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Land Reform : Quo Vadis Namibia?

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A Perspective of Affirmative Repositioning (AR) on Land and Housing Situation in Namibia
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Gabriel Shikongo (7 days ago)
if what he is saying then goverment is really screwing us😖
Xhan Rhili (12 days ago)
Julius Malema's ideas are spreading like wildfire in Southern Africa....how long have the land thieves thought they will keep their stolen goods? Mhhhh the plot is thickening
Shitaleni Paulus (5 months ago)
So much valuable information and insights.
joe deloslav (5 months ago)
You have studied politics as you say then you should know better that in order for anyone to achieve a public goal in this case land issue then you have to formulate those goals into political agenda to achieve those goals so surely you understand by now or at a later stage that you have to simply pronounce your activism into a vibrant political party that to my opinion would run unopposed to the helm.
Stefanus Kuduva (2 days ago)
That depends on the level of political consciousnesses of that country. Namibia still has a long way to go. For now AR must remain a non political activism group to unite different youths from different affiliations and awaken the nation.

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