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'Flash Boys' star officially taking on NYSE and Nasdaq

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It's been 2 years since Brad Katsuyama was tossed into the spotlight by a Michael Lewis book about the 'rigged' stock market. Now, his fix, IEX, will officially start operating as a national securities exchange, competing with NYSE and Nasdaq.
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Yvonne Eriksson (1 month ago)
Pedro Franco (3 months ago)
I imagined him looking much older
K Reed (4 months ago)
dang girl
srebrnimedved (7 months ago)
Great direction of IEX by design.. plus "speed bumps" :)
ll c (10 months ago)
And you are a part of rigging, you want to do this, lets do it. You can tell the guy on Brad's left regrets the question.
theworldhere247 (7 months ago)
ll c Who isn’t? It’s well known that rigging is part of the game, and one can argue that that’s how it functions today, as unfortunate as it is. The clear difference is Brad and IEX is trying to be more transparent with the matter, while the goons of old, established Wall St. aren’t.
Guy Joseph (1 year ago)
Someone had to stand against the big wolves. Now USA can get back on the right track... Ha! Ha! Party over for the big cats!!! play fair or bust!!!😲😭

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