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Top 5 Best Smartphones with 2K , 4K Displays 2017 !!!

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hiiiii guys.in this video we take a look of top 5 high resolution display ( 2K , 4K ) smartphones 2017.we select all the top company mobiles. like Sony , Samsung , Google , LG , Huawei. All Smartphones have high Resolution display's like 2K , 4K And highgraphic's. 4G VoLET, Long Battery's , best RAM And ROM , Best Processer, AND Best Gaming experience. SUBSCRIBE To My Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/Techxzo?sub_confirmation=1 Contact : technexthelp@gmail.com Special Thanks to ''NCS''. #1 Song: Elektronomia - Sky High [NCS Release] Download Link: https://NCS.lnk.to/SkyHigh Buy the best Smartphones of 2016-17 :- ✅✅ iphone 7 :- http://amzn.to/2kghZ4Q ✅✅ One plus 3T :- http://amzn.to/2jCwIoS ✅✅ google Pixel :- http://amzn.to/2kggOTh ✅✅ Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge :- http://amzn.to/2kQPI8j ✅✅ Mi 5 :- http://amzn.to/2jCxEtu ------------------------------------------------------------ Smartphones List :- 1. Sony Xperia XZ Premium / Z5 Premium. Display : 4K. 3840 x 2160. 2. Huawei P10 Plus. Display : 2K. 1440 x 2560. 3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Display : 2K. 1440 x 2560. ✅✅ Buy here :- http://amzn.to/2mLJ9kO 4. Google Pixel XL. Display : 2K. 1440 x 2560. ✅✅ Buy here :- http://amzn.to/2mLPBbt 5. LG G6. Display : 2K. 1440 x 2560. -------------------------------------------------- Connect Tech Next On Social Media : 👉 Facebook : https://goo.gl/GQetuL 👉 Twitter : https://goo.gl/WNhCUA 👉 Instagram : https://goo.gl/NQViqm NOTE : we do not own any of the trailers,music,logos,songs shown in the video any they are all the copyrighted contents of the respective owners.
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Text Comments (88)
The only 4k one at the end, and it looks awful!
PAPPU RAZ (17 days ago)
Sony 🤣🤣😂
Bogdan X (1 month ago)
a timewaster displaying ads
Gültekin Azitepe (1 month ago)
Ha matbaa gelmemiş bazı ūlkelere ha telefon ūretememişsin aynı şey geri kalmak böyle birşey iphone çıktı Nokia bitti onun gibi birşey Nokia hala iphoneden geri
Gültekin Azitepe (1 month ago)
Çok gūzel telefonlar bizede almak dūşer
Shalini Verma (2 months ago)
And Samsung note 8?
Carlo Totato (2 months ago)
S7 edge 👍
Adeniran Adewale (2 months ago)
Yeah....! Sony has a better display and it's drain battery 🔋 quickly 👇... I go for Huawei which has 2k display same as samsung 👆
Amit kumar (3 months ago)
which gives image and vedio quality like DSLR camera in 2k or in 4k display?
Felipe Maciel (4 months ago)
No 1 Note 8 2 s8/s8+ 3 v30 4 xz premion 5 g6
White Tiger Visions (4 months ago)
XZ Premium is the best phone i've ever had.. switched from 8 years of Apple iPhones... running OREO right now what a phone !!
ihasagi2urheart (4 months ago)
where are Samsung galaxy s8
Shahid Sidan (5 months ago)
wolf hunter (5 months ago)
Now the display kings are the s8/plus and note 8
vassie66 (6 months ago)
Where are HTC U11, HTC U Ultra, Samsung S8 or S8+ ???
htc u11 is shit not even durable,try to bend it will snap
Tech Next (6 months ago)
htc U11 & galaxy s8 is released early April and May this video is uploded on March. So,thats why htc U11 & Galaxy s8 is not there in this list.
Jason Jayawardena (6 months ago)
Sony for life!
Michael Morales (6 months ago)
Note 8?
Mukesh V K (7 months ago)
XZ premium value for money (8. 5 hours on screen) Battery, 4K Display, 960fps Camera, non crack screen glass , 5.5" big screen, not easy bending, snapdragon 835 and SONY 🔋 battery charging protection 💙💚💛💜❤️
ALL VIDEOS (7 months ago)
Sony Xperia XZ premium very nice phone and camera 4K display
RunFree - (7 months ago)
I really like the google pixel video it made me laugh 😂
Sunho Ha (8 months ago)
not 1440x2560, is 2560x1440
Sam shelton (8 months ago)
I was so sidetracked by the funky music on the Xperia that I forgot to look at the features
REOGEN (8 months ago)
5:20 Music, please
Intel CORE I20 (9 months ago)
2k is enough 4k is unnecessary
olimpiu pampu (10 months ago)
leave the tube, just add in one movie all trailers...huge work :(
ARSYA justrandompeople (10 months ago)
Well,shit i want the sony xperia xz so bad now...
Saif Issa (9 months ago)
Jack Eastim (10 months ago)
xz premium is perfect smartphone
paullu9999 (11 months ago)
Announced on March and come out on June ??!! that will lose your market Sony .looks Samsung s8
Marat Kerimbekov (11 months ago)
SONY Xperia xz premium 👍👍👍😍😍😍
HaRi PraKasH (11 months ago)
What Song Track Is That On Sony XZ Series?That Was Awesome!!
Adi Hadzavdic (10 months ago)
Elektronomia - Sky High
Khaled Abdurahim (11 months ago)
Primeum is a mazing
amaan khan (3 months ago)
what a joke
amaan khan (3 months ago)
what a joke
amaan khan (3 months ago)
what a joke
David Crispell (3 months ago)
Khaled Abdurahim nice spelling
Tony Mind (4 months ago)
Khaled Abdurahim yup it is... :) I am texting from it now :) chrome
Bojan Glamocak (11 months ago)
i still dont know why you guys call a 1440p display 2K ... would be 2048 x 1080p ... (little bit wider than the fullHD ratio)
Bojan Glamocak (10 months ago)
Osama bin liftin what?
Osama bin liftin (10 months ago)
Who ever says what's a cunt
Sean Kim (1 year ago)
this is the best way to make money
Utförlig Älmhult (1 year ago)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4, from year 2014 is equipped with a amazing 2k Display.
jasin-NDNG-LOGIYT (2 months ago)
Its Sucks Samsung 2k hahah Sony is 4k is better water proof
Chethan Kumar (1 year ago)
hey idiots we need full screen display OK.
spencersaures rex (1 year ago)
No apple was found👌 watching off xz but that xz premium what a beast
Saif Issa (9 months ago)
of course why should apple be found it is not amazing like Sony XPERIA ZX PERMIUM
Sunil Mukherjee (1 year ago)
xperia xz premium is now king of world
jasin-NDNG-LOGIYT (2 months ago)
Yes Sony Xperia L1 is Best ! Thx Man
Cak Obin Jayamahe (9 months ago)
+TommyGaming 0 not enough... Minimal 5000mah
Saif Issa (9 months ago)
Z5 Premium dual too
Tommy Schwenke (9 months ago)
Cak Obin Jayamahe are 3230 mah not enough for you
Rohit Rajbahak (10 months ago)
Sunil Mukherjee i agree with you
Karel Sitompul (1 year ago)
Karel Sitompul (9 months ago)
Oce dek bro, GOD BLESS
Daris Rizky (10 months ago)
Karel Sitompul iyaa gan,, lagian kn lucu aja yakan,, kalo kata orang tua berenang yah berenang aja,, main hp yah main hp aja.. jangan pula berenang sambil main hp.. hahaha
Karel Sitompul (10 months ago)
Betul betul betul,,, itu bro,,,sekalipun itu katanya hp punya ip 68.alias tahan air dan tahan debu jgnlh kita coba2 bawa berenang kalo tdk ada perlunya,artinya jgn kita mencobai hp tsb,,takutnya jdi bermasalah,,, sy punya z3. Sampe skrng ga pernh sy bawa kedalam air atau renang gt loh,dan skrng masih bagus dan mulus bingits hahaha,, pd hal sejak pertama keluar 2014 sy beli, mungkin karena sy makenya dirawat kali,maklumlh hasil keringat sendiri jdi agak,,,,,,,,, hahaha
Daris Rizky (10 months ago)
+Cak Obin Jayamahe hahaha iya gan,, ane juga ga berani kalo itu.. Klo Barat" sana iyalah,, gampang buang uang dan gampang beli lagi,, beda sama kita,, sayang" barang haha apalagi beli pake uang sendiri.. Lagian sony ciptakan hp nya memang ga untuk dibawa renang kok haha
Cak Obin Jayamahe (10 months ago)
Daris Rizky top top top... harus lbh baik lagi dari si samsul,
Oussama Mahiddine (1 year ago)
Sony Xperia xz preniem is the best but ... what about LG V20 ??
Ugandan Knuckles (1 month ago)
The v20 has a 2k screen
Pkay Ang (1 year ago)
Sony rocks
Adeniran Adewale (2 months ago)
Bravo....! B
Jhova (1 year ago)
I prefer LG V10 5.7 in and 2K excellent phone, great camera and now it's 200 usd cheaper than s7

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