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How to include men in the #MeToo conversation at work

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Joanne Lipman sits down with CNNMoney's Kelly Wallace to discuss her new book 'That's What She Said' and what men need to know about working with women in the wake of #MeToo.
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Text Comments (58)
Theodore Abate (23 minutes ago)
This will just grow MGTOW more.
FamSamitySam (3 hours ago)
Actually, adding women to a company leads to financial decline. Because productivity tanks
Hefty Alan (4 hours ago)
Could be because men are not interested. I go to work to work. I work in a virtually all male company so I can avoid all this nonsense.
john smith (6 hours ago)
We men are speaking loudly and clearly by avoiding you like the career destroying, life destroying, financial nuclear bombs that you are. Can't you hear us? Oh, that's right. We are simply walking away in silence. MGTOW from here on out. Ciao, baby!
long dong silvers (6 hours ago)
Ya no thanks. Thank God I'm self employed in a field with virtually zero woman in it. Woman are nothing but trouble. I mind my own buisness and keep my head down.
Mikie66 (6 hours ago)
I find myself leaving a room, if there is a female with no one else in the same room.......... I find also, that I try to not talk to long, to female co workers as well now .........
B Rad (12 hours ago)
#metoo is trash just like fake news media CNN. As the months passes by more and more people are gonna realize the scum these people in the mainstream media are.
Chris Bowen (23 hours ago)
The only rational response by men to the #MeToo movement is to go MGTOW. Search it on YouTube and Google. Just walk away from them.
Bryzz Lull (1 day ago)
Sometime I wish we were invaded by army and all the men could just sit around and go "Meh whatever, let the women fight ."
Rampart 13 (1 day ago)
Monkey Time (1 day ago)
Women will any thing to get what they want and when it doesn't go there way they cry (me too)
MrShaneVicious (1 day ago)
Sounds like a case for Sharia law
Alan Smith (1 day ago)
Men the best thing to do is not have any conversation with a woman that does not pertain to the job. Do not go to lunch with them alone, do not engage with them in any form other than this is the job and that's it. If you don't obey this rule and you get "metoo'd" it's your own fault. Women are "grown" and "independent" so trust me you're doing them a favor and more importantly you're doing yourself and family a favor. #stayaway
Louis Babycos (1 day ago)
women will ask the question, "where have all the good men gone? "
Taelan Baylor (1 day ago)
Fuck this. Im not engaging in any conversation with women about a topic like this at work. They'll just brow beat me, shame me and tell me Im wrong or that my words are harmful.
Snarge22 (2 days ago)
Imagine the shit storm from women and feminists if there was a men's only conference? These F'ing women and these f'ing programs fail in an incredible way by not including men. Where is the man on that show? And not some pu$$y whipped mangina white night who's virtue signaling to the women. Imagine if one of the manosphere commentors or You Tube MGTOW content producers were a part of that conversation.
chris McDaniel (2 days ago)
Awareness. Oh yes ladies...I'm VERY aware.
vissern21 (22 hours ago)
"Men don't face these issues themselves?" Ahaaa, Because I know a lot of men who have to deal with women sexually groping them (and beyond that) in the military, and have to deal with it. Additionally, don't even get me started on the topic of women raping men, and they can't even report it much less get justice because the law clearly states "penetration of the victim" must occur for it to be declared rape. Thus, women sexually assault men, and get away with it; in addition to, fill child support later to further victimizing the individual. However, everyone is blaming men, while women smile under their false frowns. **Where did the days of women acting like ladies and men falling suit go to? Because today women don't even know the first thing about being ladies; however, blame men for their stupid actions and vise versa. We all need to learn how to respect each other and behave. 🙄
gee knee (2 days ago)
from the low number of views it would appear that you have failed in you feeble attempt to educate men about what they "need to know about working with women in the wake of #MeToo." where were the men in this discussion?
Killy Florris (2 days ago)
Pound metoo
snarky Mc snarkface (2 days ago)
Segregation it is The reasonable response, women and men cannot work side by side. Women have proven it, they invade male spaces and demand we change our very nature, so they ""feel" safe. Men don't matter, it is all our fault and that is the message diversity training keep bashing men over the head with. There was never a discussion There was a list of demands that keeps expanding followed with the shut up and listen. All all we here is men are the problem. Not the fact women and men are different Not the fact men have no place at the table. Just this lie about male privilege... it is called hard work. Nothing was given to us, but women demand privileges and special treatment. Walk away Men, the risk to your future is not worth it. Lean out.
twerkingwithdastarz (2 days ago)
men if you see a woman just cross the street
Lex Mats (2 days ago)
Look what happens when you give women equality. They take that equality then backstab you in every aspect of life
Angus Gow (2 days ago)
MGTOW, thanks for my nazi man hating HR. Its fear of false charges. Now have books teaching women how to use metoo to distory men in work place. Enjoy your new maxism gender segregation
manfred schmalbach (3 days ago)
3:07 ... unless it doesn't, generally, besides You sell ♀wardrobe, cut/brazil hair or style nails.
OU812 i4got (4 days ago)
It's too late, the damage has been done! If you beat an animal do you actually think it will trust you again? Men don't trust women anymore, and no matter how much you say "we need to work together" we sense it's going to be another knife in the back!!!
Johnny Tramain (4 days ago)
Show all links to your alleged "research" so that it may be fact checked.
Roronoa Rozo (4 days ago)
I quit my job and become self-employed due to these kinds of policies which are against men. It turns out I made more money as a self-employed person.
Will Winters (4 days ago)
Fear and segregation is only going to up. I love it!! Keep on going ladies! You're doing great!!
Richard Schwartz (5 days ago)
Other men can do as they wish, I will not talk or hire. Women are vicious liars and backstabbers. Ladies just go elsewhere
Daniel Thanks (5 days ago)
Fuck women
Robert Grays (5 days ago)
Mainstream media is cancer
Fucking stupid cunts. No man wants any part of lying #metoo. No organisation had ever profited from inclusion of dirty cunts, liars!
octasian (5 days ago)
Feminism is the anti-christ.
alllives matter (5 days ago)
These stupid woman need to stay the fuck away from us. Cheers from New Zealand.
Ryan (6 days ago)
PREY FOR THE WOLVES (6 days ago)
At 1:05, i went deaf and blind to the rest of the convo
DarthYuYevon (7 days ago)
Joanne Lipman is dishonest. She says men don't understand what women face when it comes to harassment, because men don't experience it. Gay men inappropriately and aggressively hot on men all the time. Clearly many men understand and do experience harassment. Harassment will never be solved because people like her worship dishonesty.
Johnny Tramain (4 days ago)
DarthYuYevon: If you include prison rapes more men are raped every year than women. Feminists conveniently forget this one.
D Storm (8 days ago)
Women lie as much as men, so the idea that any female accuser is ipso facto truthful....
Daniel Thanks (5 days ago)
D Storm really
craggey91 (8 days ago)
https://twitter.com/search?q=%23120dB&src=tyah  This is the real #MeToo
Sid (9 days ago)
don't trust women
Daniel Thanks (5 days ago)
Sid likewise
Corey Wood (9 days ago)
Diversity training! what? did I just hop into 1984. capitalists not hiring women that give them more money? yeah those are probs the same capitalists that hire people in developing countries for less than a dollar a day for maximum profit... capitalists don't have any fucking bias, its all money. so if its all money there is no bias and your statistics are completely flawed.
Man Splainer (9 days ago)
"Men - We're strong, proud and independent victims. Yes...we did start women's 'sexual revolution', which resulted in the destruction of marriage - the primary means with which women force wealth and power from men to women and her state husband. But we realized that what women really want is to be Amish and dominated. Soooo...we'd like for you to remain disposable utilities and further sacrifice of yourself for we privileged, powerful female victims. I mean...it's like why we have the male-only draft. It's like why we had you build and maintain everything - so that we could march and spit upon it. You men. You're so disposable. Don't quit on our account. Man up."
General SDE (10 days ago)
Female this female that " y'all are crazy feminazi whores
Viva La Migra (10 days ago)
Did you vote for Trump? You did? ME TOO!!!!
The #meetoo movement was created by a black women. White folks always hi jacking sht like they created it.
Viva La Migra (10 days ago)
The toilet was invented by a white man. Quit hijacking our shit.
K. Wright (10 days ago)
This. Its not men or women, its people in general. Personally I'm done with the lot of them.
Aiman alFath (10 days ago)
ThirdEyeJedi (10 days ago)
Good men= cucks, real men don't give a shit. Real women hate the #metoo movement.
JogBird (10 days ago)
the mike pence rule wroks for me, unless the woman is old, fat, black, or otherwise hugely unattractive, then no one cares
Mohamed Nur (5 days ago)
JogBird damn you fuck white girls they smell like dogs its all about the blacks and Chinese girls
Bilbo Beutlin (10 days ago)
Stop lying. Diversity training is the most vile anti-male, anti-white thing in the workplace, and has been going on for a long time. Where were you, when the Damore story broke? Why weren’t you on the streets against Google? Also, “men don’t experience it”. Sry, men do.
Bago Garde (10 days ago)
We should all be like Mike Pence and take some defensive stance.Just saying...
vissern21 (2 days ago)
Bago Garde - what? Lol

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