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Best Phones of 2018

568 ratings | 22879 views
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Text Comments (189)
Nadzmar Arbison Alih (22 hours ago)
Pixel 3 XL
rex racer (1 day ago)
Love my new lg g7 it's awesome!!!!!
Mohammed Muwafaq (3 days ago)
HTC U12+ ❤️
EElectric_M (4 days ago)
Then Pixel 3 XL comes by and all previous phones are garbage.
hadrianhg (5 days ago)
You missed Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. It's way better than the Moto G6
stripeydoggydoo (5 days ago)
The P20 pro is king!
khan zayaan (6 days ago)
Htc's u12+💣💣
Ραι Ιουλιος (7 days ago)
Surprise.... The best Phone of 2018 are the expensive phones!
Charles Anju (8 days ago)
HTC Best of the Best
Aravind Sankar (8 days ago)
HTC's first dual camera system 😂😂
Kavin K (9 days ago)
Best phone HTC u12+ , affordable best phone ofcourse OP6 .
Poypoy Germinal (9 days ago)
Sony Xperia XZ2!!!!
Jyotirmoy Kalita (9 days ago)
Where is Nokia 6 (2018) ? It is certainly better than moto G6 series
Hanu Gh (9 days ago)
Your list is incomplete without nokia 7 plus . King of midranger.
Kelvin X (10 days ago)
HTC U12+ for me :D
Abdo Daccache (10 days ago)
P20 pro Op6 Mi mix 2s
Zijia J. (10 days ago)
I would vote Iphons X(still the king), s9+(no notch)/p20 pro(new tech boosts performance). King budget phone: Honor play(CN and EU)/Oneplus 6(NA).
ramez elsayed (11 days ago)
Samsung S9 plus and I can't wait for the new note. Thanks
Mateusz (11 days ago)
where is the iphon X ??? this phone is too make to fight with a 2018 flagship phones ??
Arif Asyarie (11 days ago)
HTC U 12+, Motorola G6+ and Sony Xperia XZ2
Altema22 (11 days ago)
Liking the U12 Plus myself...
Ningthou Ali (11 days ago)
HTC u12+ is best everytime and everywhere yet HTC is better than all phones
Tanzeel Siddiqui (11 days ago)
Thanks buddy Make a list of best budget phones
Josué M. (12 days ago)
Htc U12+ is the best phone yet
Arz sc (12 days ago)
S9 plus...new king
gene978 (12 days ago)
Yay! I have a Phone on the LIST! MOTO G6 PLUS and it hasn’t giving me a lick of trouble and is plenty fast. And has cool features and gestures. Seeing we trade phones these days every year or 2 I decided it’s best to stop buying the TOP Dog Phones at $1000 or more dollars. I’d consider the ONE PLUS Series next!
Muhammad Faheem (13 days ago)
why google pixel2 xl not is list?
Asif Irfan (13 days ago)
Oneplus 6 and 6T waiting
gustavo pena (13 days ago)
It's a toss up between the HTC u12+ or lg g7
Liion B (14 days ago)
I'm surprised that the XZ2/Compact is in this list, great! The U12+ is a great phone too!
brod56 (12 days ago)
Liion B definitely deserve it though, been using xz2c for two days and god, it's so good.
95thRiflesOCI (14 days ago)
Oneplus 6 should be taken out, it holds the same 1080p Display since the company started and yet they still claim to offer a flagship experience with laggy and unresponsive display.
Ark Kd (14 days ago)
I'm happy with the regular G6 coming from an iPhone 8 plus. It's good enough.
Vasilis Demetriou (14 days ago)
HTC U12+ is Hot in blue
Nasir Reigns (14 days ago)
Asus zenfone max pro m1 ??
Elango Van (14 days ago)
Xz2 and u12 amazing
David hunsinger (14 days ago)
@4:58 HTC's first dual camera phone was the Evo 3D... The first one used for "potrait" mode was the HTC One M8.
Altema22 (11 days ago)
David hunsinger - Yes, that is correct, and they kept updating the camera software through the years, and right now portrait mode is as good as the iPhone 7.
Aleksandar Mitrevski (15 days ago)
Galaxy s9+
Corey R (15 days ago)
Samsung Galaxy S9+ all day!
Steven c (15 days ago)
What's the best phone for Verizon
Ahmad Larka (15 days ago)
Nokia ??
jimakosgian26 (15 days ago)
Wwhooowwwww what happened to iPhones???? Talk about biased fuckers
SuperGauthu (15 days ago)
Sony xperia xz2 and xz2 premium, lg g7 thinq
Mr. Thanu (15 days ago)
HTC u12+
Mr. Thanu (3 days ago)
Mahim Khan yes
Mahim Khan (4 days ago)
Do you know who's in your profile picture?
Bibin Babu (15 days ago)
Oneplus is my favorite
Georgie Sam Varghese (15 days ago)
Nokia 8 Sirocco
Nikki GD (15 days ago)
XZ 2 is my favorite
Masoom Tembhurne (15 days ago)
Lg v35
Norberto Castro (15 days ago)
Sony XZ2 is the one i like the most, the Huawei p20pro is the one like the less, but any of these phones in this list is a beast
am ikram (15 days ago)
Samsung s9+ , htc u12+ and LG G7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Milan Aleksic (15 days ago)
HTC the best!
Vernon Warren (15 days ago)
Theres nothing wrong with on screen buttons. I miss a actual home button. To each his own
snep games (15 days ago)
Samsung galaxy S9(+) Oneplus 6 Huawei p20 pro Lg g7 thinq Xiaomi mi mix 2s Htc u12+ Sony xz2 & xz compact Motorola moto g6 Thank me later
AVERO Franky (15 days ago)
S9, op 6, Huawei pro, mix 2s, htc, xz2.
Ethronic (15 days ago)
And after those premiers.. I'm going to buy lg v30 :)
Shadow Stalker (15 days ago)
I have the g6 play and I love it
Hadi Alameh (15 days ago)
Guys do u recommend me to buy samsung a8 ?
Илья Котов (15 days ago)
Лучшие телефоны = все флагманы.
David Lyimo (15 days ago)
What about the best midrange or budget smartphone of 2018 that you can buy right now?? 300$ Max! Any suggestions?
Unknown Name (2 days ago)
David Lyimo same.. I'm brokeee
hải úNu (15 days ago)
Lg g7 👍👍👍👍👍👍
socrates khattar (15 days ago)
Oneplus 6
Thomas Larsen (15 days ago)
Oneplus 6✌️
J 1 (15 days ago)
We are talking about the best not the price so Samsung S9 is the best of course.
Liv Wavy (15 days ago)
Q1 x Q2
richard ratner (15 days ago)
XZ2 premium .. just wait
3DFX (7 days ago)
richard ratner How long? They said release was this summer. Im afraid soon its winter.. lol Nah but people want buy phones in summer so they can take their shots then.
Enfant Terrible (15 days ago)
For the 1st half of 2018 my best are: U12+, Mi Mix 2s, Honor 10, P20/Pro and those I'm waiting for are: Mi8/Mi8SE, Google Pixel 3/XL 👍
ravi apsingkar (15 days ago)
Why u didn't consider Mi 8 in d list..? Is it worth to buy or not..?
Kelany Said (15 days ago)
Great video Guys. What about the LG V30 and the Sony XZ2 Premium?
Umar Farooq (15 days ago)
Kelany Said I'll suggest you to wait a month or two for XZ2 Premium as it might have the best smartphone camera on the market.
Kelany Said (15 days ago)
Umar Farooq OK now I understand you more. Thanks for this Great summary of the greatest phones of the moment. So I know I will make my choice among these.
Umar Farooq (15 days ago)
Kelany Said XZ2 Premium is yet to be released and V30 was released in 2017.
manoj prabagaran (15 days ago)
Moto g6 serious
J Rods (15 days ago)
If one+ could just put a 2k hd screen in there I'd be sold
Creative School (15 days ago)
Xz2 is great. ..
Kieran Murphy (15 days ago)
One plus 6
Haris Baloch RX115 (15 days ago)
No htc first dual camera phone was htc m8
Dollar Patrick (15 days ago)
Nokia 7 Plus should be on the list. It's so good
Mr Browneyes Caremel (15 days ago)
It's a bit early for this g7 and u12 plus or one plus ain't even in the uk to get on contract yet
My one is Moto G6.! And also the xperia xz2.
flip c rhey (15 days ago)
Xperia and htc
anthony williams (15 days ago)
Watching on my XZ2 compact
Enfant Terrible (15 days ago)
anthony williams Before my current HTC 10 bought in November 2016 I had a Z5 Compact that I only used from May 2016 to November 2016 and except the smaller 4,6" screen vs 5,2" of my HTC the build quality is inferior (plastic frame for the Z5 vs all alloy structure for my HTC sides and back) and I notice better image quality and accuracy when touching on my HTC even though both are ips Lcd screens and what I didn't like in the Sony ui was the fact that the possibility to block sms wasn't there only calls... (I always let the stock ui of the manufacturer and don't install Nova launcher to use the proper interface of the manufacturer). Maybe be it has changed now with new releases on XZ series but like Samsung (I had s4 active, note 4 and s6 edge 64gb) I will never buy those 2 brands anymore...
anthony williams (15 days ago)
Enfant Terrible It is fine for multimedia. No problems. 5" screen, 18:9 aspect ratio. I love it. Best part is One handed use
Enfant Terrible (15 days ago)
anthony williams incredible !!! Going from such a big phone to your almost tiny current !!! Is this not too much difficult for multimedia experience ?
anthony williams (15 days ago)
Enfant Terrible I bought the correct phone. If I wanted anything larger, I would have kept my Nexus 6P
Enfant Terrible (15 days ago)
anthony williams Good phone but is your screen not too much small for this ? Should have bought a inbetween screen size phone with enough power: Honor 10 👍
korn74 (15 days ago)
Huawei p20 pro 👍
Lee Price (15 days ago)
id take the g7!🔥
Lee Price (15 days ago)
J Rods yes true and definitely will do 👍
J Rods (15 days ago)
Lee Price if you get to see them side by side, let me know which you like better. I prefer the flat screen of the g7 so you can use tempered glass protectors, that's 1 thing that sucks about the Samsung
Lee Price (15 days ago)
J Rods oh cool
J Rods (15 days ago)
Lee Price I just switched to TMobile this year, so far I'm happy with it. S9 plus currently
Lee Price (15 days ago)
J Rods yea, id buy one especially since i just checked the T-Mobile website and the g7 has an overall 5 stars so far, so thats a major go!
Star Write (15 days ago)
No nokia 😱😱
Enfant Terrible (15 days ago)
Sting Taker I personally think they make good phones near stock Android but even though they've been bought buy HDM I think this brand is outdated and only hearing this name brings me back to 2001 when I purchased my 3310...
Sting Taker (15 days ago)
No kia isn't getting the expected comback
Enfant Terrible (15 days ago)
Star Write very satisfied with this No Nokia ! 😁
DY (15 days ago)
All are good, except .... G6. No where near the flagship.
David Roberto (15 days ago)
Where is the subtitles? I'm about to improve my English skills...
iTx honey (15 days ago)
its not here but moto z3 play 😍
Always VIRAL (15 days ago)
If sony releases a plus or pro model with dual upgraded cameras and maybe an amoled display it would be worthy
Waleed Khalid (15 days ago)
DSLR Beginner (15 days ago)
You are just giving us a list of flagships released in 2018, theses are not the best phones of 2018. Best phones should include both flagship, mid range and budget categories. And take into account the best bang for your buck factor. Sorry but this is some lazy work without research
Enfant Terrible (15 days ago)
Michael Livote well answered this reporter also gave us pretty best bang for your buck smartphones (mi mix 2s, Motorola G6 series)
Michael Livote (15 days ago)
Well, you obviously didn't watch this video at all.....
MrBoriqua2000 (15 days ago)
Im only interested in one phone right now, the ASUS ROG. I've been using Samsung notes ever since the note 2. Now all Samsung phones look the same. Reminds me of the iPhone. It's time for something different and the ROG is a beast of a phone. I can't wait.
Raphael (15 days ago)
Samsung galaxy s9+ Waiting for iPhone 10 plus
Suhail Dar (15 days ago)
One Plus 6
RudolphOoO (15 days ago)
Xperia XZ2 / Compact ♥️♥️♥️ Edit: I didn't even watch the video but realized that it's the same typo as in the video hahaha
Simon Jones (15 days ago)
one plus 6 all the way
Paulo Trindade (15 days ago)
Mate 10 pro Rs The best
Yashar (15 days ago)
Disliked after "clunky onscreen buttons" wtf
John Andrrson (9 days ago)
Yashar totally agree what a blunder such a bad review.
J Rods (15 days ago)
Yashar lol I was personally insulted myself
Re gale (15 days ago)
giveqway please
Re gale (15 days ago)
all of these are flagships
Roberto Urena (14 days ago)
Re gale agreed
Re gale (14 days ago)
Ok except g6 but g6 isn't a great phone
Roberto Urena (14 days ago)
Re gale g6 is not
Mohammad imran (15 days ago)
Samsung galaxy s9 plus
Vedraj r.m (15 days ago)
HTC U12+ is the pixel 3 xl
Josué M. (12 days ago)
David hunsinger Well must get the Pixel 3
David hunsinger (14 days ago)
Vedraj r.m except the Pixel 3 XL will have an amoled panel with a notch. There's a reason Android P has notch support.
Argha Saha (15 days ago)
why asus zenfone max pro m1 is not on this list though it has more powerful chipset than higher end of G6 series...total gimmicky
Will Clayton (15 days ago)
no usb type c makes it a deal breaker for me.

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