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Ever Tried Bone Conduction?

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Aftershokz Bluez 2S Wireless Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones - http://amzn.to/20QzOWd FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (3199)
RANJAN GHOSH (4 days ago)
Which is best MOTO pulse2 or SONY MDRZX310AP
Darker Side of Magic (9 days ago)
This tech has been around for awhile. The best part about being a magician is that the toys or tool's we use aren't much different then what spys and the CIA uses just to create impossible effect's!
Scott H (9 days ago)
I noticed you took your glasses off so I’m assuming they don’t work well with glasses?
Gim Samonte (11 days ago)
"This is so weird" "It's very bizarre" Lew confirmed listening to Joe Rogan's Podcast
Smellavision (15 days ago)
they don't sound very good
12 Lives (17 days ago)
I'm offically 12 again when i watch this video
Ntgblast76 bra (20 days ago)
What is that song called some one please give me the answer
duckie leebrowwski (27 days ago)
singer3188 (28 days ago)
Once you get used to how they feel when playing music they are even better after about 6 months of using only a pair of Trekz Titianiums I don't get the same enjoyment out of any other headphones especially earbuds. the titaniums have replaced all my other headphones
Ke'Lin Johnson (1 month ago)
i got these are the best thing
Joseph Grutt (1 month ago)
This is based on a hearing aid tech that's been around for decades. It is in fact very old tech. Good tech but hardly new. That said, if it wasn't so reliant on having ears, if probably buy a pair.
Epclisi (1 month ago)
Does this headphones affect your ear while using them? Please tell me I need to know
Svenn Martinsson (1 month ago)
Wonder if they are any good for gaming.
Minh Nguyen (1 month ago)
Rough quote:” upon going deaf, Beethoven bit a metal pole affixed in his piano to hear the music through vibrations through his teeth” Dan Brown, Origin
Rico (2 months ago)
Lmao I'm watching this wearing the bone conductor headphones, Lou is tickling the inside of my skull.
Trea Duling (2 months ago)
They seem like they’d be great for learning guitar, or new music while you’re learning chords...
Alejandro Tejeda (2 months ago)
"There's like a vibration" there's a video done by an idiot... humanity is doomed, next: let's change all water for gatorade
Chase McDougall (2 months ago)
Review of the new aftershokz?
Pierre Foucart (2 months ago)
And with your glasses on?!
DbsFanboy 111 (2 months ago)
These are awesome even I have one of em
Animation in Education (2 months ago)
Cannot use glasses while wearing it?
Animation in Education (2 months ago)
Cannot use glasses while wearing it?
Jordan (2 months ago)
Fuck that, when I have headphones in, fuck what everyone is saying. I'm not trying to hear it.
Chris Mokdessi (2 months ago)
Dude, is that what you call a product review. lmao
Wheels Of Meals (3 months ago)
Please show Oppo f5 phone on your channel
Cornholio777 (3 months ago)
Music in my bones
Fiquei interessado. Talvez eu compre
Gemags (3 months ago)
I might buy this coz' i'm single sided deaf, meaning I have 1 ear working, lost it when I was 7 yrs old. My latest hearing test says that I could still hear thru bone conduction, So this is a must try. This might be able to help me play PUBG coz that game heavily relies on finding the location of your opponent by hearing gunshot locations and footsteps. Might be able to help my hearing thru the app petralax/petralex? Which amplifies sound so I could hear better. Another thing is that I could protect my good ear from being damaged by using in ear earphones.
Connor Spero (3 months ago)
Wear these and play a schizophrenic simulation, for the ultimate experience.
Simos Katsiaris (4 months ago)
Hearing this on my aftershock Trekz titanium lol
ALEXANDRIUS (4 months ago)
this must cause some damage to the bone over time
Electro James (4 months ago)
I got to try them they are really cool!
Phil Buckler (4 months ago)
Bought them, Love them. Best part is using them in industrial environment. I am able to take phone calls and listen to music while wearing hearing protection. The noise canceling mic is great. welder, grinders, vac trucks, backup alarms you name it, still able to hold a phone call!!
TheGoodGuyOfTheInternet (4 months ago)
Can I wear them with glasses?
CALL ME ASG (4 months ago)
bone plus wireless boneless
uhavemooface (4 months ago)
Not worth it. Just get regular headphones so you don't have to charge them all the time. 6 hours is not a long charge. If your like me and you like watching youtube and twitch you want more then 6 hours unless you have a job or school then its worth it I guess. I like the look of the black ones.
onelearns (4 months ago)
just one question, Can people around you can hear what you are listening ? or just the person which wearing the headphone can do it ? is there a leakage ? thank you for the answer.
Pixeleyes00 (4 months ago)
How do these compare to the titanium or the air/sport models?
AlbertoC504 (4 months ago)
can you use these with glasses?
Abbas Bhaijibhai (4 months ago)
I like this black background better
commander Vidja (4 months ago)
It's like the thing from metal gear solid
Avatar Sui (4 months ago)
Dan brown origin
Adi Respati (4 months ago)
Does the mic really cancel noise? (I think it claims it only takes in sounds that are consistent with the movement of our ear/jaw bone).
Luke Hoffman (4 months ago)
I am watching this video with my bone conduction headphones.
arjay2002ph (5 months ago)
im a cyclist, i need it on the road its important for us to hear vehicles behind us while enjoying our music.
MrBroxMan (5 months ago)
someone sent me a gift certificate to buy something similar to this (original price was about $50 and i can just buy it at $5 because of the gift certificate) and im wondering if i should so i went to someone i can trust for a review of one.
Distancerunner123456 (5 months ago)
Try this for the first time while stoned lol
Liquid Flat Soap (5 months ago)
ever tried anal?
bkingk8 (5 months ago)
Dude i just bought a pair of these solely based on your review. $120 AUD. I hope they are as good as you say. will report back in 3 to 4 weeks when they get here.
Anirudh Ganesh (5 months ago)
Moving... Playing basketball... Wow as if you were not able to do it with the old ones xD
Zephic (5 months ago)
Which is better though? Headphones or Bone Earphones?
Umer Noman (5 months ago)
Who came here from origin by dan brown 😂
Hayden .Boyer (5 months ago)
Reminds me of when I was a kid. If you know what toothtoons were... haha
David Cairns (6 months ago)
Why did you take your glasses off
GIM - Films (6 months ago)
I don’t know if it’s just me, but something about the title just doesn’t sound right....
Sahan Ravinder (6 months ago)
I've got the Titanium Aftershokz and your description is spot on. Not going to replace your favorite music headphones, but they are comfortable and good for listening to everything ranging from music to podcasts, while allowing you to hear whats happening around you as well.
OfficialmONEy (6 months ago)
I sell these at work. They are pretty cool.
Wooferer (6 months ago)
Dieter Manero (6 months ago)
though my question is are they loud, comparing to say if earbuds.
IraQ Nid (6 months ago)
Please review in-ear bone conducting microphones :)
Rohit Bhosale (6 months ago)
How is the phone call quality? Have you tried that as well?
ConanX Gwyn (6 months ago)
can you wear the headphone with your glasses on?
Korey Ramsey (6 months ago)
Do they have health concerns lol
Michael Lakoudis (6 months ago)
i was using a bone fone 30 years ago. it draped over the shoulders like a scarf and it worked. It was a radio.
TraceguyRune (6 months ago)
If you turn the volume to the max, can people next to you hear it?
Whadaya Tinkin (6 months ago)
This would be perfect for me. I don't like missing things around me so I don't wear earbuds. I think I just found my new deal!
John Bergman (6 months ago)
So you’re saying it’s interesting but the audio quality is not up there with high end headphones 🎧?
SuruchiSushi (6 months ago)
omg does anyone remember those toothbrushes that would play music through your teeth? I always wanted one when I was little
Marquette Smith (6 months ago)
Thanks, I need something that will not come off, and not fall from my ears. I have been looking for this and didn’t know what to call it.
Diefascistlibturds (7 months ago)
why the hell would you want to hear all the noise going on around you? No thanks
I Q (7 months ago)
Can we upload our music into them or are we subject to listening to the radio?
Cool Fry (7 months ago)
i squeezed my earbuds to in front of my ears to see if it would work
Alberto Serruto (7 months ago)
does anyone know how about the sound quality ??
WanderAbroad (7 months ago)
For anyone interested here is my personal review. Please know in advance that I am rarely a skeptic of new tech. I'll also generally be the first on board with enthusiasm. That being said I was looking really forward to trying these out and so I got my first pair today. Note - I am using Trekz Titanium. Not the most recent model (although those are pre-purchase right now I believe) Cons- 1. Even at a low volume they can easily be heard by anyone in a six foot radius. Not crystal clear but well enough they could tell you the song your listening to. Amp up the volume and it can more than easily be heard. Which leads right into the next con. 2. If something can be that easily heard by everyone around then it means its actually using a full fledged "speaker" like delivery system and not something that transfers sound merely by vibration. (maybe my hopes were to high) The result is I actually hear the music better by (uncomfortably) placing the vibration pieces directly over my ear canals... like a normal set of off-the-ear headphones. 3. You have to get those vibration pieces right on... and I mean RIGHT on the perfect sweet spot or it doesn't work at all. How you jog with this on and without it moving off those spots is beyond me. There must be a lot of smooth runners our there. 4. If you want to get the best effect you must plug your ears and have a solid plug. Without that plug they are pretty much just off the ear headphones as I mentioned before. The speakers are set in such a way that it aims at the curve of your ear. The result is a bit deceitful or maybe misleading? So back to the solid plug. The music is stronger, the base is better BUT it still is semi muddy and semi muffled sounding. And of course everyone else is listening to your music. Personally I like to err on the side of politeness and not force everyone to listen to my music? I don't want to listen to someone's opera and they don't want to listen to my 80s rock (shame on them) 5. They double as a cell phone blue tooth calling apparatus. I wish they had just focused on making a majestic pair of earphones instead of trying to make them a master of all trades. Multi tasking might have hurt the over all objective. Pros- 1. Over the years I've gone through bluetooths and been disappointed with all of them. This bluetooth quality is actually the best. If this were sold as simply a bluetooth and the side effect was a cool way to listen to music with your ears open then I think it would be more accurate branding. Again, most people would hear the conversation of the people your speaking with so that would be a negative. Conclusion I really wanted these to perform exactly as I felt they were described but they didn't. I think it's a great concept but I can't help feeling like all the positive results mostly stem from an "Emperors new clothes" hype. Everyone says their cool + it's a great idea + you hope they work = Wow these are amazing and they work! Believe me, I've been there. As for new tech and bone conduction I think they just... and I mean JUST barely squeak through the door. Yes there is some conduction going on but I think its 10% conduction and 90% well aimed acoustics.
Meme-o (7 months ago)
iKarith (7 months ago)
That you had to take off your glasses to use them though ... That tells me they're not for me. :(
Ken Hayashi (7 months ago)
when I'd saw it I am very excited. Ordered it kinda lucky they'd sent me wrong color cuz I don't like the music sound...May be too high of expectation on my part but I almost cried with the sound, in ears is irritated my ear canal so I'd wish this thing would have worked...T-T
yonse johnston (7 months ago)
In ear head phones give me head aches. These might be my thing. Can you use them for gaming ??
Aleksa (8 months ago)
What if my body is 🅱oneless??
Aaron Bueno (8 months ago)
if the sounds travel thru your bones can you use earplugs and still hear the music?
Bri an (8 months ago)
I think I'm going to order these, need to find white tho 👍
vijay beniwal (8 months ago)
try this earbud Comfort Stereo Earbuds Yinyoo KZ ZS5
Michael Robertshaw (8 months ago)
found a pair for about $60 on amazon.... I'd be using them in an office setting. anyone think its worth it? Right now I use cheap philips ear buds with one ear bud in and I'm looking for a better listening experience while still being able to hear my phone ring and conversations around me. Just concerned about quality listening experience with these. seeing mixed reviews on youtube, mostly positive on amazon though.
rcholnoky09 (8 months ago)
i may jump for these http://www.ebay.com/itm/112512995047
R.I.P. FRANKU (8 months ago)
There are glasses that do this wirelessly for 50$ more
hannaranah (8 months ago)
There was background music so I couldn't quite hear, but do the headphones "leak"? Like, do the surrounding people hear any music? I've been looking into bone conducting glasses and I'm considering getting a pair, but I don't wanna be the douchebag on the bus who forces everyone else to listen to their music.
Joaquin Caoili (8 months ago)
These seem so cool compared to.beats!
Ipic (8 months ago)
🅱️oneless Headphones
naenonnn (9 months ago)
What's your folding knife?
Andrew Pizano (9 months ago)
0:10 "this is B O N E L E S S conduction audio"
psramirez1 (9 months ago)
b o n e l e s s conduction
Les Coles (9 months ago)
I'm tickled, ooh! Matron
Zenobio Oibonez (9 months ago)
Just imagine BINAURAL BEATS!!
blue13ryu (9 months ago)
thank you so much this video helped me decide on buying them and the treks titanium was awesome.
Stoxx (9 months ago)
get the bluse s2 there better then the $169 trust me
Angry Gamer0503 (9 months ago)
Shill vid. These sound like garbage
Fox And Wolf Productions (9 months ago)
Does anyone know the difference between the Bluez and the Titanium models?
Luca Rebuffoni (9 months ago)
Here on GearBest you can find a bone conduction headset on sale, a good idea if you want to try a new audio experience without spent too much http://www.gearbest.com/earbud-headphones/pp_656084.html?vip=1930907
Benno Nijholt (9 months ago)
i thought the title was"Bone Reduction" instead of "Bone Conduction". and when Lewis said i wanted to try this for a long time, i thought he wanted to remove ribs to... you know. then he said "Conduction" and i thought: Yep, that makes more sense
Will P (9 months ago)
"It's like somebody's tickling me... not that I don't like that. Jack, stay away from me." LMAO

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