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Why would you want to RETIRE in China!?!

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Has the thought ever crossed your mind? Have you thought about finding a Chinese wife or Husband or maybe retiring to China with your Chinese spouse? Think carefully and be prepared! Gweilo 60's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChXOhG9bRDb3vSTg-qkPAZg Don't forget to watch my new food series: Quest for the best Chinese in the USA! https://youtu.be/KFAejbtB5W0 Conquering Northern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringnorthernchina DISCOUNT CODE: STAYAWESOME Conquering Southern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Support Sasha and I on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winstoninchina Twitter: @serpentza Instagram: serpent_za My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/advchina Music used: Virtual Vice - Kowloon City https://virtual-vice.com

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Matt Obermiller (1 hour ago)
Most of the guys he questioned can understand at least a little English, I'm sure. Don't EVER assume your conversations are private when in another country.
Daniel Higgins (19 hours ago)
Here's a question, you might want to retire in China, but would you, as a foreigner, want to die in China? How easy is it for an expat's family to deal with the death of a loved one?
Flat Earth Reset 3 (1 day ago)
USA is a Republic not a Democracy..
Wozitoya Dude (1 day ago)
The inside story is different than what you think and what you see. More women in southern china because they came from Hong Kong, these women were mostly escort girls or prostitutes. They want to change life by married foreigners whom they will never be able to know their past. Be wise, one child policy in China, how can you get more women than men.
Fghtrfrm (2 days ago)
your wife is hot !
Turk (3 days ago)
KATE 0:33 love his baseball cap ROFL
earthdog1961 (3 days ago)
A car? Dude, it took me three years to get a freaking landline telephone in Japan, I got a car (of my choice) in two days. AND this was before cellphones were common., and I needed it for my job as a liaison with the JP with the U.S. Military. I actually, moved on base just to make things easier. Normally it's the other way around.
Rick Oneill (3 days ago)
You didn't mention healthcare. As we get older naturally you're going to need it more. I know there are international hospitals but I think you need to be well off to afford to go there. That's probably the main thing that puts me off. I wouldn't fancy being treated in the state hospitals.
Koles (3 days ago)
Genuinely curious, unless you are absolutely crazy with Chinese culture, why would anyone want to retire in China? Hell, even living there long term seems to be quite a hastle, especially when there are so many beautiful, even cheaper and more secure places in the world.
Common sense Chanel (3 days ago)
Brother why do you love that place !???? Please I need an answer !! Because from all the videos I watched none of the videos show how nice it is leaving in China !!!!!!!
ABK (3 days ago)
Me as I've lived in Libya (probably like all other arab countries aswell, especially Syria and Iraq) people cut in queues and bump into each other and its quite a rough way of living compared to the west if thats what you called it, but as a Muslim would it be hard for me to live in China? I'm not talking about social harassment, I'm talking about halal meat, vegetarian food, or fish without any other meat with it, is it easy to access??? Ik there are some Libyans that live in Zenghzhen?? Something like that.
Zappa Woman (4 days ago)
First time I heard SerpentZa pronounced. It was different to how I imagined it. Anyone know why he has that nickname?
Edward Lewis (4 days ago)
Why would you want to be Chinese If you are looked as foreigner then It's good you can make a lot of money specially as you speak chinese because you as white you have upper hand and used it to for your benefit to generate more money as media you can be your friend chinese media ' white ,who speaks Chinese ' make cash until you can when you stop getting work or thet get bore of you go to you grands parents country and retire as by that time you might have millions from media business
Who the fuck would want to retire in China 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alexander Drechsel (5 days ago)
Who told you, that you can't buy train tickets online as a foreigner? Totally not true. I recently was in China buying tickets online. Even had to alter a trip (meaning refunding a ticket and buy a new one). Everything online.. Worked totally fine for me. You can't use the automatic ticket vending machines, that's true. But you still can grab your ticket in the much shorter queues in these railway stations. Furthermore you forgot to mention DiDi (the Chinese Uber).
Wonderful (6 days ago)
Yes, why ?
John Ngui (7 days ago)
loved the zoom in on that guy in the background doing a disgusting spit
Commando Master (7 days ago)
China is not a place for old white people. You are gonna get scammed and robbed all day long. No peace or quiet. Terrible place to retire.
Mini Banana (8 days ago)
I agree, Chinese people (not all) cut lines. :(
Tahir Ballikaya (8 days ago)
like the sounds effect when the guy in the background is spitting. Remembers me of bbc docus
deckard163 (8 days ago)
Everything you said pertains 99% to Spain also. So yeah it's like any other "third world" country. ;)
deckard163 (8 days ago)
Chinese men won't marry women with children. Translation: Chinese men are not cucks like westerners. Understood.
R F (9 days ago)
9:10 lmao
Fellowdc2007 (9 days ago)
Hola Serpentza, I'm the guy who asked you in Instagram about what part of SA are you from? I've been to China twice, once as tourist and the second to work as a teacher, but like you said, hard is not easy to adjust for foreigners. I got really sick when I was there as a teacher during the Fall. The pollution kicked my Ass and the language and rude behavior of some of the Chinese in my school did not help at all. So I decided to come back to the USA. Now I'm feeling a little bit of nostalgic about having left China, especially when I'm learning so much about it through your videos. I wish I'd knew about your videos two years ago when I arrived there. Anyway, I like very much the videos because of their useful learning content and I admire your spirit of adventure and stamina for having lived there for as long as you have now. Hopefully, we can meet one day, until then, Stay Awesome!
Exojet (10 days ago)
Wow where I’m from the UK it seems as if Chinese culture is so selfish and so racist toward being foreign were as I wish in a way that being British people who come to live here are forced to do things the British way if that is even a thing because what it means to be British has been so diluted over the decades you can literally come to the UK get on social programs, take advantage of the free healthcare service and tailor your life to your old life I know of people who have lived here for years and can hardly speak English, have their own shops, places of worships, tv channels, radio channels even different areas which is completely cut of from true British people and you would never get that in China, you would never have an Indian man come to China and be like this an Indian area no Chinese allowed, I’m ashamed of Britain in that aspect and I’m also ashamed of how far the Chinese take there resistance for change too but I understand why to a point because they do have a point.
Heather Vasko (10 days ago)
Honestly, I don't even have any interest in even visiting China, nonetheless moving there.
Ray Davis (11 days ago)
I'm good right where I am. Can't even fathom moving somewhere where there's a language barrier. Maybe England or Australia.
IKnowYouKnow (13 days ago)
China seems like a very shitty place to retire for a foreigner. VN, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, all a million times cheaper and better.
Gary Hooper (13 days ago)
That’s my plan with my Chinese wife and family after working here for more than 15 years in Shanghai
Alex Fassia (13 days ago)
Like you mention cost of living is 30-40 percent cheaper in China compare to Houston Texas I worked and lived in China for 5 years and have no desire to return to China
Alex Fassia (13 days ago)
Even though lots of Chinese come to Houston Texas as you know we have "China Town" however most Chinese come to USA but wants to go back to China? They hate USA Why I have no clue
Alex Fassia (13 days ago)
The person you mention on you-tube from Canada his video's are terrible I watch him couple times he is not very detail like yours and he is full of S**T
Patrick Star (15 days ago)
Those two guys sitting behind you are gay af, dude in red literally touched the gray shirt guy crotch twice in your video
David Diaz (16 days ago)
FREEDOMINATOR1776 (16 days ago)
"You're in China and you have to do things the Chinese way." I wish we were allowed to have this attitude in the West. So many foreigners come to America expecting us to change our country to suit them and refusing to even learn about our culture. It says a lot about patience and kindness of the average American that most people are still quite friendly to most foreigners.
vla (17 days ago)
You are more than a moron. Think about that if you were a Chinese in the USA and you ask surrounding white people "can you speak Chinese?" and showed your discontent in the meantime. You are just a weirdo and waste your time whining in youtube. China isn't every foreigner's cup of tea and you are not under a gun to stay in China. Why are you suffering there?
vla (16 days ago)
Another crap from you. You are in China because local snotty Chinese women offer you free sex; and by despising low life Chinese you feel you gain moral and social status over there.
serpentza (17 days ago)
You’re the moron, my videos are made for an English speaking foreign audience so I’m informing them on what to expect, if my audience was German speaking, I’d tell them that no one speaks German in China
Jo Nike (17 days ago)
https://youtu.be/rZ6Uy5paWdI?t=551 LOL - sorry China is nothing for me. I´ll stay in Germany. If you are looking for girls we have them all. Russian, Polish, Chinese ...
John Smith (17 days ago)
Really good video. Really interesting. Best thing was you managed to give all this information with no gatekeeping. Not even a hint of "I can do it but you can't." If you must wear suits, the gray shirt is definitely better with your skin tone, white is too formal and makes you look a bit pasty. You looked and sounded very relaxed in this video. I'm not sure what it is, maybe you make videos when you are feeling bad sometimes, but your mood certainly seems to change and it's noticeable in the videos. Then again, because I watch videos randomly, they are obviously years apart sometimes. I hope that it is the case that the recent videos look more relaxed because you are at a happier part of your life right now.
Stewart Lawson (18 days ago)
You need to mention healthcare if they are retiring.
Jake Morrison (19 days ago)
And people complain about immigration in USA. lol.
hanafi tanudjaya (19 days ago)
is serpentza a british ?
serpentza (19 days ago)
British, South African
hanafi tanudjaya (19 days ago)
how old is serpentza ?
serpentza (19 days ago)
Deann Wu (20 days ago)
While watching your video, I noticed a few people smoking in the background? Are there any no-smoking areas? Is smoking prevalent? My husband is very allergic. He gets a severed headache for days, and vomits from it. The more of your videos I watch , the more conflicted I become. It's a great service you are doing. There is really no way to know what to expect before you go somewhere, but having your videos helps give a sneak peak and great insight into whether a person would like a place or not. The touristy promotional videos are no help. I need the real, every day, deal. Thanks.
Jaysonius Bowmanski (22 days ago)
add the metal gear solid ! and sound, its really funny man, was a great bit in this video with the boys next to you, and thanks for all the content its been really valuable and entertaining, thanks again brother
Correspondence Foryou (21 days ago)
Why would you want to retire n China? It's a bit like asking why would you want to retire in North Korea. China is controlled by a communist authoritarian dictatorship government where many basic human rights which are available in most western countries are stripped from the citizens and this would also affect people that are choosing to retire there. The internet is slow and heavily censored, pollution ranges from bad to extremely bad which also exasbates and causes respiratory problems, also contaminating the food chain. The cities are busy and crowded, filled with unruly, inpatient people. Several consumer goods are still not available in Mainland China. Assimilation into Chinese culture is also very difficult especially for more mature people that are not familiar with East Asia culture. Perhaps of most concerning factor for those wanting to retire, is with the Chinese health system, which is very bad. So why would you want to retire in a place like China?I have no idea. Perhaps if you are from a war torn, impoverished third world country it may, just may seem an appealing place to retire.
georgio jansen (23 days ago)
My culture is easy going. blending in is natural
Turk (23 days ago)
if you're retiring why would you want/need a green card? :D
Texas80 (23 days ago)
I fucking loved this part where you asked people if they can speak English: https://youtu.be/rZ6Uy5paWdI?t=648
Justin H (24 days ago)
Why would any white guy in his right mind retire in China?
Davyn Hainstock (24 days ago)
Like these vids but dude we ever gunna get some village crawl adventures again those were awsome man
mkw9999vr (25 days ago)
The quality and colour of this video is literally perfection
Alan Guile (25 days ago)
Like the video, also saw your video where you started the suit wearing for more respect in your IT Job, just wondering the reason you continue to wear one or has it become a feature for the videos?
serpentza (25 days ago)
It’s my style now
Phillip Cowell (25 days ago)
You would have to be loaded just to afford medical insurance to live in China as an elder person. Unless you were happy to spend all day in Chinese hospitals.
What is serpentza talking about..!! You means green VISA Gone..!! means your Home TV, your Condo/House in China, your Wallet $, your China Bank $, your car, your China Stock will be taken away.. Correct...!! True or...!! ( Anything u buy in China is not your Properties.. correct..!! Serpentza..?
maxime L (26 days ago)
Very interesting
Spectral (26 days ago)
I can't help but wonder whether you'd be still living in China today if I weren't for your wife.
lesley cocoa (26 days ago)
ysensei (27 days ago)
9:12 mark is priceless, LOL
Glenn Sandberg (27 days ago)
If you're a person with no thought about the enviroment, respect for other human beings, disslike animals and absolutly LOVE low quality then move to China! Also, get a bag of fresh air, they seem to need it aswell. You've been talking about China being a developing country and every time I laugh because you have no IDEA what that actually means. You really think putting up a skyscraper is something you can call "developing in progress". North Korea has tall buildings, does that mean they actually progress....? China is a fasad and in a communist society every citizen is no more then a robot obeying every single absurd rule or law put by their hypocrit leaders which clearly threw every video you've made is 100% correct. Free will, think again.
Dee Man (27 days ago)
9:10 Gold... thats disgusting
Frederic Dahlmann (28 days ago)
Belgians can get the Chinese driver's licence with no exam, simply exchange with Belgian driver's licence.
buzzcrushtrendkill (28 days ago)
There are areas of China that get into ones system. I miss Beijing. Not the crowds or traffic. But riding an electric motorcyle within the second ring. Especially at night or early in the morning. Mystical. But one sacrifices a lot to live in China long term. And like Winston had mentioned before. You. Will. Never. Be. Chinese. Meaning, you will always be on the periphery. The family/parents have a lot of control and influence - meaning you if you marry one you will live under their influence. The world is big. Bottom line, there are much better places to retire than China.
Shaunn97 (29 days ago)
Hi Winston, I am just wondering if it is still worth teaching English in China? I was thinking of doing it in Shanghai.
PowerNoob9000 (29 days ago)
Asians creep me the fuck out. I can't be around those soulless bug people.
Dean Churchman (29 days ago)
Love the honesty Winston. In China, you adapt to Chinese culture and they're not going to make concessions for your culture; China was there before you and it will still be there after you. The first time I was there it was a bit of a shock (of course, culture shock), but after some adjustment it was actually refreshing. One thing I definitely prefer about China over Western cultures.
Heath 2017 (29 days ago)
Hi there. Serpentza, I am wondering whether you are still interested in applying for a Chinese green card. Anyway, I have 1 more step to go before submitting the application. All of the papers are completed except FBI report. I am not sure about whether your wife has bought an apartment or not by now. If not, it will be very tricky to proceed with your application if you haven't filed your lease of your apartment properly. You need to pay tax for the lease of your current apartment for at least 2 years. I hope that you are aware of that.
Burnie B Burnell (29 days ago)
Thanks for the perspective.
Lin Lin (1 month ago)
Good points. Expecting to see your wife more often in your video, she is cute.
Keepit Simple (1 month ago)
The man smoking behind on the L side just spat on the ground
ghost (1 month ago)
May be china is still Better than his home, South Africa ! At least Chinese won’t slaughter and rape white folks and seize all their properties. But oh no, China is sooo evil !
youtt loi (1 month ago)
I am a Chinese. When I saw the man spitting, I was also very angry. It was simply ruining my country. But when you ask him if he can speak English, he actually shakes his head and I'm relieved of his actions! In China, English is a second language. Since everyone was a child, they began to learn English. After the end of high school, simple English conversation can still be achieved. The proportion of Chinese young people with good quality is still relatively large, so you only meet a small number of people. I hope that foreign friends can forgive.
Emric Oquindo (1 month ago)
i like your damn accent haha!
Seven7 (1 month ago)
just please fuck back to your own country , can you !China doesn't seems to suit you ,AFRICAN white Monkey
NiteShade2160 (1 month ago)
My Wife Has A Home In Shanghai And Ive Always Wanted To Go Back To China. One Of My Great Advantages Is That I Work In IT And Can Work Via Remote From Anywhere. I Qualify For Chinese Residency And Make Good Money Which Is Magnified In China. Its A Win Win For Me ++
Ice Blue (1 month ago)
Really, pollution is serious in China. I think Taiwan is a better place also with low cost of living.
b b (1 month ago)
I'm a loser back home.
Homika (1 month ago)
at 6:18 is that guy touching that dude's crotch? oh snap 7:35-7:49 he's jerking off lol
Flip McGee (1 month ago)
Going to retire in Shenyang and I can't wait!!
阿林王 (1 month ago)
WRONG message about foreigners buying the railway ticket in China. Foreigners CAN book the ticket ONLINE with your smartphone. Just download the app 12306(by China Railway Corporation) and register with your Passport, then you can book the ticket you want and PAY for it with Wechat, Alipay or China UnionPay. If you don't have that Payment channel, just ask a local people to help you using his account(one can book the tickets for others besides himself), so you don't need to worried about after standing queues for a long time(which is a normal situation) just finding that there is no ticket left. The real different is we can get the ticket on self-service machine with our ID card(special chips inside), which is more convenient, while foreigners can ONLY go up to the windows and get your already booked tickets. So if you are expecting to a railway journey in China you'd better arrive in the station earlier.
silver Klein (1 month ago)
as Chinese citizen, I have zero control too. The neiborhood I lived in there is this gym. I went in and asked for price, which is high. I wish to leave but I can't. There is some serious ripped dude blocking me. I call the police, I finally could leave. And this sales girl in gym keeps cursing me on phone. As citizen we have to use all kinds of ways to deal with environment
Nashir Mohammed (1 month ago)
love how your videos have gotten so much better over the years. just got back from shenzhen my first visit last week.
rational man (1 month ago)
dude you are best dressed youtuber.
No Public Name (1 month ago)
Does China have cheap marinas? Then you could at least stay for a time on a boat and go on if things change.
mobspeak (1 month ago)
6:17 Couple of dudes on the left side of the screen, did he just touch his friend's junk?
KaiEr (1 month ago)
"You will always be seen as a fresh off the boat foreigner" - Amen. I've been here a bit longer than Serpentza, and I can confirm what he's said in this video. To be honest, I don't think he stressed a lot of the issues enough. Along with everything he spoke of, there will always been the feeling of uncertainty hanging over your head; and the moment you convince yourself otherwise, something will happen to snap you back to reality. The fact that you will ALWAYS be a foreigner, the fact that you have no rights, you cannot even expect to live your life in the same way as Chinese. One misstep and, as he pointed out, everything you worked for is gone - those *Must Leave China in 10 Days" visa stamps are scary as heck (I've had to go through that twice - once because of "what I did", and once because of a government screw-up in my residency permit). And something he didn't really point in this video, when it comes to those older, unmarried women: Be careful. If they ARE over 30 and unmarried, they are not looking for a boyfriend, no matter how much they may tell you otherwise. They do not want to just go out - even if that's how it's perceived - they are 100% looking for a husband. It's scary. Some people can find "the one", but in my experience, most foreigners I've known over the years were roped into the relationships they've had with Chinese women.
josh boss (1 month ago)
Or is that due to being based in an other country.
josh boss (1 month ago)
If you can"t work in China how are you collecting revenue for you're videos?
Mr Snuffleupagus (1 month ago)
Retire in China, yeah right, i wouldnt even want to visit this shithole of a country
Qwurty (1 month ago)
+Mr Snuffleupagus Try out Taiwan instead, it hasn't gone through the purges and famines of the revolution, and thus has some real thousand year old culture. You'll find the people there are much politer and respectable. I'm of course speaking in generalization, yes you'll find some good people in Mainland China but in all honesty they are the minority. Edit: Spelling
Boyd R (1 month ago)
Good job serpentza.
TravelLove (1 month ago)
Major problem: They all speak Chinese. :/
Abdul Malak (1 month ago)
Looking forward to the coming video. I've been talking to my father about moving here to be closer but like you said, it's better to hear it from the horses mouth.
Mathias Phillips (1 month ago)
Love the English experiment, surprising but funny :)
Rick94rr (1 month ago)
I don't want to go to China xD
Issac Qiu (1 month ago)
Actually, I would say there is a spousal green card of China. The requests of that are the first you have married a Chinese citizen and you hold up this relationship for at least 5 years, second, you have to live in China no less than 5 years with your verifications of tax paid. That's what I have found on the official website of Chinese immigration, however, what made you so hard to get to these may because it is all Chinese. Here on this web, you can find out all the applications you have to fill in, and it says that you would receive a reply in no more than half year. So guess you may try out that with bits of help from your wife. You will at least know the possibility of you get the permanent residency since they've promised to reply within half year. Hope this is helpful. http://www.mps.gov.cn/n2254996/n2255000/n2255012/n4974587/index.html
Vera Voss (1 month ago)
I work at a Chinese bank (in America) and I'm surrounded by Chinese immigrants. I'm actually the only American-born in my department. Your videos have given me so much insight on what their culture is like back home and also helps me understand their habits and behavior. I actually started telling them about you too. Thank you for your wonderful content!!
serpentza (1 month ago)
Awesome! It’s a pleasure
Abs Malk (1 month ago)
Hi Winston, I'm Sub'S for both channels but bike channel shaking a lot make my eyes tired. anyway I borne Tehran and I was in Tokyo 7 years, Singapore 5 years, Bangkok 2 years and I'm working in LA for 10 years, last year I was Beijing, shanghai, shenzhen for 10 days and I thinking to do business and make stations in shenzhen! This helps my invested before in tokyo, singapore, bangkok connect together! I need your opinion. Thank you, sam
Super Smurfy (1 month ago)
9:09 nice spitting 10:25 and again
Super Smurfy (1 month ago)
7 woman to 1 man i'm sure l can handle all 7 one after one o.O
Norman McKinnon (1 month ago)
Maybe Hainan Island would be an acceptable retirement areaa.
Kevin Su (1 month ago)
Lol I have a similar problem with the language, whenever I go to China my cousin wants me to teach him english but like they learn American English and when I speak Aussie English there’s so many terms and phrases they can’t understand, and then I’ll have to explain in Chinese and then go back to English

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