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The Property Show 2017 Episode 191 - Nancy's Collection (Affordable Housing)

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Rambabu P (1 day ago)
open plots sale in hyd with all developeds plots parks raods watertanks resorts
Rambabu P (1 day ago)
contact 9246234949
Rambabu P (1 day ago)
open plots sale in hyd 9246234949
VINE COLLECTOR (2 months ago)
Are these price on buying or renting and if renting like what is it per month or ..
M K (3 months ago)
She has annoying voice for advertising 😣😣😣
Hannah Ndegwa (3 months ago)
what ever makes me want to stab my ear drums
Matheline oketch (5 months ago)
whats the point of coming to a property show and you dnt disclose the price of the properties? like whats the point though?who is your PR or marketing manager?/
King Mener (5 months ago)
Politicians are damaging the prospects of Africa ...they lack vision, integrity ...........
FAMILY GUY (6 months ago)
I would really love to own a home but they are toooooo..... expensive for the common mwananchi. Which makes me wonder are you building this house's to support the people of Kenya or fill your pockets with the sweat of the juacali and mama mboga's bidii?
jimmy ojiambo (9 months ago)
my numbur is 0715347118 or denkamcompany@gmail.com
jimmy ojiambo (9 months ago)
i well like to know if you can connect me in area of landscape and decolation
menhir limited (5 months ago)
jimmy ojiambo . What is your contact? I live in msa and might be having work for you.
هذي البيوت وين في نيجيريا
TheRoyalCrown (11 months ago)
Your show is good but it would be better if translate from your local dialect to English. Thanks
karubandika sigalame (5 months ago)
TheRoyalCrown keep smoking.
TheRoyalCrown (11 months ago)
Ken Kiria huh!!!
Ken Kiria (11 months ago)
TheRoyalCrown Huh??
Fred Nyongesa (11 months ago)
I love to see that in Kenya
Lillian Kamau (1 year ago)
very interested with the tour,

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