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What's China's BEST Smart Phone 2018?

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Chinese phones keep getting better! Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, OnePlus? Which is the best Chinese smartphone of 2018? Let's check the markets and find out! Sexy Cyborg's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh_ugKacslKhsGGdXP0cRRA Scotty's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO8DQrSp5yEP937qNqTooOw Collin Abroadcast's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CollinRocka Tony's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkp12ckauDsfB0la20lSYYA Jason's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC14I1lh7avZeUFZroaT1AgQ Mr. Mafan's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Y4Z6u-Mq28yoIigftVSnQ Quest for the best Chinese in the USA! Episode 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFAejbtB5W0 Episode 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSYOW-2eg2k Episode 3: https://youtu.be/PUjQSPgkwLA Episode 4: https://youtu.be/qu2ItMRYuIM Conquering Northern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringnorthernchina DISCOUNT CODE: STAYAWESOME Conquering Southern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Support Sasha and I on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winstoninchina Twitter: @serpentza Instagram: serpen t_za My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/advchina Music used: https://virtual-vice.bandcamp.com/album/chinatown-ep
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Text Comments (2807)
H. Winchester Lyon (16 minutes ago)
My favorite is the OnePlus 5T Global. But for a budget phone, I like the Ulefone T1 (Global Version).. I have to go with the global versions because they support my carrier's bandwidths..
techmagazinegroup (49 minutes ago)
Parent company of OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus is the same
Max Zorin PhD (57 minutes ago)
I was like h3h3 at the end of the video. :)
godloves me (1 hour ago)
I like one plus 5t
Disguise Power (1 hour ago)
Mate 10 is too expensive, my favourite Chinese brand at this time is Xiaomi and Oukitel.. the last one because of the huge batteries :)
Falconhoof (2 hours ago)
Good grief. Yeah, you know.
CliViearN (2 hours ago)
Why not Mi Mix 2?
Jimmy F. Giloryao (5 hours ago)
Mate 10 can rival even Iphone 8. I'd go for it, if I were you.
Vienz Sein (5 hours ago)
My bet is on the Xiaomi Mix 2. Great body to Screen ratio with really snappy screen resolutions. if you look deep into it, I love the back portion of it. It is really solid and how often do you see a ceramic back phone? its dual camera setup is just great too. On top of it, definitely the highest specs that it has on the ram and rom. But one thing creepy about Xiaomi is the software itself... Registering the phone is an ease but when it comes to deregistering, you have to be damn sure to remember your password. If not, you won't be able to erase your profile if you would want to sell it off. Overall, build and quality is there on the Mi Mix 2..
PuchMaxi (5 hours ago)
What about ZTE? I used the ZTE Blade (San Francisco) and it was pretty good back in the day!
Michael Parker (6 hours ago)
If you look at all the components that are in a Chinese phone you'll see many were made in the same factory and same production lines as components put in premium phones like iPhone and Galaxy S, but what matters is batch failure rate where top manufacturers will pay the most for batches with the fewest failures, then each batch with higher fail rate are sold cheaper until the worst get sold for virtually nothing to the lowest end manufacturers, so you could get lucky with a cheap phone that's very reliable.
Buk Lau (6 hours ago)
sorry what was naomi sellin? i repeat the video couple of times but cant pay attention.. likassommbb0o0o0o0o0dddieeeeee
Spawn (7 hours ago)
I didn't know that oneplus started to use silicone on their phones.
Screen Apple (7 hours ago)
I have Huawei P1 phone. U.S complaints about huawei phone as Chinese spy phones. It's not as bad as new iphone.
Gian Lanvin (7 hours ago)
I would like to try the xaomi
tsfcancerman (8 hours ago)
Holy holy crap i thought i had seen females in small miniskirts and pants, but never seen anyone use so little cloating unless it was before bedtime.
Naomi Wu can sell me anything.
Light Yagami (8 hours ago)
do u have any idea y Huawei isn't selling p series and mate series phones in India but sells in neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh?
tsfcancerman (8 hours ago)
I would say oppo R11 plus
Colossal 848 (9 hours ago)
Oppo A57 seems really dope
Ernesto Rodriguez (11 hours ago)
No more Naomi please
nik (11 hours ago)
oppo phone maybe 🤔
Elías Alejandro (11 hours ago)
more interesting part 10:09
farlandooegy (11 hours ago)
Mi mix 2
YouTube ED (11 hours ago)
You are cheap
Jamie (12 hours ago)
Here in the USA I feel the best budget phone is the HUAWEI MATE SE. $230.00 gets you a lot of features.
Kamal Hans (12 hours ago)
Nice video. But how come you left out Oneplus?
Eluminary Xarrais (13 hours ago)
I have a Huawei mate 10 Pro in the US despite our government trying to keep it out. It's the first Chinese phone that I have bought and I did it because this phone has everything, I'm quite pleased with it so far if it holds up over the next two years I'll probably be looking for another Huawei phone. The biggest thing this phone has over everything else is the ridiculously fast charging time it's the only phone that charges at a full 5 amps which is double many of its competitors and the phone doesn't heat up at all. The only other manufacturer that's close is the OnePlus Dash charge, but it's more than double Samsung in the iPhone charging speeds
Jamie (12 hours ago)
Eluminary Xarrais I just picked up a mate 10 pro as well and this to thing is a beast (former iPhoner)
Prince Roy (13 hours ago)
I think Xiaomi and OnePlus are doing pretty good job
Light Yagami (8 hours ago)
Prince Roy in India.
FurbZ (15 hours ago)
Oppo A57 if I would have to choose between the cheapest models. Definatly Huawei Mate 10 for top of the line! 👌🏻
fridel maconee (15 hours ago)
Oppo and Vivo are trash trust me
神明沢 (17 hours ago)
xiaomi 7 and Mix2s coming soon
OTI (17 hours ago)
Next time my phone breaks I'm just gonna order one from China. The cost is lower and quality seems premium.
Mohit Aswani (17 hours ago)
Huaqiang Bei is Awesome
Markus Hedetoft (18 hours ago)
Nice video @serpentza Do they still sell Huawei P10 Plus in the Huawei stores?
Markus Hedetoft (17 hours ago)
Nice ;) I have P10 Plus Dual Sim 128GB version. Not sure what my next high-end phone will be but it must have a headphone jack for sure.
serpentza (17 hours ago)
Yes they do
余国平 (19 hours ago)
It's depends on one usage and needs though. If one is not particular about camera. Xiaomi is the brand to go for. Quality is just as good as any of their competitors, prices wise should be most competitive. Overall Huawei Mate 10 plus is the best in my opinion
TAMAL SAHA (19 hours ago)
Xiaomi note 5
InfiniteOnHardwood (19 hours ago)
Getting a Oppo r11s
Yangming Xiong (19 hours ago)
InfiniteOnHardwood (19 hours ago)
0:00 so cute
Mfk33 (20 hours ago)
*Woman appears* "Check out HIS channel". Uhhh... ok. :D
Paul Andrews (20 hours ago)
Mi 5A
Dipt Kashyap (21 hours ago)
One plus
Fahim Rahman (21 hours ago)
Why her boobs looks soo weird!!!
Gods Tenor (21 hours ago)
Nice tits
Chebelli Pavan kumar (22 hours ago)
Redmi 5a
Pay Pal (23 hours ago)
Xiaomi and Oneplus are good.
Ashok Revanna (23 hours ago)
#StayAwesome moment of this video starts at 10:08.. you can thank (like my comment) me now or later!
Great Leader (1 day ago)
the BMW key phone is the best phone of 2018.
2StrokeTARD (1 day ago)
Dont forget the Honor 9 !!!
Arthur VanDeKraats (1 day ago)
White Thunder (1 day ago)
Bazooka phone!! New Chinese phones..lolol
Junior Jr. (1 day ago)
Who's that girl at the very beggining? She's... hot as hell!
dave watson (1 day ago)
Real store price always expensive then netmall,my xiaomi A5 only take 599 rmb on tianmao netmall.
tuber (1 day ago)
I figured out why they don't have a home or a computer. They have the fiscal responsibility of someone who pays $500 for latest stupid phone. They're as stupid as the technologically inept americans who do the same thing and cry about gas prices that are the lowest on earth.
giocoby (1 day ago)
I agree. The Mate 10 is fire. 🔥🔥🔥
Victor Bong (1 day ago)
redmi 5a or hongmi 5a in china, 699yuan. in indonesia about 500yuan in flash sale, what xiaomi doing?
SoonTatt 45 (1 day ago)
Wow... Your mandarin so good... 😱😱😱
tama07ums (1 day ago)
KaspersMC (1 day ago)
Love your subtitle ; ) "Slap me with your best... is it the Real deal or have you make them more Fun/cool ? : ) thanks for your Video's
David Benzal (1 day ago)
Naomi defo has an extremely high screen to body ratio... What the !?
Aswathy Prabha (1 day ago)
U missed honor v10
Kwok Cheung (1 day ago)
I like that almost naked girl
Kwok Cheung (1 day ago)
this ghost man speak good mandarin
a d godbee (1 day ago)
As an 83 yo senior, it greatly E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D my knowledge of those $$$ I could afford to replace my damaged Huawei $200 smartphone THANKS
Jowevator 3219 (1 day ago)
Sam Loy (1 day ago)
xiaomi mi 5x is my budget phone
Hetal Desai (1 day ago)
mate 10 please
Sad Salmon (1 day ago)
I would pick the Xiaomi Mi A1 as the best cheap smartphone, mainly because of the clean software and great specs for about $200. Other suggestions include the latest phones from Nokia, specifically the Nokia 7 Plus and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Among the phones you reviewed though, the one from Oppo was probably the best cheap option.
maxigama ndossi (1 day ago)
Mate 10 bro will be awesome 😎
Distinguishing features? Not clear for me.
Kevin Marroquin (1 day ago)
For big, ram and rom is 2 phones but this 2 have 2 thinks they make special Xiaomi mi mix 2 because is really big screen and is 6gb of ram and 256gb of rim and the CPU is almost similar like mate 10. Mate 10 have almost the same specs then Xiaomi mi mix 2 but you can connect this mate 10 to a flat screen TV and convert the mate 10 in to a personal computer. That's why this 2 phones for me at the best. Right now here in United States of America Huawei trying to get in to this competition for the best and cheap phone but most of the phones they have here are really cheap and the mate 10 they 4g LTE antenna are not comparable here but Xiaomi mi mix 2 global versión works really good with AT&T and TMobile. I can said this 2 are my favorite phones.
Shihai Wei (1 day ago)
I have been using iphone exclusively, but it looks like even the most expensive high end Chinese phones are about half the price of iphone I am using. I think there are huawei phones available in Australia, maybe I should take a look that mate 10 when I have a chance.
Gf (1 day ago)
nice suit man, good choice to go with thin stripes, awesome
Lobstah (1 day ago)
where is zte?
robert hingston (1 day ago)
Mate looks nice
Srinivas Kolli (1 day ago)
forgot ZTE equals to HUAWEI.
Joshua Sia (1 day ago)
"fella" I dont even think chinese peeps say that.
Misha Gelenava (1 day ago)
Oneplus 5t and Huawei mate 10 pro are the top dogs now. I have ZTE Axon 7, which was competitor with Oneplus 3/3t for the best 400 dollar phone in 2016 and it's still great, but unfortunately ZTE couldn't make the successor and Oneplus took over in 2017. You didn't even mention ZTE in this video.
Mino Jaeron (1 day ago)
boobie..thx bro....more pls..
Marc (1 day ago)
I love h3h3 collab! :D You're awesome, man.
james McGiver (1 day ago)
The mate 10 looked the best to me, most advanced looking and acting. However, I've been watching all the ups and downs of Scott's Iphone construction, so that's greater sentimental value.I love the show btw keep up the good work, you've helped bring my Chinese friend and I closer. .
DarKCroX (1 day ago)
i think, i will recommend huawei or xiaomi
Kevin Jiang (1 day ago)
Xiaomi please
Chris Loh (1 day ago)
try have a look at Xiao Mi redmi note 4x
Shu Dipto (2 days ago)
Do Oneplus have stores in Shenzhen? Do they sell international versions of their phones? if so, are they expensive than regular ones?
Karlos Ye (2 days ago)
Hey you missed the brand MEIZU, my favourite
monty Choi (2 days ago)
Naiomi's fake bags are unwatchable. And she purposely did a close up on them.
Krye Nozit (2 days ago)
Ayi Bogan (2 days ago)
Oppo is "the one"
DrekiTech (2 days ago)
I'm super excited to be coming to SZ in a couple weeks. I had a Xiaomi Mi A1 for a while and it was pretty decent, even if the camera left a bit to be desired in the daytime. For so cheap, it was pretty great though, so my vote will be towards Xiaomi (and it had B4!) :)
Jeff Sol (2 days ago)
damn thats an awesome suit you are wearing.
howard w (2 days ago)
wow thats almost the worst sets of tits ive seen
RED MOBILE uk (2 days ago)
False tits or not ....ide wear that chinese chicks pussy like a mask with an emergency supply of oxygen...THEN BUY A PHONE
Arthur Az (2 days ago)
Naomi Wu.... Hmmm.... I barely heard what she said :)
Kiril Raychev (2 days ago)
Huawei P smart is the best midranger in my opinion.
Thomas Tang (2 days ago)
Nice informed video, unfortunately the cell provider nowadays combines many different bands in different region/country. Unlike in the old day when there were only 4 bands in 2G era. So with that in the equation, some of the budget phones would consider irrelevant to where you live and where you go often. Hopefully one day they make phone that receive all bands available in the world, and I'll be so happy and will speak "Chinese Phone" every other sentence in my daily conversation. :(
Bum Fluff (2 days ago)
All I know is I’m not buying an iPhone X. The 6s is going to be with me until I lose it.
virtualbureau.de (2 days ago)
Hi, do you know a good and cheap chine smartphone, which for sure is NOT rooted??
Asim Das (2 days ago)
One plus 5t best phone in Chinese..

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