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Facebook Messenger App Decluttered

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Within this video you will learn about Facebook's plans for Messenger in the coming year and a great alternative to Messenger for a lighter experience. Enjoy! ____________________________________________________ ▶ Messenger Lite (FREE) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.mlite ▶ Messenger (FREE) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.orca ▶ Facebook Messenger Article for 2018 https://www.facebook.com/notes/david-marcus/six-trends-for-2018-what-to-watch-from-messenger/10157040374369148/ ____________________________________________________ ▶ Wallpaper: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.badboy.pixelwall ▶ Icon Pack: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yosajid.splendid.iconpack ____________________________________________________ Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (188)
Goldfire345 (7 minutes ago)
I haven't updated messenger in years so I don't have to worry about any of those bloated features
WardahTheBlaqQ (8 hours ago)
Metal for Facebook. Small install size, themable, fast, lightweight, AND it includes a full Facebook AND chat client, plus a Twitter client as well!
THE AnimeFAN (10 hours ago)
Why am i watching this. I don't even have Facebook
MonkaS (18 hours ago)
I would use Messenger if they didn't remove one of the most useful featured which is chat bubbles.
Alex Wilson (18 hours ago)
The only thing Lite needs in my opinion is chat heads, but aside from that, it's great!
Well, I'd love to use the messenger lite app since I never use most of the things included in the full messenger app. However, I use video chat more often than not so I simply cannot ditch the full version of the app in favor of lite... It would be incredible if users get to choose which features they want so that they can pick out whichever features they want on their device.
Robstunner (1 day ago)
just download frost for facebook, its an open source facebook app w. built in messenger and no battery drain.
Maciej B. (1 day ago)
Telegram is better
Unknown Truth (2 days ago)
still cant send a file
floäse (2 days ago)
Useless video
I don't use Facebook or Facebook messenger anymore they spy on you and sell your identity to the government
Felis Catus (2 days ago)
can't complain bout' messenger if you don't have fb acc in the first place ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jon Glen (2 days ago)
I actually learned about Messenger games in this video. I played some and quickly got tired of it. 😂
First Name Last Name (3 days ago)
Why am I here when I quit facebook and all my social media back in 2016 😂
davix 2301 (3 days ago)
Facebook and messenger suck battery like a Tiger I used to suck gasoline
areeb1296 (4 days ago)
NEVER install a official facebook app. They're just trash and keep ruining in the background, eating up lots of memory and battery. Use facebook on a browser or use a lite party app.
Adithya Bhat (4 days ago)
Don't use Facebook
BlackHat Visions (4 days ago)
Facebook messenger is shit
GinsuSher (4 days ago)
This is great news. I use messenger daily for friends and the only reason I haven't switched to the lite version is video chat.
Tokioka (5 days ago)
Didn't know about this. Great vid
Google User (5 days ago)
Facebook has become crap
Cezy Video (5 days ago)
What i hate the most is that it tries to replace the main SMS app.....Is not a good SMS app.I dont see my SMS list...or names...too many times to type to find someone.And is annoying cause sometimes it replaces it automatically.
bjay dy (5 days ago)
We desperately need messenger lite for iOS
Raj Ram (6 days ago)
Don't forget the ads in messenger now.
Leon Tichý (8 days ago)
Just use old version of Messenger and you should be fine.
Damien Nicholas Swart (8 days ago)
I use the Facebook messenger. The normal app as yes it had more features but for me who is connected to Wi-Fi its all good my side.
Dilly Defect (9 days ago)
ugh finally!.. I hope they remove inbox ads too but I sincerely doubt they would that!! sticking to version no ads, no my day, no crap.
Rafi Zawad (1 day ago)
Dilly Defect yay, thanks. Would that be last version before the crap was added?
Johnjohncar (11 days ago)
Lite because my phone sucks donkey dick
Kz Hard (12 days ago)
Fb messenger lite sucks at syncing.
Frankie Booth (12 days ago)
Category fee memory hfawhq mine cattle view pretty seal gun.
R F (13 days ago)
I don't even use Facebook anymore, why am I here.
Dabi Gamez (14 days ago)
OmG the messenger app failed to work on my ipad mini 1 lol i was resseting it didnt work after i turned my wifi off
Mark Gangte (14 days ago)
Yeah.. Messenger is one of my fav messaging app because it's looks kinda similar to iMessage bubble which have these multiple colored theme! 👍🏻
Nirav Makadia (14 days ago)
only thing i dont like in messenger lite is that you cant send GIF!
R H (15 days ago)
Totally unecessary. No one uses this fucking app.
Sheila Dey (16 days ago)
Messenger lite is good but there are many features missing in it
LNO PGDN III (17 days ago)
Im still using fb messenger because all of my friends using it. I want to use other messaging app like whatsapp or viber, but i dont have any friends who use them.... So I'M stuck in fbm!😭
HelloItsZiggy (17 days ago)
I just heard of telegram 4 days ago and I've downloaded it and trust me it is way better than messenger, whatsapp, viber, etc.
Vedic Central (17 days ago)
Did lots research for better messenger and Signal by Whisper Systems is Liked with ability to text from laptops! But Telegram, Friendly, Textra and Swipe have Fans
Faheem Yazdani (17 days ago)
Yeah, now declutter the main FB app ALREADY!!
Varun Verma (18 days ago)
Where to get the wallpaper and icon pack seen in the video.. Link... Names...??
Jonathan Figueroa (18 days ago)
Wow, the Droid X. How I miss that beast.
Marko MSX (18 days ago)
I use a very old version of messenger. Because Messenger is a sack of shit with useless features and takes up like 25% of my storage (Yes, I have an old phone) and even when I buy a new one, I'll use it on the new phone as well. Plus, new messenger emojis are retarded and moronic.
Jason Cook (18 days ago)
I use Frost for Facebook a new mobile wrapper app for Facebook Mobile site. It's open-source and coming along nicely.
Michael Street (18 days ago)
Just get Facebook lite...it still has built in messenger!
Andrei Predescu (18 days ago)
I don't care about data plan. I have unlimited Internet, but it just consumes so much RAM. That's what I hate about it. And messenger lite sucks too. I would rather have a PWA - Those things are awesome (when they work), like Twitter lite.
J Ramsay (18 days ago)
"right below that like button" and " and I'll catch you guys in the next one...peace" - a criticism I have for this video is the fact that you need to create your own video identity rather than copying MKBHD's 😂 other than that good video
Jan Mostert (19 days ago)
OP5T ftw!!!!
The Solemn Nut (19 days ago)
The funny thing is facebook lite alliwed to use built in messenger
Sebastian Wu (19 days ago)
The app is the most repulsive thing from Facebook in recent years, among many.
Nawaz Waseem (19 days ago)
Facebook Lite ftw
Harsh Karn (19 days ago)
Lite, because my phone dont have expandable memory card slot 😞
Rifat Rahman (19 days ago)
Facebook becomes 1gb in size after using for 1 month lol and massenger becomes 600mb in size
Alex K. (19 days ago)
i use the Swipe app, its a small and lightweight app and i have an included messenger because i dont get why im forced to use a dedicated app if i use messenger about once a month
Tejas Tharu (19 days ago)
Uninstalled Facebook and Messengers years back! I'm using Facebook in chrome, which includes Messenger in it. It's light weight, combined solution even for the high end phones.
gadgets lover (19 days ago)
FACEBOOK is trash
Fahim Sarower (19 days ago)
Lite. Because it's lite.
Farzan Khoobchehr (19 days ago)
Don't you think Messenger really needs a dark mode?!
Farzan Khoobchehr (15 days ago)
Location Searching please teach me how!
Location Searching (18 days ago)
Farzan Khoobchehr If you are android that is a option just not officially if you are on iOS and are on 11.2 I believe then you can jailbreak and I'm sure there is a dark mode app. Again if you have android I can give a good recommendation that can put dark mode on many apps without any serious modifications that would void your warranty.
Nithin Suresh (19 days ago)
I don't use any. I have actually installed Facebook lite app. Use it for messaging as the size of the app is lesser than Facebook messenger app itself.
awais ahmed (19 days ago)
Watsapp is still my all time favourite instant messaging app.
Piyush kumar ANIME (19 days ago)
Facebook messenger has complex interface
gyenming (19 days ago)
I use fbc endlessly, but use messenger lite as the main messenger app was an enormous battery drain that would occasionally lag on my oneplus 3t.
D (19 days ago)
I like the chat head thing. This is very useful and it does not distract from what I am doing while fully chatting with my friends. In What's up and other messengers you have to switch applications or answer from notification shade, but that is not the same.
CartelZ (11 days ago)
D yeah that's good
Bhavin Rathore (19 days ago)
I don't use messenger anymore, WhatsApp is enough for me to communicate with my friends and family.
Grobee (19 days ago)
But that's the thing: Messenger knows too much while Messenger Lite does not know enough
Rasmus Willi (19 days ago)
Still Messenger lite needs all the permissions there are...
Leo Y (20 days ago)
I hate that I cant change that damn "ting" sound!!!!!
AwkwardDudeIshraq ! (19 days ago)
Leo Y.M of course you can..
Brophen Brophen (20 days ago)
I use Lite, only thing I miss is the ability to send Gifs
Ojasvi Singh 786 (20 days ago)
Brian West (20 days ago)
I love Facebook and Messenger and all the features, even the ones I don't use. I don't want a lite version.
Karl Green (20 days ago)
Didn't even know there was a lite version of the app. Thanks
Imorokr (20 days ago)
fuckin' clickbait :/ make a video when the app is released, dude
CartelZ (11 days ago)
Imorokr lit e is released
ORO 0147 (20 days ago)
Fuck Messenger and Facebook
gicofied (20 days ago)
I use the lite version. But sadly it not support video calls.
Evyatar Kaufman (20 days ago)
I don't use messenger that often so I will switch to the lite version
So why did you make this vid
Denis Kudlik (20 days ago)
Finally uninstalled this cancerous app thanks to this video. Well done guys!
Thunder Badger (20 days ago)
What's the best alternative to fb messenger? It has to have a great video call service.
R.S Laurent (20 days ago)
Here's a better idea, just go to the desktop site of facebook within your mobile BROWSER, everything is available right there.
Thunder Badger (20 days ago)
I use the normal messenger app. I hate it, use it but I don't wanna use it. I dislike Facebook (the company) very much. But I have to keep using it for the time being because I have a girlfriend overseas who uses this one. Because we have a video call everyday, so I'm always using it. But I hate it. Is there another 2018 great messenging app? One that does well with Video Calls/normal via net calls and voice messages? My gf and I have tried Line, Kik, Skype (but like 2 years back), Tango, but throughout the calls on these apps, there was too many problems so my gf kept wanting to return to Fb Messenger. What's skype like today? The app any good or still can't keep up with Messenger? Is there another alternative to Facebook Messenger? Please let me know. Thanks.
Carl (19 days ago)
Thunder Badger I use LINE with my girlfriend overseas every day. Great messaging app, and the voice/video calling is great.
hzumbru1 (20 days ago)
what stylus do you guys use?
SEOS1K (20 days ago)
who uses Facebook in 2018???
Juan Torres (2 days ago)
Millions of people
Kirk Jhon S. (2 days ago)
its the main social app in our country. PH
No One (3 days ago)
Me and btw im not above 40 yrs old😂
Eun (12 days ago)
R H That might be in your country, because he's right. Facebook is still the main social app in many countries.
TheDeLeG3nD (14 days ago)
R H I'm 22
Mohamad Noor (20 days ago)
i use regular facebook app and messenger , my oneplus 3t has 6 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage so i dont care
Triggered Feminist (20 days ago)
I don't use anything right now. Waiting on an iMessage for Android (do not mention Allo)
SuperGear360 (20 days ago)
I just switched to facebook messenger lite just now after watching this. Thumbs up!
Donnavon Hallgren (20 days ago)
Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are two of the most hideous messengers on the planet yet 90% of the planet uses one or both of them.. *Shakes head*
Sandeep Kumar (20 days ago)
I have no Facebook messenger or Facebook app installed on any of my device. As a matter of fact I try to use less of Facebook unless I really want to update something say a status or a picture. Facebook may be the biggest social media around but day by day it is becoming the worst. Twitter, Instagram and snapchat and YouTube is the best.
J A (20 days ago)
Sandeep Kumar Apparently calling feature is coming to Instagram.
Sandeep Kumar (20 days ago)
Pr.incorporated Facebook bought Instagram but the team is different. But let’s just hope they don’t ruin it like Facebook ruined itself at least for me.
Sandeep Kumar (20 days ago)
Pr.incorporated I know right. But Instagram is in a way better than Facebook. Facebook is a mess. Like say if asked to choose three services for the rest of my life I would choose Google, amazon and twitter.
Pr.incorporated (20 days ago)
Sandeep Kumar Does FB buy Instagram? There's no getting away from it 😭
David H Bingham (20 days ago)
Don't like Facebook messenger, the generic Samsung messenger a whole lot more friendly when dealing with those who are not on Facebook.
Luke Gaming (20 days ago)
Stopped using Facebook altogether due to Facebook push for messenger.
Ring & tunes (20 days ago)
Fb lite for everything
jordan rausch (20 days ago)
So how come Facebook messenger for android can have chat heads? And iOS can’t?
Eternal War (20 days ago)
I use Facebook messenger lite because I only have limited storage but mainly because the official app starts up all the time and drains so much battery but the lite version is way better at saving battery.
Abhi Dahiya (20 days ago)
Seriously ? Messenger isn't that bad ? Facebook and Messenger apps are the worst apps EVER ! Dude, who even let you shoot this video ?
Luka TO (3 days ago)
Abhi Dahiya can you explain why it's trash?? Stfu
JUDVS (20 days ago)
My phone is a Oneplus 3T and i use both apps lol The only bad thing is the number of useless functions
Abhi Dahiya (20 days ago)
JUDVS I had a Galaxy S4, S6 and now own a OnePlus 3T. None of these have been bad by any means whatsoever. And yet Facebook and Messenger apps still suck. Why ? Infact tried them on Lenovo P2 and Redmi Note 3 and they are still trash. I guess there exists no good phone to actually run these apps.
JUDVS (20 days ago)
Facebook and Messenger are the worst apps if you have a bad phone
SideriNorge (20 days ago)
They can remove everything. Just keep the bobble and sms and im happy
R. Batinic (20 days ago)
Facebook is going to end up as Myspace... people are already jumping ship to other social media.
J A (19 days ago)
Hard to imagine anything toppling FB anytime soon, but for what it's worth, Vero has grabbed some attention.
Martin Warford (20 days ago)
R. Batinic Maybe...but eventually most things have their time and then people move on. So no big prediction here.
David (20 days ago)
Other social media such as what? Instagram? Lmao. Owned by Facebook. Besides, this is bait messenger not Facebook.
Dariel montez (20 days ago)
R. Batinic no they're not
TyGamer125 (20 days ago)
I use lite and use chrome with push notifications going through it to get facebook notifications. The biggest annoyance is that Facebook lite doesn't have the correct tie ins to launch facebook messenger links allowing you to click message on someone's profile in the web browser and send a message to them in lite. This is because it doesn't have the link handlers set up. Wish they would fix that.
Богдан Чуб (20 days ago)
Messenger Lite is OK, but Facebook Lite... Just switched to Metal (best web-wrapper for mobile site)
2987ms (20 days ago)
Long live Google Hangouts, king of the messaging apps.
2987ms (11 days ago)
CartelZ Over my dead body
CartelZ (11 days ago)
Allo is the new thing !
2987ms (19 days ago)
Grobee It's hangouts and slack's lovechild.
Grobee (19 days ago)
Hangouts chat is not the same as Hangouts fyi
2987ms (19 days ago)
Grobee Also my company's probably moving from slack to Hangouts chat which just came out
Азиз Заидов (20 days ago)
Telegram is the best messaging app, period, it's lightweight, but very functional and had everything you would expect from a messaging app, and more, and it's stupidly fast
I Wear A Fez Now (1 day ago)
imessage is still the best
Dennis Pietrandrea (2 days ago)
Азиз Заидов we chat is a really good messager app as well. To bad it never took off in the West
Stan (15 days ago)
Азиз Заидов yeah and only 3 people use it
Maciej S (19 days ago)
Isn't Signal better? Wasn't Telegram compromised last year?
Scott Mackenzie (20 days ago)
i use friendly app instead, facebook and messenger in 1 app, also has amoled background theme with customisable accents and no ads, thias also uses less storage, ram, and data and allows you to download videos.

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