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Chinese Advertisers HATE THIS MAN! You won’t believe this mind blowing clickbait trick!

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Advertising in China is a Joke, it's either free or really cheap! But you need to understand why... The luggage company: www.90fun.us (And yes according to clickbait rules article 9 section C, the thumbnail has absolutely nothing to do with the video, but she is my wife so I guess she's sort of related to my videos indirectly through me) Don't forget to watch my new food series: Quest for the best Chinese in the USA! https://youtu.be/KFAejbtB5W0 Conquering Northern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringnorthernchina DISCOUNT CODE: STAYAWESOME Conquering Southern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Support Sasha and I on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winstoninchina Twitter: @serpentza Instagram: serpent_za My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/advchina Music used: Virtual Vice - El Caldarone https://virtual-vice.bandcamp.com/album/chinatown-ep
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Text Comments (3252)
lola smith (31 minutes ago)
i want that product(the suit case)
Samuel (2 hours ago)
I would have thought it was the other way around in China. Thought lots of companies and limited space would make the advertising expensive and only affordable by the big companies. Prehaps its the lack of jobs making people take these kind of advertising jobs for almost free, and the value of advertising plummeting as result.
Hesher (3 hours ago)
stick a pen in any zip line and you can open any case no matter what locks they have. so either scrap the locks altogether or make it impossible to stick a pen into your zip lines.
Teejay Kush (3 hours ago)
Nah man you got to get paid. Get that paper man. Alternatively you could ask them to say "STAY AWESOME" in return
Akiko Maki (6 hours ago)
I loved seeing the two women holding hands at 20:40 that was so beautiful. ( ^_^. )
martinskanal (9 hours ago)
I love how you do this video. Great stuff!
Comparing this shit to Tumi , lol
Paddling Puffin (20 hours ago)
Is he saying "Fake new Bellend shop"...?
CYPRIS JEWELRY (22 hours ago)
There were also cases, when we sent out products for review, we couldn't hear from them anymore. We usually check “Celebrity” CREDIBILITY from time to time before sending out, especially we are in totally different country, and can't even find a chance to meet in person. But you are too good to be FREE.
Kiri Gilbert (22 hours ago)
Oh great, now some other Chinese manufacturer is taking notes on how to make the same cabin suitcase and sell it as an innovative idea of theirs.
CYPRIS JEWELRY (23 hours ago)
Anime Gamer (23 hours ago)
Looking fly :o
Okechukwu Francis 1916 (23 hours ago)
Lol......... You want a nation of 1.45billion to pay money to the west for something there did in their land?
The Roach (1 day ago)
Winston, you're an amazing person. Thank you for your videos.
SavageKicks (1 day ago)
Awesome quality videos really liked this vidd❤️
Atlantean Sage (1 day ago)
The Chinese invent practically NOTHING
No1FireFox (1 day ago)
Nice vid very enlightening. I've a question open to all the office he visits seemed quite run down do chiniese people look down or think its bragging ? To vist a western owned office set up in China that cares for their building better as I've watched how matinence is not a strong point for China in general thanks 😁
ThePagan (1 day ago)
20:37 powerful shot, nice edit.
Hi, serpentza; I haven't watched all of your videos of your walkabouts in China but, from those I have watched, they're awesome... you talks and coverage and descriptions are very informative. While I know that most of the growing cities in mainland China are experiencing a new life of business and economy; of products, clothing, shoes, electronics, etc. I would be very interested to know if there is a 'fashion' youth culture in China that is present and visible; like those in Korea and Japan - Kawai and Harajuku, or anything remotely close? Are there specific locations in the cities; any city, where kids and youth hang out that openly display this sort of alternative fashion style? And, have you done any vides covering this? Thanks
serpentza (1 day ago)
You’ll see glimpses of that sort of thing in my videos
Mity Catmouse (1 day ago)
I do not hate you man :-)!
karlawson (1 day ago)
I think a big reason why they think that the westerners will happily comply with all their demands and do it for next to nothing except a free product, is because youtube is so saturated with young kids, up-and-coming tech channels and people wanting to review things for a free product. The tech review channels will happily comply with all demands most times. they aren't used to a foreigner living in china haha. great videos as always winston!
vladypunkyface (1 day ago)
I like this guy. It looks very trustworthy.
JayLeePoe (1 day ago)
@4:20, isn't it weird running into strangers that look like less-attractive versions of wives or exes? I feel like it gives them a free pass for a little. And it's more DL lechery if anything because you usually feel vindicated by the supposition that they're slightly-off from your version. Go out for a burger, stay in for some steak kinda deal. Anyway, you just need a mechanism to screen these things like agents do-- require a minimum service fee, come back at them with a list of basic requirements like a rider, establish a wall they have to climb in order to keep bothering you with their dumb ideas. Desperate people can just keep digging if you don't discourage them. Dangers of curiosity.
ToruNamukaji (2 days ago)
If the company that tried to covince you to review their skateboard was Meepo...you should have. They are awesome!
neil daut (2 days ago)
you are a seeing eye...in a blind society...think!!...you'll get it. I'll give you a hint... Japan did the same (copy) but better.
BHISAO (2 days ago)
Another GREAT VIDEO!!!..Serpentza like that suit you have on.
Scrooge McGruel (2 days ago)
Winston: Could you make a type of film that would be seen by government officials, who might like it so much they give you some sort of special status, a special passport stamp, or something - you know, make yourself so famous that all the cops go, "Oh! He's that White African guy! We don't need to go terrify him and his family."
lap tech (2 days ago)
It is video's like these that show why the US is being so heavy handed towards China regarding increases in import taxes because China shows complete and utter contempt at protecting the brands of other (mainly western) companies and allows it's own businesses to make fakes.
Shveta (2 days ago)
Dude, the point is.. most of the products are Made in China so Chinese decide to copy what they want , you have a problem with brands that source their products from china and not necessarily the Chinese, get your mind at right spot .... When in China ... or gtfo
Peter Chan (3 days ago)
LOL I watched 15 minutes and turns out this video is an ad for the luggage, stopping this video at 16:00
NeuesTestament (3 days ago)
Do you speak mandarin Chinese or a different dialect?
NeuesTestament (2 days ago)
serpentza thx for the answer
serpentza (3 days ago)
Pernection (3 days ago)
China is the product
Pernection (3 days ago)
Chinese always give short replies. That makes you keep having to sending lots of emails
We Are (3 days ago)
Holy shit that office looks sketchy as hell. Half of it's a construction site, the rest has decorated is decorated with camping and garden furniture. 100% if I saw this type of place I'd think this is a pop up office!"
mazza (3 days ago)
casey neistat trying to be you by wearing a suit today haha
Josh Naranjo (3 days ago)
i think the company visit was more than fair. giving a satisfaction to the viewer's curiosity and also giving the company a privilege to drop a demo and URL. way better than the skate board dude
s. l. (3 days ago)
Anothrer shit westerner... or western trash talking junk!!!!
serpentza (3 days ago)
Zibin Gao (3 days ago)
I will kick ur ass mf, I promise u
Andrew Logan (3 days ago)
I travel a lot. That looks like a very nice bag!
Alex Pohorily (3 days ago)
Cool video
jjacoby1010 (3 days ago)
More business-insider type videos, please. I really enjoyed that.
Bu Rida (3 days ago)
Billions and billions and billions
Qu1nnCS (3 days ago)
Make a second channel doing random product reviews
Luke VandenLangenberg (3 days ago)
"Im not Casey Neistat lol" Keep up the great content
Fla-bushcraft Prepper (3 days ago)
Our family of four here in Florida like seeing your reviews or inclusion of products. It is nice that you are conscious about overdoing the product thing. Stay True to your vision for your channels. This video is enjoyable and the rolling case is actually impressive. Stay Awesome.
Apricot Theory (3 days ago)
She's not hot (Yi I mean) but goddamn she's SOOOOO adorable
Spam Sandwich (3 days ago)
I'm pretty sure you're right about bruce lee not giving that restaurant permission to use his likeness as he's been deceased for quite some time.
Adam Esler (3 days ago)
Very good salesman and I love the product. Excellent job
Steve W (3 days ago)
I'm Chinese and these companies are new as fuck lol.
Steve W (3 days ago)
I spend 3k a month on advertising and I'm a small business owner lol these guys probably have buckets to spend but won't spent 1000 on a video that's a joke lol
a (3 days ago)
the design of their bag is shit im sorry lol
Clemmy Magee (3 days ago)
Casey whoever owes you money cause I'm omw to look him up.
Viliam Beňa (3 days ago)
*why on earth would you make 5 minute reaction of some ridiculous Chinese guy trying to use you as much as he can*
Bryce Buckman (3 days ago)
19:45 He says "3 w" instead of "www". I thought that was kind of a cute way to say it.
Neal Fridman (3 days ago)
Looking to come to China to look for manufacturing opportunities including alcohol. Are there any manufacturing plants in or near Shenzhen?
kebman (3 days ago)
After having done a little traveling, and having to shovel the camera and laptops around at the airport, that bag looks pretty neat! My biggest worry would be moisture getting in, really. Looking forward to the review!
kebman (3 days ago)
Very good and interesting video! Do you do car ads? I have this used car I want to sell. It's a real hunk of junk, but I'd love it if you could just play it up, and pretend it's a Ferrarri!
Von H (3 days ago)
Jørg 1 (3 days ago)
Surpenza is a brave man, I wold go crazy in this see of yellow.
David Warrilow (3 days ago)
I hope someone watching this (and willing to work in China) will see the opportunities for advertising there.
Nathan Haaren (3 days ago)
i dont often go on vacation, but if i do then i would certainly consider this luggage! :) great video btw!
TravelLove (3 days ago)
His accent is perfect mix of British and American english. wow!
Roger Underhill (4 days ago)
They are OEM for Xiaomi by the look of it. They mention Mi home on their website and I saw an identical case to the premium in the Xiaomi flagship store. All good.
οὐτόπος (4 days ago)
New bunren
Juuk (4 days ago)
Hey man reviews are good aswell, we get to see some eastern gadget you get paid, im okay with reviews and sponsored products as long as you tell people it's sponsored i think they will be okay with that aswell. But hey take the reviews that can net you some money.
MsSense (4 days ago)
If you hate china so much get the fuck out, travel the worlds bazaars and I'll see the same tactics for marketing, , the party shud take notice of u and ur negative comments, u small dick douche
serpentza (4 days ago)
Lol, I don’t hate China and I’ll stay wherever I like since I can choose, unlike you
Mark Filaroski (4 days ago)
I enjoyed the show, First-time visitor to your channel.
Peter Potter (4 days ago)
Much love Winston! Can't wait to go to Shanghai this summer for school!
Dex Dayr (4 days ago)
super interesting as always
scourdx (4 days ago)
Nice...would love to know the price of that piece of luggage.
Zuher Abud (5 days ago)
you are a honest youtuber dont change your cause
mezmerized (5 days ago)
“Integrity is the essence of everything successful” Subscribed!!!
Sean Isidro (5 days ago)
really informative, honest and giving your viewers importance!
Hanniffy Dinn (5 days ago)
I had 90 fun!
LaViCa888 (5 days ago)
The suitcase is too expensiveee
RepublicanGuard (5 days ago)
Yee is so damn cute...!!
Hanniffy Dinn (5 days ago)
All it takes to win him over is a pretty polite Chinese babe .....😝😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂🤓🤓🤓😖😖😖😁😁😁
Hanniffy Dinn (5 days ago)
I love the China knock off thing. I really do. It's like the Wild West when it was fun.
Joseph Simko (5 days ago)
I enjoyed this. Your points about the lack of sophisticated advertising in China are interesting. I think it ties into the general lack of creativity that you've cited before. It's obvious that Chinese people are incredibly hardworking and increasingly well educated. I hope they can learn to embrace new ideas. Personally I think that will require more openness to 'foreigners' and more acceptance of personal expression.
Hanniffy Dinn (5 days ago)
Joseph Simko I love it , why waste Money when someone else has figured it out? Just copy them!!! No brainer. Great artists steal !
Rockers From Hell (5 days ago)
those old fu man chu videos are possibly close to the truth
Rockers From Hell (5 days ago)
chinese....copy,copy,copy!!! western countries dont sell land or assets to chinese! dont let them in en masse as students or otherwise,etc,china is about as superpower as toilet paper without the wests complicity
Jreading P (5 days ago)
ICQ lol that brought back memories!
Everton Martins (5 days ago)
We normally see Chinese products as cheap and low quality where in fact there are so many good high quality products and innovations made in china that we are unaware of. Unfortunately the good stuff are on the shadow of a big over-saturated cloud of garbage. I believe that videos like this could help the regular consumer to find out what's good out there.
Binay MIshra (5 days ago)
Stay Awesome was coolest part!!!
SirRuffington (5 days ago)
At least they dont get offended so easily just because the ads doesnt have black people, has black people
Aaryan Negi (5 days ago)
China is like that kid in class who cheats in exam but still manages to pass or get good marks without getting caught even though others know he did it.
Lai Ryousuke (5 days ago)
20.58 That's quite unique. The billboard behind the girl was write "火锅“ which is steamboat, but the shop behind is billboard is actually a clothing shop, quite weird. I think they have massive money to rent a shop and decorate like a big brand, but they still do not have the technique to run the shop and they using the street marketing technique to run the shop. Just like computer, you got wonderful hardware, but you don't have to software to run it.
Main Source (5 days ago)
who puts his passport in his luggage?!
George Giannoulis (5 days ago)
very nice "exposure" of that little company. I would consider buying if i werent from greece.
HankTsui (5 days ago)
Says a lot about the power of celebrity endorsements when just a few minutes on one of Winston's videos led a guy like me to spend time reading through a Chinese suitcase manufacturer's website. The actual "customer reviews" section on their website for this particular product reads more like an endorsement for Winston's channel than the product itself. It's funny most of the reviews gave the product five stars yet none of the reviewers seem to have actually purchased/used the product.
高兴 (5 days ago)
I'm going to buy that bag. it is very good. shame about all the stuff about china before the bag. 10/10 for the bag
SaintInix (5 days ago)
I have to say, Sam and his team look like good people. I like the presentation of his product. His English is very good, and he didn't bore with technical stuff, he just got down to the cool new things he did with his product. Glad you plugged it, seems like they deserve some props.
amidnightstroll (6 days ago)
That Wii sensor bar tho
Roughly SKTCH (6 days ago)
lol so they payed you for you to make them work for you and talk about their product!!! you're a mad genius. All you had to do was walk in with your fame and camera...thanks for the video!
shogged (6 days ago)
I like sam and his team! nice group of people
Justin Hinds (6 days ago)
Dropped a like because of his character! great YouTuber, may not be my usual kind of video but if he were in my genre would totally watch this channels videos all the time!
Marcos Manu (6 days ago)
that women look like your wife
Steve Dave (6 days ago)
Skipped over suitcase sales pitch, totally uninterested in that part of your video. If you are going to review a product, don't let the manufacturer do it for you.
Heat (6 days ago)
I want that suitcase. It looks so nice!
winston smith (6 days ago)
That guy handled his English very well. He must have lived in an English speaking country for a long time. Their product has a lot of potential. As for that young woman, wow.
AERGXUYOS SaulValdis (6 days ago)
Man, that was awesome idea to visit the little companies office and show how it looks up close. Very nice.

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