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What's China's BEST Smart Phone 2018?

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Chinese phones keep getting better! Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, OnePlus? Which is the best Chinese smartphone of 2018? Let's check the markets and find out! Sexy Cyborg's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh_ugKacslKhsGGdXP0cRRA Scotty's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO8DQrSp5yEP937qNqTooOw Collin Abroadcast's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CollinRocka Tony's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkp12ckauDsfB0la20lSYYA Jason's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC14I1lh7avZeUFZroaT1AgQ Mr. Mafan's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Y4Z6u-Mq28yoIigftVSnQ Quest for the best Chinese in the USA! Episode 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFAejbtB5W0 Episode 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSYOW-2eg2k Episode 3: https://youtu.be/PUjQSPgkwLA Episode 4: https://youtu.be/qu2ItMRYuIM Conquering Northern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringnorthernchina DISCOUNT CODE: STAYAWESOME Conquering Southern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Support Sasha and I on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winstoninchina Twitter: @serpentza Instagram: serpen t_za My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/advchina Music used: https://virtual-vice.bandcamp.com/album/chinatown-ep

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Text Comments (3602)
azhar sheikh (32 minutes ago)
From china Huawei is best phone i ever used and xiaomi is best budged phone
Seán O'Nilbud (7 hours ago)
Xiaomi redmi note 5 with the 636. If you can find any you can sell them for €200 for the 4GB model.
Gen X (9 hours ago)
I've been using the Doogee S60 for a few month's (Only because I dropped my last phone & it smashed - Moto X Pure) so I decided I wanted a rugged phone that wouldn't break if accidentally dropped, the S60 is great, a little on the heavy side but it is armoured & has a 5580mah battery which last's me 3 day's, also wireless charging, 21mp Sony IMX230 sensor, plus 6g ram 64g storage & dual sim (I'm from the UK & live in Spain so that's handy :-) Great video - Thanks.
Xiomi is the best
Jeff S. (1 day ago)
I just want one phone 😁
Corey west (1 day ago)
Winston u killed the exit on this vid at the end. Great vids and a big papa bless and suit dressed
Matthew Wayer (1 day ago)
Oukitel K10000 pro.
Myron Venero (2 days ago)
More naomi wu pls lol
Shafer Hart (2 days ago)
11:56 you finally hit it big serpentza good for you.
SalM262 (2 days ago)
that mate 10 is a beast
Jon Williams (2 days ago)
I love my cubot cheap and works great
MaxiMuM1441 (2 days ago)
honor ftw
Ricky Brown (3 days ago)
Lenovo Note k3 , cheap but easy to custom install ROMs
Clark Zhu (3 days ago)
If you want to buy a Chinese smart phone at a cheaper price , you should learn to purchase it on the online shops like Jingdong or Tmall. Fast and convenient and generally you will not be scammed.
Robert Clark (4 days ago)
Amazing. Nice lady at the end. Lots of work on top. Lol
Simon Steffen (4 days ago)
i LOVE the subtitles! :D
ボロ from EU (6 days ago)
love my Mi Note 2
mimeniia (6 days ago)
Holy Hell Naomi!!
alex Lo (6 days ago)
This moment is Huawei Mate RS or else Huawei P20 Pro. It can see through dark.
sky (6 days ago)
late but good video, i like it more than your other recent ones
Manofsteel Super (7 days ago)
I have an oppo phone in Egypt
1wor1d (7 days ago)
My favourite Chinese phone is whatever phone Naomi Wu Sexy Cyborg was talking about!!
HQ TASK (7 days ago)
I use Moto
HQ TASK (7 days ago)
by the way can you please talk about the effect of the semiconductor market and chips in China
HQ TASK (7 days ago)
Your filming skill had improved so fast ... A7r3?
Norbu Rinzin (7 days ago)
Cheap Charlie???????????????
Norbu Rinzin (7 days ago)
You guys are cheap person.
Norbu Rinzin (7 days ago)
Shit you forgot your own motherland??????
Norbu Rinzin (7 days ago)
Fuck you guys. Talk only about good Chinese????? Don't you know about how they treat about poor people?????? And special about human right???? You guys because offf. Money or Chinese wife or girl friend?????? Is there freeedom no way???????
You're not touching on the absolute budget phones, these are all just mainstream Chinese phones.
Robi U.K. (8 days ago)
One plus is the best phone in the world
Lei Xi (8 days ago)
Mate10 is awesome regardless of the dirty politics
Pied Pompies (8 days ago)
There was a OnePlus in this video?
Matt Barnes (8 days ago)
Love your videos! Stay awesome!!!
Yunus İşleyen (8 days ago)
Bought Huawei P20 Lite, both for my mom and myself. This video came in front of me and I was like "Yeah, Huawei must have won". They make awesome phones.
Gener Napolis (9 days ago)
huawei is the best
christophe hofmann (9 days ago)
Mi6 ceramic édition
3dragon8 (10 days ago)
Niels vL (11 days ago)
2:28 lol
Luke Fisher (11 days ago)
What show was it that was saying "stay awesome" used at the end of Winston's video? Did they know Winston says that?
aldrein dze guzmaine (11 days ago)
Your chinese is so good bro.
albertine (12 days ago)
you look just like Jason Statham the Transporter 👍
Shia Majer (12 days ago)
I personally don’t trust Chinese phones, I am an LGBT activist and I don’t want my Chinese phone to track everything I’m doing such as msg I send and places I go and report to the Chinese government .. I am now using Motorola G5 Plus
Shia Majer (12 days ago)
BTW I am Chinese, and the models these brands are selling in China are different than the international models, that’s why I need to be careful
albertine (12 days ago)
2:12 OMG!! you speak Chinese 👍
Peat Kortenjan (12 days ago)
thou art welcome :D
Kazi Sabit (12 days ago)
I didn't see one plus mobile but i something plus
李拜天 (12 days ago)
11:30 Chinese version of Operator IQ (of game Rainbow Six Siege)
Krish V Raja (12 days ago)
Man I got to see your review at the right time. I'm about to rid off my Asus ZenFone 4 and get new one. My budget choice is oppo.
Krisztián Egyed (13 days ago)
Phone's? Where's? :D
paul joe (13 days ago)
some one stole most of that girls pair of shorts .
Ritchie3825 (13 days ago)
I have purchased three mi A1 phones from Xaomi. And yet have not got one for myself yet. Definitely by far the best buget phone.
TAMAL MONDAL (13 days ago)
Redmi note 4 best
kie BOYKA (13 days ago)
I went there yesterday lol
Alvin (14 days ago)
forget the phones,pack for me Naomi...hehehe.Love from Kenya.been watching your vlogs since yesterday.nice stuff...
Riad Ahmed (14 days ago)
Oppo R5 is a shaolin weapon
Naomi win, lel
abood saymeh (15 days ago)
Literally watching this on my mi 6 😁
José López (15 days ago)
Lo siento Winston, pero me ha sido imposible estar atento al final del vídeo. Es imposible concentrarte en el resumen, no puedo darte mi veredicto, lo siento, de verdad! Había algo..., no se..., dos poderosas razones que me impedían atender las explicaciones, de verdad que lo siento! Suerte chico con tu elección!!
沈亮 (15 days ago)
Peter Nugent (16 days ago)
Xiaomi best phone out there that's an Irish man telling ya
Peter Nugent (16 days ago)
Thl t 100 t 200 an monkey King were the start of chinese making half good phones
Peter Nugent (16 days ago)
Why say it looks like apple the oppo it doesn't have the round button on the bottom and dual camera came from Huawei. Why does every smart arse who think they know it all compere a hash soap bar with glass screen to a fucking apple iPhone. As mush phones got there looks from Moroccan hash bars with the glossy plastic wraps. Lol square hash break clones
mongradon alpapy (16 days ago)
how about meizu?
Michael Quigley II (16 days ago)
The ZTE Blade ZMAX is my smart device of choice. It may not shooting 4K but it does shoot in 1080P resolution. 6 inche full HD display yes it may lack on RAM with only 2 GB but what it offers in the Gpu is smooth and snappy. It also offers 32 gigs on board storage. With it's rubberized honeycomb pattern backing and 16 megapixel back facing camera and 8 megapixel front facing camera and biometric fingerprint sensor facial recognition Adobe audio built-in app and Google Assistant built-in.coupled with 4G LTE speeds with T-Mobile offering a smooth and seamless experience
Michael Quigley II (16 days ago)
My favorite son is the ZTE blade zMAX works great for the budget United States for Budget mid-range budget phones
Michael Quigley II (16 days ago)
Kakai kip (17 days ago)
If i am to choose from this video, l will definitely choose Naomi which top the video...
gamer dash (17 days ago)
One plus is the best and the biggest
Kevin Xu (17 days ago)
Chinese like the phone, not the computer, does not China is poor, just because the phone is so convenient, you can do anything using the phone, shopping, taxi, eating...
Ethan Hunt (17 days ago)
the monster one were Mate 20
Sparta Batallion (17 days ago)
Quality wise, i never put too much hope in Chinese products. However, they do make some of the best quality phones in the world.
Andrew Ramsey JR. (17 days ago)
Great reviews and I love the use of your language skills. Sounds great looks great. Great video
tech2new (17 days ago)
pls. check the xiaomi black shark 8gb ram
JayR Jumalon (18 days ago)
pick me sir i need a phone any thing will do thankyou
rooster sideburbs (18 days ago)
I just would rather not support china by buying their phones. not because of chinese people, we here in america cant copy and sell counterfeit chinese products, china does NOT respect other peoples property, but if i were to pick the best chinese phone it woule be the huwei p20 pro (spelling) However, even the p20 pro suffers with video quality - the galaxy s9 plus and apple 10 are still top notch
EAT THIS (18 days ago)
"China is eager to learn high tech after lagging for centuries Innovation is not copying"
Jørgen Foged (18 days ago)
Yeah Winston --- stay awesome you too!
AKA MLG boy (18 days ago)
Her boob i big
AKA MLG boy (18 days ago)
i m 5 x
Dani Calvo (18 days ago)
LeEco :v
Joseph Colina (19 days ago)
The Huawei mate 10 is the best
Omkar Shah (19 days ago)
My opinion about best budget phone is XIOMI 5A .! THANKS FOR REVIEW😊
Dipto Nag (19 days ago)
Xiaomi 5A
KopetePanda (19 days ago)
you are missing "Ulefone T2 Pro" and "Elephone U Pro" which are probably the actual best ones china has to offer as of now
Rounak Dutta (19 days ago)
"thank thee" "thou art welcome"
Alex Gowers (19 days ago)
Holy inflatables batman.
Jay Lama (19 days ago)
that boobs must be made in china
TheNoobSquad 05 (19 days ago)
Damm those boobs in the beginning
Gagan Deep (19 days ago)
Xiaomi mi 5a is best Budget phone
Gagan Deep (19 days ago)
Xiaomi mi 5a is best Budget phone
Jānis R (20 days ago)
Lg, Motorola, zte looks like no chaina phones but qualiy low, data colection, water, no cases expensive in some shoops.
Jeffrey Wong (20 days ago)
Mate 10 pro. Yeah!
undo.kat (20 days ago)
those tits are counterfeits
undo.kat (20 days ago)
if it costs $850 in china, how much it would be in the states?
Turbrooo (20 days ago)
Xiaomi ist very good for the price.
Nat Nat (20 days ago)
Jason statham is now a vlogger?? Coool!!
Chris Abino (21 days ago)
that Naomi is pretty damn disgusting. "hey look at my fake titties and give my channel some props!!" fucking gross. and her tits aint even great, they look way out of proportion. funny cuz she can barely string together a coherent english sentence, so she got fake tits to make up for that gap. fuck you, Naomi.
Xyz Abcd (21 days ago)
Yeah, Xiaomi is the winner here, Mi Mix 2S 5.99 Inch 4G LTE Smartphone Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octa Core 8GB 256GB 12.0MP Dual Rear Cameras MIUI 9 Type-C Ceramic Body - Black in shipment to the US right now. It's going to replace my MI Max 2 and will be the last phone I'll need for quite some time.
angel72689 (21 days ago)
I like OPPO F7 😍🤩
John Lui (21 days ago)
These phone R they unlock? How is battery life i am guessing battery are not replaceable, like the Huawei y7 as my vote

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