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Best Rugged Phones 2018 Top 5 || Most Durable Smartphones of 2018

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Text Comments (25)
Taylor Atherton (5 days ago)
What is the song at the very beginning does anyone know?
PhoneBucks (6 days ago)
1st phone you display isn't there anymore (Cat S50 is discontinued since 2015). Last phone (Cat S60) is still here in 2018, but the newest Cat S61 is even better, bolder and with more specs compared to Cat S60.
Binary Tech (5 days ago)
thanks for your feedback!! we will surely update the list...🙂🙂
tuxontour (1 month ago)
Had CAT fones for work the last one the S60 ... Firmware buggy hangs and crashes often.
runcycleskixc (1 month ago)
Very poor quality. Mine came with numerous problems: -- SIM card tray missing. -- several dead spots on the screen, thus two keyboard letters do not work -- upon attempting to hard-reset, a menu in Chinese shows up, with 10 options -- no assistance from Blackview and the reseller (GearBest).
The Wind It Howls (1 month ago)
FOR THOSE WHO NEED TO KNOW :. The Kyocera brigadier is complete trash ... Never buy it you'll regret it, the sonim xp7 is a fucking beast and never dies (2 days or more heavy use) but is slow af , processor is really slow, but it is most durable, loudest, best battery, with the lack of a fast processor
Songo (1 month ago)
My Cat s41 destroyed all
The Wind It Howls (1 month ago)
Songo mine fell apart last year, idk but I got the xp7 now and it kinda rips cats ass
KiizaibDivaad (2 months ago)
nie chce nic mowic, ale w 2018 wyszedl cat s61 poprawiony i z lepsza termo kamera. tak wiec macie dane starawe troche
Omar Omar (2 months ago)
Windows phone is died tow years ago
Andris (2 months ago)
Dont buy CAT phones its overpriced garbage!
Chemical Ali (2 months ago)
Bravo Cat S60
Andy G (2 months ago)
I'll stick to my 1997 Motorola Microtac flip phone... It makes calls and even sends text messages on a 1-line green LED screen
Macdeep (2 months ago)
NO one can beat Sonim XP7 , best rugged phone in universe
Rus (3 months ago)
Well which is it? 2017 or 2018?
PhoneBucks (6 days ago)
2016 if you'd asked us :)
Oswald Cobblebot (8 days ago)
The first cat is from 2014. Pfft
Binary Tech (3 months ago)
new list will be coming soon
Gabriele Spagnuolo (3 months ago)
And Oukitel K10000 Max ?????
Mark Kinko (3 months ago)
Doogee s60?
jeoc11 (4 months ago)
Falta el ulefone armor 2

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