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Transfer of property vs Succession

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VIVEK N (1 month ago)
Hello madam, I appreciate your effort to make a video regarding Hindu succession act. But, I have an ambiguity of whether a daughter inherits property if her has died before the date of enforcement in 2005. I would kindly request to through some light upon, since there are multiple sources showing different things. Thank you.
Aakash rocks (2 months ago)
hello mam
commerce ka bap (2 months ago)
Bnaye video
commerce ka bap (2 months ago)
7 April ko exam h
commerce ka bap (2 months ago)
Ek help chaiye 12 legal studies ke important topics chaiye
Archana Pandey (3 months ago)
mam mara husband ke death ka bad aur mara motherlaw ka death ka bad mara fatherlaw na second marriage ki hi 62 ki age ma to unki property kisa milne chiya
kotaru raghu (3 months ago)
👍 🙏
Reean Adhikari (4 months ago)
Mam please explain about Gift Deed in detail ..bcz last six years I'm facing this problem.
Gourav Sharma (4 months ago)
Mam succession act ki video bhe send kr do ap video bhut urgent need ha mam pls i humbly request you
Mazher Faiz (5 months ago)
great mam you r great
writer Ikadashi Tripathi (5 months ago)
Anunmay Mukati (1 month ago)
writer Ikadashi Tripathi ...
manoj gaur (5 months ago)
very Nice all topic Llb Ke banye
Aarti Gujre (5 months ago)
apka pdhaya gya har topic bht ache s samjh aa jata h but muje dikkat aari h m hindi medium s l.l.b kr rahi hu ap hindi m bi vedio bnaiye ap bht acha pdhati h samjh bht juldi aa jata h ty mem
Wilson Maske Maske (6 months ago)
explain the process of transfer
virendra Prajapat (6 months ago)
succession act complete karwa do mam
virendra Prajapat (6 months ago)
succession act
Ekta Gaur (6 months ago)
Mam sucssion act krwa dijiye 10 ko exm h
Sumita Bathija (7 months ago)
Madam mere pitaji ki self acquired property but mere maa ke naam per hai kya mere right hai kya as a daughter meri maa daughters ko kuch dena nahin chahati meri maa housewife hai pitaji expired ho gaye hai
Mr Backer (8 months ago)
Madam how to transfer my deceased father's unregistered partition deed on my mom and my siblings name? Im a Muslim
Selvan Sannasi (8 months ago)
Mam pls put video for Earnest vs advanced money

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