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How to include men in the #MeToo conversation at work

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Joanne Lipman sits down with CNNMoney's Kelly Wallace to discuss her new book 'That's What She Said' and what men need to know about working with women in the wake of #MeToo.

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Text Comments (173)
Eric Lytle (11 days ago)
I am dam sure not to do business with women. An off colored joke and I could lose my profession.
Eric Lytle (11 days ago)
I feel offended by this and want to put a lawsuit for $200,000.
Jesse A (18 days ago)
Hahahahaahahahahaha... I am literally rolling on the floor laughing!!!
Entrenched Mgtow (22 days ago)
Actually, Men ARE aware of the issues women face, but what women don't understand is that most of those issues are fucking bullshit and fabricated nonsense. Thankfully, I work in an operation team that has ZERO women, and it works just perfectly!
Odeangelo Manloco (27 days ago)
Well according to the dislike button they aren't down for it
Johnny Tramain (1 month ago)
Sorry no can do that's called"mansplaining" and many rabid H.R.Depts. will write you up for that and it will come up on your next performance review. Let women mentor women.
NEMO (1 month ago)
Can it be that we r asking a Leopard to change his spots? Or a Lion not to eat meat?
N R (1 month ago)
Include men in the discussion as only women in the interview. Men are afraid because a woman can say she was sexually harassed to H.R. and the guy if fired with no due process. You claim men can't understand because we don't go through it. Well right back at ya. #NotMe
Chris Ashcroft (1 month ago)
How to include men in the conversation that involves them being thrown under the bus. No thanks. Women want to reserve the right, to destroy a man's career for just looking their way. "He raped me with his eyes." Men of course are presumed guilty, and the women never face questioning or cross examination. Apparently, that would be cruel. Now, women wonder why men don't want to work with women? Take a wild guess! Of course, these ladies answer is to hire more women to replace the dismissed men, at which point they will then have the remainder of men fired. She feels the entire issue is men need to adapt to the new craziness. Nope. A male manager is now forced to hire a man to keep his job safe. Way to go feminism.
Misandry and gynocentrism are rife. You ignore men's issues and demonise men & then want men to help you - are you for real? Women falsely accuse men of rape with a me too hashtag without any consequences. A man's career gets destroyed just by the accusation alone. The only '#metoo conversation' to be had here is the one where men tell you & those airbrushed #metoo bitches to fuck off and die. Look at the Oscars. One big vaginal pity party. No mention of Harvey Weinstein or Corey Feldman. So much talk of women's rights, not a peep about women's wrongs. Women have become a joke.
newoaknl (1 month ago)
Women in nowadays western countries cannot be trusted and they dont love men anymore. They cant. Its sad... Marriage is extremely bad deal for men only... Theres nothing positive a woman brings to the table anymore in western societies. The cardiology departements have only men-patients while women dont OR parttime work & demand an easy LIFE. With now men taking care of kids households too and give away all your money to her.... The modern women cheat, lie, hygergamy up into better social status using pussy and body trading you in....
Sn SM (1 month ago)
Working with women after MeToo, where just an UNSUBSTANTIATED allegation can DESTROY my career and get me fired as a man? I'm gunna do that...? Ms Lipman is either selling feminist propaganda or ignorant of reality...
mark randall (1 month ago)
MGTOW is the perfect response to #METOO.
abhijeet dhatrak (1 month ago)
no ..i will never participate in your bullshit metoo, shetoo, xyztoo ...i am a man and i have my work to do....go to hell attention seekers..liars
Evan T (2 months ago)
Careful what you wish for, feminist hags. You're about to get it. Big time. Glad Men have finally awoken to what I've known for years. We live in a gynocentric society out to completely destroy us and the nuclear Family. Men: watch out for yourselves and your brothers. If you must marry, make sure she states clearly what SHE brings to the table, not just you.
John Smith (2 months ago)
Lets keep women out of the workforce.
Orion6699 (2 months ago)
Is this another 'had a bad date Im so traumatized' video? This metoo is soon going to involve 'he looked at me with his negative patriarchy, the trauma! The trauma!' I can see assault... you know the stuff police get involved with. All this other stuff is turning into a bunch of nonsense.
Aeto Mota (2 months ago)
#mgtow is the perfect response for all this bullshit
Real Person (2 months ago)
Men can no longer afford to talk to women. Just see implication of possibly saying the wrong thing can cost them everything. Decades of hard work diminished to no value because of one misconstrued phrase or placement of the hand. And in the Taylor Swift case, nobody knows for sure, so there's guilt by assumption. We live in a country where we have freedom, and the right to due process. But courtroom of public opinion can Vicks everybody they don't like. No evidence needed. Just give up all of your stuff your status your reputation, over allegations which may or may not be true. And if you decide to defend yourself in a court of law. You better sell your house your boat your car your business and give up all of your money. Because the actual Court will bleed you dry. So it boils down to risk versus reward. What is the risk of losing everything by talking to a woman, versus, the risk of losing nothing if you don't? And since most women bring absolutely nothing to the table, the reward is minimal. As a man, I will choose to minimalize my risk every time.
Real Person (2 months ago)
False. The Department of Labor has not been able to identify one single industry that has benefited from putting women in the boardroom or on the shop floor. No one single industry.
Michael Coslo (2 months ago)
Men - looking at or talking to a woman in the workplace has become career killing dangerous, never be without a witness, and if its not a business matter that has to be discussed, avoid. If possible, record everything and time and date stamp it. This is the only rational reaction to a simple risk/reward analysis. Risk is incredibly high, and what is the reward?
Desmond Dark (2 months ago)
I call bull shit on comment about business making more money if they employ women when if you look at the real data and stats its says something very different i won't tell you the numbers go look yourselves and then you might learn
MGTOWInBetweener (2 months ago)
dear men: how to join the "metoo movement" put both middle fingers in the air and say #fuckyou!! sincerely MANhood
dollysinn (2 months ago)
Pound me too.
Robert Eugene (2 months ago)
The issue I take here is that women call men's reaction "fear." Fear is an irrational reaction. What men (in general) actually are doing is weighing their best options individually, and coming to the conclusion that it's best to only engage in workplace conversation with women when necessary, and then no more than necessary. The law of physics being applied in human relations is proven, yet again: for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. By the look of it, though, women are not quickly learning this basic lesson.
Jeffrey Cheng (2 months ago)
Separate the sexes. Separate but equal baby!!! Men and women have been driven apart.
Romeo Whiskey (2 months ago)
Men are already included in the conversation . We are the bad guys , according to the women , and the only point of the conversation is how , where , when , and to what degree we were bad , and how to remove us ... delete us ... replace us with a female .
Vention1MGTOW (2 months ago)
MGTOW! Give them nothing!
Paul Ryder (2 months ago)
Men and women do not usually discuss sexual expression with each other. Men overhear women expressing hate and ridicule toward men among themselves. Ever said "All men are pigs?" Ever indicated agreement by silence? In my diversity training I noticed the rather open-ended description of sexual harassment. So I asked for a definition. And I got one. Sexual harassment is anything a woman later says it was. Most men are not so suicidally stupid as to try to discuss this with a woman. Men are aware that most women view most men with hatred and contempt, and except for a few media stars, men are viewed as expendable at best. If she disapproves of something he says, he has no idea what she will say about him in the next years or decades. But he knows she will be unconditionally believed and praised, and he could have his life destroyed.
Johnne smith (2 months ago)
Don't work with women, they backstab you, when they need too. Work for yourself or by yourself. That is the best way forward.
Rafael Santos (2 months ago)
Gender segregated workplaces. Problem solved. You're welcome.
Bohemian Monk (2 months ago)
go to hell you lying cunts! men are afraid of being anywhere near you because you are all liars
sammiebonthecutt (2 months ago)
Women wish men were interested in there thoughts. Never have and never will be. Women always had to pry things out of us for a reason because we simply don't want to talk to them unless its necessary. We don't invade there spaces its the other way around
KasirRham (2 months ago)
I'm sorry ladies, time's up. Reconciliation is no longer possible
hvd iv (2 months ago)
mgtow for life.
Patrick Pepin (2 months ago)
The truth is only beta cuck males support this movement.
Aaron P (2 months ago)
Aaron P Yup. Social and economic segregation from women. Let these strong independent meatbags grow old alone with their cats and dildos.
J.J. Walton (2 months ago)
I stick to the Mike Pence rule at work now. Not training women under me. Not interacting with females at all. Fuck your nonsense. I'm not getting fired because you randomly have a bitch fit.
Desmond Dark (2 months ago)
your a fool if you engage with women in anyway at work
ucapitanu (2 months ago)
You killed Mussolini and Hitler, this is your right punishment.
ucapitanu (2 months ago)
Today hello is rape, we don't want to talk to you anymore, enjoy your feminism.
ucapitanu (2 months ago)
Fuck you, mgtow and war to rothschild.
paddyanglais91 (2 months ago)
They make it sound so simple. Feelings can never trump logic.
Annand Seegobin (2 months ago)
Fake. News,
Rishiraj Kumar (2 months ago)
Our forefathers had great wisdom and they knew that women are good back stabbers. So they maintained a distance and kept them in their right place. So there was peace in society. But our fathers were naive and they goofed it all up with the equality bait. Now the Jinn is out, deal with it fellas. And it is because of the failure of the white man to understand the magnitude of his stupidity that even the traditional work places of Asia and Africa are now under tremendous pressure. Your companies brought those same idiotic work practices into our countries and our companies had to follow suit. After all we too had to prove that we 'cared!' So now, HR is the new Gestapo. Hail ...... !!
Spencer Toe (2 months ago)
White American your birth rate is dropping thank metoo
Johnny Tramain (1 month ago)
Spencer Toe: You are correct they are too toxic you're welcome to them if you want them but be very careful.
One punch Meme 1 (2 months ago)
How's does this chanel have 300k subs and not even get 3k views in 3 weeks. This is proof that nobody wants to watch mainstream media anymore. Even if you do put it on the internet.
The Wall Street Journal (2 months ago)
"You don't want my opinion."- Clint Eastwood
xm377Moyocoyatzin (2 months ago)
Title Translation: *How to dupe and manipulate men into going against their own interests and gain even more privileges with less responsibilities for women at men's expense.*
xm377Moyocoyatzin (2 months ago)
Men are just so fed up with women's scheming and manipulative bullshit right now it's not even funny.
Maker Shaker Waker (2 months ago)
Joanne speaks to men like their children lol... what the fuck... Speak about harrashment...
C dee (2 months ago)
So when do women have to register for the draft ?
Tarzee Says: (2 months ago)
Why should western men risk their life and well being defending a Feminazi society and women who have betrayed their fellow men, demonized their fellow men, and plundered/pillaged their fellow men in the Femi-Nazi court system. Western masculine men will not fight and die for the sake of Femi-Nazism. I am still shocked there are any men left to volunteer for military service. Only the dumb, low IQ men, Sissy-Fags/effeminate, immature, unworldly, Liberal male-feminists, mommy-boys, sign marriage contracts, and go to die fighting for worthless causes. All the smart, intelligent men have checked-out a long time ago. After all, Sharia Law is a great cure for Femi-Nazism. Cheers. Smart men require worthwhile causes to die for, like True love, genuine gratitude, respect, and glory. Now that men comprehend the truly parasitic female nature, they understand that a woman cannot love any man, that is when men realize there is nothing worthwhile to defend. Todays women are mentally ill. They've ALL been PROGRAMMED to hate men. The sooner you realize this ..the quicker you can move on. Do not speak to them unless you have to.It's not worth it, these days, approaching women is deemed as sexual harassment, and things will only continue to escalate and intensify. Go monk, stack that paper, and give these cum dumpsters NOTHING! It’s like talking to a woman now is like stepping on a landmine one wrong move you’re 💥🔥💀☠️ My Muslim neighbor believes in honor killings. He says that “Sharia Law is a great cure for Feminism (aka Femi-Nazism).”
MGTOWInBetweener (2 months ago)
Tarzee Says: exactly!!
tomz1daful (2 months ago)
You need to treat Men like Garbage even more. Today's feminism is too wimpy, if you treat men even worse than you do now, believe me, more men will wake up and respond to womens issues. This lady here is making concessions to the Feminist Cause. Lean in ladies, 😎
Sewer Shark (2 months ago)
Don't even share an elevator with a woman and that executive who talked to her on that flight is stupid.
10INTM (2 months ago)
Oh, I know the answer to this one: accuse them of rape. False allegations against men are wonderful and necessary conversation starters.
blackburn9 (2 months ago)
There is no conversation, and within the feminist narrative there is never going to be a conversation. Consider, these women who discuss men. As usual they describe a simplistic cartoon caricature of men they press as the mainstream standard. Men in modern western society are fully aware of the punitive results imposed upon them for even the pettiest indiscretions, real or imagined. Yet once again, Joanne and Kelly fall into the "men are the problem: and women are infallible agents of higher morality. Joanne, Kelly, its called SELF PRESERVATION. Men understand now if they didn't before, the best way to survive i n an atmosphere where a mere accusation destroys his life, livelihood and reputation is NOT to attempt dialogue with a woman socialized by gender ideology to have nothing but suspicion and contempt for you. This isn't fear, it's common sense. The smart business man understands in the new anti-male climate, Don't be in a room together without witnesses. record conversations when it cannot be avoided. Do not speak informally to other women at work or to women you don't know outside of the office. Under no circumstance take a trip together, and absolutely no physical touch. No handshakes just nod, in fact express as little emotion as possible in their company. Regard any encounter like you would a traffic stop or interview by the police. Say little or nothing and remind yourself everything you say has the highest probability of being used against you in the future. Absolutely do not speak of anything personal, nor give an opinion on politics or a news item. And absolutely do not speak to them about your family or hobbies. But most importantly always keep some form of legal record of all encounters however mundane.
Johnny Tramain (1 month ago)
I wonder what would happen if we all self-identified as women?
blackburn9 (2 months ago)
Let's consider the basic feminist narrative . 1. Feminist believe , within the context of their ideology with absolute conviction that they and only they have an exclusive monopoly on higher ethics and morality. 2 (as you can hear and see in the video) Feminist believe with absolute conviction that they, and only they are 100% qualified to define, determine and characterize the totality of male lived experience more than the actual men who live them. And that is why in this video and virtually all feminist positions you will NEVER hear or read from feminist a single thing about female culpability, female fault and flaw, or any indication pointing to many of the things western women do or contribute to physical and psychological harm they practice upon men. So, the basic feminist narrative reduces men in essence to an oversimplification that mainstreams what is essentially a cartoon caricature, and that caricature divorces men and male identity of almost anything that associates men and male identity to anything alluding to positive associations, but instead only negative associations. That's why you hear patriarchy (non existent of course) as bad, masculinity as toxic, male sexuality, = predatory, perverse, male energy=violent, aggressive. And why you never hear or read about any aspect of male innate qualities tied to accomplishment or achievement, only failure, fault and flaw. Man and male identity is virtually reduced to rapist, abuser and oppressor. Try to find a single feminist position on men and male identity that doesn't focus on those three oversimplifications supporting their narrative... You will never find it. EVER. MGTOW recognizes that the feminist narrative of men relies on existing in a state of mind where women are socialized to devalue men as someone without basic humanity and men to hate other men while also existing in an eternal state of self loathing. MGTOW understand that this is part of an illusion and when men realize and accept a system of values where he has worth external of the validation of feminists and general western women, he also discovers a sense of self and purpose that gives rise to a level of self esteem and true human qualities that no longer needs to judge his worth on the basis on the degree in which he sacrifices himself for a society and western women who express only contempt for him no matter how hard he tries to please the unpleasable. This is called a zero sum principle.
Romeo Whiskey (2 months ago)
Absofuckinglutely , brother ! MGTOW until the wheels come off .
Paul Ryder (2 months ago)
Citing a petty indiscretion is simply an inconvenient tool for a feminist. Two of their basic doctrines are 1) All women are born helpless oppressed victims of the Patriarchy. 2) All men are born rapists and oppressors, members of the Patriarchy. To feminists, events and actions do not matter. Only identity matters. By being women, all women are helpless victims of rape and Patriarchal oppression. By being men, all men are oppressive rapists.
Fuxiao Bai (2 months ago)
I love how they're talking about "including men" but doesn't even think to include a man in this interview. So sad that it's funny.
Dre Zee (2 months ago)
"Unintentionally demonize the good guys"...in the feminist matriarchy, there are no good guys. Men went into survival mode. You want to call it backlash, we call it self preservation.
Robert Eugene (2 months ago)
Dre Zee Perfectly stated.
Don Gjitoni (2 months ago)
Oh no baby you have shot yourself in the foot and don't even realize. Woman have become toxic. I fired almost all my woman staff one after another, woman are becoming to hot to handle and a liability to every business. Its simple risk assessment. Wrong adding woman does not translate into success, the opposite is true. They work less hours, not hard enough not driven enough. I had a 24 % increase in performance since I switched to a male oriented model and ho boy am I a happy camper to have done this before the METOO lynch mob started its toxic existence. Guys if you have to employ woman the rule goes "the older the better". Im talking 55 60 years old and don't forget to rig your studio/offices/businesses with cameras. Its a life saver trust me.
Neal Hagan (2 months ago)
why should i care.women have been playing this game for personal profit since the beginning of time.now they complain?
Márk Bányai (2 months ago)
No. Every men are avare of the "problems" women face. And men know, that they are complaining about nothing for attention. Well, before women started this war, they were compaining about nothing. It is about to change.
Thomas Krebble (2 months ago)
Cram your diversity training, your feminist agenda and your entitled white women shit up your arse. #metoo is a excuse to enshrine feminist ideals into law at the cost of freedom if speech, due process and any expression of masculinity in society. In reality male privilege is an illusion, however it is being used as an excuse for radical left wing assaults on basicsl freedoms. If I was the male executive on that womans flight I would have shut down the conversation at the mention of any participation in a woman based event. Engage in that topic at your own risk. Lean out boys!
Isaiah Hobbs (2 months ago)
Fuck women and this metoo movement straight up suck my dick.
Bradley Mosman (2 months ago)
No. Including men in the #MeToo thing will not work. It the male participant in the conversation accidentally makes eye contact with her, he'll have to worry for twenty years what she'll do to him. Personally , I have nothing to say to women. Also, I once saw a full moon soar into the night and light up an entire national forest. I've seen the Milky Way out in West Texas. After those things, a woman is only a woman.
Johnny Tramain (1 month ago)
Bradley Mosman: A woman is only a women but a good cigar is a smoke.
qjtvaddict (2 months ago)
There are More worthy women abroad
qjtvaddict (2 months ago)
Bradley Mosman let western women die alone and childless
R WILSON (2 months ago)
Reverend Changstein (2 months ago)
Don't talk to women. Avoid them like a plague-ridden corpse. Don't go near them if you can avoid it. If you must interact with one, record everything. Save all texts, conversations, EVERYTHING. Then if she decides to accuse you of rape you can use that to defend yourself.
Reverend Changstein (2 months ago)
Paul Ryder Awesome!
Paul Ryder (2 months ago)
Olympus pocket voice recorders are easy to use and not unreasonably expensive, and neither are large capacity flash drives. Camcorder pens are not good for much more than an hour, but are also not very expensive. First you need to decide on a storage system, location, and routine. Do it this week.
Thejoker's Dick (2 months ago)
These wall ravished bitches of #metoo are completely delusional. Men should help women destroy other men completely for women. Any men that help feminist continue to push a gynocentric utopia needs to be castrated. Leadership roles are not given out like candy, they are taken or made by hard work. Men do not need to mentor any woman, boys are fallen behind, and these idiots keep talking about women need this, women need that, and man need to help them get there. GTFOH! Companies that adopt female policy will fail, because they will be run by feelings instead of logic and fact!
Joe Burns (2 months ago)
Legally women have the upper hand. Better to stay away from them unless you want sex.
Johnny Tramain (1 month ago)
Joe Burns: Sorry Joe but she will claim that you raped her tomorrow or in the next 40 years so you better record everything and keep it forever. If she signs a consent form she just has to say she was under the influence and it's void.
Paul Ryder (2 months ago)
And if you want sex, use protection, and use a professional. In the long run, much cheaper than an amateur. Also, consider if you really want just a thin layer of latex between you and lifelong disease, and possibly death.
Lawrence Sally (2 months ago)
Loud an Proud!!! MGTOW!!!
R Riddick (2 months ago)
1984. In real life this time. This is the direct result of cancerous feminism.
Theodore Abate (2 months ago)
This will just grow MGTOW more.
FamSamitySam (2 months ago)
Actually, adding women to a company leads to financial decline. Because productivity tanks
Entrenched Mgtow (22 days ago)
A study was done on women's usefulness and productivity in the workplace in Canada about a decade ago, and it showed that women were an abysmal waste of time, money, and resources, and were a net loss to companies. The numbers were just fucking savage! That study was done by the government of Canada, under the Conservatives. Since we moved to a Liberal government that panders to the women's vote, that study has been canned.
FamSamitySam Sssshhhh!
Hefty Alan (2 months ago)
Could be because men are not interested. I go to work to work. I work in a virtually all male company so I can avoid all this nonsense.
john smith (2 months ago)
We men are speaking loudly and clearly by avoiding you like the career destroying, life destroying, financial nuclear bombs that you are. Can't you hear us? Oh, that's right. We are simply walking away in silence. MGTOW from here on out. Ciao, baby!
long dong silvers (2 months ago)
Ya no thanks. Thank God I'm self employed in a field with virtually zero woman in it. Woman are nothing but trouble. I mind my own buisness and keep my head down.
Mikie66 (2 months ago)
I find myself leaving a room, if there is a female with no one else in the same room.......... I find also, that I try to not talk to long, to female co workers as well now .........
Robert Eugene (2 months ago)
Mikie66 Sad that it's come to this. And yes, it's become necessary for your own good.
B Rad (2 months ago)
#metoo is trash just like fake news media CNN. As the months passes by more and more people are gonna realize the scum these people in the mainstream media are.
Chris Bowen (2 months ago)
The only rational response by men to the #MeToo movement is to go MGTOW. Search it on YouTube and Google. Just walk away from them.
Bryzz Lull (2 months ago)
Sometime I wish we were invaded by army and all the men could just sit around and go "Meh whatever, let the women fight ."
Johnny Tramain (1 month ago)
Bryzz Lull: Speaking of equality when do they have to sign up for the draft like men do at 18?
Rampart 13 (2 months ago)
Monkey Time (2 months ago)
Women will any thing to get what they want and when it doesn't go there way they cry (me too)
MrShaneVicious (2 months ago)
Sounds like a case for Sharia law
Alan Smith (2 months ago)
Men the best thing to do is not have any conversation with a woman that does not pertain to the job. Do not go to lunch with them alone, do not engage with them in any form other than this is the job and that's it. If you don't obey this rule and you get "metoo'd" it's your own fault. Women are "grown" and "independent" so trust me you're doing them a favor and more importantly you're doing yourself and family a favor. #stayaway
Robert Eugene (2 months ago)
Alan Smith Sad that this is what it's come to. And, yes, it's a sad state of affairs that this has become necessary.
Louis Babycos (2 months ago)
women will ask the question, "where have all the good men gone? "
John Yearwood (2 months ago)
As far away as fucking possible. Go over there, Stay over there, and email me the spreadsheet when you're done with it.
Taelan Baylor (2 months ago)
Fuck this. Im not engaging in any conversation with women about a topic like this at work. They'll just brow beat me, shame me and tell me Im wrong or that my words are harmful.
john (2 months ago)
Right on target. Women, walk outside and look around...everything you see...EVERYTHING was built by men. Now you want me to give you the wisdom and knowledge that took us years to amass while you tear me apart and run me into the dirt?...go figure it out yourself. That's what we did.
Snarge22 (2 months ago)
Imagine the shit storm from women and feminists if there was a men's only conference? These F'ing women and these f'ing programs fail in an incredible way by not including men. Where is the man on that show? And not some pu$$y whipped mangina white night who's virtue signaling to the women. Imagine if one of the manosphere commentors or You Tube MGTOW content producers were a part of that conversation.
Wyo Buckaroo (2 months ago)
Awareness. Oh yes ladies...I'm VERY aware.
gee knee (2 months ago)
from the low number of views it would appear that you have failed in you feeble attempt to educate men about what they "need to know about working with women in the wake of #MeToo." where were the men in this discussion?
Killy Florris (2 months ago)
Pound metoo
katakisLives (2 months ago)
Isn't is hashtag? funny thing is before the whole Twitter thing I never heard an American say hash. it was more of a British thing.
snarky Mc snarkface (2 months ago)
Segregation it is The reasonable response, women and men cannot work side by side. Women have proven it, they invade male spaces and demand we change our very nature, so they ""feel" safe. Men don't matter, it is all our fault and that is the message diversity training keep bashing men over the head with. There was never a discussion There was a list of demands that keeps expanding followed with the shut up and listen. All all we here is men are the problem. Not the fact women and men are different Not the fact men have no place at the table. Just this lie about male privilege... it is called hard work. Nothing was given to us, but women demand privileges and special treatment. Walk away Men, the risk to your future is not worth it. Lean out.
snarky Mc snarkface (1 month ago)
Eviemyname ya, no... that would be mansplaining or something. Cannot be doing that. So here is a list of women speaking on behalf of men. Try these women's voices. Cassie Jaye - red pill movie Karren Straughan - girl writes what Helen Smith - men on strike If you are feeling daring check out Jordan B. Peterson - professor and clinical psychologist.
NEMO (1 month ago)
snarky Mc snarkface I’m listening. You mentioned “men’s nature”, what is that?
john (2 months ago)
Right on target. Women, walk outside and look around...everything you see...EVERYTHING was built by men. Now you want me to give you the wisdom and knowledge that took us years to amass while you tear me apart and run me into the dirt?...go figure it out yourself. That's what we did.
twerkingwithdastarz (2 months ago)
men if you see a woman just cross the street
Lex Mats (2 months ago)
Look what happens when you give women equality. They take that equality then backstab you in every aspect of life
Angus Gow (2 months ago)
MGTOW, thanks for my nazi man hating HR. Its fear of false charges. Now have books teaching women how to use metoo to distory men in work place. Enjoy your new maxism gender segregation
manfred schmalbach (3 months ago)
3:07 ... unless it doesn't, generally, besides You sell ♀wardrobe, cut/brazil hair or style nails.
OU812 i4got (3 months ago)
It's too late, the damage has been done! If you beat an animal do you actually think it will trust you again? Men don't trust women anymore, and no matter how much you say "we need to work together" we sense it's going to be another knife in the back!!!
Johnny Tramain (3 months ago)
Show all links to your alleged "research" so that it may be fact checked.
Phant0m (2 months ago)
That is what we get for allowing women to vote. Stupid laws and bias galore.
Roronoa Rozo (3 months ago)
I quit my job and become self-employed due to these kinds of policies which are against men. It turns out I made more money as a self-employed person.
Will Winters (3 months ago)
Fear and segregation is only going to up. I love it!! Keep on going ladies! You're doing great!!
Bohemian Monk (2 months ago)
simp! men do the work of three women. I've seen it with my own eyes. women don't belong in the workplace.
john (2 months ago)
Ladies...you're just not worth it. It's not a good, bad, right, wrong thing... you're just not worth the trouble.
Phant0m (2 months ago)
Yeah. And they wouldn't do shit about it. Call the police, who are MEN? The problem are white knights and manginas who are women's puppets.
Reverend Changstein (2 months ago)
Phant0m Repeal the nineteenth amendment.
Phant0m (2 months ago)
Worst thing is: these emotional creatures VOTE!
Richard Schwartz (3 months ago)
Other men can do as they wish, I will not talk or hire. Women are vicious liars and backstabbers. Ladies just go elsewhere

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