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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Review: Smooth, for the most part

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Read more: http://andauth.co/OsmoMobile2 | Buy at Amazon: http://tyvm.ly/Osmo2 Josh reviews the $129 DJI Osmo Mobile 2, which brings some enhancements to the already well-regarded gimbal at an incredible price. Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (187)
M Parkook (3 days ago)
HOW TO ZOOM SLOWLY AND SMOOTHLY? Every time I try to zoom in or out, at the very moment of start, there is a quick fast zoom and then it goes smooth!! I would appreciate if anyone could help 🙏
Dan Little (20 days ago)
Josh ! HELP ! Just got the Osmo Mobile 2. Ran into the problem that the DJI GO app does not seem to recognize my Galaxy S9's hi-res camera options. So when I go to "Camera" in the app, the ONLY Resolution available is 720p. And it is not like the other resolutions are visible, and "grayed out". The only thing even visible, at all, is 720p. Period. Any ideas ? Thanks !
David McCallum (1 month ago)
Great video. Very helpful.
Sean Corcoran (1 month ago)
It is DJI not DJ although it probably can drop a fresh beat too, does everything else...
Marlon Estella (1 month ago)
Wow, I noticed downtown San Dimas in one of your shots.
Mike Messiah (1 month ago)
Zinhyun, DJI... all these Chinese companies have dominated the Electro-Gimbal market
alan Jones (1 month ago)
how can you fit an external mic!!??
John Banks (1 month ago)
@3:05 - perhaps you should try balancing it so it's not top heavy...
Cody Shaw (2 months ago)
First why would you want it to be type c, micro USB is far more readily used, and yea it’s pretty close to the smooth q but... the zoom on smooth q is soo badly designed, you have to press and let go otherwise it changes cameras who was behind that decision
Rodolfo Pessoa (2 months ago)
Someone knows any information about the android device's compatibility if acquired in Apple Stores ? Exist problems or not exist? Cause in the Apple Store site, only make reference a Apple devices compability...
Brandon Alvarez (2 months ago)
Android Authority could you possibly do a comparison between the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and the Zhiyun Smooth 4?
yildirim ozpay (3 months ago)
100 vdeos still no mention payload yeah better get a iphone with no extra load if you want this
Hezekiah Williams (3 months ago)
This new version is a complete piece of crap. It's more susceptible to jitter because it's lighter, the controls make no sense, & they got rid of the mounting screw on the side because you could build a whole rig around that before. It's just an attempt to sell more units than the last model. Their target market is easy to fool because most folks who want to film on their phones don't know what the hell they're doing anyways. The price cut IS NOT worth it.
55 44 (3 months ago)
Hey can it work while charging
Hermo Escala (3 months ago)
For first time user, definitely this is a must for travel. Thanks for the review. Got mine and already used with my travel in Ayuthaya Thailand. Pretty amazing device. Never run out of juice
Uncle Buck (3 months ago)
no 180 turn to record from front
Kamal Fikri (3 months ago)
Can for samsung note 8 ??
jetman189 (3 months ago)
Kamal Fikri the gimbal doesn't have a usb type c
Derrick Green (3 months ago)
DJI OSMO Mobile 2, is it fully compatible with Android?
illogicalewine (3 months ago)
It looks like the build quality is cheaper material. Hence the price I'm guessing but the only real improvement I noticed is the tripod stand screw in location is finally in the place it should of been. At the bottom.
Haymkarran S Bhalla (4 months ago)
DJI needs to hire UX designers to solve their problems!
ASHUTOSH SHARMA (4 months ago)
Doesn't the OIS on pixel 2 & Gimbal stablization conflict each other, like it used to on osmo 1 ??
Photonees (4 months ago)
Use portretmode is a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. All that footage looks ridiculous on youtube in this review. sure, demonstrate it, but hardly any normal shots...
Maksym Panchuk (4 months ago)
No problems with the app on iPhone!
fruitrollout (4 months ago)
If this is exclusive to IPhone store, can i still buy it from them for my android smartphone?
bigdaddymilkman711 (4 months ago)
@androidauthority I've never had a gimbal. So my question would be can I skype and factime with the phone on the gimbal???
joe fast (4 months ago)
basically a copy of the Smooth Q
Heanly Hyral (4 months ago)
Could you also review the Vimble 2? And if you can, do a comparison as well?
I'm not sure why would you record video in portrait mode when play backs are 16:9? I'm not criticising, just wandering in what scenarios you would use portrait mode? In all the examples you gave in this video all the portrait modes had black bars left and right which looked awkward.
Anthony Bueno (4 months ago)
the first one was way better on iphone, i just switch back from the note 8 to the iphone 8 jus because i wanted to use my gimble again. it wouldnt even calibrate or stay up at all using the note. works normal now with my iphone. smh thats probably why apple has it first.
VFX Todd (4 months ago)
More demo less talk.
JD Silva (4 months ago)
Really good video.
MaxfromPine (4 months ago)
use an iPhone mate...Android is **** as usual...
Mike E Gadget Tech (4 months ago)
Portrait mode just seems lame!  For Instagram, why wouldn't you just used the Square aspect ratio?        What about Filmic Pro!?  Doesn't it integrate w/OSMO?
ryck erick (4 months ago)
I’m about to buy an osmo mobile but I’m confused, which one will work better for semi professional videos? I was reading according to some people, osmo mobile 1 is more expensive due to the good material quality and better for professional uses. Is it true??? Thanks for this awesome review
The5LazyNinjas (4 months ago)
who makes videos in portrait
The5LazyNinjas (4 months ago)
micro USB is so much more universal right now than USB-C, calm down,
The5LazyNinjas (4 months ago)
we don't wish it was USB-C, don't speak for all of us
Bee Eff (4 months ago)
My frustration is seeing portrait video. Noob.
Jamie Coats (4 months ago)
Great video, thank you although I feel the following is the conclusion I would draw for your video: Oh dear, the DJI team have a history of bad software for Android users, valid comments you make and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Oh dear, Oslo Mobile 1 and 2 can't solve Apple's silly inability to turn of Image Stabilisation thus making the video shaking and weird and a result of the two stabilisation units competing to solve the issue. So my conclusion is iPhone user no, Android user maybe... Dear Apple please solve this in a firmware update if you can otherwise I have to use my Galaxy S8 and brag my video's were done an Android....  As you can see I use both so try to be agonistic and unbiased... :-)
Chianto Yap (4 months ago)
can be used with note 8?
The Average Educator (4 months ago)
Chianto Yap DJI website says yes.
krishnanunni p (4 months ago)
Can I use this for my action cam?
N A (4 months ago)
Not even a mention of how the phones stabilisation fights with the gimbals stabilisation, is this reviewer misleading or just uninformed??
Edward Tse (4 months ago)
Do I need to set my phone's wifi to the gimbo to get the dji go app running?
The Average Educator (4 months ago)
Edward Tse uses Bluetooth!
H0pH0p (4 months ago)
When you own a GoPro and a 3d printer you can adapt it to use it with your gopro
H0pH0p (4 months ago)
The Average Educator does it ? Nice!
The Average Educator (4 months ago)
GoPro may even fit without modifications. Maybe hard to get to screen/controls though
hadi257 (4 months ago)
5:54 who is that guy on the left he looks familiar? A yoituber?
jimmy miller (4 months ago)
this is ridiculous. they completely ripped off the zhiyun smooth q. everything about it looks the same. i expected more out of dji. also for anyone out there thinking about getting this, dont. get the smooth q. it is a smoother gimble and much better for the price.
TECH KOREA (4 months ago)
You shouldve tested out if its as stable as mobile1 when its rapidly shaking or running. Cuz thats d most curious thing most people wanna know
Sean Marc Nipper (4 months ago)
I have suggestion. DON'T USE IT IN PORTRAIT MODE!
snakesonaplane114 (4 months ago)
you could pre-order it at B and H before it was even available to pre-order on apple. I also preodered it first at some other indie online tech store and I canceled those once the apple pre-order was available. Mine was shipped today. On B&H it was estimated Feb-March so dont worry you dont need to get it at apple. It wont be exclusive too long if at all.
Rob (4 months ago)
FC WHAT (4 months ago)
If it can power the phone too then how does the cable affect the balance of the phone on the gimbal ?!!
The Average Educator (4 months ago)
FC WHAT very curious About that
George Bennis (4 months ago)
You didn't mention that the battery is rechargeable but not replaceable. How long will the battery last before you have to buy a totally new Gimbal?​
Faisal Khan (4 months ago)
Thanks for the honest review. Will like to know how stable the app is on iPhone and how easy it is to use this gimbal with large phones like 7 Plus etc.
rotospace (4 months ago)
Are there alternatives to DJI's app - like, there's also Litchi for flying drones. Just curious. 🚁💨💨💨
TheOakleyGuy15 (4 months ago)
The Dji Smooth Q
Benjamin Batchelor (4 months ago)
Hruaitea Ralte (4 months ago)
major price drop. good job. btw Joshua, what recorder do you use for recording your voice. It's really soothing
M. Nurhaikal (4 months ago)
Sold my osmo mobile after 8 months of use. Hate how DJI prefer iOS. It shows on the app.
Rick Valasek (4 months ago)
Please don't encourage vertical video - it's just wrong!
jetman189 (3 months ago)
azlan mahmud that's why instagram live is cancer
azlan mahmud (4 months ago)
Rick Valasek instagram live only works on portrait mode
Mouth Freshner (4 months ago)
For $129 this is great (relative to the original model and it's price tag) but I think one could skip this out. Save the $129, and put it towards a 2018 phone, the stabilization is going to be improved even further than it already is. I can't justify buying this/taking up space in my bag if it is only 20% better than my Note 8. As the video explains, if you do rapid movements (speed walk) or even do a "over-the-top" shot the motor will fail, so it does not even perform up to the far I would personally use it for. You are better off with a a gorilla/mono/selfie pod instead for $20-40. Thanks for this video and going into detail on practical use cases!
OrganicFarmer (4 months ago)
Does DJI MOBILE 2 allow you to control Filmic Pro like DJI MOBILE 1?
Valon (4 months ago)
I imagine if it isn't fully compatible, it shall be shortly :)
Minok1217 (4 months ago)
Portrait mode video - the choice of fools. And still doesn't address the issue of using an external microphone with the larger phones.
Daniel McAvoy (4 months ago)
Could you test with a Samsung S8+ please?
Nakul Nalwa (4 months ago)
can we replace with zenmuse x3 on osmo mobile 2
Nicholas Ho (4 months ago)
When will this osmo mobile available?
Noah Akkerman (4 months ago)
Does it work with an LG wide angle camera? looks like the motor would get in the way
Nate Bury (4 months ago)
Fangshi Zhu (4 months ago)
Nice review! Will this work with iPhone 8 Plus?
MoonTheLoo (4 months ago)
If I mainly use it on landscape mode, will there be less issues with the motor not keeping up?
Matt Jacques (4 months ago)
Thanks for showing some of the weaknesses and issues! I'm also frustrated that they removed the accessory connection on the side where they now have the zoom control... where/how are we now supposed to connect an external mic like the Rode Video Micro?
Maskface_00 (4 months ago)
Nice review....!!!
markthaddeus (4 months ago)
What all of these lame reviews don't tell you is you can only shot 4k on an iPhone and only a few android phones. Hell I had the original one and it didn't support 4k for the note 5 which was top of the line when I got it. The APP never got better over time, they just kept adding features instead of making sure the APP worked as it should.
XSportSeeker (4 months ago)
The DJI Zhiyun Smooth Q clone... *cough*
Muhamad Faiz Alias (4 months ago)
exactly what i think as well
Omega Dan (4 months ago)
Makes me want to try out my Zhiyun Smooth Q again
vladimir de lima (4 months ago)
loved the review! one question though: i was thinking to buy thr zhiyun smooth q. what advantages you see in buying the osmo instead?
Jason Brown (4 months ago)
Soldier if tape origin likely rate destroy.
Brandon Wood (4 months ago)
Your video was concise and useful and you didn't ramble on for 17 minutes. Thank you!
Hyuk Min (4 months ago)
how about stability compared to osmo mobile1 especually when its running or shake alot cuz osmo mibile1 was incredibly stable
dpanch_89 (4 months ago)
I wonder how durable the spring loaded clamp will be?
Mohammad Bahaa (4 months ago)
Could you please answer my question on stackexchange, the link : https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/153628/how-to-add-animation-graphics-to-an-android-game
Gilbert Charles (4 months ago)
Does it still work and stabilize upside down? Like for a nice low angle shot?
Michael Neild (4 months ago)
Great video. As always informative and entertaining to watch. Very interesting product,
Andy Knapp (4 months ago)
I going to get this for my birthday
Double D (4 months ago)
App crashing can not be blamed on Android but can be blamed on the APP Builder that is DJI... their software is trash... cool tech but awful developers when it comes to their App... I have had issues with it on Android and IOS... pure trash of a company... cool tech they have though...
TECH GAJET WORLD (4 months ago)
David Petkovic (4 months ago)
It's dji not dj
Helby (4 months ago)
Smooth Q 3
RoseWolfz Prime (4 months ago)
50$ sure buy 130$? naw not when the app doesn't work for shit lol
Haris Afzal (4 months ago)
Is that jkmerch
SkyS1gn (4 months ago)
Vertical video cancer!
Cristian Sanchez (4 months ago)
CowsRus (4 months ago)
BEAter, not bayter. Grrrr .
M4TT EXE (4 months ago)
hope some other company can make a $50 to $75 mark gimbal with these features and a good made app to tie with it
CuteTiger (4 months ago)
a bit overpriced, I would give it 20 dollars for it.
Adam York (4 months ago)
CuteTiger Good luck finding a nice gimbal for that price lol.
GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) (4 months ago)
2:53 Subie.
Chris Thomas (4 months ago)
Oh hey, the Sound Guys crew @ 3:13!
giorgi shengelaia (4 months ago)
It also supports tracking
Maen Marashdeh (4 months ago)
0:48 that’s an iPhone X you can see the bar at the bottom
Double D (4 months ago)
there is another person who did a review using the iPhone X and since the Optical Image Stabilization on the iPhone's can't be shut off the footage was awful when using the Osmo Mobile 2 because it was fighting each other... literally awful... but what do I care? I do not own a crappy iPhone...
Joshua Vergara (4 months ago)
nope. pixel 2 xl.
Scouty - CS:GO and More! (4 months ago)
This is a comment
Joshua Vergara (4 months ago)
this is a reply to a comment.
LuminatX (4 months ago)
so they copied the zhiyun smooth q, awesome lol

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