antutu too?..
sheikh rehman (15 days ago)
Iphone7 is a garbage
Kajal Shirke (21 days ago)
iphone 7 is the dad.... when the phone rings everyone looks at u🙄😯... [samsungs 10,000 rs phone and 60,000 rs phones back also look the same......while apple models are also little bit same but now a days apples cheapest model iphone 6 also costs 25,000 rs which is also that costly] 😉
Herta Volska (24 days ago)
I have the iphone 7
__ur__nothing__ _ (27 days ago)
I got the Samsung Galaxy s8
chandransh pandey (28 days ago)
sasmung need to push updates faster
chandransh pandey (28 days ago)
display is much better in samsung s8
Cee Navy (1 month ago)
Can't wait for my mofvckin' Galaxy to get here next week.
Cee Navy (1 month ago)
iPhones be looking like my grandmas tv.
XOXO Shan (1 month ago)
iPhone lag free and quality apps. Samsung : fake colors , lot of phone customazations. What more worth ?
achraf Beast (1 month ago)
Iphone 😍😍😍7 i have an s8 + but i love iphones
Toto Tota (1 month ago)
Samsung s8 makes any phone beside it old
Samsung team
Playboy Enterprises (1 month ago)
I kissed my S8 whilst watching this.
Donald Trump (1 month ago)
quad core = octa core for you?
Ankit Dagar (2 months ago)
u are not comrairing beast vs beast
i Nerri (2 months ago)
Am NOT a Fan of Small Phones/Screens, that's all I Need to Kick iPhone7 aside and Embrace s8 without double thinking!
wh0t (3 months ago)
S8 , totally
Clash With Sean (3 months ago)
Guys I Have recently bought a samsung S8 and I am very impressed with the preformance of the phone.However everyday I am missing my Iphone 7 more and more.I dont have a lot of money what do you guys think I should do?
john wick (3 months ago)
This guy spitting information like an essay
Emrodriguez616 (4 months ago)
There is no point to compare this beauty with that IPhone 7 bullshit!!!!
comedyman112 (4 months ago)
Yet apple has the audacity to charge the same for iPhone 7 as Samsung does for the S8. Fuck apple and their 1 second faster apps.
21champions (4 months ago)
i am the most confused guy on this earth at the moment. I could not make my mind between iphone 7 and S8. After watching this video i am like whats wrong with my 3 yrs old samsung a5 if i have to go for andriod at the end.. so plan cancel of buying a new phone, insted i ll save few hundred dollors now
Ali Hassan (4 months ago)
Iphone 7 2gb ram
Who is watching on s7 edge ??
DipendraSinh Rajpurohit (5 months ago)
Its not a comparison........ Its totally decide to make a brilliant phone to Samsung S8..........!!! You cant avoid its popularity / it has a premium look and also faster phone.
daki (5 months ago)
"And I'm sure you can think of many other possibilities" 3:20 😂
raghda fox (5 months ago)
S8 the winer
Carlo Marone (5 months ago)
Tried clash of clans for some seconds on my friend‘s S8 Wasn‘t half as smooth and good-looking as on my 7 Not saying that bc I myself am an iPhone user but it‘s the truth, my friend with the S8 admitted that too
andr (5 months ago)
iphone 7 (3 go of ram) ? just plus version ho has 3go of ram not the standard version
مش كورز
Liontob Gaming (6 months ago)
Apple sucks! the iPhone 10 can't even beat the galaxy s!
Son Goku (6 months ago)
When someone cant buy iphone , samsung is good too 😏
nơi này có bố (6 months ago)
Mọi sự cảm nhận thuộc về s8
UMAR KHAN (6 months ago)
Iphone 7 have 2gb ram .. not 3
Aaron j (6 months ago)
Fuck Samsung
Michael P (6 months ago)
I started with iPhone and tried a Sony android phone back in 2012.  was unimpressed with android back then and since went to the iPhone 5s which ive had for about 3years now.   Having watched this, I'm sold.  I'm more than willing to give android another chance; what is apple even doing?
Arvin Yorro (6 months ago)
What no one talks about is "customer support". Apple supports their phones up to 5 years . Their 5s is still getting iOS11 and that phone is 5 years old already. Samsung's S6 is no longer getting the Orea, and phone is just 2 years old.
russmaleartist (6 months ago)
Looks can always be deceiving . . . it is what is on the inside that counts. Does the S8 consistently match its performance to its outside appearance?
Ask Tech (6 months ago)
You are wrong in the charging iPhone 7 can be charged in 1h 32min from 0-100 by using apple ipad 12W charger. Its faster than s8 in charging
ill with s8 price the same here in my country
chyrlito alcantara (6 months ago)
Sore Makarov (6 months ago)
Sia Tsatoumas (6 months ago)
Excellent review. Thank you.
Superbladsx5 (7 months ago)
The s8 has two different variants one snapdragon 835 and the exynoss
Jonathan Monte mayor (7 months ago)
Thank you for the video I have both iPhone 7 and galaxy s8 and I wasn't sure which one to use and after this video I have decided for galaxy s8
King Bad (7 months ago)
fake Samsung release before iPhone iPhone copy Samsung so FAKEEEEE
El Dabo (7 months ago)
Somebody needs a pop filter 🤦‍♂️
Big Smoke (7 months ago)
iphone 7 is on 2gb ram not 3
Kahliel Henry (7 months ago)
Apple fans will say the I phone is better even if a galaxy can fly.. Just (Bias)
It's a mystery (7 months ago)
am i the only one that honestly doesn't care about customization on my phone i mean like honestly I've had both phones iphone and Samsung the customization on Samsung/android phones is used literally once to make the phone look the way you want it in the first week you buy it after that it is just a annoying thing you click on from time to time that gets in the way of things you actually want to do customization is unnecessary it takes up precious phone resources and eats system ram. this is why Iphone can get better performance on apps with literally less than half the ram. all of you android fanboys will love to hate this comment because you've never actually owned a iphone once you own a iphone you start to appreciate the simplicity of it and how the things you want to do work extremely well and fluently. i feel this review is highly biased showing the pictures of low light comparison with the iphone when you could clearly of picked a photo during the day that people will most likely prefer i mean who takes pictures in low light? put a comparison of a day time photo that is actually a good comparison of the two phones. might i just add the 3 seconds this guy spent in the video on performance which actually matters the most!!!! if you care anything about usability the iphone doubled the Samsung score in single core performance and the Samsung beat it by 400 on the multi core performance which is a very small difference might i also just add Samsung has double the cores that iphone has and it only manages to beat it by 400 this is a literal joke to be honest. he says in this review "for app driven people this might be reason enough to stick with apple" i'm sorry ohh is there any other things that matter on a phone other than the applications on it??????? everything we do uses apps on our phones. he also mentions how 3D touch is rarely used this is a matter of opinion some people use 3D touch 24/7. not for you to comment on. and one more thing i would like to mention before giving the reasons i would consider a Samsung over a iphone and that is the headphone jack removal i don't know how many of you have multiple headsets that you use on your phone i myself have only one the adapter that is INCLUDED IN THE BOX WITH YOUR IPHONE is simple to attach to your headphone and LEAVE IT THERE to just plug in to your phone this is NO HASSLE WHAT SO EVER and yet everyone complains about having to carry it around with you and how apple is stupid for taking it away. Apple is moving forward by doing this they want a future with wireless headphones this is innovation and quite frankly we need innovation especially in the mobile scene of things it's also not a must they give you the adapter free of charge the only reason it's such a big deal is cause android fanboys love to complain about how apple is stupidly overpriced. okay reasons to consider the sumsung s8 it has a better display hands down i can't argue with that bigger battery sure definitely it makes a difference in use time but i would argue standby time on iOS is much more efficient than andriod. if you are a business man sure yes the app split makes sense then although i would rather go for a sumsung note then. if you're a person that absolutely loves your music (pirated) if you're a person that loves changing your phone with customization every week sure yes then go for the samsung if you're like me a casual person that loves a simple phone that you KNOW will work 24/7 never get laggy between apps or messaging then go for the iphone it will never let you down i can honestly say once you own a iphone you will understand the points i mentioned here last little thing you're comparing last years iphone with this years sumsung you fool.
Cobra Abhishek (8 months ago)
I am here just to read comments
Jiří Huser (8 months ago)
I'd feel ashamed If I were designer in apple... Hurts to watch that boxy crap :D
NateK (8 months ago)
Don't buy this shit 📲
Ariful hoque (8 months ago)
Great video
Ravindra Raturi (8 months ago)
Iphone 7 have 2 gb of ram not 3 gb correct it.
Bobble3000 (8 months ago)
Watching this on sony... "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!"
mysteryman447 (8 months ago)
the iphone 7s water resistance beat the s8 btw. I know the rating is higher but the s8 gave out completely before the 7 even had any water damage whatsoever
karthik smart (8 months ago)
I'm using LG G3 I want to buy a phone iphone 7 or s8 ? help me and LG g3 still beast no lags but battery drains it's 2014 mobile tho it has 4k rec and 1440p display But I want to buy a phone help me ip7 or s8
flashbanggaming (8 months ago)
Galaxy murder that poor iphone
Ktm Duke (8 months ago)
I dont want to buy laggy phone.
Ktm Duke (8 months ago)
jason jones Samsung phones
jason jones (8 months ago)
Ktm Duke Which is?
Ktm Duke (8 months ago)
Iphone 5s is better than s8 plus.lol
Clorox Bleach (7 months ago)
jason jones (8 months ago)
Ktm Duke In your dreams
basil yousef (9 months ago)
Iphone 7
tonite veggy (9 months ago)
I hate iphone, but still I'm using it now. It's complicated! I had Samsung, Microsoft, and iPhone so far I don't like iPhone. I'm planning to get a Samsung. I was just curious how iPhone works and now I regret I bought one. I have iPhone 7 plus.
SocketByte (9 months ago)
Guys guys guys, what if I tell you, I like both Apple and Samsung phones?
Bollywood Panda (9 months ago)
whatever,Iphone Is Best ❤
jason jones (8 months ago)
Around The World Opinions
Shori saldhi (9 months ago)
I just don't get it s8 fanboys aka little kids keep saying oh it look raped next to the s8 it's a older phone like goddamn a phone is a phone you people are so ungrateful
jason jones (8 months ago)
Shori saldhi Yes because im a little kid?
Stephen Collier (9 months ago)
Iphone 7 is last years iphone haha the iPhone 8 is the real winner
Vadim Manuilov (9 months ago)
This music though...
Marko Kojic (9 months ago)
Getting a S8 tomorrow ^_^
camila my love (9 months ago)
John T. (9 months ago)
I like s8 device but I choose IOS software. I have an iPhone 5 from 2013 with iOS 6 and now (2017)run iOS 10 latest version with no any problem. (4 years updates) and I have an iPhone 6s from 2015 for another 4 years fully updated. How many updates Samsung gives? I don't know what is restart I don't know what mean laggy. I don't play games, but I have autocad and some other app for my job. Also I use a lot bank transfers to my workers and I need secure operating system. YouTube, Facebook, phone calls, instagram and general fun no problem I choose Android and S8.
Yasin Yardimci (9 months ago)
Better display: Samsung Better camera: Samsung Better charging options: Samsung Better ecosystem: iPhone Better speaker: iPhone Better performance: iPhone I think those are the main differences you should base your choice on.
jason jones (8 months ago)
Yasin Yardimci Better performance is actually tied
BORA EFE ÖZER (9 months ago)
like this post if i should get the iPhone 7
BORA EFE ÖZER (9 months ago)
like this post if i should get the s8
BORA EFE ÖZER (9 months ago)
i loved the s8 after watching this video but the bad thing about the s8 it that if you drop it the back can break very easily(crack) or it can get scratches
Steel Fire (9 months ago)
After this video, it makes me like Samsung
Andrew Joseph (9 months ago)
You know.... all you Samsung fanboys don't realize something..... you break the screen on an s8 or s8 plus your gonna spend alot to get it replaced. Let alone if you have insurance..... there's also your deductible. What you don't realize is iphone users can pay about 100 bucks if not a little more to replace the screen. So honestly, Samsung fucked up there. Just to replace a screen for an s6 edge is like 300 bucks. I had an iphone 6s with a slightly cracked screen. I paid 87 bucks to have it replaced. I had an s6 edge plus. Broke screen. Cost 344 bucks to fix so I threw it. Fuck Samsung. Besides your shit gets hacked easier with android than with apple. Sure s8 is a nice phone but in the end any damages done to it... is it worth fixing? Probably not
jason jones (8 months ago)
Andrew Eisenbacher I paid $ 70 to get my screen replaced tf u talking about and not only that the only reason it's easy to get hacked is bc Android is an open environment with more freedom
Andrew Joseph (9 months ago)
Ma Had but if u want screen repair to your phone it's an arm and a leg.
Ma Had (9 months ago)
Andrew Eisenbacher s8 beat the iphone 7 on crash test
Maria Medeiros (9 months ago)
I would love to switch to a Galaxy S8 from my iphone but I have so a huge music library and am concern of how I would be able to transfer my music onto the Galaxy. Am I able to do that?
jason jones (8 months ago)
Maria Medeiros I think so look it up on youtube
Jose Ramirez (9 months ago)
Ean Ang (9 months ago)
arnav merchant (9 months ago)
Seems iPhone been raped brutally by Samsung
Udit Jain (9 months ago)
initially s8 is better, but we know samsung handsets begin to lag after a year... Opening gallery, it takes forever to load thumbnails... So I'll choose iphone 7 although s8 is good
jason jones (8 months ago)
Udit Jain A year? More like 2 almost 3
Isaías Hernández (10 months ago)
I have a s7 ans i have a year with it, i've been thinking on switching to the iphone 7
cacingtanah cicakkobeng (9 months ago)
Isaías Hernández no..please don't
Jamelia Tresha (10 months ago)
Apple really didn't upgrade at all ,more of a downgrade. Samsung s8 is life , with every feature they stepped it up as always . Way to go Samsung .....🙌🙌🙌
Robbie Sharp (10 months ago)
S8 for sure
Jawad Shah (10 months ago)
Awesome compare awesome vid
Filmon Abraha (10 months ago)
Filmon Abraha (10 months ago)
Cool Story Hoe (10 months ago)
Got a Samsung ad
N4FZ Gold N (10 months ago)
S8 isn't laggy regardless, if you get a 200 gb card that's 264gb at your fingertips with that much you can stream games like after pulse at at-least 80fps and 4K resolution
Jean Chong (10 months ago)
Thank you for the video. It helps to make my decision as which one to get. Even though it's bigger than IPhone 7 but I take a lot of pictures when I travel so I'm going for the Galaxy 8.
IffySnowflake (10 months ago)
Best thing about Samsung The galaxy S are better than iPhones and maybe some iPads Worst thing about Samsung They only have tablets and not iPads and there aren't many custom items Best thing about apple The iPad Pro is the best iPad and have a lot of custom Items Worst thing about apple There is nothing compared to how good Samsung phones are
Dragan Lazovic (10 months ago)
ip 7 3gb RAM???

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