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Medical Law: A Very Short Introduction

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Author Charles Foster describes the legal process for making a negligence claim when medical treatment goes wrong. http://oxford.ly/1c65izX
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Blessing (1 year ago)
what means this sentence - The spinal Cord can Be Service Connected as Secondary to the primary Service-Connected Disability ? what means -  Knee Gait problems ? abnormal GaiT Stemming ? Abnormal Gait Problems? Thanks if you can help to Solve this matther best regards Insurer told to Patient that they dont recognized his new Illnes as service Connected from employee illness First starting with Fibula Head brocken than employee did his long standing Day By Day in search of help. lawyer,Mediacl reports,LSo attendances than employee got a C5 S1 new medical advice about this illness first Physician 2 phusician also didnt found his Fibula was brocken so employee did a lot of standing to get medical assitence and go to get many outhers help to survive against the Insurances Bullyings,mitigation, discriminations etc.... In the case were Employer hasnt any Insurance and didnt perform any Medical examination in the hiring process and didnt advice to LSo standar office about new hiring and the Employee accident The employer keep quiet and silent Didnt fill the first report of accident . I think I can Sue the LSO ? Labor Standard Office ? How to Survive , stand in this situation ? whats should be the Best Remedy against the Labour Standar Office ????????? IS the Labor Standard office a RE-Insurance Company ? becouse if you get hurt in job their duties is to Care of employ Situation LSo need to administer it But I can see that they Act as a Insurer also, in This case as party of governor they try to Cut you off of any payment using their Power. right ?

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