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Inside a 295-square-foot apartment

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This micro-apartment in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood makes use of every square inch of space and rents for $1,600 a month.
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John Iii (19 hours ago)
I could make that work
Paul Marca (9 days ago)
Sitting on the couch and watching the kitchen. Kill me truck.
Onika G (2 months ago)
The government should ban people making n selling these cell...
very creative
SF is the new Hong Kong. Shit is getting to be really expensive. In the future , you will see more & more micro apartment buildings and sky rise.
vavavoomsp1 (5 months ago)
wow... thats crazy... the investors figured out how the fleece people out of more money... sqaush them into a building that would normally hold 7 apts to 20 something apts... for a whole lot of money... 😢 sad... i get the concept but the price tag doesnt match the suppose ideal... smh
Sally F (5 months ago)
I (an older-than-middle-age woman) have never even made more than $2,000 a month at any job. Therefore, I could never hope to afford the "average apartment". Things are getting completely out of hand in this city! Ridiculous situation.
vangoghmatisse1 (5 months ago)
Alice Wilkes (6 months ago)
You’re insane with that kind of pricing. You’re selling “pay more for less” with that bullshit philosophy of “less stuff more experience”.
sarabjit singh (6 months ago)
I’m getting depressed just looking at it
JoJo Ber (6 months ago)
San Fran or not rents here in NJ suck too, don't care about my proximity to NYC don't go there much anymore..it's still ridiculous to pay $1,600 for a rental the same size as my storage space
Irene Juppe (6 months ago)
$1,600 for a micro-apartment! That amount of rent is like a major mortgage payment for a house! Yikes!
RP Vitiello (6 months ago)
Why does everyone think living in the middle of nowhere is in any way comparable to living in a major city? If your biggest advantage is "I have a back yard" you don't understand what it's like to live in a city. That said this is still really expensive, but that's because housing policies are designed to make housing as expensive as possible. Nothing says cities have to be expensive. Just look at Berlin German or Tokyo Japan. Big cities that still have very affordable housing.
Michelle Smith (6 months ago)
just not the needs of the working poor. shameful.
martha fazzini (6 months ago)
Patricia Griffith (7 months ago)
Voo Doo1 (7 months ago)
$1600 a month for that?? My 3500 sqr ft HOUSE with a 1/2 acre yard is only $1200 a month...AND I OWN IT
tom11zz884 (9 months ago)
It is pretty high tech fro what it is, I can see the Hipsta's types living in it
Swagtastikal 808 (9 months ago)
1600 wtf??
Ravikiran Taksale (11 months ago)
awesome guidence.👍
T Swift (11 months ago)
These developers need to be stopped. Most people cannot comfortable afford to pay $1600 on just rent by themselves to live like that. Give me something old and spacious any day.
Mr. R (2 months ago)
Old and spacious but at what cost? Here in Chicago we have plenty of old and spacious places. Know what comes with them though? Roaches infestations, rats, drug dealers and crime. Any attempt to live beneath your means is squashed out. You either pay top dollar for safety, or save money by lowering your quality of life and safety.
YodaVon .VaderWalker (1 year ago)
Ridiculous. The earth is vast and accommodating but these rich bastards want you to live in jail cells like live stock so they can milk you of your hard earned money. Pathetic the world we have made for ourselves. THIS is what we should have had by now>> https://www.facebook.com/projectmagrav/photos/a.681671898641562.1073741828.626893384119414/765444323597652/?type=3&theater
Triceps (1 year ago)
coc0s (1 year ago)
Take home message: don't live near San Francisco.
11B10 Inf (1 year ago)
The purpose is to make as much as you can out of the least amount of space. They aren't exactly cheap. You may as well get a full unit. It's genius though. Kinda like Starbucks. Trend it out and fools will pay alot for nothing.
najilf (1 year ago)
too much $
Patrick Robinson (1 year ago)
He acts as if he's doing humanity a favor by dividing up what would otherwise be a normal sized apartment into smaller units.     But, in reality, it's just a way for him to generate more revenue.     Who is this guy fooling?
Patrick Robinson (1 year ago)
+Corsair259 - And no one is fooled by his claims. It's all based in greed.
Corsair259 (1 year ago)
No one is forced to move in lmao
Gx Autosport (1 year ago)
@0:56 anyone know what mechanism it was used for that window sill / bar table?
Brian Lange (1 year ago)
all relative my ass. the look on his face, you can tell he's full of it.
Brian Lange (1 year ago)
i agree.. i was paying a lot for a small place when i lived in NYC.. i guess my gripe is that no matter how you look at it, that's paying quite a lot for a such small place, even if it is SF or NYC.
Laughter Smiles (1 year ago)
It's honestly not bad for San Fran. My friend pays about that for a living room space. This at least has privacy.
Slappysan (1 year ago)
Too bad the school took them all.
NunyaDammeBiznis (1 year ago)
I have a 3 bedroom house for $576/month which includes taxes and insurance. I am only 15 minutes from downtown Raleigh. I say people who rent expensive apartments have more dollars than sense (or cents)
Eric Ryan (5 months ago)
But you are still in NC. Location, location, location.
LadyASolveg (1 year ago)
NunyaDammeBiznis but that's not the average rent for the area. What's your motive for creating information that can be easily verified. lol 😂😂😂 I just did a little search and found that there are luxury apartments with 3 bedrooms and three baths going for about $2,000 in the Raleigh downtown area. In New York City for $2,000 you can get yourself a 400 square foot Studio.
NunyaDammeBiznis (1 year ago)
There are apts in downtown Raleigh for over $4,000/month.
Pregolegs (1 year ago)
A lot of people end up in high cost of living areas due to jobs. I used to live in a low cost of living area, but my husband couldn't find work, and I lost my job. Now my rent is 3 times as much for 1/4 of the space. I wish I could move back, but I can't due to the lack of jobs in that area
Aaden Daniels (1 year ago)
Raleigh maybe nice and all but like LadyASolveg said, its not a NYC or LA level city, where very large populations of people want to be.
somethingsmatter (1 year ago)
THis size apartment is very common in many European cities. Thousands of people around the world live like this, it's great to see that desigers in the US are taking note and making it an option for others in the US!
LadyASolveg (1 year ago)
somethingsmatter they're only doing it for money.
Maxundmoritz Hautala (1 year ago)
I once went to Kashmir, India. A large cedar houseboat with meals was $2.70/day. Plus I could smoke hash while on a mattress on a boat and look at the gardens and mountains.
ldylkr (1 year ago)
Site of the LeVay's house?
Donald Teuber (1 year ago)
Yes, the idea of small space living is great. BUT.....not for almost 20,000 dollars a year.No matter where you are this should anger you. If necessary, change your lifestyle..Don t say you can,T ,you must or you will always be at the mercy of others.The choice is yours.
Mr. R (2 months ago)
Well here are your choices when it comes to big cities: 1. Live with 4-5 people and save money. 2. Find a cheaper place for middle class income that is crime ridden and filled with roaches, bed bugs & rats. 3. Make more money so you can live in a safer environment alone. 4. Leave the city altogether and move to a small town rural area, hoping you can find a high end job in that environment.
Laughter Smiles (1 year ago)
You must have forgotten that this is in San Francisco- one of the most competitive housing markets other than NYC. You probably aren't from the Bay Area, but most monthly rents of larger studios and 1 bedroom apartments in the city run $3k+ rent per month. So for the price this in its location is actually not that bad.
Donald Teuber (1 year ago)
LadyASolveg Yes..a few.If you wish,.you may contact me at...AREAMARS@GMAIL.COM
LadyASolveg (1 year ago)
Donald Teuber do you have suggestions?
Evie Ro (2 years ago)
"in suite washer dryer" (pans to microwave)
b bremner (3 months ago)
Aerial Canvas (8 months ago)
I saw that too lmao
The Pussy Diaries (2 years ago)
this man should be beheaded
Sven (2 years ago)
The purpose of the micro apartment is to milk people for everything they have and give less and less in return. It's the best reason why you shouldn't have kids so these rentier capitalist assholes can look around when they're old and come to the conclusion they'll have to change their own diapers ;-)
D Angel (2 years ago)
LOL 1600, i would move in a heartbeat (i mean out of fucking california... its not feasible)
Jason N (2 years ago)
I live in Vancouver and travel to Toronto for work 300 sq ft apartments inside the city cost $1500.00 CAD. This is Fact!
Jason N (2 years ago)
I want that space saving furniture! Where do you buy the bed and table?!?!?
Sweater Fox (2 years ago)
That table reminds me of the one in my trailer.
Allan woo (2 years ago)
Wow...Bigger than mine!
Susan Crawford (2 years ago)
I live in Toronto in a 325 sq ft studio. While I like the kitchen here, the rest of the apt is not well set up. I manage to have a queen canopy bed, a proper love seat living room arrangement and small dining area. All small apartments should have balconies too. I couldnt live without that.
Ivana Pesic (3 months ago)
Susan Crawford I live in 344sq ft 1-bedroom apartment. Kitchen is separate from living room and living room is quite cozy, leading on small balcony. Bedroom can hold large double bed, 2 nightstands and large closet. In entrence way there is shoe closet that is huge and also jackets and coats closet. Bathroom is decent size (we have washer and dryer also in there). It is all about lay out of the apartment (even small spaces can be amazing and enough if properly thought out).
Patch (2 years ago)
A place to plug in your iPad. Right. Because that's what I want to recharge when I get home. MY fucking iPad.
Sally F (5 months ago)
You seem like you have a good sense of humor. I laughed when I read your comment.
America Reigns (10 months ago)
Patrick Rogan blow a gasket!
Carla Garrett (2 years ago)
all though I very much like the video, and the idea of micro apartments. These are always narrated by some rich guy that takes the maximum amount of money for the smallest amount he has to give, and then goes home to his hilltop mansion and tennis court.... that bothers the shiite out of me.
T Swift (11 months ago)
Oh my God yes Carla! I was just thinking that! Who wants to sleep on top of their dining table? Maybe I want to decorate and keep my dining room table decorated!!!!
Fiza Ismail (1 year ago)
Carla Garrett (2 years ago)
not 21 EW are you?
Sven (2 years ago)
+Carla Garrett well spread the suffering then big spender
Carla Garrett (2 years ago)
that is stupid, and I suspect I make more money than you.
What's up, with Lori (2 years ago)
$1600. is double what we paid on our mortgage for a 1650 sq. ft house (when we still had one). Crazy.
Classic80sStuff (2 years ago)
Skye ID (2 years ago)
Robbery, yes. But the thing is, in San Francisco, a person has to spend $3,000 a month if they want to live in a decent apartment in a relatively safe neighborhood. So, $1600 is considered cheap! That's the reality of life there.
Ja Li (2 years ago)
Give it a year a two, and all these multi-functional pieces will stop working. The desk that turns into a table will no longer be able to stay as a table because the clips will be broken. Over technical, going over the top with functionality that it will cause problems and difficult to maintain.
robert hingston (2 years ago)
its not small just right size for 1 or 2 people. I live in London England and something like that would be about £1,700 a month or in US doller $2550
charles holmes (3 years ago)
it is nice but not for the price
DblOSmith (3 years ago)
I hate San Francisco.  Just moved away from the bay area.  A little farther out, I had a 3/2.5/2 house I rented for $100 less than that.   Split with roommates it was $500.  San Fran is ridiculous.
Joseph Atnip (3 years ago)
I'm just outside of St Louis in a nice area and I only pay 379 a month
Joseph Atnip (3 years ago)
My apartment is the same size but my layout is better ......
Jon Jonson (3 years ago)
Thats cheap! I live in vancouver and i pay 2000 for a 400 sq ft apt.
Aerohk (3 years ago)
100 mega bits, not bytes.
wimbletone (3 years ago)
1600? Seriously? The point of microapartments is for smaller spaces for single folks lookin for cheaper rents. It's not like you cna ideally put two people in this to split the cosy of 1600. This should be below 1000// edit nebvermind i didn't know this was san fran
Mr. V (5 months ago)
1600, thats cheap
Eric Ryan (5 months ago)
My nephew and roommate were paying 3400 a month for a one bedroom. This is "cheap" for SF.
djkenny (1 year ago)
Gotta keep in mind. This is one of the most expensive place in the world to live. Also, not everyone (obviously) but many are making a VERY good wage working in SF. To some? It is worth being IN the city for affordable.
wimbletone (2 years ago)
+FSociety yeah so true
FSociety (2 years ago)
+wimbletone You obviously do not understand San Francisco property.
Michelle Harrelson (3 years ago)
Hmm I wonder though are these micro apartments here to solve homelessness and to keep rents low. I wonder if the investors are doing this to make more money. In the video the guy stated you can have 23 micro apartments in the space of about 7 regular sized apartments.
LadyASolveg (1 year ago)
only about making money
Diana Knox (2 years ago)
+D Angel They're letting them in here to destabilize our economy and way of life. I'm expecting our economy to crash within the next 2-3 years. Washington can't keep giving out money it doesn't have to every illegal that makes it across the border. And with the recent downturn in the Chinese economy, I reckon they'll come looking for some of the billions we owe them. Never mind that they got the money to lend us from American companies sending our jobs over to them. 
D Angel (2 years ago)
+Diana Knox if they are trying to lower population rates, then why the fucka re they letting third world countries population grow to unsustainable levels, and then letting them in when shit hits the fan over there
lilbunnyfoofoo (2 years ago)
+Diana Knox damn. It's really all about location being a factor. It's like that in NYC as well. Even in the "roach motel" type apartments it cost an arm and a leg. When people get a high paying job, it's only because they have to just to have a semi-decent place to live and whatever is left over is boxes of ramen noodle. Here in North Carolina, my 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment is only around $700 including utilities and trash pickup. The only thing that was separate was internet which is only $30 a month. I guess it's just in big cities up north and out west where you are at. I don't know.
Diana Knox (2 years ago)
+lilbunnyfoofoo Afraid so. I, too live in Ca. and I can tell you that the rent isn't cheap. We live in one of the smaller farming communities, in the central valley and the median rent for a two bedroom is $1000.00/month. And there's a long waiting list. If you don't get your application in when it first becomes available, you won't get it. We lucked out because a relative owns the house we live in. We only pay $850.00/month, but he could get up to $2000.00. In the bay area where these micro apts. are, if you can find a studio for less than $2000.00/month, it won't be in any area that you'd want to live in. I should also state that we pay our own utilities and the average monthly is $250.00 for electricity, water and sewer, and $85.00 for gas. We also have to pay for trash pick-up and that's another $87.00 every 3 months. If there weren't 4 of us sharing the cost, none of us would be able to afford anything. I'm the only one with a job. The other 3 are on SS disability.
ddavel5441 (3 years ago)
$1600 ?...highway robbery! That's a $400 - $500 pad, at best!
ddavel5441 (2 years ago)
+FSociety Yep true, S.S. doesn't pay all that much.
FSociety (2 years ago)
+ddavel5441 You are also probably making alot less than the people living here.
Charlotte Katakuri (2 years ago)
+lilbunnyfoofoo San Francisco is home to major tech companies and average household income $100k. The median income is $77k and that means real-estates will increase rent price because income that is 100k. I live in southern California and my city rent average is $1200 compare to San Francisco $3800. I just hope techies don't end in my city. I hate high rent, low income people will struggle or they will move out of the city. I am planning to move to SF bay area because a major company ask me after I send my resume. I am like fuck my life need to save money to pay high security deposit and first month rent.
ddavel5441 (2 years ago)
+lilbunnyfoofoo If the rooms are large, with a big kitchen, you got a sweet deal. Well, depending on the type of hood it is in.
lilbunnyfoofoo (2 years ago)
+Ninja 87 I'm in North Carolina and I had a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment WITH utilities for around $700 a month. Just saying.
SarahKaitlynn1 (3 years ago)
Ouch on those prices! I have a tiny house that is 495 square feet with a nice backyard and appliances and whatnot and I only pay $500 a month.
HeyImLarry (3 years ago)
You're living life.
stirling (3 years ago)
I just signed on a 690 square foot studio near Chicago for $904. This tiny little "apartment" if you can even call it that is way overpriced. If that's the going rate, then all of them are way overpriced. No way housing costs should be that high anywhere
Mr. R (2 months ago)
690 square foot studio near Chicago? for 900? Where in the hell did you find that? You must be out in the west suburbs
vf1rj (5 months ago)
rilec It's all relative. The micro apartment in this video is in San Francisco. Housing is really expensive there.
Joshua Lee (1 year ago)
Dang how do you find studios at that price? Please provide tips! I live in the Los Angeles area
Michelle Harrelson (3 years ago)
I live in Blue Springs rents for a one bedroom that is at least 700 sq feet is $500! Blue springs has no ghetto areas at all. I wonder if they built these mirco units here would they have them at a more reasonable price say $300? the only way I would live in a micro apartment is to save money not pay more!
stirling (3 years ago)
Near Chicago... suburbs. Not ghetto at all. 
carolina leily (3 years ago)
This is a jail
D Angel (2 years ago)
+carolina leily jail feels bigger, atleast you arent stuck in your tiny ass cell ALL the time, lol with this kind of rent... good luck going out.. youre going to be BROKE lol
cwj415 (3 years ago)
it's kinda funny being from SF and seeing all the complaints about the price lol.. because to me, 1600 is a very good price
S Wentz (2 months ago)
cwj415 I feel bad for you for believing that.
Rebel Pete (2 months ago)
Great response. If those people want to waste all their hard earned cash and crap shoe boxes like this be my guest. Like money is growing on their backs or something and not look at any other options. Pathetic.
TheFlamingOreo (3 months ago)
cwj415 pretty funny for me being from Texas where $1600 a month could get you a 4 bedroom 3 bath house to rent that has an actual value of $260,000. I dunno but to from what I’m used to $1,600/mo for that is ridiculous but then again I did grow up in a state where living is significantly cheaper than SF
CanadaCraig (3 years ago)
People in 'big cities' must have BIG paying jobs. 
seapinkoyster (3 years ago)
People are complaining about $1600 apartment, but in my city an apartment without any of those furnitures built in cost 3000-4000 Dollars. So I actually think that price is pretty cheap.
Zach Broomall (3 years ago)
Same here in New York lol
epluribusunum9 (3 years ago)
what city do you speak of?
writerforlifeify (3 years ago)
I'd prefer a small house of 500-600 sq ft custom-built to my specifications on grass-free property within walking distance to work + all amenities. An ideal that is illegal in my city. 
Nick S. (3 years ago)
Wow, my mortgage is about $1600 and gives me 2700 square feet of living space with four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  Of course, I'm Stockton though...
Shinny Vaz (4 years ago)
nice idea.....
CyndyKated (4 years ago)
i have a mico apt!
CyndyKated (4 years ago)
micro! lol
On the move (4 years ago)
I'd live there!
gordy threehorses (4 years ago)
well i guess all them fags have money cumming out their ass
Anoriginal1 (4 years ago)
$1600 is outrageous!! i cant see myself paying that much, as small as it is it should be cheaper.
DanSVT03 (4 years ago)
Hipsters... haha. They'll pay $1,600 a month to live in a dog house, just so they can be close to their favorite coffee shops. 
alize0623 (1 year ago)
DanSVT03 I pay $1,200 for my studio apartment in NYC. That's super cheap for Manhattan, and it's bigger than this place! My colleagues pay $2,000+ on a place smaller than mine in the same EXACT borough, but I live in Washington Heights while they all live in The Village (a 20 minute train ride AT BEST). The difference is they were born in Michigan and I was born and raised in NYC. They complain about being broke but don't want to leave The Village because of the "amazing" (overrated) nightlife
Andrew So (4 years ago)
Don't assume San Francisco is all hipsters.  These studios are located in SF's South of Market neighborhood, which is next to the Financial District.  I'm guessing the target demographic is yuppies, bankers, and successful entrepreneurs. 
djkenny (4 years ago)
Sadly, this is nt entirely true. CA Minimum Wage wage does not keep up with the high cost of CA for housing. It is $10 an hr. Which is abysmal. If it was $12 an hr, that still would not afford a $1600 little place either. Renting a house in SF, or even places like San Jose would actually be more like $2000 a month. SF would be even higher than that for something over 1 BR, People making a lower wage need to team up with others to get by.
GToymakerG (4 years ago)
Cost of living is higher in other places because they get payed more so really it all even's out. Minimum wage at fast food where I live is like 7:50$ an hour and to rent a house is like 800$ a month. If I moved to CA minimum wage for fast food there is like 13$ an hour but to rent a house it would be $1.2k+ because they make more money.
djkenny (4 years ago)
I have a 3 BR home. In a nice part of town, in a city many SF folks are moving to due to the cost of living getting completely out-of-control. Guess what? Our mortgage is the cost of this places Rent. Maybe $900, but $1600? Seems pretty cruel to the folks that do not work at Google. Not everyone makes over minimum wage or so. Where do they live? The people that take care of your daily needs?
Toreno2k (4 years ago)
Still bigger than most Japanese apartments...
T Birch (4 years ago)
the cost to rent that tiny space sounds more like rape to me. i know places are priced to keep 'trash" out but dear Lord what about the people just trying to live in a good neighborhood.
tkol123 (4 years ago)
Do a video of your place. Show us what are your solutions to living in small spaces.
1squeez (4 years ago)
"Close to the action?" Chic, cute, hip and not affordable to the elderly and handicap. More profit on less space. $1600.00/mo? Why don't these "hip" speculative developers move to another city and screw it over. Bitter? Yes,especially I since am slowly being priced out of SF after 30 years residency.
Mochacritter (4 years ago)
haha so glad I don't live in San Fran anymore. I pay less than that for a 3 bd 2 bath house on 4 acres where I am now. Screw San Fran's cost of living.
Martin Benavides (4 years ago)
I love it! Perfect for a college student! Want one haha
T1systems (4 years ago)
Take me to Tahoe and the wide open spaces.....
Lloyd Holiday (4 years ago)
for $1600 a month? ridiculous!
Supreme5panel (5 years ago)
a dorm room
farouqnimer (5 years ago)
Not bad!
FHINNY FIN (5 years ago)
a cage....

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