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The Property Show 18th Feb 2018 Episode 248 - Women shattering the glass ceiling

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Ibrahim Chelanga (3 months ago)
Inspiring about the three B’s about Bank, Borrower & Buyer
Kiprotich Chris (4 months ago)
Faith Delina (4 months ago)
I loved it from the beginning but I've never gotten a reply from Susan I love it a lot the interior is amazing
Faith Delina (3 months ago)
Co-ordinator Property Show was about the kitengela terraces
Hi Faith. What was your inquiry about?
94110mission (4 months ago)
Nice looking apartment and the staging in the sample unit is a cut above what is often seen on this show, but the kitchen is missing an exhaust fan/hood for over the stove.
Lovely Day (4 months ago)
Another wonderful episode.
Marimba (4 months ago)
Very inspiring...Kenyan developers navigate through alot to bring a product to realization.

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