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Black Panther; COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW [no spoilers]

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Akilah Obviously (11 days ago)
I can't say enough good things about it. Also, cool Batman mask, I'll buy it off you.
Ethan Graham (1 day ago)
Thomas Stewart "We need more diversity. And by that I mean less white people" ~Akilah
Ethan Graham (1 day ago)
"The US needs more diversity. And by that I mean less white people" ~Akilah obviously You probably only liked this movie due to the colour of the actors' skin. Judging by what you've said in the past you're racist, and wouldn't have cared for this movie if they hadn't looked like you
Jane-Ann Armstrong (1 hour ago)
Saw it last night actually because of this video... really good my 8 year old loved it!
Azzam Abdurrahman (7 hours ago)
please dont laugh in every conversation..
Leonardo DiCaprio (11 hours ago)
Congratulations on 9 Million Subscribers, Casey!!! ╰|-ı╯
Daniel Reese (12 hours ago)
How and what do you use to edit videos??
Daniel Reese (12 hours ago)
Your voice is amazing
Joker mask for black panther review? What a fuckin goof.
Alomee (1 day ago)
It was ok nothing amazing.....
Deadly_Assassin hd (1 day ago)
Black Panther was a good movie plot and character development was OK not fantastic and the movie had its major terrible points , stupid jokes killing off of major character and also its whole plot was kind of a bit controversial and not really that good ,but i would have to say out of 5 stars i would give it a solid 3 and a half. Other marvel movies were way better and tbh it literally had no development in the marvel universe and that's what really pissed me off as a major fanboy of marvel. Like where the heck is the other infinity stone like wtf, also after credit scenes we terrible only good point was wakanda was sharing some knowledge
MojitoMatt (1 day ago)
Dark Knight is better. Black Panther was over hyped but still really impressive.
Milton2k (1 day ago)
Still haven't seen it, but I've heard (well actually watched tons of reviews) the FX are not that great.
Gia Gia (1 day ago)
It was an ok movie.... I would give it 2.5/3 out of 5
Raph Reyes (1 day ago)
Jen A (1 day ago)
I am going to watch this movie on Tuesday i am excited
dylan nice (2 days ago)
earns money with this vid, 1,5 milion viewers .. still going to return the masks... come on mennnn
mr O (2 days ago)
Sorry but I thought the movie was quite boring with nothing that stands out except the guy that played the bad guy...
joshua rotugal (2 days ago)
The DARK KNIGHT then BLACK PANTHER? Why all Black Movie is Great, Well, Both are Great, THUMBS UP!
joshua rotugal (2 days ago)
i saw many You-tubers, But your still the KING, Continue the Great Work!
cneddy22 (2 days ago)
All sales final lol
Ruben Sarian (2 days ago)
dont bullshit me casey
Nathan Carnes (2 days ago)
Ur a corporate whore! No reality here!
Sindy Sha (2 days ago)
can't wait!!!
Eugene Barr (2 days ago)
Meh... It was good. Top 10'ish. Too much hype though.
MALO (2 days ago)
Movie was great, this review not so much. Basically he just said it's 5 stars period.
Dj O'Brien-Doyle (2 days ago)
I disagree I thought Michael b. Jordan, Chadwick baseman and Letitia wright were the only good actors. The rest felt forced and their accents faded after about 40mins. The music was played much to often, this caused it to seem monotonous. Overall I would give this film 2.5-3 stars out of 5
_Jamison_ (2 days ago)
Such a good movie
Nick Martinez (2 days ago)
Wow, funny how when a movie that’s obviously about black power comes out and Casey makes a video with a full on movie review (which he’s never done) and takes a black woman (who’s obviously a black a activist) and they sit and bullshit about it being as good as the dark knight? Lmfaooo this is some propaganda shit
Brad Colbert (2 days ago)
WWI not II
guest (2 days ago)
Thanks for supporting our little piece of Heaven. I hope the brothas didn't talk too much during the film. LOL!!
at infinity (2 days ago)
Disappointed in both the film as well as Casey's review, I had such high hopes based on the reviews getting from the so called "film-rating institutions/experts" plus the praises put in it by Casey, but it all came down to nothing within the first 20 minutes into the film. The film was an average mix-up of the past decade of action/sci-fi films put together without even having a good message or clear meaning to it. That too being out of my taste. From the caste, to the dialogues, to the story and to the over all look and feel of the film, it was a disaster to me, especially when the hopes were set so high in the sky for it. A bad mixture of Avatar, Tokyo Drift, Avengers and films of its kind was all I could find there. And the audacity to even try to compare it with the likes of Dark Knights is preposterous. I regretted my decision on taking the words of others and falling right into the hype of the stupid promotion throughout the film and now afterwards. Except the car-chase and a few action sequences around it, the movie was full of cliche's and nay-moments for me. A horrible experience over-all, not worth the time and money.
mulletman50000 (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks it wasn't all that great?
tiny taur (3 days ago)
world war 1
austin jones (3 days ago)
i went to watch this and its crap dont watch it
Luke Brunner (3 days ago)
Killmonger was a good villain, but the best villain of the decade was Micheal Keaton's Vulture in homecoming.
Jerome Aludo (3 days ago)
Hey. I am a Kenyan and I noticed that you say Lupita Nyong'o the wrong way
Miles Easland (3 days ago)
I appreciate that BagBak instrumental you threw in at the end.
Ernesto Aulet (3 days ago)
Michael B. Jordan dies.
Bob Bobby (3 days ago)
Aaron (3 days ago)
Also Michael B Jordan is in creed, ( main villain in black panther) with the same director
Aleix Browne (3 days ago)
Overhyped , over drawn, over complicated , over everything
Kieran Beck (3 days ago)
The fuck you on about it was shit
James // (3 days ago)
No mention of Logan Caisey
omot18 (3 days ago)
It really wasn't that good though... A very predictable middle of the road superhero movie and a black cast.
Asif Altaf (3 days ago)
special effects are great but story is nowhere near dark knight. it's a good film though.
Le Meme Maestro (3 days ago)
It was decent but man comparing this to the dark knight seems like a sin to me. To each their own though!
Krish Caulfield (3 days ago)
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Moangus PIckard (3 days ago)
Movie overhyped and overpraised because its all black movie. Its good tho but nowhere near dark knight or logan. Its among top superheroes movies but not in the elite
SQUEAKYrulez (3 days ago)
Man how you gotta disrespect spiderman 2 like that. Its one of the best superhero films made
Solomon Kihia (3 days ago)
Its lupita Ny'ongo.. from Justins video 🇰🇪
Sam (3 days ago)
I think it’s pretty obvious that you don’t really believe this shit.
aNinjaGuardian (3 days ago)
The Dark Knight is a masterpiece
Book Man (4 days ago)
The movie was hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved it!
Drew Flinn (4 days ago)
The only thing that threw me off a bit was the quality of the rhino cgi...like the intro credits blew me away but those rhinos could have been done better. nit picking but yeah.
Somelezo Matolengwe (4 days ago)
Dark knight? Up there? No!
pranav patel (4 days ago)
Black panther is the most over rated movie of all time. This movie could have been great if they would have written better screenplay and find the better director who has knowledge of marvel universe. Don't get me wrong but Ryan coogler just destroyed the movie. (this comes from the fan of his previous movies). People should stop praising movies like black panther (i didn't expected that from casey) otherwise they r gonna keep making these kind of movies.It's like marvel has some kind of secret agency who pay them for praising hell out of movie. Other recent over-rated movie is spiderman homecoming. My favorite marvel movie of this year is thor ragnarock(hats off to taika waitti). Like if u guys agree...
Pahwahster (4 days ago)
Comparing Michael B Jordan to Heath Ledger is pandering af. The movie wasn't that great in my opinion. Horrfic CGI/Green Screen. Acting was on point and each female lead was truly important to their role. Marvel is still suffering from crap villain introducing and this movie had poor main character time which is strange.
Jenson Thomas (4 days ago)
simple executive fundamental tank copy grand basketball
DR SLIM SHADY (4 days ago)
this is awesome
typingbacon (4 days ago)
so he reviews Black Panther... Probably because it has some irrelevant and uncalled "social commentary"
Stefan Anthony (4 days ago)
Black Panther is a great movie, but it ain’t no Dark Knight.
Mye Almarza (4 days ago)
Comprehensive is such a big word to describe a review that is spoiler-free.
MrDevilkiller17 (4 days ago)
WW1 Casey. Wonder Woman was set in WW1.
G E M I N I (4 days ago)
any മലയാളീസ് out here ?
Cj Iscool (4 days ago)
I didn't like the movie. You over hyped it too much
Jayled J (4 days ago)
shes so giggly i love it
Depressed E.G (4 days ago)
I’m not racist. Black panther was eh for me. The story was dull.
Depressed E.G (4 days ago)
The dark knight is one of my favorite movies, probably my favorite movie period, but give “Logan” some credit for being behind dark knight
Depressed E.G (4 days ago)
Wonder Woman sucked.
UniversalGC (4 days ago)
This movie was complete shit. Poor acting, terrible CGI, stupid storyline.
jason browne (4 days ago)
I’d say just about the best super hero movie I have seen.
Jabuznik (4 days ago)
over rated film
Vlad Iusan (4 days ago)
Great movie. I saw it two days ago
Icarus (4 days ago)
Great stuff, great movie, but far from a comprehensive review. I think The Verge's was the best review thus far. It's only flaw is really that it didn't go longer so it didn't have to rush a couple of story-lines of some supporting characters, but honestly that's nitpicking. Phenomenal movie!
Jake Isom (4 days ago)
Wonder Woman was based in World War I
Mouhssine Agras (4 days ago)
Casey be like : I'm gonna watch black panther I need a black friend
Watch sam raimi’s spiderman 2 again plz
GamingTV (4 days ago)
honestly, the humour is what ruins the marvel/DC movies for me, i just want them to stick to the evolving sequences, the extreme comedy is what ruins the thor series
Pablo Magno Junior (4 days ago)
Casey, why did you using a StarFox Mask??? AHSHAUSHAUHSUAHUHAS
nikhil nair (4 days ago)
thanos is the best super villain since the joker oh wait.... joker isn't even a super villain my bad
Eddard Stark (4 days ago)
You're pandering and it's obvious. The movie was good but no where near as good as the Dark Knight
Justin Dohrmann (4 days ago)
Black Panther was not that good. Especially not compared to The Dark Knight. It was good but probably just like a 7/10
K Dub (1 day ago)
I agree. It was by no means a bad movie, but it's definitely not the best superhero movie ever (as people keep saying).
Linh Le (2 days ago)
Justin Dohrmann nah boy 8 1/5 / 10
daft2hans (4 days ago)
B+ for this movie, really good
Chillin With TJ (5 days ago)
Movie was dope 🔥🔥🎬📽👏🏽
Nessie Andrew (5 days ago)
A movie about cyber black warriors fighting. Watch it.
Jayesh (5 days ago)
The movie was nice but not upto the level of dark Knight..Dark knight was something else and Casey saying best villain after Heath ledger, no bro I don't think so.
Tim Brown (5 days ago)
Casey, Me and my fiancée went to see Black Panther opening weekend as our agreed on late Valentines Day date (Her Idea) (Best Future Wife) and I agree 5 stars. As a Batman fan I appreciated this video and your thoughts.
piercedliquidnipples (5 days ago)
It was just a mediocre, predictable marvel movie. It had A LOT of flaws that I'm not gonna discuss in detail. The story was just dull, exactly like Thor Ragnarok. I watched yesterday, I was superhyped, I expected a lot from this movie and I came out really disappointed. Also very pretentious. I loved the look of the actors and costumes tho.
Father Damien Karras (5 days ago)
So this is what civilisation has come to. Two fucking nobody’s talking about a super hero movie and saying it will change the world. I'll see y'all on the flip side.
Link (5 days ago)
I thought it was trash lol. Villian sucked so bad, like he was no threat at all.
Tony Skiens (5 days ago)
Just by chance you bring a black girlfriend... this is an advertisement...
TF Deadpool 117 (5 days ago)
It's good but not that good.
fishhead355 (5 days ago)
Can anyone explain to me why this movie is being over praised? Its good. But people are acting weird about this movie and acting like its a gift from god. Why?
KelpyG Shakes (5 days ago)
I loved Black Panther honestly top 3 Marvel movies in my opinion
Tower Films Canada (5 days ago)
Those changing mask shots are golden.
KidPlaysGames (5 days ago)
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the Black Panther mask drawing at the beginning of the video was pretty good?
SuperZombiepimp (5 days ago)
Dark night was lame to me but ledgers joker saved it for me
cold Chicken (5 days ago)
Her predictions were wrong
moselnol (5 days ago)
...that was World War I in Wonder Woman! Seriously Dude, did you even watch it??!
Street Wise Hercules (5 days ago)
You’ve obviously not seen black panther, or you’re doing an appeasing review.

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